New Celts Productions and F-Bomb Theatre

Friends celebrate the end of school – and the start of their lives – with a wild night out. What could go wrong? Award-winning playwright Rachel O’Regan asks what makes a bright future in this riotous comedy.

The Bank Job
Aireborne Theatre

James Bond meets Oceans 11 gone bankrupt in this farcical comedy that is Mission Imposs- ...wait, that's not right. The farcical comedy that is The Bank Job… Yeah… That’s right… You can edit that bit out right?

Brave Face
Hoo Hah House Productions

BRAVE FACE is a pitch black comedy multimedia burlesque solo show about sex, trauma and the female experience. Let Em change your mind about how you compliment a woman. Hysterical has a double meaning, you know.

Catching Up
Theatre Paradok

A dark comedy that portrays all the nuances of trying to maintain a childhood friendship you’ve grown out of. It centres on two friends, Sean and Lemon, on a writing retreat as they attempt to build the futures they’ve always dreamed of – being Hollywood stars. But when creative differences lead them to turn to their past for inspiration, Lemon realises her best friend may not be everything she remembers him to be and, instead of writing their futures, the pair finds themselves being haunted by the events of their childhood.

New Celts Productions and Red Rabbit Theatre

Elliot Hubble has inherited a business. But instead of financial freedom, it’s a financial disaster. Suddenly Fiona, the auditor, shows up. Can he and Charlie explain the money? And… where did all those bodies come from?

Dino Land
Faux Fox Theatre

This exciting new comedy takes place in a family entertainment resort, somewhere up North. Delivering plenty of laughs, caravan-holiday nostalgia, and even a giant dinosaur foot, we can guarantee you won't have seen anything like this on stage.

Drown Your Sorrows!
Balderdash Theatre Company

After the death of their manager, four bartenders adventure to find the Elixir of Life and restore their bar to its former glory in this new fast-paced comedy.

Eight Hundred Dollar Value
Nightpiece Media

That's what a trigger pull is worth. Murder is just business. An identity crisis on the fringe of the American mafia, Michael Trudon's idyllic boyhood is compromised by his dying grandmother. Not all witnesses need protection.

The End of the Line
Aireborne Theatre

London Victoria, 12:43. Tom and Marley meet whilst waiting for the last train home. Sometimes it’s easier to tell your problems to a stranger rather than a friend; they see us how we are.

Femme Ta Bouche
A Drunken Sailor

Femme Ta Bouche, gender-bending performance-artiste, has an outrageous plan: return to her gay conversion camp to cause chaos before chemo starts tomorrow. Provocative, hilarious and moving melodram-edy that asks, how do we live an authentic life?

For All The Love You Lost
Morosophy Productions

For All The Love You Lost is a contemporary performance of new writing that blends naturalism, surrealism and epic theatre, following the story of two young people going on a date in central London.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery
Highly Suspect

Join acclaimed mystery maestros Highly Suspect for a hilarious, interactive murder mystery which you, the audience, must solve! There’s a fiendish plot, evidence to examine and cryptic clues to crack, but can you deduce whodunnit?

Intricate Rituals
York DramaSoc

Siken is your average gay university student – witty, questionably dressed, hopelessly in love with their straight best friend. But when callous, senseless tragedy unexpectedly strikes their life, grief turns them down an increasingly unnatural path.

It's Not Rocket Science
It's Not Rocket Science / Nottingham New Theatre

Eve always knew she belonged in the stars but she’s often found those on Earth keep bringing her down. As she grows up, she learns that rocket science is the easy part, being treated equally isn’t.

Jane Eyre
Blue Orange Arts

Charlotte Brontë’s tale of a young woman’s courageous fight through injustice and hardship was a revolution in literature. This is an honest retelling of the masterpiece that continues to inspire and enthrall over 150 years after its publication.

Love in the Time of Lockdown
SwanWing Productions

The sell-out Brighton Fringe show that will have you laughing, crying and talking about how lockdown was for you, for your neighbour and for your friends. From harrowing to hilarious!

Love Me
York DramaSoc

A coming-of-age story from an asexual perspective. Love Me follows theatre fanatic Fran as she embarks on a self-prescribed sex training course. Blending monologue and poetry, it celebrates the love that defines us growing up.

Nottingham New Theatre

Overwhelmed by debt, perplexed by romance, suffocated by chaos. For each student, life is an experiment, in which conflict is inevitable. Welcome to the Madhouse...

Moonlight On Leith
New Celts productions and REDCAP Theatre

Inspired by the Save Leith Walk campaign, this play dives between the golden sandstone and the snouting depths of Leith, to offer a hilarious, witty and heartfelt ode to Leith’s vibrant community.


'What does ‘true’ mean?' Stories are only told so many times before they morph into something else. So by the end, who's to say what was real? Plasters explores this through two people talking, not having the same conversation.

Pool (No Water)
New Celts Productions and Oddly Ordinary Theatre Company

What happens when "ordinary" people find themselves thrown into extraordinary circumstances? This play looks at the more sinister parts of people's lives that are kept hidden: envy, exploitation, vengeance and eventually guilt.

Radio 69
The Counterminers

Radio 69 is an irreverent queer comedy set in a radio station in the Scottish borders. It follows the mundane lives of the people who work there as they try to stop the station from closing forever.

Rossetti's Women
Lemon Squeeze Productions

Raunchy and racy, Rosetti's Women, delves into the outrageous sex life and disastrous marriage of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 19th century poet and painter founder of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The story is told through three women in his life.

Saving Mr Ultimate
New Celts Productions and Extra Arca

Mr Ultimate’s emporium is closing, but Paul wants to keep it open in memory of his dad, so when his big brother says no he has to rely on Mr Ultimate himself to save it...

Shakespeare's Fool
Tortive Theatre

Join Will 'Cavaliero' Kempe, gentleman player, juggling jester and London's finest clown, as he gives his final performance and tells us what really happened between him and Will 'git-face' Shakespeare. A bittersweet tale, told by an idiot.

New Celts productions and Twisted Corners

Being a young offender and a father is tough. Spend your sentence learning how to raise your baby, how hard can it be?! But can Cain, Ryan and Jonjo even look after themselves? Maybe. If they ever stop fighting.

Slings and Arrows
Raised Voices

The story of one woman's journey from desperation to redemption. Performed by members of the charity Raised Voices who have experienced homelessness, mental health issues or addiction.

Smile Like You're Happy
New Celts productions and Sparkle Sarcasm Productions

Take a behind the scenes look at the gruelling world of social media. Smile follows Kate’s rise and fall as an influencer. Watch as her relationships erode and the effect this has on her mental health.

Sweating the Small Stuff
York DramaSoc

Inspired by anonymous submissions, Sweating the Small Stuff is a light-hearted, thought-provoking play that explores some of the strange and funny stuff people sweat about on a daily basis. Here, nothing is too small to sweat.

Tick Tick
Starring and Directed by Rachel Heritage. Produced by Lockdown Projections.

A one-woman show following Robin: a student on the brink of exploding under the pressure of circumstance. With themes of anxiety, online sex work and the goddamn rent; a story of those suffering in the shadows.

Wish List
New Celts Productions and Bone Struck Theatre

Dean’s disability benefits are cut – his sister Tamsin is then forced to decide between following her dreams or security. Wish List by Katherine Soper is an important look into mental health and class division.

You're My Jury
Centre Stage Theatre Society

Allison is on trial. She is desperate to prove to you, her jury, that she is innocent. She claims to have been used by the powerful men around her and that these crimes were committed by them.

You’re My Jury
Centre Stage Theatre