St Catherine's School

When you’re constantly reinventing yourself, how do you know who you are? This show explores the question of when we stop pretending. (Dis)honest takes you through a range of deceptions, and begs the question – what is honesty?

The Academy Trust: Under New Management!
Mode Theatre

'Should I hand in my notice?' A question that resonates with every teacher, and Rachel is no exception. A comedic rollercoaster, blending sketch-show wit with political satire, all written and performed by teachers.

Accidentally on Purpose
Cal State Fullerton

Want to know who murdered my theatre company? Me. Seduction? Check. Betrayal? Check. No checks? Check. The desire for the femme fatale and inclusive ambitions? All that. I killed it. And I'm going to tell you how.

The Accused
Inner Temple Drama Society

Lust, secrecy, anger, murder and… drag? This phenomenal dark comedy combines the seriousness of murder with the sparkle and glam of drag. See the barristers of the sell-out Inner Temple Drama Society as never before.

An Act of Grace
Ottawa Little Theatre

Grace invites a lawyer and financial planner to her home to talk business. What could go wrong? Everything... quickly. From the producers of Burn, this contemporary thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Motovoho Productions

31 words. Two lives ruined. John can take or leave social media, until his tweet goes viral. Then the trolls attack. With his pride dented John seeks revenge, creating an alter-ego to expose his abusers, with devastating consequences.

After Shakespeare – Richard III
Slade Wolfe Enterprises Limited

Following on from 2023's success, SWE again challenge Shakespeare. The life of Richard III: a loyal and misunderstood figure, vilified by history. A ground-breaking invitation to reconsider your perception of history’s most maligned monarch.

After Troy
Badminton School

Troy has fallen. What can the fates of the women left behind tell us about the survivors of conflict today?

Agatha Christie's The Rats
Hart Players

Invited to a party in a London flat, Sandra Grey and Davey Forrester find themselves alone. Somebody knows about their affair and someone wants revenge... A one-act play from Agatha Christie's Rule of Three collection.

All This Must Pass
Aurelia Gage

A woman embarks on a quest through time. She travels for hundreds of years through distant lands to discover how she came to be, all as the dread of the present day draws ever closer.

Tricera Collective

When Em finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, her housemates are forced to band together to become parents. Can they support the child as a group of struggling artists, or do they need to grow up?

Am I Nuts!
Stargaze Theatre

Smith is having dreams. Stone-age songs, ocean waves and rabbit pie, in Tesco. Through increasingly comic therapy, they desperately seek the truth. So what happens when you don't return your shopping trolley? Mischief in time and space.

Ambiguous Proposition
Wait, What?

A controversial sexual harassment allegation pushes Margaret to the edge. How far can she go to protect her son? How far can she go to protect herself? How far can they bend the truth? Performed by Hilary Cordery.

Crook and Ivy

Sophocles' tale of youthful defiance and aged intransigence reworked by a young cast. Antigone must choose between loyalty to her dead brother and obedience to the law. This young company brings a fresh new vision to this timeless tale.

Lucy Nicholson

Apricot is a dark comedy that explores gender roles, reproductive rights and moral ambiguity from the viewpoint of three teenagers, asking the question – is there a wrong or right to the choices we make about our own bodies?

Ariana vs Chomsky
PJV Studio

When Chloe refuses to attend the One Love (2017) charity concert held for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing, Mark thinks she has lost her humanity. Original scenes contrast with debates between Noam and journalists.

Armed Robbery and Suicidal Intent

Agnes curated her perfect death, but the thing she couldn't plan for was a teenage burglar entering her house as she faced oblivion. This dark comedy catches two opposite women in a deadly stalemate.

Artemis vs Apollo: Clash of the Celestial Twins
Elmwood School

Dive into high school drama with Artemis vs Apollo: Clash of the Celestial Twins! Join the fun and witness new talents, friendships, and epic discoveries in this unforgettable showdown!

Auto/Erotic Tango
Tango Fantasy

Pushing the genre of Argentine tango to its limits! Super-charged stage tango dancing, acting, video projection and sensory, sensual immersion. Exploring the tension created between a traditional heteronormative tango couple and their unusual, real and hidden desires...

Away Went the World
Groton Theatre Ensemble

It’s 225 years 'After Download' and Sarah lives in OutpostCaanan, apart from the AI-dominated Overworld. When a strange girl arrives in her community, Sarah must decide: protect those she loves, or trust what she cannot understand.

Babe Alien
Mon Espoir

Why is there a whale in this casino? Babe didn't become an alien to sit around and not find out. Lazy punks and a desert commune. Apathy and activism in Las Vegas.

Baby Steps
Fruit Bowl Theatre

A series of funny and hard-hitting vignettes depicting the erosion of a friendship after Alice loses her mother. A play about grief, love, about how we navigate turbulent friendships. About a family lost, and a family found.

Bachelorette Bash
Early Doors Productions

It's the last "swing" before the ring, and there ain’t no party like a bachelorette party! Someone is raising hell before the wedding bells, and it looks like a murderous f*cking sheep! Will we kiss the miss goodbye?

Bad Dog
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Upon a young woman's decision to admit herself to rehab, she decides to get back into contact with her estranged mother. Bad Dog explores addiction, generational trauma and the female psyche.

Bad Habit
Goodbread Theatre

In the name of the Father, Son, and free trip to California. Amen. Two Glaswegian girls. Two Californian nuns. The potential second coming of Christ. Bad Habit: a cross-cultural coming of age comedy full of friendship and heart.

Burning Ember Theatre and New Celts Productions

A team of young co-workers try and get through their day whilst navigating a broken system. How much pressure can they take? And is a badger really to blame for all of it?

The Ballad of Maria Marten
Hardin-Simmons University

Playwright Beth Flintoff shines a light on the life of Maria Marten and the courage, faith, and perseverance required to recognise and stand against mistreatment.

University of York Drama Society

Barracking imagines the inner walls of the modern-day debate chamber, centred around a student debate team. The play takes a look at the wealthy elite: a club that operates on an invite-only basis, with no exceptions.

Beryl & Clive, Sing or Die (Their Musical)
Amy Gibbons

A wildly funny comedy about a fabulously unconventional couple breaking all the rules to fulfil their creative dreams. It's sing or die! 'Not just funny, hilarious...' (James Pearson, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club).

Beyond the Cap and Gown
Trading Masks Theatre Company

Join five graduates as they navigate the tumultuous seas of post-graduation life. You will never see the same show twice! Each performance the cast will rotate. What will the world have in store?

Big Scary Cat
Acting Coach Scotland

A satirical teen horror-comedy about a group of stereotypically attractive and slightly dim young people trapped in a fun fair haunted house. Will they make it out alive? Do you really want them to?

Black Bright Theatre Company

Three school friends wild camp in the Northumberland forest. A perfect boiling pot of paranoia, superstition and adolescent insecurity ensues that hangs on a chilling question: who is watching who? A fresh new folk horror about the female experience.

City of London School

Tense courtroom drama following a lawyer who is reluctantly convinced to plead not guilty on behalf of his defendant, in a high-profile murder trial he has no chance of winning. How far is he willing to compromise his morals?

Bluffing Your Way in Ballet
Seizing The Day Company (Seizing Up!)

Take an irreverent and witty whizz through ballet history. With ageing former Royal Ballet dancer and her company, who embody a galaxy of famous dance stars. Plus, titillating backstage stories. Our sell-out show.

Booger Red
Jim Loucks

Booger Red survives a rough childhood, becoming a renowned hellfire and brimstone Southern Baptist preacher. Can preacher’s kid Jimmy emerge from under his shadow, finding his own unique voice? Rollicking, passionate storytelling and music in the American South.

The Book of Joan
Queen Mary Theatre Company

No one understands the complexity and plights of Catholicism like a teenage lesbian, especially one whose only friend happens to be a figment of the 13th-century saint Joan of Arc.

Bouncers & Shakers
Paperlight Theatre

Step into 80s urban nightlife, where nightclubs and cocktail bars pulse with energy. Let our bouncers and shakers show you their world of serving everyone from luvvies to local lads lusting for something more...

A Brief Case of Crazy
Skedaddle Theatre Company

Unconventional introvert Thomas typically fiddles and fumbles through his conventional office job, until he's dragged on a journey of discovery by a mischievous briefcase. Physical comedy and ludicrous characters portray it's what's inside that counts!

Raised Voices

Heart-rending tale of the bond between two brothers overcoming mental health struggles and addiction... resolution follows... then despair and tragedy, ultimately peace. Raised Voices is an award-winning charity for those who have or are experiencing homelessness.

Bucket Head
Kelby Guilfoyle and Kyle Moss

A closed-down puppet orphanage reopens, leaving resident squatters Ozzie Airwalker and Jim Horgletooth having to deal with new friends and challenges. A feel-good family show for everyone.

Bucket List
Show Don't Tell Productions

Luke and Jess meet at a party. An entire relationship and a bad breakup later, he reappears in her life to announce that he’s dead. A darkly funny love story charting two people's shared lives – and afterlives.

Sady 10

'I just need some space.' Sounds familiar? Meet Fern, a serial house-plant killer who won’t make it through another first date without screaming. Swipe right on BURNOUT, a one-woman show that echoes your exhaustion from modern dating.

Bye Bye Baby
On the Brink Productions

Heartbreak. Hypocrisy. Hamsters. Julia and Dan's marriage is on the rocks. Well, more than on the rocks. They're getting divorced. Amicably. For now. But when their lawyers step in, tensions and temperatures rise to breaking point.

Cabin Fever
Fresh !nk Theatre Company

Fasten your seatbelts for a sky-high spectacle! This must-see two-person comedy is a hilarious theatrical journey set 30,000 feet above the Atlantic. From unexpected friendships to in-flight shenanigans, watch the drama unfold... at cruising altitude!

Can't Stop Carrying On
Blue Orange Arts

An ageing film producer plans to resurrect his cinematic successes by revitalising the Carry On franchise with a new film. Saucy seaside humour, double entendre and cheeky sexual innuendo. Just what a millennial audience wants, right?

New Place Productions

If there’s no order, then anything is possible. A series of characters search for meaning in a complicated and unstable world. Bouncing through physics, the cosmos, love and violence, they find order in the disorder of each other.

Charles Dickens: The Hanged Man's Bride
Blue Orange Arts

A writer struggling to reignite his creative vision. A real-life crime. A visit to a "haunted" inn. As darkness descends, a ghostly tale is played out. What is real and what is not?

Fruitful Theatre Productions

Kelsie came to university happily identifying as a bisexual woman, until everyone around her was actually having sex. Cherry follows her as she navigates her feelings, her friendships and exploring a different label: asexuality.

The Christening of Prince Imogene
Otis Wolodarsky – Brooklyn Bottling Company

A trans boy and his piano’s musical exploration of romantic failure. Through a painful confrontation of embarrassing memories, this is a celebration of queer joy. Join as he finds a new theory of love.

Club Life
Fred Deakin

The 2023 Fringe First-winning club/theatre immersive experience returns for eight performances only! Lemon Jelly's Fred Deakin hosts an interactive joyride through his 80s/90s clubland adventures. (Scotsman, List, 'Bound to hit the spot' (Times).

The Comings and Goings at No 10
Ryan Hayward

Experience the intrigue, incompetence and infidelity of No 10 Downing Street as a farcical cast of characters battle for power, prestige and passion through a web of lies and unbelievable lockdown scandal!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Three Witty Fools

A chaotic adventure through all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays – the comedies, the tragedies, and the other ones. A hectic and intense performance, with some running, some jumping, and some cracking costumes.

Crime and Punishment
Talking Shadows

In the sweltering heat of a Saint Petersburg summer, impoverished student Raskolnikov wrestles with the thoughts of the good he could do were he able to lay hands on the wealth of an unscrupulous old woman...

fishmarket theatre co

#NoBetaWeDieLikeMen. Shamelessly celebrate the creation of fanfiction as we know it with a clown-created, NYC-made play. Cringe is an unauthorised toast to intergenerational fandom and liberative queer space, classic sci-fi remixed with Y2K internet culture. Dark, heartfelt, riotously funny.

Cringe Effect
Tortive Theatre

Enter Ce's world: eating disorder rehab clinic, near-death escapades, and a Diet Coke obsession. The gripping tale unfolds – why here, why now? Brace yourself for a rollercoaster narrative; Ce's journey is one you won't easily forget.

The Crow, (The Princess), and The Scullery Maid
Spin Cycle Theater

In a land where stories are magic, magicians are storytellers and people are ingredients in spells, Nitta’s first spell goes awry. She has until midnight to save her story... and her protagonist!

The Crucible
Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre

Prepare to be captivated by a mesmerizing and powerful performance as Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre presents The Crucible reimagined through the visionary lens of Jacob Gutiérrez-Montoya. This athletic dance theatre production promises to be inspiring and haunting.

Cruel Britannia: After Frankenstein
Kristen Smyth and Ben Anderson Present

Daring and revolutionary, Kristen Smyth offers a transgender reimagining of Shelley’s Frankenstein, set in the year of our Lord 1980. Maggie Thatcher’s Britain: a monstrous, chaos-ridden world of gothic proportions that Shelley would be proud of.

HotCat Collective

‘What is the good?’ Emily wants to know… but now she’s trapped in a world of ethical thought experiments. Underscored by Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, Tom Stoppard’s script makes this iconic album a thrilling experience!

Dead Animals
KB Productions

A surreal journey about reconciling with grief through the natural world.

Dead End
Show Don't Tell Productions

After a tragic loss, Bea and Olivia question their respective paths in life while a past event resurfaces. Dead End is an intimate and funny show about two childhood friends who realise that they've grown apart.

Dead Mom Play
Ben Blais

A young writer is forced to face Death and his ego after getting stuck in a play of his own creation. Charlie tackles guilt, denial and a freezer full of lasagnes in this dark comedy.

Death Becomes Us
Hannah Whittingham

In a show filled with confessions, music and an explanation as to why no decent death jokes exist, we face death head-on and consider whether, actually, our lives could be made richer by talking about it.

Death(s) at Sea
Our Star Theatre Company

A drama group are performing their new play, but despite their best efforts, everything goes wrong! Props fail, the set falls down, actors get drunk, and backstage gossip reveals too much. Can they even finish the play?

Death, The Devil and The Fablemaker
Early Doors Productions

Death only stops the beating, not the heart. Life is a story and it's yours to tell. Perry is a confused bundle of stories, and Alastor has chosen to listen. But who is Alastor?

Deeptime Atomic Waste Pleasure Party
Elastic Fantastic

Thumping bass, sweaty armpits, acid techno, thigh-highs, vinyl scratches... a sea of toxic waste. We've buried our atomic past under tainted soil – what do we tell future generations when our secrets are unearthed?

Defective Inspector: A Stitch in Time
The Defectors

The hilarious new chapter in the theatrical saga of eccentric ex-detective Richard P Cooper, who now finds himself sucked into a time-bending, sci-fi caper! ( (

Defective Inspector: An American Odyssey
The Defectors

Prepare for a hilarious hour of (unconvincing) romance, (sloppy) action and (tenuous) espionage! This laugh-a-minute romp is sure to elate and baffle in equal measure. 'Irreverent and irresistible.' (

Desert Thirsts and Jerusalem Winds
Junayd of Islam

Witness the adventures of renowned scholar, Muhammad Asad. He battles thirst in the Great Nufud desert and recounts his journey from Central Europe. A compelling and humorous dramatisation of the autobiography The Road to Mecca.

Invisible Strings Theatre Co and New Celts Productions

A man has decided life is no longer worth living, but those who died before him think otherwise. Will he embrace death or decide life is worth another shot?

Exeter University Theatre Company

You are cordially invited to Dinner! Bringing Moira Buffini's dark comedy to life, hostess extraordinaire Paige plans a night to remember. Despite the glamourous front, cracks begin to show. Let the dinner party from hell commence!

Disco Dick
Charlotte D'Angelo

What’s a more embarrassing way to come out: your mum walking in on you receiving oral sex, or your dad finding your new strap-on? How about both? Fran’s unfortunate morning is followed by a very awkward family meal.

Disco, Baby?
Acting Speaks Louder

Prom to after-party via generational identity crisis – what if the best night of your life turns into the rest of it? Set to an original score combining pop, funk, jazz and of course – Disco, Baby.


‘A wonderful new play by Reuben Wade that takes the theater of the absurd and existential theater and gives it life and form with characters about whom you really care' (Paolo Paciucci).

The Dream of Being a Madame
The Dream of Being a Madame

The Dream of Being a Madame weaves a tale of two young women, disparate in their origins and desires, yet bound by their shared quest for self-definition in an unforgiving world.

Driver's Seat: Obsessive Compulsive Disaster
Ellie Brelis

Buckle up for a twisted ride through OCD, an epic break-up, major breakdown, coming out and (just possibly) learning to drive. Shockingly funny, Ellie is an 'actor/playwright very much on top of her game' (

Driving Towards the Rain / Ajaen kohti sadetta
Passport Theatre Company

Driving Towards the Rain is a physical/music/dance encounter that breathes through Adrian Goldman’s poetry over the last 22 years, built organically around the vulnerability of life.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Blue Orange Arts

The original detective story. Two women are found brutally murdered in their Parisian home in the Rue Morgue. Poe’s C August Dupin steps in to investigate the seemingly impossible events.

Edward's Talk – What's Driving You?
Blueberry Goose Theatre Group

Edward (never Ted) has delivered his talk on speed awareness 2,191 times over the last 10 years. Today, it's not quite going to plan. A new, interactive devised drama from Blueberry Goose Theatre Group.

Ganymede Theatre Company

Set against the explosive backdrop of early socialism, Eleanor follows the tragic life of Karl Marx’s youngest daughter, a fierce activist whose life has been long eclipsed in history by the male figures in her life.

Elizabeth I: In Her Own Words
Flying Solo! Presents

Intrigue. Betrayal. Danger. Step into the turbulent world of Elizabeth I. A canny ruler, the personal letters of the Virgin Queen, intertwined with Shakespeare’s words, provide a captivating peek into her innermost thoughts.

Ever Yours
Vis-a-Vis Ensemble

Olivia is alone in her apartment with a stolen painting. Unbeknownst to her, attached to the painting is the ghost of the man who painted it... Vincent Van Gogh. Will she return it or throw Vince a party?

Everything Something Nothing
FirstByte Theatre Company

In a world of constant noise, where everything is something, who decides which voices get heard? Exploring silence and power, FirstByte tackle the epidemic of sexual assault in schools and the hopeful beauty of growing up.

Ex Life
Bex Wall

From an illegal rave in an abandoned vagina museum to a prim PTA cheese and wine night… Bex shares the highs and horrors of dating in her 40s with the mindset of a teenager stuck in the '90s.

The Expulsion of Exulansis
Siyani Sheth Productions

Written and produced by a remarkable 18-year-old drama student, this true story delves into deeply personal experiences of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm, offering a compelling journey of hope, community and resilience.

A Fire Ignites
Tara Tedjarati Productions

A Fire Ignites is about a teenage girl in modern-day Iran. After removing her hijab in public, Parisa is attacked by the morality police. Her unwavering bravery is inspired by the young women killed in Iran today.

Flat 2
From The Middle Theatre Co

Two couples move into a flat, and after just two days, one-half of each couple dies. Now, Ava and Freddie must live out their tenancy contract and grief, together. Also, how soon is too soon for them to make out?

Four More Short Plays Loosely Linked by the Theme of Crime
Low Bar Theatre

Following last year’s five-star ( show, ‘brilliantly funny comic writer’ ( Charles Edward Pipe returns with four sharp new plays about forgery, extortion, murder and cowboys.

The Freemartin

Speakbeast are doing an agricultural conference, and not a show about transphobia. There will be dancing mice, escaped cows, sales representatives and fast cars. There will be puppets, nonsense and plenty of agriculture. And no ulterior motives. Promise.

New Anthem Theatre Group

FUFC is a dark comedy and semi-autobiographical play dealing with the consequences of a life-changing moment of a diagnosis of cancer. The play explores the reactions and emotions around cancer.

The Gentleman of Shalott
Lights on a Darkening Shore

A queer retelling of Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott: a man stuck in a tower, while horny guys outside try to meet him. An absurdist comedy exploring social media, anxiety and climate collapse.

Get Thee to a Nursery
Exi Attica

A gang of four-year-olds are cursed by the spirit of Shakespeare for shredding his folio. When the children wake up fluent in the Bard’s language, their nursery politics magically weave through various Shakespearean subplots!

Get Wrecked!

Join our irreverent radio show as we interview a variety of Shakespeare's characters. We hear about nautical nights, breaking news from the streets of Verona, and spectral nonsense from Elsinore. It's sure to be a 'Tempestuous' comedy!

Ghost Light
Orange Works

Henry Webster joins The London Ghost Club and is drawn into investigating a haunting in which the spirits of two children search for light and fear the darkness. Why would a ghost be afraid of the dark?

The Glasstown Confederacy
Talking Shadows

Charlotte. Emily. Anne. Bronte. This new work explores how the early lives of the Bronte sisters, their family traumas and vivid imaginary worlds collide to create some of the most celebrated novelists of all time.

Four Headed Dragon

Glastonbury promises a dream of youth, but after the pandemic, the characters return and encounter revelations in the yurt enclosure. A comedy about love, dreams, death, whiskey, flags and wellies. Opened the Hammersmith Riverside Studios Bitesize Festival.

Go to the Glass House
Nanjing University of the Arts, Graduate Drama Club

Discover the Glass House, where beauty thrives. Join Coco's journey, aided by Chacha's magical scarf. A tale of friendship, courage and deceit unfolds. 'This work is absolutely stunning!' (Tencent News).

Go to Your Womb
Fringe Management LLC

A comedic show starring a mother and her 13-year-old daughter, submerging you into a shamanic journey of parenthood. Prepare for catharsis in this family-friendly acid trip you can process later with a therapist.

God, the Devil and Me
God, the Devil and Me Tour

God, the Devil and Me is a brave new comedy about a young man called Gabe who is perfectly average… except he is best friends with God and the Devil.

Talking Shadows

June 6 1944: over 25,000 troops land in Normandy as part of the largest amphibious invasion in history. Their destination is codenamed Gold Beach. Their mission is to deliver a final blow to the Nazi stranglehold on Europe.

Good Boy
James Farley

Boy has moved to Manchester and is in love with his first boyfriend. But after a devastating secret comes to light, his world falls apart. A comedy about trauma, the social politics of hook-up apps and suicidal rabbits.

The Gospel of Joan (Crawford)

Five women united in Hell face a poker match dealt by the illustrious Joan Crawford, forced to vie for a spot in Heaven in a game where winning is more than eternity – it's fame.

Grape Culture
Fringe Management LLC

A tragicomedy revealing grape culture that undresses the consciousness of domination without consent, while stripping back the predatory and pervasive programming that is choking us all. The show will pervert the pretty by unmasking ugly truths.

Hagar: War Mother
Amena Shehab / Alma Theatre / Mistletoe & Gorse Productions

One woman's odyssey to escape Syria's brutal war with her baby. Negotiating with smugglers, betrayed by friends, Hagar won’t give up. Written by Aksam Alyousef. Produced by Joanna Blundell. 'A heartbreaking story, beautifully told' ½ (Edmonton Journal).

Olivia Hamblett

A Stratford-Upon-Avon native receives a shocking diagnosis that leads them to contemplate their connection with Hamlet. Using both contemporary and Shakespearian language, this powerful yet funny piece, written and performed by Olivia Hamblett, questions what it is 'to be'.

Hardly Working
BPM Theatre

Trust, truth, and tequila. Could you date someone of the opposite class? Does class actually determine politics? What happens when the patriarchy walks into a bar? Hang on, this was meant to be funny...

The Hatter's Requiem
Spike Rose Productions

Searching for his beloved Alice, Hatter leaves home. But what is Hatter without Wonderland? Racing against time and catapulted into an even topsy-turvier world, our galumphing hero encounters some terrible truths… A quirky ensemble adventure awaits.

Tanieth Kerr

Before her dad’s brain injury, AJ would have jumped at the chance to go to karaoke. Lost and unsure, AJ tries to patch her life back together with chicken nuggets, karaoke and a really cute girl in her class.

Hedda Gabler
Crook and Ivy

Hedda Gabler is married to a man she doesn't love, returning from her honeymoon to a house she doesn't like, and surrounded by admirers she can't trust. She seems to have everything but it's all about to collapse.

Henry V
Ghost Light Players

A small ensemble brings you the thrilling tale of Henry V, as he struggles to fulfil his royal legacy by taking his country to war. 'All Hell shall stir…'

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery – The Fringe Fatality
Highly Suspect

Agatha Mystery’s The Rat-Trap makes its Fringe debut! Will it be curtains for the show when an actor is gruesomely murdered? Interactive comedy whodunnit which you must solve! Sell out 2021-2023.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery – The Great British Bloodbath
Highly Suspect

Iced to death at the nation’s favourite baking competition?! Catching the killer won't be a piece of cake! Interactive comedy whodunnit with actual evidence the audience must solve! (

Gritty Gaze

The remnants of Liverpool stand as a testament to the neglect of the UK in this dystopian fantasy. Follow Hoarder and his ensemble of oddities through the apocalypse as they come face to face with peculiarity.

Hot Girl Summer
Pink Palace Productions

Tilly jets off on a girls’ trip and lands a job in London. The Scot plans a summer like no other, but the Hinge dates are far from the Pinterest board envisioned. Hilariously tragic and amusingly relatable.

Hound in the Light
Art Home

Four souls masquerade in handcrafted masks, confusing what's a human and who's a dog – a physical theatre performance devised by Hong Kong community theatre makers, Art Home.

How We Take Our Coffee
Schuster Theatre

Is it possible to "have it all"? In this lighthearted historical fiction, several women discuss the answers to this question over coffee and chocolates at Romolo's Café.

Hunchback Variations
Tortive Theatre

The UK premiere of one of contemporary theatre’s most masterful pieces of absurdist comedy, written by Mickle Maher and directed by Rebecca Garron. This is a show that is not to be missed.

Hungry Like the Future
Greene Shoots Theatre Company

Set in the 1980s. Kevin gets a brand-new Commodore 64. One day while coding, Kevin takes one step too far and is sucked into the future and experiences an alternative AI world. Will he ever return?

i am george massey
out of context theatre

What does it mean to be English anymore?... Strawberries? Scones? Jerusalem?... What is England now? This is George’s story: powerful, shocking, radical. An immersive monologue that treads the boundaries of dark comedy and tragedy.

I Am Yours Sincerely
Ed Saunders-Lee

I Am Yours Sincerely is the true, untold story of John Cox, a member of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War. It was written using his own words from letters and memoirs.

I Cut My Nipples Off Today
End of the World Theatre Company

Everyday your brain is bombarded by images and opinions about your body. At the centre of a lot of this discourse sits the nipple. What might happen if they just didn’t exist?

I Did Something I Shouldn't Have...

A dark drama telling of family loyalty, trauma and how the past can negatively impact the present/future.

I See My Sister
Cutty Sark Theatre

Mhairi and Caoimhe. Two sisters running from something. As they become more entangled with the wild Scottish landscape, Mhairi’s secrets are revealed and her grasp on her sister – and reality – begins to slip…

I See My Sister
Cutty Sark Theatre

Mhairi and Caoimhe. Two sisters running from something. As they become more entangled with the wild Scottish landscape, Mhairi’s secrets are revealed and her grasp on her sister – and reality – begins to slip…

I'll Die Laughing
Ambrosine Davies

This London/LA hybrid's wickedly funny, naughty yet deeply disturbing story penetrates to the heart of survival. Navigating her way through abuse and life in LA, while uncovering the humour in the darkest of places.

if I live until I be a man
The Firebird Project

The Tower of London, 1483: young princes Edward and Richard play, fight, and await coronation or execution. A playfully anachronistic, highly physical exploration of American childhood during a state of perpetual war.

If I Only Could
Saints and Delinquents

Joan hated being alive, but she might hate being dead more... Welcome to Purgatory! Part quarter-life crisis and part Sunday school nightmare, peek through the stained glass as Joan (and God) navigate her journey after life.

The Interval
Rhona Ashwood

Take a quick break and relieve yourselves... For anyone who has ever had to "hold it in" to protect their reputation – sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Is There Work on Mars?
Yafei Zheng

Can an Asian with ADHD and dyscalculia pass Elon Musk's Mars immigration test for SpaceX? Comedic yet unsettling, Is There Work on Mars? explores neurodiversity and diaspora in a dystopian future of space colonisation.

It's a Mystery!
Tim Benzie

Tim Benzie, the acclaimed creator/host of Solve Along A Murder She Wrote, returns with his hilarious and moving one-man show about the enduring appeal of whodunnits. 'A killer of a show' (

It's a Mystery!
Tim Benzie

Tim Benzie, the acclaimed creator/host of Solve Along A Murder She Wrote, returns with his hilarious and moving one-man show about the enduring appeal of whodunnits. 'A killer of a show' (

It's OK, I Still Think You're Great
Heart of Heart

Being in your mid-20s is great. If you stop acting like you’re having fun all of the time. Or any of the time.

The Italians in England by Action Theatre (Italy)
Action Theatre (Italy)

  1. Pre-Shakespeare. Italian players are taking European royal courts by storm, including Queen Elizabeth’s. A professional Commedia dell'Arte show using half masks, exquisite costumes and live music with an international ensemble.

Jane Eyre
Talking Shadows

Jane Eyre: a 'poor, obscure, plain and little' orphan, forced to find her own way in the world, surrounded by mists of secrets and unspoken truths, has enthralled generations in one of the best-loved books of all time.

Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense
Gravedigger Productions

A country house weekend takes a turn for the worse when Bertie Wooster, loveable layabout, must play matchmaker for his newt-loving friend Gussie Fink-Nottle. Cow-creamer, wannabe dictator, and newt-fuelled mayhem ensues.

Glass Half Full Theatre

Jess is a cardiothoracic surgeon on the brink of a nervous breakdown: her boss is a bully, her girlfriend's left her and her job's taking over her life. Jess thinks more might be ticking by than her biological clock.

John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown: Born Evil?
No Frills Theatre Company

John Wayne Gacy, AKA the Killer Clown, was one of the worst serial killers in US history: responsible for the rape, torture and murder of at least 33 boys and young men.

KGS Theatre Company

Katzenmusik (German, n.) caterwaul; a shrill howling or wailing noise (of a cat). This dark comedy about social upheaval and injustice, told in reverse, features a viral video, a company capitalising on fear, and a cat memorial.

Keep Watching It
Kestrel Eye Productions

A scientist unable to connect with humanity subjects her newest creation to grisly experiments that unfold in real time, leaving us no choice but to Keep Watching It.

Kev Campbell Was He
Alexander Tait

After a failed graffiti attempt in a toilet cubicle, Kev befriends a stranger who completely changes his life. A hilarious and thought-provoking one-man show examining the effects of toxic masculinity in modern Scotland.

Korean Painter
Contemporary Yunhee

We paint various pictures on stage using the traditional Korean hat called sangmo. You'll have a mysterious experience with us, and it will make you want to come back again.

Lads of the Flies
Student Theatre at Glasgow

When some teenage boys (played by female-presenting actors) get stranded in the wilderness on DofE, they feud, flirt and fornicate in a way that forces us to ask – is there hope for modern men?

Last Orders
Penultimate Customers

It's Kenneth's first day and manager Chris has big plans for the McGonagle Tavern: but with a murderous chef, the rat soup going off and some supernatural Scottish intervention, things can only take a turn for the hilarious...

Lee and the Black Hole
Mickey Tron

Lee was an astronaut. She flew into a black hole. But this show is about the girl who loved her, who stayed back on Earth. Can love and grief bend spacetime?

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
BB&N Theater Co.

Join an engaging cast of performers as they retell Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, with this innovative production blending music, monsters and mayhem.

A Letter to Lyndon B Johnson or God: Whoever Reads This First
Xhloe and Natasha

From consecutive 2022 and 2023 Fringe First Award winners Xhloe and Natasha comes an absurdist two-hander about the idealised American childhood and the boys it left behind.

A Life in Boxes
Rhiannon Hughes

In the dusty confines of her late mother's attic, secrets unravel like cobwebs as Charlotte embarks on a darkly comedic journey through the forgotten chapters of her family's twisted history.

Little Beast
Mad Bad Productions

Have you ever been so heartbroken that you've burned a scarecrow of your ex on a raging bonfire? Dive into a whirlwind of great love, loss and jealousy as we re-examine the life of Lady Caroline Lamb.

Lonesome Tonight
Aireborne Theatre

Two men, a wretch and an Elvis impersonator meet to try and salvage their friendship. ‘Woe!’ cries the wretch. He worries he’ll never find his friend from beneath the pompadour and jumpsuit. He worries he’ll be alone, forever.

Look What We've Done
Helio Collective

With 'biting satire' ( and a healthy dose of existential dread, Helio Collective presents a fresh take on how we talk about our planet's future. A hilarious, unnerving and thought-provoking trip through the climate crisis.

Loose Ends
1TWO1 Productions

As Callum enters Spud’s flat, tempers flare, civilisations clash (Glasgow vs. Skye!), and Spud lets Callum in on the Heist of the Century. A Scottish story of socks, ferries and Pot Noodles.

Lord of the Flies
Aquila Youth Theatre

Descending into savagery on a deserted island, a group of children struggle with power, primal instincts and the thin line between civilisation and chaos, revealing the darkness within humanity.

Lord of the Flies
Muchmuchmore Theatre

Who rules, when there are no rules? Experience our thrilling theatrical adaptation, exploring the darkness within. Children "playing" as adults quickly turns into a gripping game of survival, that no one can afford to lose.

M R James: Whistle and I'll Come to You
Blue Orange Arts

'Who is this who is coming?' When skeptical Professor Parkins stumbles upon a mysterious whistle, he unleashes a chain of unsettling events where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural blur.

Macbeth: Sleep No More
Shadow Road Productions

'All hail Macbeth that shalt be King hereafter...' Thus the three witches seal the Thane of Glamis' fate – and that of all the others whom Macbeth will dispose of while fulfilling their deadly prophecy.

Maeve and Howard
Plush Tiger Productions

The New Yorker offices, 1950. Maeve Brennan, the enigmatic Irish-born journalist, and closeted poetry editor Howard Moss find mutual solace in their unlikely friendship. A story of love, loss and the universal search for home.

Maladaptive Mouse
Breaking Narrative

Maladaptive Mouse is a work-in-progress examination of the nature of the creative process. Intentionally vague and deliberately disjointed, it follows Mouse as they explore a world of discarded ideas in an effort to discover themselves.

Tired Horses Theatre

A feminist retelling of the Pygmalion and Galatea myth. A sculptor presents his work to his male friends: a statue of a woman. Given life by Aphrodite’s kiss, can Galatea survive whilst Malion is socialised into dangerous masculine identity?

Malvolio's Fantasy
Zuzabella Productions

A Twelfth Night retelling to satisfy your wildest Shakespearian fantasy! Malvolio, a bright and zesty fool, is manifesting his rise to Dukedom, to no avail. Will his new promiscuous scheme give him the life he’s always dreamed of?

Man of War: The Secret Life of Nadezha Durova
Acting Coach Scotland

From the producers of I Sniper and Chaika. Follow Nadheza Durova's captivating journey as she flees her marriage, joins the Tsar’s army, and fights Napoleon while concealing her "true" identity.

Mary: A Gig Theatre Show
Knot Tied Theatre

Through haunting original music and spoken word, six actor-musicians deliver a feminist retelling of Mary Queen of Scots' story. 'Fifty mesmerising minutes' (The Student Newspaper); ‘Lyrically genius' (; 'Immense talents' (

Malvern Theatres Young Company

Following their successful productions of Electra and Antigone, Malvern Theatres Young Company returns with Euripides’ Medea, directed by Nic Lloyd. This heartbreaking tragedy of betrayal, despair and revenge shocked its first audiences and remains controversial to this day.

Michelin Star
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Michelin Star: two couples, three affairs, four courses. An intimate dinner party goes hysterically wrong; lovers turn to enemies over a plate of salmon puffs. Will they keep everyone's secrets, or let the chaos and engagement rings fly?

Midnight Cowboy Radio
Ally Ibach

It's Labor Day in Kentucky! Time for your favourite late-night-radio-talk-show-host, to give you life advice on the air of "Midnight Cowboy Radio," entertaining you for those long drives home. How may I help you this evening?

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Kind Of...!
Edinburgh Youth Theatre

A celebration, a play in a play, disruptive fairies mislead on the way!

MILF and the Mistress
CrunchySmooth Productions

Suburban swinging, latex and literary eroticism collide in a hilarious quest to fulfil one woman's darkest desires. A story for anyone who wonders if not now, when? 'Provocative and hilarious' ( 'Brilliant and thought-provoking' (

milk teeth
Durham University Sightline Productions

Following the advice of her (hot) therapist, entomologist Zenab buys a baby doll to reconnect with her inner child. But from the moment she takes it out of the box, she feels a strange growing connection to it.

Mistakes Were Made: Haunted Hospital
Bottoms Up Theatre

Three heroes. One dungeon. No dragons. After their smash-hit debut last year, Mistakes Were Made is back with more zany and chaotic tabletop improv, where you shape the action from the comfort of your seat!

Modern Love Is Not a Dream
Looking Glass Theatre and New Celts Productions

Dive into the intricacies of love, trauma and the patriarchy as we follow Liv and her many prospects as she tries to balance her relationships, her thesis and her past together.

Softsod Productions

A funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of one woman's descent into motherhood and mayhem. Set to a stunning soundtrack, Mother unfolds into a a deeply personal experience. A story of lust, lies, Liebfraumilch and the dawning of a proper bleeding miracle.

My Blood
ALL Productions

Gripping new writing: a psychological thriller loosely based on Aeschylus' Oresteia. Set in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, we follow the lives of a powerful banking family as they deal with personal tragedy and betrayal.

My Cousin Won An Oscar (Now She Lives on My Sofa)
Pyjama Genius

Golden Glory is overrated, according to Academy Award Winner Misty Last. She's broke, squatting at Cousin Carly’s and saddled with her own hallucinations of grandeur. Comedy/Drama.

My Mother Doesn't Know I'm Kinky
Fringe Management LLC

A sexy story with drama, comedy, love and lust. How does a mother react to the fact that her very-good-daughter is into BDSM? Featured: Playboy Radio. Top Ten in Los Angeles, Stage Raw.

My Pretties
Turnip Fish Theatre Company

A wacky three-hander feminist comedy. A charming exploration of magic, trolls, really not-very-delicious smoothies and the ever-changing societal label of 'witch'. Join Turnip Fish Theatre Company in their Edinburgh Fringe debut!

A Naff Play About Spies
Collision Theatre

Three agents are given a vital mission. Investigate Natalia, Britain’s most dangerous woman. But is she who MI5 are looking for? Is danger lurking around the corner? Is anybody really who they say they are?

Sara Jane Harvey

One actor taking on the role of three alter-egos in this tragi-comic psychodrama: Mike, an eccentric, scatter-brained academic in training; Elliott, a defensive yet laid-back aspiring artist; and Host, the reluctant, vulnerable core-self hiding beneath. New writing.

Night Train
Tellus Theatre Company

Tellus Theatre presents Night Train, a physical-theatre production. This philosophical comedy revolves around Maia, who wakes at the rear of a mysterious train and befriends a chorus of merry morons. But nothing there is like it seems.

no no no please no god no, nevermind i'm fine
Sarina Freda – The Brooklyn Bottling Company

In 2021, Sarina confronted death and won. It took only one harrowing LSD trip. Now she's dying (not literally!) to reveal how she's really completely totally fine.

Not Exit

Inspired by Sartre's existentialism, this explores 'hell is other people' and human freedom. With absurd scenes and precise, exquisite movements, it reflects characters' extreme states, resonating in an interplay of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Easily understood, ensuring relaxation.

Off the Bench
PIAP Productions

A lighthearted yet empowering play which revolves around the lives of three female football players, playing for their local team the Walcott Wrens.

One in Four
Dog Stuff

Four roommates: each one is an alien, and each one believes the other three to be regular degular humans. Watch them contort themselves into increasingly fraught emotional and physical positions to prevent being unmasked as extraterrestrials.

One Sugar, Stirred to the Left
Karekare Productions Ltd

A heartwarming new musical play! Love and life can be found in the most unusual places, as nurse/singer-songwriter Bronwyn finds out when she's commissioned to write an album by one of her patients.

Only Human
Conundrum Theatre

Two beings. A bunker. A near-future overrun by robots. Surrounded by societal decay, wilful misunderstandings and a highly-functioning sociopathic uBot, they question life, love and the meaning of sentience. An AI/human love story for the ages.

Our Teacher's a Troll
Bede's Senior School

When mischievous twins Joe and Jemima's teacher turns out to be a real-life troll, chaos ensues! From outrageous pranks to daring escapes, follow their escapades as they try to outsmart the terrible troll!

Patsy Byrne is Dead! (B*tch Eat B*tch)
An Exciting New

Sexy, camp and nepotistic. Welcome to Patsy's funeral. She was found dead in her trailer, hit over the head with her daddy's Emmy. Her best friends attend her funeral, which one killed her?

Slip the Tongue Productions

Two women's obsession with spying on their ex unfolds in a gripping tale of suspense. Watch as moral lines blur and the characters go to desperate lengths to reclaim agency from the man who wronged them. An absolute must-see!

Penny and Forever

Penny lives in a world on fire. Nobody has time for stories. Acclaimed playwright Glyn Maxwell (Best Play on the Fringe winner, British Theatre Guide) returns to the Fringe with this play about fiction and mortality.

Persistent Shadows

Persistent Shadows is an ensemble storytelling production. Join five friends on a journey through the 1980s and experience the chaotic world Margaret Thatcher caused and the impact it still has today. Will the vicious cycle ever change?

Petty Tyrant
Carlotta-B-from-1593 – The Ultimate Feminist Shakespearean Contemporary Leading Lady

Is Shakespeare a tyrant or just petty? You will decide the verdict. It’s Judge Judy meets The Apprentice with Shakespeare and live jazz. Starring Carlotta-B-from-1593 as Anonymous Chirrullus Battillus: the original badass bitch.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian, a hedonistic socialite, unknowingly sets a curse for his portrait to age in return for eternal beauty… with tragic consequences. A fast-paced adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic featuring music, slapstick and Wildean wit.

A Play by John
Mule Productions / Marc Wadhwani and Jules Smekens

Matteo and Reggie, fuelled by John's suggestion, build their own coffins. This new writing unfolds as they grapple with existence, hope and fate.

Pool (No Water)
Fuzed Theatre Company

Mark Ravenhill's Pool (No Water) tears up the ideals of friendship and art revealing a collective jealousy when fame and success lands on one person, leaving others in the shadows.

Pretty Delusional
Gianna Milici

Pretty Delusional is a musical comedy about a horny hopeless romantic fighting to stay true to herself in the face of rejection. The battle of loving too much or not at all, while trying not to vomit.

Pretty Good, Not Bad
Ellen Toland

The long walk home. A treatise on the roles we assume when things get scary and the expectations afterwards. The four Fs: no, not the dirty ones you know... New work by two tired Texans.

Prime Meat
University of York Drama Society

Five years ago, Esme and Chris moved to the idyllic Cotswold village of Raperton-on-the-Water. While Esme has adapted to village life, Chris is struggling. As the community fete approaches, the sinister reality of the village is revealed.

Professor Where
Technobabble Productions

This new musical comedy follows John B Stevens, the disillusioned showrunner of famous sci-fi TV show Professor Where. While writing his final season, John finds himself trapped in the very world he is desperately trying to escape.

The Broadcast Studios

Psyche, a Romani countess and poet, wanders across Europe during the Napoleonic era. Based on the Hungarian book Psyche: Writings of an Erstwhile Poetess by Sandor Weores, translated to English for the first time. A self-cleansing in 60 minutes.

Studio Friday

An exploration into family dynamics, social pressures and self identity through an East Asian lens, expressed in a captivating play interweaving light-hearted traditional Chinese games with expressive dance choreography and soundscape.

R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots
The Meadows School

The play that introduced the word 'Robot' to the world. The creation of artificial beings revolutionises labour and industry. As these robots gain self-awareness, profound questions about humanity and the consequences of scientific progress emerge.

Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales bring you yet another brilliantly, inventive, physical (and slightly bonkers!) take on the fairytale Rapunzel... and her discovery that being a heroine is not all it’s cracked up to be!

Rat House
Aireborne Theatre

Welcome to Hackton, where cyclists can’t read anymore and the library is closing down! It’s up to the local council to save the day. Follow our bumbling councillors as they try to put resentments aside and work together.

Rat King Gospel
Cup of Teatre and New Celts Productions

A coincidence or an act of a god? Are the children who created a god as a game responsible for the harm it caused, even if they didn’t know what they were asking for?

Ring That Bell!
Not So Nice! Theatre Company

Ding! Welcome to Hell! Ring That Bell is an immersive dark comedy in which Lucy and Bubs, two fallen angels, are tasked with inducting newcomers into hell. The last inductions haven't gone well... 13th time’s the charm.

No Frills Theatre Company

Yonni is a 17-year-old gay Jewish kid. It's the last day of term and he is avoiding everything. The only person he wants to be around, think about, be about is... Adam.

Halfway Down Theatre

Join Candace as she reflects on the complicated path to coming out as gay, and what her rural church community has to say about it. Sin, repent, repeat baby!

Salomé, Tragedy of the Femme Fatale
Maryam S Holleman

An exploration of the life of the seductive beauty, from her origins as an unwanted child to the dance that would make her infamous – shedding light on the redemptive power of death.

Sammy Blew Up a Toilet
The Crunch Collective

Partly autobiographical play capturing the early years of school. Delves into the dynamics of Azza, Jake and Sammy, a dysfunctional trio whose friendship turns sour, leading Azza to devise a devious plan exploiting Sammy's weaknesses.

The Secret Poetess of Terezin
Lenka Lichtenberg / Senisdream Productions

Immerse yourself in an intimate narrative based on passionate love poems written by the artist’s grandmother in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Savour the gorgeous music that won Canada’s top music prize in 2023.

The Selkie's Wife
Elisabeth Flett

A new queer folk performance from the mind of award-winning writer, musician and theatre-maker, Elisabeth Flett.

Sent from my iPhone
Catrin Ody. Brooklyn Bottling Company.

Saturday night at the office and all the interns are assembled to shred paper. This dark comedy is a unique insight into the mind of the panicked Gen-Z twentysomething, living the NYC corporate dream.

Seven Steps to Feel Completely Happy Again
Queen Mary Theatre Company

The seven stages of grief are a familiar concept to those who are grieving, have grieved or will grieve. Do you wish you could face each stage and meet them and understand them?

The Shadow Boxer
Lucas English

Portsmouth's most-promising featherweight boxer races towards his ultimate goal – competing in the 1968 Olympic Games and proving himself as a true champion. But can anyone control how their story will be told in an uncertain future?

Shakespeare's Mothello and Other Parodies
Shakespeare's School

Shakespeare’s Mothello and Other Parodies is a comedy sketch show inspired by the characters in Shakespeare's plays performed by students at Shakespeare's School, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles
Blue Orange Arts

Can Sherlock Holmes unfurl this chilling mystery before the hound strikes again? A beautifully crafted one-man retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous tale is brought to the stage.

Kangaroo Court

Described as equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Shotgunned is a new, intimate piece of theatre following a young couple who unexpectedly fall out of love. It is a deeply relatable tale of joy, loss and reconciliation.

Show How It's Thespian
Displacement Theatre

Show How It's Thespian is an acting masterclass that you should be honoured to attend. Hosted by the acting prodigies and co-founders of the Artistic Royal School of Excellence (ARSE) Billingsworth and Worthingtons.

Simply Grimm
The Janus Players

What do you do when your flight’s delayed for the fourth time as you're heading to the Fringe? You could be grim or Simply Grimm – a fun-filled, energetic romp through the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Six Feet Under
Theatre with Teeth

Nuclear war. Eight neighbours escape underground, with no idea when (or if) rescue will come. Paranoia simmers, tensions skyrocket and their fragile peace begins to fracture, as the line between living and surviving starts to blur.

Someone Has To Be Counting
Scheduled Productions

Someone has been keeping a record. Every day, for 20 years. It’s all in her notebooks: hours worked, money spent, cigarettes smoked. Explore time, rituals and labour in this experimental one-woman play starring Lisa Vetta.

Something To Believe In
Brooklyn Bottling Company / Something For The Weekend

It’s like confession without the guilt. Faith and queerness clash at an all-girls Catholic school in Kentucky, as one senior hurtles to graduation feeling less than blessed. A divinely dark comedy from Sarah Alice Shull.

Sonnets from Suburbia
Penny Peyser

Penny Peyser shakes up Shakespeare with her own quirky, hilarious take on modern life thorough an Elizabethan lens. With her trusty ukulele she’s eager to convince that “A poem without rhyme is like a chip without a dip!”

Spot on the Ceiling Productions

Based on a real friendship, SOS BRN is about Brian, a young, stubborn shut-in, dealing with the grief and guilt of losing his best friend as, over one drunken and tumultuous night, he searches for some real answers.

The Spilling Cup
Dracume Theatre

Sasha is slowly realising that her period symptoms may not be normal. But what is normal when it comes to periods? We follow her on a darkly funny, searing and heartbreaking journey for answers, support and dignity.

The Squires

Squires is a historical workplace comedy turned comedy of errors as a group of unlikely friends unite under a common goal: to not be accused of murder. There's a three-strike rule when it comes to accusations of heresy.

The Sun King
Peedie Productions

The Sun King is a queer, political coming-of-age fantasy that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, telling the story of a boy’s adolescence through conversations he has with the king of a magical realm.

Take Me to Your Leader
Headrush Theatre and New Celts Productions

The interns at a space research facility are on strike, but a groundbreaking discovery shakes things up as the interns learn to build solidarity with each other and possibly, other life forms…

Tartan Tat
Shark Bait Theatre

When Tartan Treasures, a tourist-trap gift shop on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, find themselves in the centre of online controversy the staff must band together to keep both the shop and themselves above water.

The Telltale Lilac Bush
Marshall University Theatre ETC!

Ready for spooky fun? Follow four ghosts trapped in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia who must pay the Peddler with stories to gain eternal rest. Can they weave a worthy tale?

They May Have Even Eaten Ham!
Naomi Paul

It’s Naomi Paul’s (mostly) Jewish show! From the Baltic to Birmingham, from shamash to shellfish, to Hendon and beyond. With original stories, humour and songs. What’s not to like? ★★★★ (, 2023).

This Side of the House
Fishy Business

Based on a true story, This Side of the House follows two arch nemeses in their battle to become president of the Cambridge Union. The audience's vote will determine their fate. Written in 1987.

Three Bed (No Living Room)
Laldie Theatre

Learning everything about being queer in your twenties in the 2020s isn't easy: Beth has some catching up to do. An original play about platonic and romantic love, set in a student flat in Edinburgh.

John Rayment

If you can’t trust your memory what can you trust? Martin has a problem: he can’t remember yesterday. Since going to the dentist a decade ago, every morning when he wakes up it’s 2008. 'A must see' (

Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Folk’d Up Theatre and New Celts Productions

Six friends plan a Scottish folklore and song night, aiming to launch a business centred on exploring Celtic mythologies. Opposition arises from local evangelicals, leading to tense protests before the performance.

Tit(s) for Tat
Knockout Productions

Five girls, one friendship, and a therapist named Fanny. This brand-new piece of fantastic female-led comedy delves into childhood friendships, and how those friendships can change as we move into adulthood.

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me but Banjos Saved My Life
Quivering Dendrites

2023 Mervyn Stutter's Pick of the Fringe/sold-out run in Edinburgh! An inspirational true story about overcoming obstacles, pursuing passions and music's healing power. 'A sold-out Fringe classic!' (

Trawled – When Adventure Becomes Survival
Eoin Ryan

A jaw-dropping true story set on the Coral Sea, Australia. An Irish backpacker blags his way onto a trawler. His raw, exuberant story of adventure twists unexpectedly into a fight for his survival.

Treasure Island
Shadow Road Productions

Treasure, treachery, mutiny and mayhem all await young Jim Hawkins as he leaves the Admiral Benbow Inn behind and embarks on a thrilling voyage to recover Captain Flint’s hidden gold. A timeless tale of adventure, courage, and friendship.

DYT Performance Company

Come with us on a dive to darkest deepest Dorset, where the shipwrecks lie inland and the watery graves of the living are aplenty. Wildly inventive, Fringe debut of this terrific ensemble. Come be part of the shoal!

Minotaur Theatre Company

During a hunting accident the leader of a clique of elite students is killed. The remaining group spirals, but the situation only gets stranger when she attends the next meeting, completely unharmed.

Twelfth Night Fever
More The Merrier

'If music be the food of love, play on... get on the dancefloor!' A fresh take on Shakespeare’s gender-bending comedy, set to a disco soundtrack. From the people that brought you last year's smash-hit Rockbeth.

The Twisted Chronicles
Politicat Productions

Dive into The Twisted Chronicles for a satirical journey through history. Join Ken and Bryan, two disgraced teachers, as they offer a fresh take on everything from the Gunpowder Plot to the Bolshevik Revolution.

Two Friends and Social Anxiety
Letty Celotti and Ryan Moohan

Two friends, one party, zero social skills. Two friends are invited to a party but when the pressure builds, they have to bail. Fast. A comedic look at the struggles of living with social anxiety.

Tycho: Mankind's First Hotel on the Moon!
Imperial College Dramatic Society (ICDS)

When struggling teenager Charlie finds himself transported to a futuristic hotel on the moon, all his Earthly problems seem to disappear. Until the oxygen systems start to fail. New theatre from ICDS.

Uncanny Valley
Aimsir Theatre

There is always a beginning. There isn’t always an ending. One story begins when God reaches down to make man, another when a mother leaves her children on the youngest’s 18th birthday. Really, they are the same story.

Unknown Night
Nanjing University of the Arts, Graduate Drama Club

This is a mystery set in a museum, blending suspense with a hint of humour, and madness with a touch of reason. The absurd truth will unravel in reality. 'Rich in substance and profound... dazzlingly brilliant!' (Enjoy Drama).

Mon Espoir Theatre

Follow Elena and Robin's touching story of love amidst life's ups and downs. From Elena's tough past to their unexpected meeting, it's a tale as beautiful and unpredictable as birds in flight.

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

Poppy and Freddie, a Kentish maid and a Scouser, wake up together in the messy honeymoon suite of a BnB. Pretty rock'n'roll, right? They’re married, they just don’t know it yet... But this isn’t Vegas. It’s Slough...

Via Dolorosa by David Hare
Chasing Rainbows

Voices of Israel and Palestine. A must-see performance of David Hare’s groundbreaking drama which lays bare the history, complexities and tensions of the region’s struggles.

Waitin 4 Gaia
LS6 Theatre

F*ck Godot – we’re waiting on Gaia. Dumped, wine-drunk and you can’t throw yourself in the canal – she’s started to claim those too. Doesn’t matter, does it? Not when we’re the only ones here.

Kate Farrell

It is September 1997. Widow Edna Gould has angina. And hope. Her doctor can deal with the first; for the second, time will tell. So she waits. And waits. Think Alan Bennett meets Roald Dahl.

The Water Babies
University of Gloucestershire Drama and Performing Arts Students

A moral Victorian tale, with music and songs, about young chimney sweep Tom who escapes his miserable apprenticeship with Grimes through falling into the river and discovering a magical world of fish creatures, fairies and water babies.

We Used to be Girl Scouts
Hey Thanks! Theatre Collective and New Celts Productions

Three teenage girls are crushed under the weights of girlhood, so they take to the woods to attempt to plan their future. But can they escape themselves?

Well Played
Josie Rose Productions

Broadway, 1955. In this newly written farcical comedy, roaring with energy and excitement, August and Harry struggle to keep their theatre (and marriage) alive. That is until one chance encounter. Through secrets, lies and deceit, everything changes...

What If They Ate The Baby?
Xhloe and Natasha

There are three rules every housewife knows: never return a dish empty, always have dinner ready on time, and some things are best kept under the table. After all, you never know who’s listening.

What the F*ck Happened to Love and Hope

What the F*ck Happened to Love and Hope is a bold, powerful new play full of heart and authenticity. Electrifying and intimate theatre which is both about and written by an 18 year old.

What Was Once Ignored: The Life and Legacy of Martha Graham
Alma College Theatre and Dance

Experience the story of the 20th century's iconic modern dance choreographer, Martha Graham, in words and movement.

When in Florida and Outside of Kent
When in Florida Productions

Framed around Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, Bex and Phoebe’s relationship falls apart as they discuss the impact this bill could have worldwide for the next generation of the LGBTQIA+ community.

When Kurt Met Thora
Plush Tiger Productions

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. BBC Studios, November 1991. Thora Hird (Hallelujah) encounters Kurt Cobain ahead of Nirvana’s infamous appearance on TOTP. Unexpected similarities are revealed, as well as their disparate relationships with religion.

When Vincent Met John

Vincent died in 1890, John died in 1980, both of gunshot wounds to the chest. But imagine what might have happened had the two greatest artists of their time, met...

Whirligig of Time
Tortive Theatre

To hell with anger management! Three months after Twelfth Night's Malvolio vowed to be revenged on the 'whole pack of them', he relates, with a great deal of satisfaction, how skilfully he has kept his word.

Why Am I (Still) Like This?
Nicole Nadler / Higher Heels and Heavy Suitcases Productions

At 30, Nicole finally found out why she was like this (spoiler: ADHD), but four years and one diagnosis later, she has a new question: why am I still like this?

Wonderin' Y: How Slade's Drummer Survived
Ian Pearce

The inspiring story of how Slade's drummer Don Powell survived a devastating car crash and fought courageously to rebuild his life. A gripping and uplifting solo performance recalling real events from 1973.

Unthank Theatre Company

Flick has recurring dreams of becoming a worm. Twenty-five, unemployed and recently self-diagnosed with depression by a Buzzfeed quiz, Flick is intent on finding exactly who has made her this unhappy. Surely they're to blame... right?

Would You Like a Bag?
Red Lentil Playhouse

From behind the counter, stay and take stock during this heartfelt comedy. From the omniscient perspective of a corner-shopkeeper, you’ll follow the lives of eight (mostly) lovable regulars through their highs, lows and in-betweens.

A Yank in Scotland
Paul O'Brien / Threshold Repertory Theatre

The Highlands invite mystical ruminations, kindle existential questions and spark the imagination to soar into higher and uncharted territory. Join Paul O’Brien as he searches for mystery, meaning and a lost wallet in the Highlands.

You Deserve It
Out of Order Productions and New Celts productions

Six socialites gather for a boozy blowout in an Edinburgh penthouse where the atmosphere reeks of deception and Chanel No 5. Loyalties are tested, privilege and paranoia collide, and their downfall seems imminent.

You Hold a Pole Everyday
Laura Nieves

'Heartbreaking... endearing... impossible to feel unmoved' (Theatre is Easy). New York City audiences loved it, and so will you! Four characters, one actress - You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to grab a pole.

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