PACE Rep Company

A story about journeys, routine, loneliness, irrational thoughts, screens, assumptions, fear, memories, coffee and unlikely friendships – but mostly about hope. It’s about how we connect with those around us and the impact we have on others without knowing.

Being and Nothingness
strut and fret Theatre Company

Xiao’s grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. Xiao suffers from her identity crisis. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. A journey crossing time and space, to a small town in the south of China in the 1990s. The humidity of a melting-hot summer’s day, and the vague voice of grandma’s bedtime story. Through the fragments of Xiao’s dream and glimpses of her haunting memory, we explore and experience, what home means to her and how she discovers what makes her who she really is.

The Brave Anthology
The Mezz Theatre Company

A play fusing a naturalistic plot with an expressionistic style exploring how we identify with the urban environment, as well as the theme of love: where and how we can find it.

The Theatre Shed Ltd

An original, inclusive theatre production devised by the young people performing. The amazing songs are all original work and this heart-warming, life affirming piece is suitable for all ages.

Cry of the Gull

Six lives uprooted by war. Displaced, desperately trying to protect a sense of family, their lives collide on a smuggler’s vessel. Based on true stories, this play explores the emotional experience of becoming a refugee.

Dark Play or Stories for Boys
NeonBox Theatre Company

An outsider at age fourteen, Nick discovers the pleasures of inventing fake personalities in the chat rooms of the World Wide Web and charms the gullible Adam into a cyber love affair.

Don't Do it, Don't Do It, DO IT!
Zuma Puma

Do it or don't do it? Do it, obviously! A daring one-woman dynamo feminist physical comedy; with puppetry, mask, music and character clown. Dare to witness this odyssey of sexual catastrophe.

Downton Shabby
Big Spirit Theatre Company

Join Lord Crawley and his family as they move from their country estate to a council estate. How will they survive?


EAST provides a vivid snapshot of working-class East End life in the 1970s as Mike, Les and Sylv fight the torrent of their youth. Their violent escapades are told against the backdrop of their parent’s domestic lives in London.

Fear Here and Terror There
The King's Players

What would you think of if I told you this was a play about radicalisation? Who would you picture? Where were they from – here, or there?

The Feminazis
Curious Dispute

Tired of the lack of progress in gender equality, Sal and Libby decide to take things into their own hands in the only sensible way they can think of: by starting a terrorist organisation.

Gigolo: Bold, Beautiful, Bizarre
Nobody's Studios

Charming. Intelligent. Murderer. Sex Worker. Psychopath! Saint or a sinner? Discover this thrilling Journey of Murli, a runaway kid from India, who became one of the countries most notorious criminal killing over 17 people.

Gilgamesh – He Who Saw Everything
The Listening Hare

‘He who saw everything’
One actor in 45 mins performs the first story ever written down: an epic Babylonian poem based on the mythical adventures of the King of Uruk who lived and ruled around 2750 BC. It charts Gilgamesh’s journey from tyranny to friendship, from love to loss, from despair to wisdom. 4000 years after it was written, Gilgamesh retains a poignant message for the 21st Century. Colin R Campbell performs an abridged version of Robert Temple’s beautiful translation with clear, dynamic storytelling.

Goodnight Mister Tom
Aquila Youth Theatre

Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to WWII, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the English countryside and begins a remarkable friendship. A wonderful and empowering family show.

Hear Her Voice
Westwood Theatre Company

He had tried to silence her, but she would never let him.

The Humans
American High School Theatre Festival

At Thanksgiving, the Blake family gathers at the run-down Manhattan apartment in Chinatown of Brigid Blake and her boyfriend Richard. The family members must deal with aging, illness and a changing economy.

Isiqalo – The Beginning

Through traditional dance, music and storytelling, 'Isiqalo' tells the story of young South Africans and the struggles they have faced in recent decades.

The Liar
US High School

Lovers, gossips, duels, jealousy, clowns and, of course, lies. The Liar, by David Ives, is a feast for the eyes and a deluge for the ears in rhyming pentameter.

Hyacinth Theatre

For the romantic, the cynic and the sick of heart: Love/Sick is a play about the kind of love you won’t find in fairy tales. Dark, funny and heartbreaking in equal measure, happy endings are far from guaranteed.

Loving the Enemy
Lorenzo Novani

A young Scots-Italian struggles with questions of identity, love and loyalty after Mussolini sides with Nazi Germany in 1940. Hugo must discover where he really belongs. Starring Lorenzo Novani: 'A dramatist and actor of some depth' (Scotsman).

Mandy Picks a Husband
Amanda Broomell

Almost 40 and totally single, Mandy takes us on a hilarious and raw 55-minute rollercoaster ride as she unearths the magic elixir for her unmarried soul. WINNER of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival Encore Producers’ Award, NOMINEE for the Soaring Solo Artist Award, and OFFICIAL SELECTION in the 2019 United Solo Festival in NYC!

Scruffy Mutt Theatre

Amber. Silver. Freya. Scarlet. Four young lives. Some very big problems. Like dope smoking parents. Promiscuous partners. Psychotic friends. Sexting fails. Pregnancy. And blackmail. Served up with black humour, a sprinkle of contemporary dance and a nasty ending.

A Mother
Jane Gwilliams

What is it like to be the mother of a terrorist? A Mother coaxes us into her experience of anguish, guilt and anger, as she grapples with the monster she has created.

Painted Corners
Tablespoon Theatre

An eclectic blend of naturalistic and physical theatre that comes together to tell a tongue-in-cheek tale of friendship, Tinder dates and heartbreak.

Seesome Theatre and New Celts productions

Expelled from school aged 15, Alicia battles for her right to exist. Welfare and charities view her as the one thing everybody hates: a parasite. But who are the real bloodsuckers? Provocative dramedy from award-winning five-star playwright James Harker.

The Penguin Tango
1850 Productions

In this side-splitting, screwball comedy, inspired by actual events, The Penguin Tango features a community of penguins whose world is hilariously turned upside down by sex, stereotypes and soggy sardines.

Relational, or A Writer's Misguided Guide to Loves Lost and Found
PacArts Alumni

A writer puts together a series of interactions between varying characters to explore the legitimacy of platonic relationships between men and women, which leads him and his characters to examine these relationships and find new truths.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
The Television Workshop Salford

Meet Arthur: factory worker, smart talker and ladies' man bursting with a toxic mix of humour, drama and sex set to cause an explosion! BAFTA award-winning The Television Workshop from the Alan Sillitoe classic!

She Kills Monsters
US High School

She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes who, after the death of her sister, delves into a world of self-discovery and recovery by means of her late sister's Dungeons and Dragons journal. Let the adventures begin!

Y-Axis Theatre

The best worst episode of Friends. Four best friends meet every Friday night to play their favourite games. This Friday, the gang has two new members. One of them has a dark secret which is about to be revealed.

Twelfth Night

One of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies brought to you by CYD. These talented highly skilled improvisers are enjoying their fourth year at the Fringe. If there was a spirit of the Fringe, this group is it.

Wait Wait Bo Bait
American High School Theatre Festival

Waiting, waiting.... What are you waiting for? Christmas to come? Class to be over? The man of your dreams? To be yelled at for setting the toilet on fire? Watched clocks never boil, you know...

Want Some More
Stage Strong Productions

Want Some More explores the harsh realities of living with a whole range of eating disorders from binge eating to diabulimia; retelling word for word accounts in Stage Strong Productions' hard-hitting show.

The Words Are There
Ronan Dempsey from Nth Degree Productions

Mick awaits Trish in his seaside flat. Life has left him speechless, struggling to find the words for a very important day, but in his silence lies a story. 'Hilarious, compelling, riveting, magic' ★★★★★ (