Spoken Word

The American's Dream
Jack Finnegan

Ketchikan, Alaska and New York City are profoundly different places. But in this lyrical portrait, storyteller Jack Finnegan reveals that they are fraternal twins: testaments to human ambition and extraordinary destinations for people who pursue their dreams.

Broken English

A contemporary exploration on the journey of the English language. Interactive spoken word, monologues and creative conversations present a story that celebrates creativity and cultural diversity through the various uses of language.

Chain of Trivia
From the King to Queen

Russell Clarke, BBC London's Rock'n'Roll Routemaster, takes you on a fascinating trip from Elvis Presley to Freddie Mercury in 12 steps, each linked to the next by an awesome piece of trivia.

Cruise to Hell
Eastend Theatre Company

Cruise to Hell: a dramatic true story. A family's holiday becomes a nightmare. A path of discovery: how medicines and anaesthetics can affect our mental health. Directed by Barbara Houseman. Ticket proceeds donated to charity, APRIL (www.april.org.uk).

Dissident Sausage
Karen Gemma Brewer

Political prisoner or sausage in a fridge? Toad or feminist? Deity or giant white slug? Prepare to laugh and cry with award winning poet/singer Karen Gemma Brewer, woodworm, sheep, toodles, Frankenstein's sister and more flies than Basic Insect!

Getting to Grips with Migraine
David Kernick

Dr David Kernick is an experienced GP and headache expert who leads an NHS headache clinic in Exeter. Understand your migraine and learn how to manage it and your GP.

The Good, The Bad and The Brexit
Geoffrey Brown

Brexit, eh? Join an increasingly exasperated Australian in his fourth attempt to navigate his way through the unbelievable and mind-boggling past, present and future that is Brexit…

Just a Number
The Glummer Twins

David Harmer and Ray Globe recently turned 60. It’s just a number. Right? The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back to celebrate the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older. Stand-up spoken word from the Beat Generation.

Jason Harvey

Steve Gooch’s piece centres around Daniel McNaughton, imprisoned for his botched attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Robert Peel. Lawyers want to use him as a test case for pleas of insanity in murder trials which became The McNaughton Rules.

Predictably Irrational
Bernard Ross

Mixing stand-up and neuroscience , five-star author challenges assumptions about just how smart we are. Buying wine to losing weight, food shopping to dating, we overpay, underestimate and procrastinate. Laugh – and stop being predictably irrational! Book now!

School Gays
Geoffrey Brown

Gays everywhere! What is it about boys and schools that have encouraged same-sex attraction (and rejection) on stage and screen since 1890? Looking at 25 plays and films from around the world, how have the gays survived?

The Snoopy Question
Matt Black

What are dogs really like? What are people really like? Matt Black entertains with surprising dog facts, inspired poems, cheap props and Snoopy's answer to world peace. Comedy, science and poetry collide! 'Barking brilliant' (Lola).
Matt Black was Derbyshire Poet Laureate (2011-2013)
"shining work" Ian McMillan

Steve Richards Presents Rock'n'Roll Politics 2019
Steve Richards

A brand new behind the scenes guide to the latest epic and wild political dramas. What’s happened? Why has it happened? What will happen next? A different show each day.

Tuck Into Poetry – A Lite Bite of Cheese and Puns
Suzanne Tuck

Served with a smile and a sprinkling of humour, Suzanne brings you a portion of poetry to tickle the taste buds.