Spoken Word

The Beat Goes On
The Glummer Twins

The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back with an irreverent trawl through the eight decades that made them what they are today: old. Stand-up, spoken-word comedy and music from the Beat Generation.

The Church of the Fall
Stephen G. Titley for Prole Art Threat Productions

An award-winning celebration of the late genius Mark E Smith and his group The Fall. You don’t need to love The Fall to enjoy this show, you just need to love music.

Irrational Me
Bernard Ross

How predictably irrational are you? Make sure you get one of just 40 seats a night as 2020's sell-out mix of comedy and neuroscience returns. Award-winning author Bernard Ross explains how and why you make bad predictable choices.

Karl Bevis

LoudScribble, Karl's first one-man show, views the world in ridiculous detail and invites you to scribble a line of your own. Catch the casual rantings of spoken-word artist Karl Bevis for a proper LoudScribble. 'A kind wordsmith' (Emma, fan).

Steve Richards Presents: Rock'n'Roll Politics
Steve Richards

The legendary behind the scenes guide to all the epic political dramas and characters… plus unreliable predictions, questions. A different show every day. Now, where were we when we left off in 2019?

Tapestry of Strength
Bishops (Diocesan College)

An embroidery of monologues, dialogues and poetry weaving colourful threads of South African realism, stitches of worldly comedy and flecks of absurdity together into an interesting tapestry – four college students from Bishops explore masculinity and strength.

The Wistful Company

Come explore the intricate world of poetry lifted from the page at Wistful! This unique performance art uses the physical body, light and sound to experiment with words. Don't miss the exhilarating performance of this brave new world.