...And They Whisper Down the Lane
SHUD Theatre

Four people. Four truths. One judgement? This show is about stories that pass through generations. With themes of power, revenge and despair, these stories reveal truths about ourselves, but does that make them true?

The Apology
Fundamentals Theatre Company

The first martyr. A legacy unforgotten. A trial that shaped our civilization. The last days of the the most famous philosopher that ever lived. An exceptional, thought-provoking story of Socrates told through physical theatre.

Dodici Ballerini
Lossie Elite Dance Company

Prepare to be dazzled by the magical adventures of 12 masked dancers as they step into a mystical world where colour means power and sparkle means everything. Super powers, super heroes, super sparkle, super show!

Flamenco Tablao

Two passionate full-of-flavour flamenco voices, a brilliant master flamenco guitarist and two powerful top-class sublime flamenco dancers will give you a traditional Flamenco Tablao again with the passion, creativity and quality they are well known for.

Fray Bentos

Inspired by true events, our story explores the two worlds that war creates, the battles at home and abroad. From the young men stranded in a tank in no mans land, to the loved ones left behind.

From India to Triana
The Rootless Company

The world comes together in an embrace of music and dance that will take the audience on a vibrant and captivating journey from the most primitive sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco.

Hebridean Treasure: Lost and Found
Hebridean Treasure

Internationally acclaimed writer John Philip Newell works with some of the most talented young artists of Scotland to tell the story of an enchanted Hebridean world. This is a story of beauty, pathos and hope.

Isiqalo – The Beginning

Through traditional dance, music and storytelling, 'Isiqalo' tells the story of young South Africans and the struggles they have faced in recent decades.

Life. In Hong Kong
We Draman Group Limited

Inspired by daily life: collaged everyday scenes show the different faces of Hong Kong. Impressive work with laughter and tears touching the heart of the metropolis. Full house at first run! Best for first-time mime explorers!

Milan's Game
AllouAqui Dance Theatre

A couple's absurd yet whimsical game of role-play, satirising the paradoxes of love, landing between the real and surreal. 'Their off-kilter duets capture the arrhythmias of sharing your space and your body with another person' (Bryn Davies,

The Moment
Here Dance

The Moment symbolises the longing to preserve childhood innocence that we experience as we move through life. Accompanied with the youthful endeavour to seek out new experiences and grow as we move between adolescence and adulthood.

Chloe Kastner Dance Company

A diverse evening of taboo topics explored through dance. Untouchable tells the story of several different types of relationships mankind experiences. The story is told through the performance element of spoken word and contemporary dance. Two separate pieces result in a 40-minute show.