Bring Me to Light
Chloe Kastner Dance Company

In a world where social media and unrealistic beauty standards are the focus, Bring Me to Light encourages individuality and self-love. 40 minutes dedicated to celebrating the mistakes that made us the people we are.

Los Guardiola – The Comedy of Tango
Giorgia Marchiori and Marcelo Guardiola

The international stars of tango, Los Guardiola lead you into their fantasy world of TangoTeatro, where tragedy, comedy, poetry and humour collide.

Tali Foxworthy-Bowers

A moving one-woman show about the trials and tribulations of living with chronic pain. Written, created and performed by Tali Foxworthy-Bowers, this piece shares her personal experience of chronic back pain through comedy, spoken word and movement.

SMACK & Spektakel
SMACK & Spektakel

SMACK & Spektakel offers an adventurous double bill of dance, refreshing the commentary on the empowered female body, while questioning the relationship between performance and identity.

The Ticking Clock
Theiya Arts Dance Collective

A South Asian contemporary-classical dance fusion performance that centres on the urgency of climate change, taking the audience on a journey through time and exploring the evolution of our relationship with nature and the environment.