Belly Dance: A True Story
Helwa Belly Dance Company

A captivating show suitable for all, encompassing a variety of dance styles, colourful costumes and entertaining narrative. From Luxor to Alexandria. From the glamorous cabaret to the streets of Cairo – and much more!

Lit aDrift

Overwhelmed, drifting aimlessly through existence, we follow different paths to find our place in the world. DanceSyndrome's inclusive company explores one man’s path as he uses light to guide himself to destinations of reflection and connection.

Night of Glass
Zion Dance Company

Lewis, numb, drops into the rabbit hole of his imagination in an ether world in VR glasses, images on screen and on stage. No longer discerning the difference. A dance/physical theatre debut from California.

No Honour in Blood
Marauders Theatre Company

When two Spartan warriors find themselves trapped and lost in the underworld, they must outwit a devious enemy, or remain forever in the land of the dead.

The Penniless Optimist
Elliot Mann

Trapped in a TV box world, Po is on a quest to retrieve his optimistic hat, but misled by the noise and temptations of modern life can he break free from the soundtrack society has assigned him.

Iain Stringer Works

Two men. Alone. They are ambushed. There's a struggle. One escapes. The other is taken away, interrogated and imprisoned. They long for each other and fight for the day they will be reunited. To love. To Prevail.