Bubble Show for Adults Only 2
Bubble Laboratory

New Show! Continuing the bubblesque that audiences have come to expect. Beautiful and naughty bubbles that do things that Fairy Liquid adverts never dreamed of. Weekly Award Best Circus 2023 (Perth). Australia's Got Talent.

Fanti Acrobats International
Fanti Acrobats International

African traditional acrobatics and cultural display: contortion, bowl balancing, juggling, man in a bowl, lowest limbo and more.

Los Guardiola – The Comedy of Tango
Giorgia Marchiori and Marcelo Guardiola

Internationally renowned artists, Los Guardiola lead you into their fantasy world of TangoTeatro, where tragedy, comedy, poetry and humour collide. 'Tango is transformed into brilliant theatre' ( 'Extremely clever and humorous' (

Mother Courage and Her Children
Theatre SanTuoQi

A powerful new adaptation of Bertold Brecht’s classic play, interpreted by one of China’s leading directors of physical theatre and Edinburgh Fringe veteran Zhao Miao. Chinese dialogue, with English surtitles.

Fiona Henderson School of Dance

Origins is a dance show especially created for the 2023 Festival Fringe and is performed by the award-winning Fiona Henderson School of Dance from the Scottish Borders.

Right Here, Right Now
Dessert Theatre Studio

Here's a mini crew, a lovely show with just three actors, on stage for one hour to play an ordinary day. If you have leisure time, welcome! It's our pleasure.


In a Big Brother world where it’s easy to feel as though we are constantly being watched, are we ever truly seen? DanceSyndrome’s inclusive dance company explores humanity’s need to be seen, felt and heard.

Simon Thacker and Piah Dance Company

Primal rhythmic energy and the impossible union of opposites: Tandava sees the coalescence of Scottish guitarist Simon Thacker’s startlingly passionate sound-worlds with the infinitely expressive physicality of three gifted dancers from India’s Piah Dance Company.

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