Accidentally on Purpose
Cal State Fullerton

Want to know who murdered my theatre company? Me. Seduction? Check. Betrayal? Check. No checks? Check. The desire for the femme fatale and inclusive ambitions? All that. I killed it. And I'm going to tell you how.

Auto/Erotic Tango
Tango Fantasy

Pushing the genre of Argentine tango to its limits! Super-charged stage tango dancing, acting, video projection and sensory, sensual immersion. Exploring the tension created between a traditional heteronormative tango couple and their unusual, real and hidden desires...

A Brief Case of Crazy
Skedaddle Theatre Company

Unconventional introvert Thomas typically fiddles and fumbles through his conventional office job, until he's dragged on a journey of discovery by a mischievous briefcase. Physical comedy and ludicrous characters portray it's what's inside that counts!

The Crucible
Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre

Prepare to be captivated by a mesmerizing and powerful performance as Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre presents The Crucible reimagined through the visionary lens of Jacob Gutiérrez-Montoya. This athletic dance theatre production promises to be inspiring and haunting.

Driving Towards the Rain / Ajaen kohti sadetta
Passport Theatre Company

Driving Towards the Rain is a physical/music/dance encounter that breathes through Adrian Goldman’s poetry over the last 22 years, built organically around the vulnerability of life.

Korean Painter
Contemporary Yunhee

We paint various pictures on stage using the traditional Korean hat called sangmo. You'll have a mysterious experience with us, and it will make you want to come back again.

Not Exit

Inspired by Sartre's existentialism, this explores 'hell is other people' and human freedom. With absurd scenes and precise, exquisite movements, it reflects characters' extreme states, resonating in an interplay of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Easily understood, ensuring relaxation.

Studio Friday

An exploration into family dynamics, social pressures and self identity through an East Asian lens, expressed in a captivating play interweaving light-hearted traditional Chinese games with expressive dance choreography and soundscape.

What Was Once Ignored: The Life and Legacy of Martha Graham
Alma College Theatre and Dance

Experience the story of the 20th century's iconic modern dance choreographer, Martha Graham, in words and movement.

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