Online@theSpaceUK - Now Live!
One Festival, Three Weeks, Eighty Shows
All Written and Produced in Lockdown
Join us Online, 8-30 August 2020

What a year 2020 was going to be! We were preparing to welcome plenty of brilliant new work, alongside many returning favourites. None of us expected 2020 to evolve as it has and we sit here at the end of June, usually our busiest time, looking ahead to August with a very different view of the summer ahead. Of course, good health and wellbeing are top priority and we'll all reflect on this summer with that focus in our minds.

It's a relief to start to look forward to 2021 with renewed vigour but for now, we are very pleased and proud to present the wonderfully passionate Fringe audience with a quite special alternative of live and original work from many of the artistes would have been working with theSpaceUK at Fringe 2020.

When we started our virtual project, Online@theSpaceUK, we wanted to give our companies a creative outlet - and asked them for work specifically written or produced in lockdown. They responded in their droves and thanks to their creativity, passion, and sheer hard-work, Online@theSpaceUK has a programme that very much embraces the spirit that the show must go on!!

We’re delighted to welcome you to an online Fringe like no other. One festival, three weeks, eighty shows - driven by our new writing ethos - all original work and completely free to watch. Launching August 8, every Saturday night we’re hosting a live Fringe experience with multiple performances. And each day during August they’ll be an array of work ready for you to view.

We hope you’ll enjoy and support everyone involved by joining us each week to watch a fabulous selection of new work with the added dimension that it's all been directed, written and performed in the midst of lockdown.

You might not be able to go to the Fringe this August, but join us Online@theSpaceUK and we’ll bring the Fringe to you!

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