Live performance at theSpaceUK
No other venue offers as much
diversity as theSpaceUK - Broadway Baby

What a year 2020 was going to be! We were preparing to welcome plenty of brilliant new work, alongside many returning favourites.

None of us expected 2020 to evolve as it has but despite Covid19 we have been very pleased to be able to give our performers a platform to present work via our online programme. With some 30,000 show views, a constant flow of media reviews, four major awards, including an Off West End Award (0ffies) for the platform itself, and global press coverage we've been hugely proud to have been labelled as THE venue 'keeping the Fringe alive' in 2020. None of this could, of course, have happened without the commitment and passion of our performing companies and this is where we turn now.

We are delighted to be able to start to look forward with renewed vigour to 2021 and the hope that we will be able to present a festival under normal circumstances once again. To that end we welcome applications from companies wishing to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021.

It’s a slightly different year as we are already programming shows that are rolling over from 2020. This will limit availability, so we are encouraging companies to contact us directly on 0131 510 2399 for a quick chat about their show or via our simple information form here.

We’ll come back promptly to discuss all things Fringe and how we are working to develop our 2021 programme, taking into account both a return to the normal festival or one where some level of social distancing may need to be observed.

In the meantime, we are very excited to be hosting the very best shows at the Fringe in 2021 and beyond.

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