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It’s 70 years since the first ever Edinburgh Festival Fringe, few venues still represent the very ethos of why this fabulous event was created, a platform for all – performer and audience. Here at theSpaceUK we offer just that, a programme embracing opportunity and diversity, the largest ‘new writing’ programme in Edinburgh incorporating every genre of live performance possible.

We’re also very proud to present one of the oldest, even original, fringe venues at theSpace @ Venue 45, very much worth a visit.

In recent years, we’ve built a very strong reputation for presenting an array of high quality work, this year is no exception. Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who), Robert Picardo (Star Trek) and Rick Oliver (The Flight of the Rocket) star in A Joke, a new play by Dan Freeman, while Taggart creator Glenn Chandler writes and directs Lord Dismiss Us, the first adaptation of Michael Campbell’s wickedly funny novel. Multi award winning Naughty Corner Productions bring two intriguing and controversial new works t – Church Blitz and The British Idles. Elsewhere, plays based on real life stories expose the plight of migrants caught up in the refugee crisis in both Karen Houge and David Tann’s Undercover Refugee and Henry C Krempels’ The Sleeper.

Technology journalist Geoff White and ethical hacker Glenn Wilkinson present a shocking interactive show, The Secret Life of Your Mobile Phone, illustrating what information our mobile devices are passing on to others, while the play Threadbare reveals the shattering effects of revenge porn. Other contemporary themes include Know Brexit, Geoffrey Brown’s sequel to last year’s highly successful Knowing EU. The effects of bullying are exposed in Cult-ure, while The Gun Show shares true stories about America’s gun culture with brutal humour.

We’re known for presenting thoughtful and sensitive work, this year’s programme ranges from the fears of a prospective mother in All KIDding Aside to Woman On Fire, a one woman show based on the life of passionate suffragette Edith Rigby. Bella Freak: Unwritten and Naming Culture are two honest perspectives on a life of disability, again drawn from true-life experiences, both poignant and comical. An exciting innovation this year is DanceSyndrome’s Orbit, dance training open to all, but aimed at empowering leaning-disabled individuals in particular.

Our musical programme is stronger than ever, including classical (the Russian String Orchestra, aka Misha’s Gang), Scottish folk (ElspethMcVeigh) (Elsa Mctaggart) and Neapolitan melodies (Anema). The winners of BBC Two’s The Choir: Gareth’s Best in Britain, Semi-Toned, present their show Stay Tuned, and the hugely unique Rock Choir will be making their Fringe debut with Rock Choir Live!.

‘YourSpace’, returns after a fabulous debut year in 2016, this unique self artiste platform of workshops, Q&A sessions, forums – a place for Fringe creatives to host their own events and breakout sessions. The ever popular SpaceGin bar will return to Hill Square, while theSpace @ Niddry Street hosting ‘Sips in the City’ providing Scottish-themed food and beverages.

The above are just a taste of our 2017 programme, please browse all our shows via the links below.

Welcome and enjoy.



Venue Portfolio 2017 (PDF download)

Our 2017 Programme (PDF download)

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