theSpaceUK announce over 100 shows go on sale at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024

February 25th 2024 at 9:54pm

Death Becomes Us

Thots and PrayersTom Hearn Live: How Fabulous is That?

It’s time to bring a little cheer into your life as theSpaceUK announces the first shows on sale for the 2024 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With over 100 shows are going on sale, here’s a quick peak at some you should definitely book early for.


Double Fringe First winners, Xhloe and Natasha are back with the absurd brilliance of A Letter to Lyndon B Johnson or God: Whoever Reads This First. After picking up consecutive Fringe Firsts in the last two years, the talented NYC based duo are back with their brand new two-hander that explores the complexities of the idealised American childhood and the lingering impact it leaves behind.

Explore the revolutionary reimagining of Shelley's Frankenstein in Cruel Britannia: After Frankenstein by Kristen Smyth and Ben Anderson, which offers a daring transgender perspective set in the tumultuous landscape of Maggie Thatcher's Britain. There's queer, political coming-of-age fantasy in The Sun King by Peedie Productions, which tells the story of a boy’s adolescence in conversations with the king of a magical realm.

The mysterious world of Charles Dickens: The Hanged Man's Bride by Blue Orange Arts is a tale of suspense and intrigue, questioning what is real and what is not. Step into the tumultuous world of social media in Addict from Motovoho Productions, when a seemingly innocuous tweet goes viral, the relentless online trolls attack in this brand-new tale of revenge and self-discovery.

Death Becomes Us by Hannah Whittingham is a brand new drama that faces death head-on with confessions, music and an explanation as to why no decent death jokes exist. One Sugar, Stirred to the Left by Karekare Production is a heart-warming new musical play, where nurse Bronwyn finds herself commissioned to write an album by one of her dying patients.

Based on true events of one woman's odyssey to escape Syria's brutal war with her baby Hagar: War Mother by Amena Shehab is a poignant journey. Winning is more than eternity in The Gospel of Joan (Crawford)by teatrito where five women united in Hell face a high-stakes poker match dealt by the illustrious Joan Crawford, vying for a spot in Heaven.

Music & Musicals

There's crimes, rhymes, and good times in the thrilling world of The Detective’s Demise by Grownup Playhouse. In this new murder-mystery comedy musical, a detective meets his demise at his own birthday party and trainee sleuth Molly Evans is keen to crack the case. There's a wild ride through the trials and triumphs of growing up in Essex in Trust Me, I'm from Essex. Buckle up as Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett takes you on a wild ride through what it was like growing up in Essex, being bullied at school, and everything in between. Five down the rabbit hole in the family-friendly adventure Alice in Wonderland by Nardone’s Academy of Performing Arts a brand-new musical adaptation of the timeless classic that's packed with zany adventures, curious characters, and whimsical wonders.

Discover the remarkable life story of Helen Carte in Gilbert and Sullivan's Improbable New Musical: ...and Helen by The Coily Dart Theatre Company that features music from every Gilbert & Sullivan production and shines a spotlight on Carte's contributions to the success of these famous operettas. Frankie Mack – The Vegas Showman stars the electrifying Frankie Mack. Experience a powerhouse fusion of charm, energy, flair, smoothness, and wit as Mack channels the spirits of Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams, Michael Bublé, and Freddie Starr.

Night Owl Shows return with a packed programme of old favourites and brand-new shows in their inimitable style depicting the lives of some of the most influential singer songwriters of the 20th Century. Returning fan favourites feature 007 Voices of Bond, California Dreams, Back to Black: The Music of Amy Winehouse, The Blondie Story, The Billy Joel Story, The Look of Dusty and The Fleetwood Mac Story. Whilst new for 2024 are 21: The Music of Adele with the awe-inspiring Ella McCready, The Elton John Story, and The Story of Sting and The Police from Angus Munro whilst Hannah Richards premieres the newest addition to the award-winning Night Owl line-up in The Kate Bush Story.

Join Private Eye's MD Phil Hammond and Dr Clare Gerada in Fifty Minutes to Save the NHS as they devise a revolutionary health manifesto with your help. Blending the silly with the serious, this subversive take on the challenges facing the NHS is supporting the charity, Doctors in Distress. Prepare to have your perceptions of pleasure dissected and examined in The Ins and Outs of Pleasure by Phil Hammond. Using a blend of science and storytelling, Phil Hammond helps audiences in safe and sustainable pleasuring practices.

In the whimsical world of AL! The Weird Tribute (and How Daniel Radcliffe Got Mixed Up in This Nonsense) by Steve Goodie, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe join forces at the Fringe (sort of)! Packed full of laughter, surprises, and perhaps a touch of magic.

This fabulous new comedy from viral sensation Tom Hearn in Tom Hearn Live: How Fabulous is That?! which features an array of original characters alongside musical performances and guest appearances. Laugh until your sides ache with Antics Joke Show: Sketch and Improv Comedy by Up the Antics with their mix of sketches, improvising and non-stop laughter.

And finally, don't miss Ajahnis Charley: Thots and Prayers as the feisty twink navigates the challenges of Gay Heaven. Witness the HOMO, or suffer the FOMO.

Plenty of shows to pour over and ponder for the 2024 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

AL! The Weird Tribute (and How Daniel Radcliffe Got Mixed Up in This Nonsense)Fifty Minutes to Save the NHS