theSpaceUK Production Blog

Ever wondered how we go about designing a new venue? Perhaps you're interested in how we bring nineteen theatres to life for a few weeks. Or maybe you have an idle curiousity into how our ticketing system works? This blog sets out to fill you in on these topics and more besides.

Some posts will be kind of diary posts, talking about what we're up to at a particular time. Others will be deep dives into one topic at the time. There'll probably be some history in there too. We hope there'll be something to interest you, whether you're interested in our venues or you just like everything to do with the Fringe.

By Giles Moss on March 25th
We need a lot of production kit. A LOT. Lights, cables, control desks, speakers, power distro.. Where does it come from, how we manage it and how do we keep on top of improvements?
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A Theatrical History
By Giles Moss on March 18th
Where and when did we start? How have we ended up with the theatres we're running?
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Hello and Welcome
By Giles Moss on March 11th
Welcome to our Production Blog - little peeks into what it takes to bring theSpaceUK's nineteen venues to life.
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