theSpaceUK Production Blog

Ever wondered how we go about designing a new venue? Perhaps you're interested in how we bring nineteen theatres to life for a few weeks. Or maybe you have an idle curiousity into how our ticketing system works? This blog sets out to fill you in on these topics and more besides.

Some posts will be kind of diary posts, talking about what we're up to at a particular time. Others will be deep dives into one topic at the time. There'll probably be some history in there too. We hope there'll be something to interest you, whether you're interested in our venues or you just like everything to do with the Fringe.

Staffing, Recruitment & Training
By Giles Moss on July 31st
A look at the ethos behind our staffing, and how we recruit and train up a new team of almost 150 people every Fringe.
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Build 2019: Days 6 & 7
By Giles Moss on July 30th
Build diary, days 6 & 7: The last 10% takes all the time
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Build 2019: Day 5
By Giles Moss on July 29th
Build diary, day 5: The end is in sight! Finishing off 10 venues..
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Build 2019: Day 4
By Giles Moss on July 28th
Build diary, day 4: Yesterday we were working on 6 venues. Today? 10. TEN. Madness.
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Build 2019: Day 3
By Giles Moss on July 27th
Build diary, day 3: 6 venues.. well they're still underway.
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Build 2019: Day 2
By Giles Moss on July 26th
Build diary, day 2: 6 venues underway
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Build 2019: Day 1
By Giles Moss on July 25th
Build diary, day 1: We hit the ground running!
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The Final Stretch
By Giles Moss on July 23rd
When July hits it's time to get really serious with the production side. With only a few weeks to go there are a myriad of small things to tackle and a very real looming deadline when things have to be ready - our companies arrive for their tech rehearsals THIS MONTH! This blog entry looks at some of the broad range of topics we cover in this last-minute phase.
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The Venue Books
By Giles Moss on July 22nd
A brief explanation of our Venue Books - the founts of all our venue knowledge.
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Systems of theSpace
By Giles Moss on July 1st
Our software developers get the podium again this week for a look at the history and some of the features of the software we develop to sell tickets, manage performance and company information, approve posters and flyers, and much more.
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