Build 2019: Day 4

By Giles Moss on July 28th

Saturday 27th July 2019

Yesterday we were finishing off what we started on Thursday. Today the final push of the build began in earnest as we started building in a further 10 spaces.. some big, some small, some square, some, well.. they're all rectangular at least.

We started off at theSpace Triplex. Big theatre is simply cavernous when we first arrive:

And Triplex Studio is all tidy and rather full of chairs:

The empty rooms need some Stuff (tm), so fortunately at this point a lorry turned up with some. By this time it was chucking it down, though we all preferred that to working in a heatwave:

Once we tipped into theSpace Triplex, next on the list of venues to kick off was our new spaces at theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, Fleming and Haldane. We gave the technicians a toolbox talk and a tour:

And then carried lots of stuff through the foyer:

Meanwhile, somewhere across Edinburgh, our build had also also kicked off at theSpace on the Mile.

Theatre 1 and its bundles of cables:

Theatre 2:

And Theatre 3:

And as if that wasn't enough, we also started building at theSpace on North Bridge!

Perth or Argyll - in all honesty we still can't really tell them apart:

And Fife (don't worry, the truss ended up horizontal by the end of the day):

And that's how things shaped up for the rest of the day. Across Edinburgh the sound of hammering truss, wheeling flight cases and techies trying to match what was coming out of the hire kit cases with what the plans demanded.

In parallel to the venue building, our IT team was circumnavigating the city, setting up box office computers, ticket printers, credit card machines and WiFi access for our staff.

Come the end of the day we'd made a good dent in all builds.

The Fleming Theatre had its truss and FOH bar rigged:

Triplex Big had its electrics up:

And the Haldane Theatre was getting drapey:

And then all of a sudden it was high time we downed tools and called it a night! If time flies when you're having fun, today we had a whale of a time because the day certainly vanished before we knew it. But good progress was made across our empire, and with another day of building in these spaces we should have them all more or less finished before the end of the weekend. Thanks to a fantastic effort from our team!