Big Band Does... Broadway
BBD Productions

BBD Productions make their debut at the Fringe with Big Band Does... Broadway. Join an 18-piece band and a cast of singers and dancers to journey through Broadway hits from the 40s to current day.

Brother Sun and Sister Moon
Batties Association

Join drag siblings Sun and Moon in their fairytale tent. Through sensual storytelling and live music, learn to embrace your inner child and all your witchy powers. ★★★★ (Phoenix Artist Club).

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble artistry, neo-burlesque and a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy bubble affair with a story arc full that showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level.

Cabaret of Curiosities
Tatwood Puppets

Join the one-eyed magician Count Ocular and friends for a gothic, vaudeville experience in the Cabaret of Curiosities. A unique puppetry variety show for the whole family, full of laughter, wonder and mystery.

Craig's Magic Show
Craig Stephenson

Magician Craig Stephenson has dazzled audiences around the world with his exemplary sleight of hand skills combined with devilish psychological illusion. He brings his latest material to the Edinburgh Fringe for an evening of fun and mystery.

Dragtime! Presents: Cirque du Slay

The drag kings, queens and in-betweens of Cambridge’s premiere drag troupe invite you to a whirling cabaret of dancing, singing, lip-sync, burlesque, comedy and more! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cirque du Slay...

Ginger Monologues
Unclaimed Treasures

Ginger Monologues is a mixture of stand-up and song. A hilarious retelling of one ginger's journey from shame to sass!

The Gravel Road Show presents Oklahoma, USA!
University of Central Oklahoma

Direct from the Wild West, the infamous Gravel Road Show presents Oklahoma, USA!, a world-premiere cabaret featuring blood and thunder melodrama, heel-kickin’ musical theatre and a twisted history all set in the American frontier.

Polly Clamorous

Herstory chronicles the tales of some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood women throughout history. Get up close and personal as they name, shame and reclaim their stories in the books that have notoriously begrudged them of any space.

I Am Not Marilyn
Viviana Zarbo

Marilyn's icon blends innocence with sensuality. Despite her bombshell fame, Marilyn contributed to set the standard of jazz and swing. Viviana Zarbo recounts Marilyn's life and songs without clichés, intertwining them with her own life.

The John Rowe Show
John Rowe Creative

Get your groove on in this fabulously fun musical chat show. A superbly silly mix of funky music, dodgy dancing, spontaneous activities, chit-chat, surprise guests... and donuts! Every show’s different... every show’s a roaring hit!

Late Night Ceremony

This Berlin and Hollywood showcase raises a fist with one hand and holds a glass in the other against the fact the world is a disaster. Embodied performance, experimental music, storytelling and a secret midnight ritual.

Love, Loss and Cake
The Swells

A cabaret with songs and stories about love, and loss of love (and cake crops up too). Performed by men, of a certain age, who prize the melodies and the pure poetry of the lyrics.

Magic Hour
Paul Nathan

Spend a magical evening experiencing magic up-close. Card and coin tricks that happen in your own hand in a tent at dusk. This will be the most magical evening of your life.

Magic, Mind Reading and Telerabbitry
Craig Stephenson

Using only a deck of cards and a toy rabbit, magician Craig Stephenson has been dazzling audiences all over the world. His new show promises magic, mind reading and a lot of laughter for all.

Mason King – Sleight of Mind
Elite Entertainment

Mason King returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for another trip into the inner depths of the human mind! 'Astounding' ★★★★★ (

Nothing Really Means Anything Anymore So Shut Up, Tim?
Oskar Schortz

After receiving a scathing audience review, failed performer Oskar Schortz attempts to explain why his arch-critic, Tim, was completely wrong – because in the 21st century, nothing really means anything anymore.

Renz ’Poet of the Impossible’ Novani

Does history repeat itself? Can we foresee the future by looking at the past? Poet of the Impossible is back with his astonishing, new, interactive journey. Don't miss your date with destiny. 'A talented magician, very compelling' (