Frankie Mack Frankie Mack – The Vegas Showman



Frankie Mack – The Vegas Showman electrifies Edinburgh Fringe with a riveting blend of Dean Martin's suave, Elvis' allure, Bublé's depth, and Robbie Williams' energy. Celebrate Frankie's meteoric rise from a fresh talent to a renowned showman, including his upcoming act supporting Tony Christie. His performances from Las Vegas' Tropicana Hotel to London's O2 Indigo showcases his versatile artistry. Expect a night of dazzling showmanship, powerful vocals, and captivating stories of resilience, ambition and perseverance. A show that's not just a musical feast but a thrilling experience of chasing dreams and conquering stages.


  • Aug 2-10 20:10 (50m) £15.00 (£12.00)