Sean Alexander 1 Moment in Time



In his brand new, thought-provoking show, magician and mind illusionist Sean Alexander reflects on the defining moments in time that shape each and every one of us. With jaw dropping magic throughout, each instance intertwined with powerful metaphors and storytelling, this show is unlike anything else. Discover your moments in time all over again... 'You are incredible, I will have you attend the palace' (HRH Princess Michael of Kent). 'Incredibly talented' (Stephen Mulhern). 'I love magic that tells a story and I really like you' (Simon Cowell).


  • Aug 2-10 21:05 (50m) £12.50 (£10.00)
  • Aug 12-17 20:05 (50m) £12.50 (£10.00)
  • Aug 18-24 18:00 (50m) £12.50 (£10.00)