Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

For over 10 years, Absolute Improv! has been a celebration of the finest improv comedy talent Scotland has to offer! Join us once more for spontaneously sparkling performances never seen before, never to be seen again!

Acuña Acuna
Erick Acuña

An award-winning solo comedy show based on comedian Erick Acuña’s real life as a Peruvian Latino living in the US. Completed a sold-out run at Capital Fringe and was a finalist of Comedy Central’s Yes And... Laughter Lab.

After Dusk: The Improvised Twilight Zone
Real Positive Poles

Filed mistakenly under E for Mystery: brand-new unscripted episodes of the 1960s cult classic that inspired Black Mirror. Accompanied by our live violinist and based on your suggestions and . 'Highly talented improvisers' (
'Incredibly funny and intensely engaging' (The Brighton Seagull).
★★★★★ (Wriggle Bristol).
'A beautiful demonstration of everything that improvised performance can be' ★★★★★ ( The Reviews Hub).
Suitable for all levels of Twilight Zone knowledge, including none!

Alfa Fail
Jacob Moreton

What makes a real man? What colour nails should he have? And what on earth does he do with the lads? Join professional over-thinker Jacob Moreton, accompanied by a series of laddish characters and stories, to tackle masculinity.

Babysitting Calvin
Hart Players

Baby Calvin can remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura. He will lose his blissful memories when he reaches his first birthday – or speaks. Can Calvin keep his promise?

Blind Mirth Presents: F*ck It, You Decide
Blind Mirth

St Andrews' oldest, funniest and – incidentally – only improv comedy troupe are back at the Fringe with their unique mix of sparky, spontaneous and side-splittingly funny short and long improv!

Chaotic Neutral
Quintuple L

Ready to go on an adventure? One where death lurks around every corner and logic is a cucumber hat? Chaotic Neutral is a choose your own adventure game inspired by 90s computer adventure games. Play if you dare!

Church Girl, Interrupted
Freddi Gralle

Stand-up, sarcasm and uncomfortable confessions combine in this true story about life as a Jesus girl. Berlin-based comedian Freddi Gralle's thrilling tale of ditching church for comedy and OkCupid. An intense, visceral and wildly funny hour.

A Depression-Cure Show
Jonathan Winfield

Antidepressant! Jonathan Winfield brings his comedy show about family trauma, mental illness and depression from his lived experience with his own cure suggestions: therapy puppets, silly dancing, the royal family and Lycra!

Dogs Love Chocolate
Aaron Atkins

Aaron Atkins is a teen heroin addict when he’s kidnapped and dropped in the desert. After a year of hilariously bizarre "therapy", he’s still looking for answers. A unique perspective on recovery without preaching, just laughing.

Dr Hammond's Covid Inquiry
Phil Hammond

Private Eye's MD and author of Dr Hammond's Covid Casebook dissects the pandemic. The more certain someone is about Covid, the less you should trust them. May contain traces of doubt, compassion, humour, nuance and batshit.

Eric Davidson's Super Daily Spin We Gaily Ukulele Ceilidh
Eric Davidson

Get ready for an evening of parody, poetry and fun as Eric returns with satirical classics, old and new. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

Exeter Comedy Society

We've only gone and managed to turn Exeter into a sketch comedy show! Bad news: it no longer exists. Good news: you can laugh at it! Performed by five up-and-coming comics, with guaranteed one laugh per person per show.

Fab: Funny Stand-Up for Sad People, Sad Songs for Funny People
Fab La Roche-Francoeur

Multifaceted comedian Fab La Roche-Francoeur delivers a fresh, sweet and hilarious blend of stand-up and music.

A Flamingo Called Frank Presents: Five in the Pink
A Flamingo Called Frank

Quintet of sketch comedians seeking fun-loving and friendly audience, interested in a short, passionate fling, and maybe more. Likes: not-so-no-nonsense comedy and short walks on long piers. Dislikes: character limi-

Flamingo City Comedy: We're All Equally Good Looking
Flamingo City Comedy

Cleveland’s Best Sketch Comedy 2020! Joe and Greg are equally good looking and their sketches are equally funny. Character sketches, monologues, musical comedy and more, they're fresher than Lake Erie water!

Horrigan & Howell: A Sketch Too Far
Horrigan and Howell

An eclectic mix of stupidity, absurdity, joy and death. An hour of tightly scripted sketch comedy that satirises the stubbornness of British identity. Fresh from an award-nominated run at the Camden Fringe.

How I Ruined Medicine
Phil Hammond

The outrageous confessions of a retiring NHS whistleblower. Doctoring used to be like Downing Street. Posh unaccountable alcoholics working silly hours, cocking up, covering up and laughing it off. Then I broke ranks and ruined it.

How Not to Owl
Isaac Kean and Andy Bucks

A split hour of stand-up comedy from Isaac Kean and Andy Bucks, Cambridge Footlights and Chortle Student Comedy finalists. Isaac’s half is about the funny side of grief, Andy’s half is just a torrent of stupidity.

How to Be a Girl (In Three Easy Steps)
Gara Lonning

Gara spent most of their life being a "girl". Now as a trans-masculine person, they are ready to bid farewell to girlhood through drag, comedy and euphoria.

How To Be Jewish. Again.
Gillian Fischer

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Returning from a sell-out, 16th annual run at the Fringe, this 50-minute improvised movie adventure brings your favourite film genres to life! Featuring live musical accompaniment, improvised songs and audience buzzers to control the performers. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

The Improverts
The Improverts

The Fringe’s longest-running improvised comedy troupe are back at theSpaceUK! Returning for another year of fast-paced, high-energy and consistently enjoyable comedy based entirely on audience suggestions. Always different, always funny.

Indoor Kids
Noa Rosenberg & JR Atkinson

Two best friends explore the things that made them, from Zooey Deschanel’s bangs to liberal-arts malaise. Indoor Kids is a sketch show part absurd, part tender, completely born of the luck of becoming next-door neighbors at age six.

It Just So Happened
Mirth of Forth Productions

The alternative history show. Three stand-up comedians perform history-themed 'on this day' sets before discussing topics from Edinburgh's history with stand-up host Richard Pulsford (Top Ten Edinburgh Fringe Jokes, 2019 and 2021). Recorded for podcast.

It's Fraser Brown, I'm Afraid
Fraser Brown

Fraser takes the audience on a hilarious and dark analysis of his anxieties. At 22, Fraser (hopefully) has the majority of his life ahead of him, but is preoccupied with what's happened up to now.

Jacob's Ladder
Jacob Hulland

Flat-footed, dyslexic, self-doubting comedy graduate seeks audience for an afternoon of whimsical fun, stepping out on the rungs of his life. Apply Within. 'Top comedy show, with the energy and style of a Lee Evans routine' (

James Crampton: Natural Disaster
James Crampton

The world has faced many disasters. Volcanoes, conspiracies and an orange President. But nothing has prepared you for this liability. Join James, a walking catastrophe, as he sorts through his messes, gaffs and screw ups.

Joffrey! The Pantomime
Quintuple L

Written by Joffrey himself, this retelling of the first season of Game of Thrones as a traditional pantomime is the true story of Joffrey’s fight for his rightful place on the Iron Throne, untainted by Season Eight.

Kill The Frippery
David Watson

Sharp stand-up from David Watson about getting rid of the things we don’t need, which would be: vanity, pastry and Twitter.

The Late Shift: New York City Stand-Up Comedy Show
The Manhattan Comedy Review (Featuring Sean Lynch and Tony Jackson)

Looking for Wolverhampton's Latin Quarter
Ian Pearce

Ian looks back at his deluded teenage years. This is a very funny, self-deprecating account of growing up in 1970s Wolverhampton. A world of awkward romantic relationships, Angel Delight and The Sex Pistols.

Bristol Revunions

The Bristol Reunions are back in Edinburgh to showcase the best and brightest minds sketch comedy have to offer. Expect laughs, mystery, fun and a missing sock.

MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom
Mates Improv

Inspired by classic sitcoms, could this show BE any funnier? From comedians behind the award-winning Sex, Lies & Improvisation and CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation. 'Uproarious improvised comedy' ★★★★ ( 'Laugh-out-loud' ★★★★ (

Menopause Party
Essex Pub Landlady Dolly Slatemen, Alter-Ego of Debbie Pub Landlady

Dolly Slatemen, the working wo-man's Pub Landlady (alias of real-life Essex Pub Landlady Debbie Baisden), talks menopause in this taboo-smashing show. Expect a sing song, character comedy, spoken word and a lot of learning.

Merrill Means Well
Merrill Davis

From being called "the slow one” as a child, to being fired from most jobs she’s ever had, Merrill is the epitome of the phrase, “IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK!”. Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Merrill tries to make sense of her existence and chaotic past. She effortlessly weaves her stories and knowledge of her diagnosis creating a unique comedic performance that is both funny and poignant. Strap in and ride this roller coaster through Merrill’s brain as she takes you up, down, around, and upside down!

The New Rock'n'Roll
Minotaur Theatre Company

A washed-up stand-up comedian tries to reclaim his mojo but fails miserably at the hands of his younger, more popular support act who he sets out to sabotage.

On the Run: Dame Over!
Them is Brothers Comedy

A panto dame fleeing justice, tracked down by her own panto-dame sister. Two actors playing seven characters. Magic bins, hot-wired carpets and showdowns in Dumfries. In this genre-bending romp, pantomime never looked so fugitive-y.

Pearly Gates: A Kafkaesque Romcom in Heaven
Pearly Mates Theatre Company

After a series of encounters with the bizarre denizens of God’s Kingdom, Sam decides paradise isn't for him. Nominated for the Cambridge Footlights’ annual playwriting prize. ‘Imaginative and funny’ (Alex Horne).

Practice Room 99
Practice Room 99

A new comedy with a backstage pass to the magic and mayhem of music performance. Trapped in a recording session with only their music for inspiration, a brass group must work together to save their studio.

The Quote Show / Edinburgh Fringe 22

The Quote Show is the hilarious live search for the best quote of the day, featuring a mixed bill of comedy talent and industry guests. Make sure you are in the liveliest studio audience at the Fringe!

Read for Filth
Nathan Savoy

The single hardest day of your life is the day you realise you’re not going mad and you’re not going to kill yourself. Why? Because that’s the day you start to live... Ugh.

Richard Pulsford: A Bit More Rich
Mirth of Forth Productions

One-liners and light-hearted jokes from the UK Pun Championships winner 2022, Scottish Comedian of the Year runner-up 2021, (Some Guy Called) Dave's Top Ten Jokes, 2021, and Dave's Top Ten Jokes, 2019.

Robert Miles
Robert Miles

Robert Miles is a quirky one-liner comedian. Also an outstanding ventriloquist. Robert Miles is also in a double act with Cyril the squirrel in a stand-up comedy show.

The Rodney Buzzard Tapes: Evidence of an Honourable Man
Prefontaine Productions

A surreal sketch show that tells the story of Britain's least-successful serial killer, Rodney Buzzard. A satire of murder documentaries that will probe the hidden depths of the criminal underworld.

Sex, Lies & Improvisation
Between Us

A dark comedy about lying together. From award-winning comedians behind MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom and CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation. 'Live entertainment at its best' ★★★★★ ( ★★★★★ 'Act Of The Year 2019' (

The Shambles
Dead Ducks Productions

Hilarity! Hijinks! Hernias! Some of these describe The Shambles, as they make their epic Fringe return! The Shambles make improv sexier than ever with their jam-packed jesting jamboree. No two shows are the same – a guaranteed guffaw.

Shep Famousman's Leaving Party
Continental Entertainment

Shep Famousman – finest talent agent London’s ever seen – is off to New York. Join him and some of the names on his roster for an hour of stand-up, sketches and songs to bid farewell.

Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds
Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds

Enjoy some adult comedy entertainment with Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds as they complete their 2022 summer touring schedule at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hosted by 'Shogun Joe' Sweeney, the show’s content was described by the Glasgow International Comedy Festival as ‘good old-fashioned comedy’. Spanning three generations of the Scottish population, on the night there’ll be something for people of all ages to enjoy and have that good old-fashioned laugh at.

The Sound of Mucus
Malignant Humours

The hills are alive with the sound of comedy! Join us for a ward round of sketches and songs. Soon to become one of your favourite things, Malignant Humours presents The Sound of Mucus.

Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space
A Time and a Place Productions

As disaster strikes aboard the SS Space Holiday, join DCI John Wood on a madcap adventure of illegal sudoku, inept bandits and intergalactic corruption to solve this meta-murder-mystery... in space!

Star Quest: The Next Improvisation
ShellShock! Improvised Comedy

In the depths of space, ShellShock! embarks on their 50-minute mission to explore strange new worlds inspired by your suggestions! Join us on our comedy-filled quest to boldly go where no show has gone before!

Sylus 2024!
Jeff Ahern

Sylus Rothchild, the most evil man in the world, is running for president. Your suggestions create his campaign. He's the only candidate who has a dragon for a campaign manager and a warrant out for his arrest.

There's No Mystery in Murder!
Northern Corner

Murder has come to Rothersdale, where nothing ever happens. Who'll crack the case? Northern Corner's four-person cast bring an entire village of unhinged locals to life in this countryside crime caper, a new Yorkshire musical!

Trashfuture: Live at the Fringe

The Trashfuture crew of Riley, Milo, Hussein, Nate and Alice are back at the Fringe and ready to dissect all of the absolute worst aspects of the age we live in.

With All Jew Respect
Henry Churniavsky

My show is about growing up, getting old and having an 88-year-old Jewish mother (now with no filter) who is making me 'Jewrotic' (neurotic and Jewish.) And the family don’t help.

Women You Know
Women You Know Company

The morning after a drunken rendezvous with an old boyfriend, a woman and her friend discuss autonomy, identity and bad sex. A frank new comedy about the hypocrisies of modern womanhood.

You're on Mute! (A Musical Walk Down Lockdown Memory Lane)
Anam Alba Creative

The lighter, brighter, funny side of lockdown. Songs to make you smile and laugh: toilet roll shortages, online yoga, being on mute, work clothes for the lazy and many more!