The 2 Mouthed Men Experience
2 Mouthed Men

Beatboxing. Sketch comedy. At the same time.

Absolute Improv!
to be continued...

Edinburgh’s own five-star, five-time Fringe sell-out improv comedy theatre company returns for more improvised comedy fun! Featuring comedy characters, stories, sketches, music, songs and more created before your eyes. Every show is unique and has something for everyone!

Alan Ayckbourn's Farcicals
Hart Players

Highly acclaimed contemporary Ayckbourn comedy. Hilarious double bill involving a secret liaison, a long list of misunderstandings and burnt BBQ kebabs, as two friendly couples whose marriages need some repair discover they are closer than they think!

The Amours of Lillie Langtry
Lemon Squeeze Productions

Lillie Langtry, the most captivating and wicked woman of her time, has a scandalous secret. Will she reveal it and save her daughter from society's scorn? A new comedy by award-winning writer Joan Greening.

Amused Moose Comedy Award: Grand Final
Amused Moose Comedy

Tomorrow's comedy stars showcase their Fringe shows in 2018's most significant Edinburgh final, battling for glory, fame and the shiny moose trophy. Vote alongside international comedy cognoscenti. 'Prestigious talent search' ( Line-up on

Amused Moose Comedy’s National New Comic Award: Final
Amused Moose Comedy

Delight in watching 2018’s hottest breakthrough comics who beat 300+ entrants, while voting alongside international talent scouts to choose who will raise the shiny moose trophy aloft. 'Impressive’ ( Line-up on

Bark and B
Bark and B

Bark is a tree. B is a naked cotton lady. They need to perform a whole show to inherit their theatre. Will it go to plan? Not if the spooky janitor has anything to do with it!

Big Trouble in Little Monkey's Daycare
Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS)

Tommy is four-and-a-quarter years old, and a hard-boiled private investigator. With his partner Bobby, he sets out to uncover a plot that seems to go to the top of the playground.

Blind Mirth
Blind Mirth

Blind Mirth are St Andrews’ first, best and only improvised comedy troupe. With their particular brand of witty eccentricity, ‘this is improvisation at its best’ ( Sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘brilliantly random’ ( improv.

Brain Rinse
Mike Raffone

Award-nominated Brain Rinse is a bizarre, madcap, interactive sketch show starring you, the audience. War, suicide, Beethoven, sex therapy and more. Discover your inner ninja! Have a party! 'A fantastic presence on stage' (Stephanie Billen).

Cream Tea and Incest
Benjamin Alborough

Romance! Adventure! Murder! Aristocrat Eddie Spangler and valet Jeffrey must learn the meaning of these words and more in this new anarchic comedy set in Edwardian England. ★★★★ ( 'Highly recommended show' (

Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits
Naomi Paul

Satirical, poignant and funny four-star show with original songs, stories and biscuits. ‘Terrific deadpan delivery of material... topical and relevant. Audiences loved it!' (Alexa Kelly, Pulse Ensemble Theatre). ★★★★ (, 2015). ★★★★ (, 2016).

Eric Davidson – Words of a Blether
Eric Davidson

One of Scotland's finest comedy performers returns to Edinburgh with his most powerful, fast-paced poetry and parody show to date. Fasten your seatbelts! 'Eric Davidson commands attention' (Edinburgh Evening News).

The Fresh Prince of Healthcare
Malignant Humours

After seven years of sell-out shows, St George’s Medics’ Revue return with a prescription for the Malignant Humours and their fast-paced, medically-based, comedy sketch show that will leave you in stitches!

Get Silly With Willy – The Cannelloni Experience
Willy Cannelloni

Get silly with Willy and his many alter egos, as they take you on an unforgettable, mind-bending visionquest – an evening of trance-inducing stories, songs, raps and monologues based on your suggestions.

The Golden Path
Vanessa Hammick for Croydon Cycle Theatre

The Golden Path is about trying to do the right thing – personally and politically. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, how do you know your efforts are leading you the right way?

Bloody Livid Theatre Company

A bold and outrageous comedy about the adventures and mishaps of a devious priest. After his tricks result in the destruction of his village, he seeks shelter with a naive young religious couple.

Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show
Comedy by Kate Rigg Music by Slanty Eyed Mama

Killer comedy, electric violin, political sketches, spoken word and epic Hello Kitty puns from AmerAsian duo Slanty Eyed Mama. 'Bracingly funny' (Huffington Post). 'Hilarious and sharply pointed' (Boston Globe).

Here Be Improv

Join the knightly improvised quest for shenanigans and hilarity. A medieval adventure for all ages – young, old, and Middle.

I Can't Do This
Lewis Goody

A glimpse into the mind of a 29-year-old boy/man. The making of an Edinburgh show from the POV of a terrified performer. With music, fear, dance, fear, comedy, fear, terror and fear. Exploring the theme: fear.

I'm Your Man – Letters of the World's Most Ambitious Job Applicant
Sam Broadley

This unbelievably ambitious, deluded, multiple job-applicant failure attempts to inspire his audiences to become the best they can be... Think Pope, Prime Minister, James Bond... and more!

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Improvabunga: the totally improvised movie mash-up. Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers that you can use to control the performers. There’ll be songs, there’ll be tears, there’ll be kisses (or slaps) and there'll be funny. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

The Infamous Five Sketch Show
The Five Guys Revue

Publishers have released all the children's stories too filthy for the page! The Infamous Five Sketch Show brings classic fables face-to-face with the dark mundanity of Nottingham's suburbs. Come along to ruin your childhood retrospectively!

Is That Right Aye?
Weegie Hink Ae That? and New Celts Productions

The Weegies are back! This time with a brand-new sketch show sure to be even bigger, even better and even more Glaswegian than their sold-out show Where Ye Fae? at last years’ Fringe.

It's All My Mother's Fault!
Romina Puma

Romina Puma comes back darker than ever! A show about love and the lack of it. About selfishness as a last means of survival. 'Personal, funny and frank!' (Kate Copstick).

The Ladies Loo Chronicles
Cows and Kisses Theatre Company / Mind out theatre

The Ladies Loo Chronicles is a fun, fabulous, female-powered performance. Join us, as we take you for a trip around the U-bend. Ever wondered what happens in the ladies loo?

The Last Sesh
Ball Pit Theatre

Sitting on bean bags in their friend's bedroom, a group of lads attempt to plan their big summer holiday before they all leave for uni. Five mates. Two unwanted guests. One last sesh.

The Liverpool Revue
The Liverpool Revue

Liverpool's acclaimed sketch comedy show hurtles back to the Fringe for its fifth year of unmistakable whimsy and Merseyside wit.

The Lost Matriarch 2

Chuckle award runner-up (1998) Berlinda will take you on a journey to The Lost Matriarch, leaving behind all you have ever known about gender. But in the upside-down world of TLM2, who am I?

Mr Joshua Plummer's Comedy Showcase
Bootcamp Productions

A series of sketches and vignettes exploring misunderstanding and mistaken identity, miscommunication, sexuality and people’s fantasies. Written by Joshua Plummer. Script editor Stefan Antoniuk.

Mr Lorraine
Lorraine Chademunhu

Some choose their alter ego. As for Mr Lorraine, it chose her. This one-woman show takes you on a hilarious journey with some WTF moments. 'You're a man because you sound like one!' Really?

Old Movies Saved My Life
Mel Byron

Where does a Lancashire lass learn about life, love, fashion? Old movies! If you love those b/w classics, join Mel for an affectionate look at the films that taught her everything a girl should know.

The Pleasantries of Peasantry
Theatre with Teeth

The latest comedy from Theatre with Teeth. When four hapless peasants are roped into joining a crusade to the Holy land, the quadsome quickly realise how stunningly out of their depth they truly are. Cults, camaraderie and Canadian Geese are simply a few of the bumps on their long long long road to Jerusalem. So join Bardolf and the gang as they take you on a journey through what truly are the pleasantries of peasantry!

P.s. - The Canadian Geese are a lie (blame the writers).

Prophets of Imperfection
Captain Cane and Brace Boy

Inspired by Star Wars and superheroes, these two Dutch comedians return to the Fringe to analyse the past, present and future of disabilities. No longer are they just guardians, but Prophets of Imperfection.

Sad Clowns
Northern Lighters

Can you decide how you're remembered? Would you want to? Would you leave a video behind just in case? Two people on stage. One person has hit the record button.

Seven-Day NHS: Naughty Health Stories
Tingewick Society

Straight from a sell-out slapstick pantomime, let Oxford medical students give you an insider’s view of day-to-day life in Jeremy Hunt’s innovative and entirely feasible seven-day NHS.

The Shambles
Dead Duck Productions

The Shambles, University of York's improvised comedy troupe, are back at the Fringe! Bringing you hilarious scenes, songs and games based entirely on your suggestions – no two shows can be the same!

T2 Brainclotting
The MDs Comedy Revue

Choose life. Choose a career. Choose medicine. Choose to spend your time at UCL Medical School putting on award-winning comedy sketch shows. Choose to see The MDs Comedy Revue back at the Fringe by popular demand. Choose life.

Telling the Wrong Man He Had Cancer and Other Hilarious Stories
Dr Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones, a practising consultant physician, has been on the after-dinner circuit for 30 years. His show celebrates the dark humour found in hospital medicine. Frightening and very funny.

Three Menopausal Maids
Fridge Door Productions

You really don't want to miss this show. Flushed with success these ladies are hot! Journey with them from Bognor to Bavaria via Bradford for a spot of lunch, bingo and apres ski.

Three's Company, Where's Our Crowd? An Improvised Show
SUSU Comedy

Three wise men bringing you frankincense, myrrh and improv gold. Beard of Zeus presents comedy in three different sizes, made up entirely on the spot. 'Distinguish themselves on sheer talent' (

Tinderella and the Seven Deadly Sins
FWP Productions

Ever felt like you were a princess in a fairy tale of Tinder-ella and the seven twats? Me too.

What the... Feminist?!
Bits'n'Bobs Theatre Company

Sexism getting you down? Us too! Join us as we dismantle the patriarchy one song and dance at a time in a five-star sketch show packed with toe-tapping, bra-burning, glass-ceiling-smashing fun!

The Whole of Shakespeare
Comedy Club St Petersburg

An unexpected fusion and completely new vision of famous plays. Pantomime and clownery duet Kukota and Chekhov mix 16th-century morality and English drama traditions with ironic consciousness to create a new form of the plays.

Woman Up Comedy Improv
Woman Up

One of Scotland's all-woman comedy improv troupes!

Women Aren't Funny
Z Theatre Company

Parker has only ever dreamt of being a stand-up comedian. But there's only one problem: She's not funny. Join her on a comedic journey of self-discovery. Could she succeed? Or are women just not funny?