Rosy Beard Comedy

11+ explores the strange and funny challenges we go through in trying to get into a grammar school, while also analysing emotions to do with failure and success.

2001: A Sketch Odyssey
Exeter Comedy Society

Ever wondered what keeps yoga instructors so calm? Or what real magicians thought of Jesus? Answered yes or no to either of these questions? Come and see the sketch show everyone's describing as 'happening'. ★★★★ (Exeposé.com).

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

The acclaimed five-star, sell-out improvised comedy variety show for all the family returns! With comedy sketches, characters, songs and more created before your eyes, there’s something for everyone and every performance is unique!

The Adventures of Leonard Biscuit Radio Show
William Samson and Samson Video Productions

New to the Fringe! A hilarious farcical radio show about Leonard Biscuit, the most put-upon man in the land, and his escapades. A traditional comedy full of clever, witty dialogue and outrageous characters.

Biscuit Barrel: Double Stuffed
The Biscuit Barrel

Biscuit Barrel return to Edinburgh with an even naughtier 69 sketches in the space of an hour! Mercilessly outrageous; always hyperactive. 'Fast, slick and very funny' ★★★★★ (The Derek Awards, Special Merit Award winner 2018).

Bony Tony’s Silly Show
Bony Tony

Silly (adj.) - stupid, crazy, illogical, immature, crazy again, walnut-brained
Bony Tony is your host for this fun-filled family show. Whether you’re a silly kid, a silly grown-up, or even a silly older person, it’s fine, please come. Bony Tony promises to entertain you all.
But it’s not just Bony Tony on his own. He has brought in other performers from all over the world. There is a worm from the UK, but there is also a crocodile from the Nile, and an octopus from... wherever they come from.
So sit down and strap yourselves in for some silliness, songs and chat from Bony Tony and friends. You may lose your mind, but you may win a prize!

Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tour With a Scottish Twist
Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tours

Silent disco returns to its Scottish roots with a magical musical walking tour around Edinburgh. Feel-good classics live commentary and a cheeky Scottish twist. Fun for all. Headphones provided.

Brain Rinse
Mike Raffone

Brain Rinse turns the idea of audience participation on its head. Epic themes, semi-improvised, starring you, the audience. Mike Raffone is the puppet master, but who's really pulling the strings? Winner, Buxton Spirit of the Fringe, 2018.

Bristol Improv Presents: Offscript!
Bristol Improv

When you watch a show, you only see half the action. Join Bristol Improv for the drama, both onstage and behind the scenes, of a play with no script – all fuelled by your suggestions!

Cold Blooded Witch: The Sex Musical!
Maggie Lalley

Join comedian Maggie Lalley as she performs a one woman original musical comedy about her demented journey through teenage witchcraft and sexuality. An autobiographical cabaret about culty spells, magical cunnilingus, and warlock genitalia, this dark comedy will leave you shocked and in stitches!

Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet
Brightside Comedy

A satirical stage show poking fun at the acting profession. With botched lines, technical glitches and bad acting, comedy ensues in this formally tragic play. Despite what anyone says, it’s Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet!

Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits
Naomi Paul

Satirical four-star show: original songs, topical stories and Jewish humour. Poignant, funny and ultimately uplifting. With biscuits. Of course. 'Fine comic celebration of modern Britain' ★★★★ ( ★★★★ ( ★★★★ (Chloe Alexander, Ludlow Fringe).

The Duality of Man
Niall McCarthy

Niall McCarthy is obsessed with the duality in all of us: he looks confident but feels anxious, he loves questions but hates answers, he has a restless leg and a lazy eye... and he's funny!

Eric Davidson: Across the Loony Verse
Eric Davidson

One of Scotland's finest comedy poets returns with 50 minutes of classic doggerel. 'I've seen better looking faces on an Easter Island postcard' (Polynesian Enquirer).

ET The Extra Testicle
The Malignant Humours

The Malignant Humours have written you a prescription for some medical-grade sketch comedy! Returning for their 20th year at the Edinburgh Fringe after eight years of back-to-back sell-out shows – they'll have you in stitches!

Funny Stories About Pain
Troy Alan

Funny Stories About Pain is a journey through some of the most painful episodes in the life of comedian Troy Alan, which would just be a depressing TED Talk if Troy couldn't write jokes.

The Great Health Con
Phil Hammond

We spend trillions on health but like Brexit, nobody knows what it means. So who’s conning who? Is anyone sexually healthy? Is death healthy? And who’s most likely to kill you: doctors, druids or the DUP?

How to Hide a Body in New York

NYC's acclaimed sketch group travels across the pond to perform their outrageously funny jam-packed show... and escape the authorities. Join their Edinburgh debut where they'll prove that Americans really are the worst!

David Watson

Aspiring to be more vacuous? Thanking strangers for no reason? Hyper-Nice is a new, original, one person stand-up show in which David Watson mostly apologises for breathing and tries to be "nice". What if we spoke to people in real-life like we do on Social Media .

Improv, She Wrote
Improv, She Wrote

Trinity College Dublin's best and only improv group arrive at the Fringe to bring you brand new characters, storylines and songs every night, using nothing but audience suggestions!

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Improvabunga: the totally improvised movie adventure. Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers that you can use to control the performers. There’ll be songs, there’ll be tears, there’ll be kisses (or slaps) and there’ll be funny. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

Improvisers Assemble!

In the world's darkest hours, when everything seems comedy-less, only one troupe of comedians can save us all. Improvisers, assemble! Come and join us for a superhero movie made up entirely on the spot, inspired by your suggestions!

Jeremy Nicholas: What Are You Talking About?
Talking Toolbox

This funny show is for anyone who ever listens to dreadfully dull presentations, cringe-worthy wedding speeches or rambling nonsense from "experts" and thinks, ‘there must be a better way of communicating than this'.

Medium Rare Improv
Beard of Zeus

Beard of Zeus returns for their fourth year! Come and see this amazing improv troupe perform their newest show: Medium Rare Improv. Be sure not to miss out! 'Distinguish themselves on sheer talent' ★★★★ (

Alice Roberts

Set in a TV studio, News@1066 puts history straight! Roving reporters get to the bottom of history's biggest stories. Fast-moving and wacky, this one-woman comic show races across time from one breaking story to the next! Jolly good fun!

Rodgers with a D – The Tommy Rodgers Centenary Celebration
Louise Rodgers

From rags to a bow tie! Stories of Scottish social history, hard times and farting. 'I thought your father was such a gentleman until I married him' (Tillie Rodgers).

Shakespeare! The Panto
University of Bristol Pantomime Society

A side-splitting flashback to the 16th century, where the Bard of Avon is holding auditions for his newest show. Fusing classic pantomime with the works of the nation's best-loved playwright, it's so bard it's good.

The Shambles
Dead Duck Productions

University of York's premier improvised comedy troupe are back for their 12th year at the Fringe. Bringing you hilarious scenes, songs and games based entirely on audience suggestions – no two shows will ever be the same!

Stay Loyal to the Royals

Concerned about the future of the Commonwealth, the Queen has undertaken a world tour to connect with her "people". Her Majesty will show the world that the royal family spills more tea than the Kardashians.

Still Life by Noël Coward
Hart Players

Hart Players present Noël Coward's Still Life. Coward's account of flirtation, love and brief encounters shows us that life is full of meetings and departings and opportunities.

Tami Stone – My Funny Bits
Bit on the side comedy sketches

Comedy actress Tami Stone presents her debut one-woman Edinburgh show. A pick'n'mix of sharply observed oddball characters. Chasing fame, finding love, modelling with fruit... it's all here.

Three Menopausal Maids
Fridge Door Productions

Back with an all-new comedy sketch show after their 2018 sell-out success. It's getting hot, hot, hotter! Fasten your seat belts as Princess and the Pee Airlines whisk you away for a spot of pampering, pottiness and pole-vaulting.

Vote Dr Phil?
Phil Hammond

Phil Hammond was sacked by the BBC for pledging to stand against his MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, in 2022 (or next week). Can he win? Or is he another deluded populist desperate for affirmation? Or both? You decide.

Weegie Hink Ae That? Presents: Nae Bother!
Weegie Hink Ae That?

The Weegie boys are back. This time with an even bigger and bamier show! From outrageous sketches to catchy songs, they'll have ye creasing from start to finish! So, Weegie Hink Ae That?

The Yank is a Manc! My Ancestors & Me
Hopwood DePree

Hopwood DePree tells the true story of how researching his ancestry online led to him moving 5000 miles from Hollywood to Rochdale to rescue his ancestral home, Hopwood Hall.