50 – End of the Road?
One Summer Productions

Returning legend Steve Jackson ( (Scotsman)), celebrating the advent of 50. Hysterically exploring the pains and joys, with a reflective touch of nostalgia. Features Edinburgh's very own Pippa Mildred. So why don't you?!

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

For over 10 years, Absolute Improv! has been a celebration of the finest improv comedy talent Scotland has to offer. Join us once more for spontaneously sparkling performances never seen before, never to be seen again!

Attack of the 36 Triple-G Woman
Natalie Perlin

Called a 'dark, hilarious, Jewish Dolly Parton', America's salacious sweetheart Natalie Perlin seeks revenge on every man who wronged her. From summer-camp crushes to Hitler. No man is safe! Kinky, provocative, brilliantly unhinged!

Aude Lener – On Edge
Aude Lener

For her first Fringe the French humourist Aude Lener tells her story in this intimate and hilarious tale and takes us into her world of unfiltered humour.

Awake and Narcoleptic with Sarah Albritton
Sarah Albritton / FutureHome Productions

Wake up! World Premiere show about the misconceptions, misdiagnosis, and misadventures of narcoleptic comedian, Sarah Albritton, called 'vulnerable and honest' by the Chicago Tribune. You don’t wanna sleep on this!

Bad Play
Big Tobacco

What happens when four sketch comedians attempt to write the next great American Drama? You get Bad Play, an outrageous new comedy combining classic theatre with contemporary sketch for an off-the-walls good time.

Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism
Stephen Catling

Autistic alternative comedian brings you a show about bee-ing yourself in the workplace and other silly sketches. Let's get ready to bumble! Keep it Fringe Award 2023 Winner , Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary shortlist & Stand-up for Cider Finalist 2023

Blind Mirth Presents: Your Mum (And Other Playground Insults)
Blind Mirth

The University of St Andrews' funniest improvised comedy troupe is taking you back to school! Join your class clowns 10 years on for unadulterated chaos and comedy, completely different every night.

Breaking Up with Jesus
Joseph Richards

Getting out of a toxic relationship is hard, especially when you're dating Jesus Christ. Join Joseph Richards as they break up with Jesus nightly in this one-person show dealing with family, sexuality, religion and loss.

Catfish The Cabaret
Xsist Media

An immersive, comedy musical experience where you’ll leave cheerfully suspicious of everyone you love.

Ella Milne

A new one-woman show, written and performed by Ella Milne and directed by Alice Holmes. CCTV is a show filled with wit, theatrics and all the struggles of a modern-day drama graduate.

Caitlin Jones

Straight out of college, antsy-yet-determined comedian Caitlin Jones tells all in a diary-like format – their journey through navigating teenage life and everything bizarre that has happened so far, alongside their own rather important philosophies.

Corona Daze
Alice Bragg

It is March 2020 and the public is demanding action against the coronavirus. Nicky Parsons is one of them. At the start, she's got the lockdown nailed. But before long, life descends into chaos as Nicky loses control.

Crap Ballet
Chekhov's Gum

Crap Ballet is a show about the best dancers in the world. Expect tight costumes, tighter asses, and the loosest of plot lines. Please stretch before you come.

Davidson and MacArthur – The Odd Couplet
Davidson/MacArthur Productions

Davidson and MacArthur – The Odd Couplet. A hilarious sequel to their year 2000 sell-out show, the finest comedy poets of their generation return with their unique brand of clever wordplay.

The Dead Ducks
The Dead Ducks University of York Sketch Troupe

Coming back from their five-star run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022, The University of York's premier sketch troupe has created a hilarious new show of absurd sketches. 'A highlight of the Fringe' (

Dead Inside
Jane Japes

Join Jane Japes on a rollercoaster ride through the hilarious topics of cancer, suicide and price of pretty panties! Dead Inside is a thoughtful, poignant and surprisingly funny show that packs a punch and leaves a mark, but in a good way. Don't be frightened!

Find out if you’re 'Dead Inside' or 'Loving Life'.

Escape Velocity
Pete Glismann

Escape Velocity: an anecdotal, confessional, funny story of a rocket scientist's journey through sex addiction.

Footlights: Leftovers
Cambridge Footlights

Leftovers is an exciting and eclectic ensemble sketch show that spotlights some of the very best sketches from an all-Footlights cast. Featuring the Coldplay tribute band Fourplay, Paddington (but he’s a sloth), and… meatloaf.

A Gay Dad

If you can’t hate yourself, how the hell you gonna hate anyone else? Makes you laugh. Makes you think.

The GottaGo Room: An Escaping-a-Room Thingy
Jason Weitzman

The GottaGo Room is a fake immersive escape room comedy show. It's the perfect show if you want to feel like you're being kidnapped and forced to do puzzles.

Great Sketchpectations
Exeter Comedy Society

The Exeter Comedy Society is back after last year's sell-out run to showcase the best and brightest in sketch performance! And if you still need convincing – the venue has a bar.

Hysterical Artefacts
Shellshock! Improvised Comedy

From deep within their museum of curiosities, Shellshock! unveil a hilarious brand-new exhibit based on your suggestions! Join us for our 50-minute improvised show to discover the funniest stories that time forgot (because they never really happened)!

I'm Having Distressing Thoughts
Sadia Gordon

What happens when you love your life and want to be dead? I’m Having Distressing Thoughts is a one-woman dark comedy about asking for help and why adult colouring books are the devil herself.

Ibrahem Al Hajjaj: From Riyadh to Edinburgh
Ibrahem Al Hajjaj

Award-winning Saudi stand-up, actor and musician Ibrahem starred in the film Sattar, premiering in Britain to positive reviews. He also co-founded one of Saudi’s first comedy clubs. This is his first UK gig.

Improv Comedy with Box of Frogs
Box of Frogs

Box of Frogs – improvised scenes, songs and silliness from Birmingham's premier improv-comedy group, based entirely on your suggestions.

Improv Therapy
Megan McCaleb and Jeanette Cerami of Improv Team Culture

This performance is an improvised vaudeville infused with input collected from the audience's true anecdotes. It's a whimsical whirlwind of humour, heartache and the laughtermath that makes up this thing called humanity.

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Join the Watch This Improv Troupe as they take you on an improvised movie adventure! Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers to control the performers, you choose the genre, setting and title and they will do the rest.

Las Vegas in Edinburgh
Siegfried and Joy

At this show, a sleight-of-hand spectacle bringing a little Vegas to Edinburgh. Marvel at the two magicians’ mind-bending illusions, brilliant comedy and incredible stage presence at the Fringe premiere on a stunning night of entertainment.

Lights Up! The Improvised Musical

It's Lights Up! on an improvised musical comedy! Join Kaleidoscope on this action-packed joyride of songs, raps, and harmonies, featuring unforgettable characters and stories. A Fringe debut that'll have you singing along by the end!

Little Ward of Horrors
St George's Revue – Malignant Humours

Come and see the Malignant Humours perform 45 minutes of outrageous medical sketch comedy, written and performed by healthcare students. After selling out 10 years in a row, you won’t want to miss us!

Manchester Revue's Lonely Hearts Sketch Club
The Manchester Revue

This isn't a tribute act. This show is about youth, gender, society, pop culture and everything in between. It uses the blunt, rusty implements of contemporary satire: inane dancing, low comedy and blatant plagiarism.

MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom
Mates Improv

The one with the improvised comedy! Inspired by classic sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Frasier and Friends, could this show BE any funnier? Named Best Improv Show at the Fringe 2022 by 'Sheer joy' (

Men Who Are Being Preserved in Oil (with Nate and Ed)
Nate and Ed

NYC comics Nate and Ed have come to vent their obsession with early 2010s masculine archetypes (and some other stuff). How? By singing really dumb songs.

Perrin Pang – Here Lies
Perrin Pang

Full of energy, enthusiasm and entitlement, Perrin Pang attempts to pull off a one-man, stand-up musical comedy performance about the importance of lying down. That's it. That's all there is really. So... come watch!

Pirates: You Wouldn't Steal a Boat
Spruce Moose Comedy

You wouldn't steal a boat! Ok, maybe you would, but you wouldn't raid nearby ports! You would? Ah. In this high-energy, low-brow pirate adventure, gold is just a shot (of rum) away...

Psychic Bev's Tarot Bonanza
Anna Frances Hamilton

Join Bristol's biggest (read: only) satirical tarot card reader, down-to-earth Psychic Beverley, played, written and created by Anna Frances Hamilton. Take what resonates, and leave the rest in a steaming pile of your own you-know-whats-its.

Red Flag(s)
Natasha Capp / Bougie Bitch Theater Co (Cappricielli Productions)

A young woman moves to LA the city where magic happens to become a movie star overnight. Things take an unexpected turn when she is faced with temptation... Men!

Seriously Funny Comedy Show
Seriously Funny Comedy Show

We are a touring comedy troupe, together we are The Seriously Funny Comedy Show, we are based in the Highlands of Scotland and we travel all over to put on our shows.

The Shambles
Shambles Improv University of York

Leave your sewing behind – The Shambles return with improv that'll leave you in stitches! Based on your suggestions, no scene has been seen before – we guarantee giggles, guffaws and garibaldis (*subject to change...). 'Laugh-an-every-three-seconds experience' (

Sheila's Sister and Her Musical Cousins
Sheila Theater Group

Chicago duo, 'true masters of improvised comedy' (List), 'know how to use their unrivaled familiarity to brilliant comedic effect' ( Scenes are based on spontaneous songs created by multi-instrumentalist musicians responding to audience suggestions.

Still Surviving In Hong Kong – Cantonese Comedy Show
Chan Lok Tim

The first Cantonese show at this festival is coming! Tim has already performed this show in Melbourne, Sydney, Macau, and Taipei. Come and see Tim, 2011 Hong Kong comedy competition champion!

This Time Next Year
Cairine MacBrayne

But, what if next year never comes? From internationally acclaimed personal assistant and actress who has never actually acted (for money), a comedy about being on the cusp. Oh, and Showbiz.

Vida Slayman in Comedy of Terrors
Vida Slayman

Sold out at the Adelaide Fringe, now in Edinburgh! After fleeing two wars, Vida Slayman was prepared for anything life could throw at her. But then she faced a battle she couldn't flee.

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