Aaaaa Very Fringey Show
Grownup Playhouse

What makes the perfect Fringe show: comedy, theatre, music, magic, puppets? Yes. The perfect show is every show in one. Come see four people pitch to you the fringiest Edinburgh Fringe show ever… so they claim!

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

For over 10 years, Absolute Improv! has been a celebration of the finest improv comedy talent Scotland has to offer! Join us once more for spontaneously sparkling family-friendly performances never seen before, and never to be seen again!

The Adventures of the White Unicorn
Heli Pärna

From Belgium to Estonia, Switzerland to Luxembourg, New Zealand and back again, Heli Pärna bares all in her witty, funny and vulnerable way from cultural stereotypes and heartbreak to crazy pick-up lines.

Ajahnis Charley: Thots and Prayers
Ajahnis Charley

Come get your life in the afterlife! Thots is high-energy sketch comedy about a feisty twink fighting to belong beyond the pearly gates of Gay Heaven. Witness the HOMO, or suffer the FOMO.

AL! The Weird Tribute (and How Daniel Radcliffe Got Mixed Up in This Nonsense)
Steve Goodie

"Weird Al" Yankovic and Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe team up at the Fringe (sort of)!

Andrew Mayer: Have Fun, Be Yourself
Andrew Mayer

Comedian Andrew Mayer talks about his all-time best and worst dates (both with the same woman), and a third date with her many years later. There's also plenty of other nonsense.

Antics Joke Show: Sketch and Improv Comedy
Up the Antics

Up the Antics (BBC Radio 4 Extra) present an hour of hilarious sketches plus improvised scenes with special guests! 'Up the Antics are guaranteed to deliver a laugh every minute' (

Aude Lener – Love Reboot
The Queen Comedy

Wanna feel loved? Honestly, I'm no magician. I'm just French. How sexy is that? So if you like love stories that have nothing to do with love stories, get your tickets now.

Bedtime Stories
Mhari Aitchison and Becca Fielden

'There's no greater love story than female friendship'. Talking through bad sex, irresponsible parenting, the lighter side of dementia and the overall ups and downs of being a girl your twenties.

Brett Epstein: Alone on Stage
Brooklyn Bottling Company

Brett Epstein reflects upon the highs and lows of being an artist, being alone and Being Alive™. A darkly comic Brooklyn Bottling Company solo show.

Choose My Own Road – Cantonese Comedy Show
Chan Lok Tim

During a 2023 tour to 10 cities, has Tim grown as a person? What are the strangest things about each place? How do Hong Kong people fit into the same world?

Chris Tavener is Faking Cool
Chris Tavener

Watch Chris Tavener battle his intrusive thoughts through the medium of witty, satirical songs. Will it work? Not likely... As heard on BBC 6 Music, Sky's Showcase TV and live at Glastonbury Festival.

The Dead Ducks
The Dead Ducks

University of York's premier sketch troupe returning for another year of absurdist sketch comedy at the Fringe. Containing five young talents who are ready to take the stage by storm with sketches tackling a number of topics.

Disco Horses: A Sketch Revue
Disco Horses

Absurd, high concept, yet equally heartfelt, this revue from Disco Horses, an American sketch duo from New York and Chicago, brings you on an experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

A Gay Dad Murders Sex
FitXander Platz

Dark obsessions. Evil desires. Twisted kinks. But enough about my priest. Sit back. relax. And enjoy some quality scripted stand-up. Entertaining and fun.

Help! My Vagina Is Trying to Kill Me!
Yola Jean Lu

Help! My Vagina Is Trying to Kill Me! is a solo show that explores one woman's journey of navigating STDs, miscarriages and pre-cervical cancer.

Improv Comedy with Box of Frogs
Box of Frogs

High-octane improvised comedy sketches, scenes, songs and silliness from Birmingham's premier award-winning improv-comedy group, based entirely on your suggestions.

Keith Mendes: Medical Negligence
Keith Mendes

'The doctor you hope you'll never have to see.' I've done things – unspeakable things. Stories from my career as a doctor and my personal life, from medical negligence to stress management to ghosts and demons.

Blaire Postman

This daring, immersive, real-time dopamine chase traces how Postman’s unique comedy (fueled by a rollercoaster of flipchart rabbit-holes) first revealed unexpected connections between life's intricacies, then exposed her own brain’s true nature and the risks of dismissing different-thinkers.

Love / Less of a Man
Isabella Pip and Jess Elgene

Double bill. Isabella hates love. For romantics or weak-of-heart horny weirdos who love love, but hate themselves. Jess fled Texas, picked up a mic, and transitioned. Story of a girl who can do anything.

The Raymondos

Two Plebs are the only surviving members left of the cast of Macbeth. Armed with only their wits, wigs and willies they decide to tell the tale themselves, only one problem… they haven't read it!

Newspaper Punchlines
Shellshock! Improvised Comedy

Hot off the press, Shellshock! writes a hilarious, brand-new front-page news story based on your suggestions! Join them for their 50-minute improvised show for the inside scoop on the most unbelievable headlines (that never really happened)!

Payback Party
Woodplayers Troupe

When four acquaintances receive a Facebook invite to a surprise birthday party, chaos ensues. Past relationships are revealed, revenge plots are intertwined, and secrets are spilled as the night progresses. Happy birthday to... who?

Phil Hammond and Dame Clare Gerada: Fifty Minutes to Save the NHS
Phil Hammond and Clare Gerada

Two doctors devise, with your help, a revolutionary health manifesto to save the NHS. Seriously subversive. The perfect election warm up. All profits to Doctors in Distress charity.

Phil Hammond: The Ins and Outs of Pleasure
Phil Hammond

Dr Phil dissects pleasure using science, stories and stuff he's invented. Is your pleasure thermostat set correctly? Are the ingredients of your pleasure soup balanced? Is your pleasuring safe and sustainable? Comedy.

Pretty Delusional
Gianna Milici

Pretty Delusional is a coming-of-age musical comedy about staying sexy in the face of rejection. The battle of loving too much or not at all, and trying to not vomit in the process.

Shaken, Not Stirred
Parky Players

A cocktail of comedy sketches and music about living with Parkinson's, with a sprinkling of Bond on top (just where he likes it). You’ll laugh, cry, even learn something. 00 agents, film enthusiasts and blue-badge holders welcome.

Steve Otis Gunn is Uncomfortable
Steve Otis Gunn

Steve Otis Gunn has been uncomfortable since 1991, when he realised he didn't know what to do with his arms. Expect silliness interspersed with tales of kidnapping and fraud told in a dark comic style.

Suggestions of the Unexpected: An Improvised Horror Anthology
Any Suggestions Improv

Out of the darkest corners of your mind comes an improvised comedy nightmare. From the creators of Any Suggestions, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody – (; (; (ThreeWeeks).

Tom Hearn Live: How Fabulous is That?!
Tom Hearn

Join viral comedian Tom Hearn for a fabulous night of comedy! Featuring "Ina Garten", "Martha Stewart", "James Corden", music and original characters! One of Best Queer TikTok Creators To Follow (ET Canada).

The Ultimate Collection of Reels
Andrei Palchyk

A solo stand-up show performed by Andrei Palchyk. Instagram-approved jokes only. No crowd work. Get ready to listen to jokes about immigrant life in Europe and the experience of surviving dictatorship.

Willy Wonka and the Doctor Factory
Malignant Humours – St George's Revue

Come and see the Malignant Humours perform 45 minutes of outrageous medical sketch comedy, written and performed by healthcare students. After selling out 11 years in a row you won't want to miss us!

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