Annie Jr
Edinburgh Youth Theatre

Edinburgh Youth Theatre will knock your socks off with this lively, fun and charming musical version of Annie Jr. An exhilarating theatre experience for all the family. Licensed by MTI (Europe).

A Boy and His Magic Pen
H&H Performing Arts

A young boy with an enormous gift. Follow Ma Liang as he discovers a very special skill that could help his whole village as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands...

Danny the Champion of the World
Seats Back Theatre Company

Danny lives with his father and learns that he poaches pheasants from Victor. One night his father doesn't return, Danny fears the worst and sets off on a courageous journey to save his father.

The First King of England in a Dress
Epic Tales

Vikings, giants and magic await you in this fun-packed folk tale – a historical adventure with engaging storytelling, original music and plenty of joining in! Find out more at

I Hate Children Children's Show
Unusual Productions

Magic for teens, tweens and hot soccer mums. Be a hero and bring your kids to the children's show that serves champagne for mums every day.

Jerry and the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer
Poppet Theatre

Original, devised TIE adventure show! London, 1773. Join the crew of the HMS Stargazer as they make their epic adventure across the globe, discovering big dreams, new friends and mayhem! Puppets included.

The King of Ghosts: Zhong Kui
Q-fun Children Theater

This story is based on Chinese traditional myth, Zhong Kui.

Little Wings
PACE Rep Company

Under the light of the moon a girl sees little wings flapping inside her room. A tiny moth searching for a glow will teach Isabella that she too has wings to grow.
An enchanting story exploring feelings.

Looking Down on Me
Unexpected Places

Losing someone you love is never easy, especially when you don't understand why they've gone. An enchanting, touching and uplifting puppetry performance for children aged 7+, their families and adults alike.

Lost in a Book
American Performing Arts International

Too much of a good thing is still too much! When Melissa keeps re-reading her favourite fairytales at the expense of family and friends, she goes from turning pages to living them... Lost in a Book!

Tatwood Puppets

Join Brenda and Charles on an unforgettable journey into the microscope as they unearth the miniature monsters and curious creatures that shape our planet. A visual theatre experience for all ages featuring puppetry, shadow and an original score.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
American High School Theatre Festival

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, and everyone lives happily ever after. If only it were that simple. Hold on to your heart. Cupid is armed and dangerous!

Monster School Jurassic!
American High School Theatre Festival

Monster School Jurassic! The kids in Ms Bagatha's class at Monster School are at it again! Join them on their adventures through time as they learn about dinosaurs, history and being good monsters.

Ned and the Whale
Flossy and Boo

A fishy tail of magic and adventure. Sail away on a quest to help Ned find his courage and discover the truth behind the mysterious Kingdom of Spies. A curiously spellbinding brand of storytelling.

The New and Improved I Hate Children Children's Show
Paul Nathan

More magic. More fun. More kiddy kicking madness. Treat your family and yourself to this mostly totally new show for the older kids and teens.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

A new adaptation of JM Barrie's 1906 prequel, introducing new characters and adventures in a family show which explores how one child named Peter became 'the boy who would not grow up'.

Red Riding Hood: The Panto
Pumpkin Pantos

Red Riding Hood is about to embark on a big adventure! Bursting with brilliant songs, jam-packed with jokes and crammed full of colourful characters, this pantomime is so funny you’ll be howling with laughter!

Science Adventures
Coppice Theatre

Join the science fictionaries on their quest to find the fizziest, flashiest, most marvellous stories about science and maybe they will even tell you a few if they can get the computer to work! Storytelling, puppets, interactive technology.

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery: The Baker Street Irregulars and the Case of the Stolen Portrait
PHTC – Putney High Theatre Company

Come and join Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Irregulars as they crack the case of the stolen portrait in 1887 London!

The Snow Queen
American High School Theatre Festival

Kay has retreated with the Snow Queen to not feel any more pain or sadness. To help Kay, Gerda goes on a quest, braving obstacles with the power of hope and love.

The Stinky Cheese Man... and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
American High School Theatre Festival

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales turns our most beloved fairy tales on their heads. Follow poor Jack the narrator for this hilarious trip through fractured fairy tales.

The Wizard of Oz
Flying High Young Company

A new, colourful, lively adaptation of Dorothy's journey to Oz with original songs and music brought to you by a vibrant, talented young company who had sell-out shows for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Join us!

Shenzhen Dramatic English Theatre Company

A musical combining a traditional Chinese story Raccoon for Prince and Mark Twain’s Prince and Pauper with different genres of Chinese music and humorous sense. Performed by children from Shenzhen, China. An artist atmosphere and different cultural heritages.