24 Solar Terms
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

24 Solar Terms – an immersive theatre production, created based on the 24 solar terms, condensing the time of each season into a performance. Let children experience the four seasons through interaction with actors.

Adventure Bubble Show with Milkshake
Bubble Laboratory Dr Bubble and Milkshake

Every child goes inside their own bubble! Children's Show Award, Fringe World 2016, 2021. Shadow, light, square, vortex and smoke bubbles, spinning carousels, puppetry, bubble tubes and a million-bubble finale with Dr Bubble and Milkshake.

Miranda Duffy – Rollicking Politics

You have one vote. Use it wisely. Ballot-tastic is a funny, light-hearted story about voting that’s fabulous for families who want to get young people talking about democracy. We make asking big questions fun through games and rhymes.

The Bubblegum Gumdrop Show
Bubblegum Gumdrop

Bubblegum and her BFF, Babblebum Boopbop, have one mission: to make the silliest show at Fringe! Together, they’ll perform an interactive clown show with physical comedy, games, music and improvisation that the whole family will enjoy.

A Chinese Bestiary
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

A Chinese Bestiary tells such a story of transforming scars into gifts.

Compendium of Materia Medica
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

Compendium of Materia Medica. This sci-fi musical is inspired by the Compendium of Materia Medica,the most complete and comprehensive medical book in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, compiled and written by Li Shizhen.

Grandfather Frog's Tales of the Meadow
ICTF by WorldStrides presents SFA School of Theatre and Dance

Grandfather Frog knows the important stuff about everybody who lives around the meadow. Do you know why frogs don't have tails? Featuring tales of different animals solving problems together.

Not a Load of Bumfuzzle and Faradiddle
Professor Simon Rees

Join Professor Simon Rees for this family-friendly, interactive show exploring the creative and imaginative world of science. Expect fun and surprises as we explore the invisible world around us.

Peter Pan
Flying High Young Company

Come and join us for a wonderful adventure in Neverland with your favourite characters, original songs and a sprinkle of fairy dust from a very feisty fairy! 'Onstage and in the auditorium there is joy' (, 2021).

Pinocchio! The Panto
University of Bristol's Pantomime Society

Join Pinocchio as he learns some lessons about what it takes to be a real boy. Hiss, boo and 'he's behind you!' in our family-friendly show, chock-a-block with silly songs and filled to the brim with puns!

The Twits
Zenith Youth Theatre Company

Roald Dahl’s deliciously spiteful and revolting couple practice practical jokes and wickedness on each other in this physical and energetic play. Mr and Mrs Twit meet a sticky end at the hand of their captive pet monkeys!

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