Flying High Young Company

Come and join us on this wonderful rags-to-riches story of ambition and fulfilment, full of Eastern promise with original music and songs from a vibrant, talented young company who have had sell-out children's shows since 2016 ★★★★ (Three Weeks).

A Boy and His Magic Pen
H&H Performing Arts

A young boy with an enormous gift. Follow Ma Liang as he discovers a very special skill that could help his whole village as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands...

Danny the Champion of the World
Seats Back Theatre Company

Danny lives with his father and learns that he poaches pheasants from Victor. One night his father doesn't return, Danny fears the worst and sets off on a courageous journey to save his father.

Jerry and the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer
Poppet Theatre

Original, devised TIE adventure show! London, 1773. Join the crew of the HMS Stargazer as they make their epic adventure across the globe, discovering big dreams, new friends and mayhem! Puppets included.

Little Wings
PACE Rep Company

Under the light of the moon a girl sees little wings flapping inside her room. A tiny moth searching for a glow will teach Isabella that she too has wings to grow.
An enchanting story exploring feelings.