Beauty and the Joker
Mahua International Kids’ Troupe

When laughter and enjoyment is banned, how can Joker save the Nikolai kingdom which is sink into a state of melancholy. The work is produced by Serena Wang, written and directed by Angela Dou.

Big Bad Wolf
Byteback Theatre Company

Big Bad Wolf turns traditional tales on their head to ask… is the Wolf really so Big and Bad after all? Featuring Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Birds
Ease Drama Teenager Theatre Company

This is a modern interpretation of an ancient Greek comedy piece, and the entire teenage cast will bring you a new kind of vision. Stay tuned!

Cantonese Opera x Children’s Interactive Theatre: Dic Dic Chang Chang Playground
One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation

Join Captain Dic Dic and Chang Chang at the Cantonese Opera Playground! The Cantonese Opera Fairy recruits them to stop the Boring virus. Audience agents, assemble!

Chicken Little
Stage Door Enigma Theatre Company

While walking through the park one day Chicken Little is hit on the head! She decides to tell the Prime Minister the sky is falling! Join us for a twisty tale of a traditional story.

Haywardamo Commedia Players

Join this notorious troupe of Commedia dell'arte characters in the retelling of a classic fairy tale with songs that will feel familiar and may delight the soul. Prepare yourselves to laugh your socks off and on again.

A Cinderella Panto
University of Bristol's Pantomime Society

Old Cinderella stories? They’re behind you! This unique pantomime spin takes our principal girl on a quest to find her Prince Charming, and more importantly, that magical slipper that perfectly fits the girl she wishes to become.

The Comedy Games with Coach Mon
Monique Warren

The athletes have disappeared for our spectacular sports extravaganza! Move, groove and dream at this Olympic-inspired musical show, featuring eyebrow push-ups, slow-motion races, and a dash of craft. Get ready for some serious silliness!

Fever Pitch Academy Showcase 2024
Fever Pitch Academy

A musical revue, featuring music from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, SpongeBob, Legally Blonde, Grease and loads more! For the students at FPA, it's our Edinburgh Fringe debut and we couldn't be more excited!

TaleGate Theatre Productions Ltd

Based on the book by Laura Wall, this is the perfect theatre trip for under fives as they jump through muddy puddles, go on a wild goose chase and honk as loud as they can with Sophie and Goose.

Hamlet Hears a Who
Emanuel Theatre Company

I will not, shall not, cannot say; That Hamlet’s tale has had it’s day; At breakneck speed we will provide; Laughter, love and homicide; Hamlet as per is overwrought; But not quite as you would've thought!

Hamlet's Journey to the West
Mahua International Kids’ Troupe

The deconstruction and combination of Hamlet with Journey to the West, narrates this fantastic journey from a childlike perspective and questions the world. The work is produced by Serena Wang, written and directed by Keelung

Miss English's Holiday by Action Theatre (Italy)
Action Theatre (Italy)

When an English teacher's summer holiday is interrupted by a stowaway Platypus, plot twists, hilarious puppetry, masks, magic, sing-along songs and comedy abound. A fun show which enchants kids of all ages.

Once Upon a Tune
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Join a fairy-tale princess with her singalong show of your favourite animated characters! With enchanting vocals and gorgeous gowns, this brand-new show emulates the magic of the animated movies.

Stuart Little
Deerfield Academy Theatre

This colourful and joyful production about the marvelous manoeuvrings of a mild-mannered mouse will delight audiences of all ages! Jam-packed with adventures both big and small, Stuart Little is an enduring classic for the whole family.

The Thirteen
Ease Drama Teenager Theatre Company

When you hold the power of life and death over others in your hands, what will determine your choices?

The Wizard of Oz
Flying High Young Company

Follow Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion along the Yellow Brick Road to self-discovery, with original songs and creative storytelling performed by a vibrant young company who had sell-out shows in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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