Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2022

007 Voices Of Bond
Night Owl Shows

Immerse yourself in the world of James Bond and the legendary voices that have accompanied six decades of the world’s most famous spy. Features Goldfinger, Skyfall, Diamonds Are Forever and many more. ‘Recommended’ (Metro).

1933 – Prohibition Ends! Long Live Bessie Smith and the Blues Queens
Ali Affleck and The Gin Mill Genies

Party harder than Gatsby! Celebrate blues queens who built careers during prohibition. Master musicians perform live with a dance troupe. 'Musical storyteller' (Scotsman). ‘Stunning' ★★★★★ (San Diego Union-Tribune).

1972: The Future of Sex
Durham University Woodplayers

Christine knows tonight's the night with Rich. Penny tries to channel Lady Chatterley's Lover in the bedroom and Anna thinks Tessa is the coolest. A 50-minute farcical journey through those excellently awkward first sexual encounters.

1:2:2192 (Retribution Day)
Bluebeberry Goose Theatre Group

If revenge is best served cold, how do you deliver retribution? You plan. Welcome to Retribution Day; scores must be settled.

2 Guys, 3 Drams: The Ultimate Live Blues and Whisky Experience
The Rhythm and Booze Project

Join duo The Rhythm and Booze Project as they play some stomping blues music and serve you three superb Scotch whiskies. Expect music, whisky and mischief. ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

99 Red Kitties
99 Red Kitties

Bringing electricity, fuelled by passion, Red Hot Kitty presents a highly energetic amateur body confidence Burlesque show, which is sure to tantalize the audience. Cheeky and spirited. Let Red Hot Kitty show you how they Burlesque.

Abigail's Party

BCP return to the Fringe with Mike Leigh's classic after two sell-out years with Alan Bennett and Alan Ayckbourn. Telling of two marriages spectacularly unravelling at an awkward neighbourhood drinks party. It remains a pinnacle of British theatre.

About New Year's Eve

A few minutes before the new year, follow a group of friends as they delve into themes of community, relationships, success and what it is to truly be alive in this one-act original musical.

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

For over 10 years, Absolute Improv! has been a celebration of the finest improv comedy talent Scotland has to offer! Join us once more for spontaneously sparkling performances never seen before, never to be seen again!

Aca-Pocalypse: Diamond in the Riff

Join Aca-Pocalypse, ICCA UK finalists, for a family-friendly show of a cappella hits. With show-stopping vocals, vibrant choreography and buckets of energy, it's not to be missed. This one's a real gem.

The Aca-prentice: Sales Pitch
AcadePitch Productions

Lord Alan Sugar tests the nerves and voices of the hungriest hopefuls in the a cappella world as they compete to be his aca-prentice. Watch our candidates tackle tasks to test their ability through chart-topping songs!

Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Blackheath High School GDST

‘I love it here, with policemen. I feel safe.’ One room. Police interrogation. Suspect "falls" from a window. Did he fall? Or was he pushed? Corruption. Incompetence. Death. All maniacs welcome! Just watch your step…

Acuña Acuna
Erick Acuña

An award-winning solo comedy show based on comedian Erick Acuña’s real life as a Peruvian Latino living in the US. Completed a sold-out run at Capital Fringe and was a finalist of Comedy Central’s Yes And... Laughter Lab.

Christopher Tajah Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

Invited, the Windrush Generation came to rebuild Britain. In 1960, Admiral 12 and his parents proudly accepted. Now, 71, the Home office is deporting him to a land he no longer knows. A new solo play with song.

Adventure Bubble Show with Milkshake
Bubble Laboratory Dr Bubble and Milkshake

Every child goes inside their own bubble! China, Romania and Bulgaria's Got Talent stars return with a new show with shadow bubbles, light bubbles, square bubbles, bubble tubes, smoke bubbles, vortexes and a million-bubble finale!

Adventures of Straker
Peter Straker

Peter Straker sings his catalogue of musical theatre hits. From shows he’s starred in, to others that got away, it’s an uncompromising evening of great tunes, powered with style, skill; reimagined, revitalised. Accompanied by Gabriele Baldocci.

Parker & Snell Company

In 2017, I was raped. This play features true stories from survivors of sexual assault and the detrimental effects that it can have after.

After Dusk: The Improvised Twilight Zone
Real Positive Poles

Filed mistakenly under E for Mystery: brand-new unscripted episodes of the 1960s cult classic that inspired Black Mirror. Accompanied by our live violinist and based on your suggestions and . 'Highly talented improvisers' (EdFringeReview.com).
'Incredibly funny and intensely engaging' (The Brighton Seagull).
★★★★★ (Wriggle Bristol).
'A beautiful demonstration of everything that improvised performance can be' ★★★★★ ( The Reviews Hub).
Suitable for all levels of Twilight Zone knowledge, including none!

After the World Stood Still
Elsa Jean McTaggart

A tale interwoven with original compositions on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, penny whistles, bouzouki and accordion. One Scottish couple's tuneful account of survival during Covid-19 on an island and what happened after. www-elsa-jean-mctaggart.com.

The After-Dinner Joke
Agree to Disagree Theatre and New Celts Productions

'Are you getting political?' The After-Dinner Joke is a kaleidoscope of chaos that follows a well-meaning woman’s journey down the rabbit hole of the trials and tribulations of charity work.

Ages of Icons

From 40s to noughties, from then to now, back to the future we go as RadioOctave brings you an a cappella spectacular: featuring music from all your favourite music icons past and present!

Alfa Fail
Jacob Moreton

What makes a real man? What colour nails should he have? And what on earth does he do with the lads? Join professional over-thinker Jacob Moreton, accompanied by a series of laddish characters and stories, to tackle masculinity.

Alice Through the Looking Glass
University of Gloucestershire

Follow our adventurous Alice through the looking glass to a wonderful world of kings, queens, knights and other strange and comical characters, as she makes her way across the chessboard to become Queen.

Almost Instinct Almost True
A Drunken Sailor

Philip Larkin's comment on love surviving us. But was that true for his much-betrayed girlfriend, Monica Jones? This play explores the theme of unrequited love. Performed by Teddy Walker and Julia Munrow.

Black Hound Productions

Happy birthday to me. Fifteen. The end of the world! This is a story about coping. How do you cope, when you’re clearly not "alright"?

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul
Ken Wood and the Mixers

This feel-good, eight-piece band connects audiences with the energy and emotion of the R&B and soul acts of the 40s through 60s. Anecdotes and songs of Otis Redding, James Brown, Smokey Robinson and more.

And Then The Rodeo Burned Down
Chloe and Natasha

But why? The rodeo is the best place in the world. Alleged arson fractures into two clowns desperately trying to afford to put on a show. After all, we don’t have money to burn.

The Anorak
No Frills Theatre Company

The Anorak is based on a true event that took place on Wednesday, December 6th, 1989 when Marc Lepine entered the Ecole Polytechnic in Montreal armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife.

Antigone: The Musical
Hard Luck Musicals

A radical and fun musical retelling of an Ancient Greek myth, about one young girl standing up to tyranny, packed with humour and super catchy tunes that will have you humming all the way home!

Antigone: The Musical
Hard Luck Musicals

A radical and fun musical retelling of an Ancient Greek myth, about one young girl standing up to tyranny, packed with humour and super catchy tunes that will have you humming all the way home!

Antigone: The Musical
Hard Luck Musicals

A radical and fun musical retelling of an Ancient Greek myth, about one young girl standing up to tyranny, packed with humour and super catchy tunes that will have you humming all the way home!

Antigone: The Musical
Hard Luck Musicals

A radical and fun musical retelling of an Ancient Greek myth, about one young girl standing up to tyranny, packed with humour and super catchy tunes that will have you humming all the way home!

K4K Films and Shortcut Productions

A new multimedia hybrid, part live stand-up, part film, featuring Sylvester McCoy, Linda Marlowe and introducing Eleanor May Blackburn in a tale of two isolated souls and their devilish comedian saviour. Funny, poignant and full of shocks and surprises.

The Aretha Franklin Story
Night Owl Shows

Award-winning show celebrating Aretha’s phenomenal legacy. High-energy versions of Think, Natural Woman and Respect. Features the incredible Cleopatra Higgins. ★★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide). Mervs Award 2019. Adelaide Fringe Music Award 2020.

Around the World Backwards
Donnella Perkins of Havenyyc- Calgary

Travel – always exciting, especially when the man of your dreams pops up to join you. But in Donnella’s case, things are never as easy as they should be. That’s part of the adventure.

Around the World with Nellie Bly
Shedlight Stories

The year is 1889! Join intrepid journalist Nellie Bly as she races around the world in this one-woman adventure. A true story featuring steamships, storms, strange passengers – and even a pet monkey!

Chasing Rainbows

Art, the multi award-winning play, comes to Edinburgh in a fresh production. This dark comedy about human relationships presents a topical take on universal truths. 'Invigorating, touching and finally disturbing' (Financial Times), 'remarkably wise, witty and intelligent comedy' (Times).

Draft99 Theatre

Based on the legends of old and inspired by the classical lyricism of Shakespeare. This modern adaptation of King Arthur blends prose with verse to create a unique look into the themes of stagnation, idleness, betrayal and love.

Asides from the Elbow
LS6 Theatre

When an old housemate reappears outside their beloved pub, The Elbow, a group of friends are toppled into a colourful crisis full of betrayal, love, and glorious embarrassment.


A multiple Tony Award-winning theatrical tour-de-force, Assassins centers on America's four successful and five would-be presidential assassins. Bold, original, disturbing and alarmingly funny, Assassins is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written. See for yourself!

Inner Triangle Productions

Have you ever been labelled? Have you ever been put in a box by society? This new play explores the journey of what it means to be labelled, categorised and defined by others. What does it all really mean?

Oxia Theatre

Jordan and Connie want their next-generation AI voice assistant – Alivia – to make their perfect lives just that little bit better. But what happens when the technology starts to take control?

Attachment: The Leech Show
Kitsch Theatre

The story of three actors who are putting on a show to impress the infamous theatre critic, Bob the Leech, who is attending tonight! Will they get the review to make or break their career?

Average Joe
That'll Do Nicely Productions

Meet Joe: statistically the UK’s most average man. That is, until he becomes the face of a dairy company's advertising campaign, in an attempt to "become somebody". For Joe, the devil's in the detail. Or, y’know, the yoghurt.

The B-aca-chelorette
The Rolling Tones

All the way from King's College London, The Rolling Tones present The B-aca-chelorette! Join our 12 beautiful bachelorettes on their journey to find love through the power of a cappella.

Babysitting Calvin
Hart Players

Baby Calvin can remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura. He will lose his blissful memories when he reaches his first birthday – or speaks. Can Calvin keep his promise?

Back to Black: The Music of Amy Winehouse
Night Owl Shows

Following sell-out runs in Edinburgh, Brighton and Adelaide, this award-winning show returns to Edinburgh taking you on a moving journey through a modern legend's career. Includes: Valerie, Rehab and Back to Black.

Banana Crabtree Simon
CJ de Mooi

Starring CJ de Mooi (Eggheads), Banana Crabtree Simon is an intimate and emotionally honest journey of one man’s struggle with early onset dementia. ★★★★★ (LondonTheatre1.com). ★★★★★ (TheThespiansBlog.wordpress.com). ★★★★★ (TheatreWeekly.com). ★★★★★ (MarkAspen.com). Offie nominee, Best New Play.

Battle: A Modern Mystery Play
Racingsnail and SwanWing Productions

War again. It's 1066, William fights Harry! How do mothers, queens, wives and daughters cope? Gather their skirts and soldier on. Telling stories in plays and songs; working, travelling, gazing at Halley's Comet in awe.

The Beast Will Rise
Stepping Out Theatre

The Beast Will Rise. By turns dark, tender, shocking and dazzling. Philip Ridley’s stories offer haunting glimpses of a world that seethes and glitters with strangeness and menace, and where nothing is quite what it seems.

The Beat Goes On
The Glummer Twins

The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back with an irreverent trawl through the eight decades that made them what they are today: old. Stand-up, spoken-word comedy and music from the Beat Generation.

Beautiful Nothing
Suffragette Theatre Company

A girl at the cusp of womanhood. A career that flung her into the public eye. Resisting a society that insists on seeing her as a sexual object. Coming to terms with her sexuality that resists this further.

Beauty and the Beast
Flying High Young Company

Join us for this well-known tale of greed and humility, adapted from the traditional story, with original songs. Brought to you by a talented, vibrant young company with sell-out shows for Aladdin, 2021. ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Becoming Chavela
Stephanie Trudeau

Becoming Chavela is a docu-cabaret performance of iconic lesbian Mexican singer Chavela Vargas' life and music, set within the art world and social milieu of mid-century Mexico City. Of strong LGBTQ interest.

Bee Master
Blue Fire Theatre Company

Good Heavens! Brother Barnabus has found himself in a sticky situation amongst the beehives. Join him in his hilarious quest to find the answers to some pretty big questions. He'll make you laugh and he'll make you think.

Behind Closed Doors
The Songsmiths

The Songsmiths are back for a third year with their new show, Behind Closed Doors! Featuring hits by The Bee Gees, Scissor Sisters and Billie Eilish, The Songsmiths are sure to get you dancing in your seats!

Bella Donna
The Boaty Theatre Company and Chalice Productions

Lighter Fluid Theatre Company and New Celts Productions

Tess, Jo, Kris and Dani find themselves trapped in a vault 100 metres underwater. With time and resources running out, each character begins to question who they can trust and how they plan to survive.

The Best Ideas Happen in the Toilet
Claudia Saavedra

Cláudia Saavedra's debut play arrives at Edinburgh Fringe. A frank, irreverent story about the struggles of trying to live your dream in a world of dodgy landlords, dodgy auditions, and even dodgier boyfriends.

Best of Broadway
American Performing Arts International

This cast of professional performers is excited to return for their fifth year with the Best of Broadway! After sell-out performances and rave reviews, this show is sure to be a hot ticket for musical theatre lovers!

Best of Cabaret
The Royals

Best of Cabaret from the Fringe returns with an all-star diverse rotating cast of international and regional seasoned artists in the genre. Vivacious variety, musical theatre, comedy and award-winning headline burlesque features.

Best of the Songs That Made Us
American Performing Arts International

From the performers who gave you the five-star Best Of… series, American Performing Arts International (APAI) now offers an intimate, cabaret-style concert celebrating musical theatre and storytelling.

Best of the West End
American Performing Arts International

Sold out and five-star reviews from 2016-2019. Featuring world-class voices and breathtaking harmonies, these professional performers showcase the very best songs from the West End. If you love musicals, you'll love this show!

Bette Midler and Me
LAMBCO Productions

'When I’m on stage – it’s a party!' quipped Bette Midler. Join the fabulousness as West End diva Sue Kelvin romps through the Divine Miss M’s life and songs. Includes a puppet show version of Beaches!

Beyond Glory
Redwood Productions

Best Actor, Hollywood Fringe 2019. The stirring, emotional and heroic true stories of eight recipients of America's highest military award, the Medal of Honor, told by one actor.

The Birds

Based, like Hitchcock's film, on the Daphne du Maurier short story, The Birds is a thrilling psychodrama about what happens when nature turns against humanity. By Conor McPherson (The Girl From The North Country, The Weir).

birthday girl
second birthday theatre co

this is a play about birthdays. it's also about growing up, the future and the inevitability of ageing – a prospect that you are finding increasingly unnerving.

Blind Mirth Presents: F*ck It, You Decide
Blind Mirth

St Andrews' oldest, funniest and – incidentally – only improv comedy troupe are back at the Fringe with their unique mix of sparky, spontaneous and side-splittingly funny short and long improv!

Blink and You'll Miss It
Terry Geo

Blink and You’ll Miss It is a LGBT+ comedy drama that will have you howling with laughter and reaching for the tissues. An emotional, dark comedy highlighting the wonders and fragility of life.

Acting Coach Scotland

Blue & Pip
Helena Fox and Ella Pound

Blue loves the sea. Blue loves Pip. Blue is sick. And the doctors aren’t listening. From the award-winning writer of Rust comes a modern-day folktale about endometriosis, the patriarchal healthcare system and the ebbing of the tides.

Blueswater Presents: Blues! – The 10th Anniversary Show
The Blueswater

A special 10th anniversary edition of their award-winning show, telling the stories and performing the songs of the artists that define the genre. 'Blues-based edu-tainment' (Stewart Lee). ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Boom Town
Matilda Booth

Set in wild-west Arizona, Beau has come of age and must prove herself to her father. Can she save her town by taking on the outlaw? A new musical that puts a bluegrass twist on contemporary musical theatre.

Born Under a Bad Sign
Raw Toast Productions and New Celts Productions

Post-game – and the podcasters are live! But after a few beers (and a few revelations!) they begin to wonder: Has their football passion blinded them to what's really going on around them?

The Boy With a Thousand Faces
Samuel Turk

Clive tells his friends he’s going to New York with his model girlfriend, but instead goes into hiding and becomes an online catfish in an attempt to find a better version of himself.

PTC Productions

Inside every adolescent brain, 86 billion neurons collide, producing the most frustrating chaotic and exhilarating changes that ever happens to us. An insight into how teenagers' brains work and why they are designed by evolution to be this way.

The Ivy Players

What actually happens in our brains during those teenage years? Dive into this psychological and personal exploration of why teenagers are how they are, interwoven with real life experiences putting young people centre-stage. A joyful, surprising and unique production.

Bright. Young. Things. and Heavy Weather
Wing It Musical Theatre

Wing It Musical Theatre, by arrangement with Nick Hern Books, presents amateur performances of Bright. Young. Things. by Georgia Christou and Heavy Weather by Lizzie Nunnery.

Bring Me to Light
Chloe Kastner Dance Company

In a world where social media and unrealistic beauty standards are the focus, Bring Me to Light encourages individuality and self-love. 40 minutes dedicated to celebrating the mistakes that made us the people we are.

Broke Her
Steel Harbour

Isobelle wakes up in her own house tied to one of her dining room chairs with a suited gentleman at her table drinking tea, he seems to know everything about her, but everything is not as it seems.

Brother's Keeper
Wallace Norman / Woodstock Fringe

What damage is done when a priest sexually abuses boys? Can survivors escape their past? Brother's Keeper is a play about courage, a story about loyalty, brotherhood and finding the will to survive.

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Bubble Laboratory

Spectacular bubble artistry, body bubbling, foam pasties, smoke ejecting bubble breasts, twirling bubble towers, sexy shadow theatre, physical performance and neo-burlesque tied into a bizarre story of bubbles, love and chaos you will never forget.

Harpy Productions in Association with Stepping Out Theatre

Deep underground a claustrophobic and mysterious encounter... Two women in a bunker – the last safe place. Outside might be an apocalyptic wasteland – but is the real danger inside? A haunting, atmospheric and taut psychological thriller.

Ottawa Little Theatre

Three longtime friends have had little contact since the death of the fourth member of their close-knit group, a best-selling horror writer. Now his estranged daughter has brought them all together again – but why?

By the Light of the Moon
Shea Donovan / Indigo Arts Collective

Oxford Lunatic Asylum, 1928. Confronting her circumstances with levity, innocence and deep denial, Lila takes us on a journey full of playful poetry and vivid trauma as she confronts the reality of her fate.

Bye Bye Baby
Written/Directed by Fabien O'Farrell Aireborne Theatre

After a girls night out, three friends wind down in the local chippy. Secrets are revealed and difficult decisions are at the forefront of drunken minds. This is an intimate exploration of friendship and motherhood.


We are Cadenza, Cambridge University's premier a cappella group! Join us from August 9th-13th at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall for your favourite pop and jazz hits and exceptional vibes. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Café van der Brocke
Aquila Youth Theatre

Ypres, Belgium 1915. Jan awaits the return of his father in a ruined café basement that becomes a refuge for many. Soon secrets spill out as fear and tension rise amidst the devastating and terrifying shelling.

Cake and Violence
Nat Griffen

Do you feel.... like you sometimes can't feel anything? In this overwhelmed day-and-age, it's easy to get caught up in the woes of the world and the woes of our selves. Nat just wants you to feel in your body again. Welcome to Cake & Violence, a food-fetish-fever-dream in which Nat delivers a bunch of monologues and smashes a LOT of cakes in an effort to get you to feel SOMETHING. It's comedic. It's dramatic. It's a lot of frosted fun.

Caledonia, You're Calling Me
Foot Notes A Cappella

In our Fringe debut, Foot Notes will take you on a journey of a cappella. From choral classics to modern day bops and everything in between, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

California Dreams
Night Owl Shows

An immersive trip through California in the late 60s and 70s when a collective of musical legends changed the world. The Mamas & The Papas, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Bryds and more. ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

Call Mr Robeson
Tayo Aluko and Friends

A rollercoaster journey through African-American actor/singer Paul Robeson’s remarkable life, highlighting his pioneering and heroic political activism. Features Ol’ Man River and other famous songs, fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Camino Man
Steve Wilson

Part monologue, part slide show, Camino Man is a moving story about meeting people, overcoming the demons of your past and finding yourself all over again.

The Canterville Ghost: The Musical
Magpie Theatre

A musical reimagining of one of Oscar Wilde’s most beloved stories, The Canterville Ghost: The Musical features an original soundtrack with slapstick comedy, hilarious performances from unforgettable characters and plenty of heartfelt moments.

Written Off Theatre formed by Emma François and Eva Tritschler

Best friends Sam, a care assistant, and Bryony, a struggling actor, have polar opposite workdays. Careless is a comedy drama examining the complexities of female friendship, when worlds collide under the pressures of working in social care.

The Boaty Theatre Company and Chalice Productions

The Carole King and James Taylor Story
Night Owl Shows

Take a nostalgic journey through the intertwined careers of two legends of music. International sell-out show including: I Feel The Earth Move, Natural Woman, You've Got A Friend and more. ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

The Carpenters Songbook
Night Owl Shows

A nostalgic trip through the career and music of one of the world’s most successful duos. Includes hits Close to You, Top of the World, We’ve Only Just Begun and many more. ★★★★★ (Advertiser, Edinburgh).

Cello on Fire
Peter Hudler, Cello

Acclaimed Viennese cellist Peter Hudler returns to the Fringe with a brand-new edition of his award-winning show celebrating the cello with a burning mix of styles from baroque to rock! 'Beautifully wistful' ★★★★ (Scotsman).

A Change of Heart
Paper Dolls

Two sisters. Two broken hearts. Rose fighting for her life on the transplant ward, Hazel navigating complicated changes in her love life. A tale of sisterhood, support and what means to live a life in waiting.

The Changeling Girl
Bristol DramSoc

The Changeling Girl explores experiences of neurodivergency through the captivating story of Agnes, an autistic girl living in medieval England who is accused of being a fairy changeling. Created by neurodivergent people, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Chaotic Neutral
Quintuple L

Ready to go on an adventure? One where death lurks around every corner and logic is a cucumber hat? Chaotic Neutral is a choose your own adventure game inspired by 90s computer adventure games. Play if you dare!

Charles Dickens' The Signalman
Blue Orange Arts

When a traveler chances upon a solitary railway signalman, he is drawn into a tale of ghostly premonitions, tragic occurrences and human solitude that echoes the contrasting Victorian feelings towards the nascent railway system.

Cheeky Girls
The Counterminers

Imagine if Jesus was resurrected again. Ugh. So Hot. It’s Freddi’s world – we're just living in it. With Flick and Molly by her side, she's unstoppable, unflappable and uncompromising. It’s magnificent mayhem – until it's not.

Cherub Spring: A Political Satire
Student Theatre at Glasgow

Claire has chosen what games her and the other children at the nursery school play for a long time. But the scent of revolution is in the air and her grip on power is waning.

The Childless Land
Fragen Theatre Company

Medea in space. Fragen Theatre present Anastasiya Zinovieva in this one-woman show adapted from an immortal classic. Edgy and daring, physical and frantic, hilarious and heartbreaking, Fragen continue their exploration of life, love and inner landscapes.

Church Girl, Interrupted
Freddi Gralle

Stand-up, sarcasm and uncomfortable confessions combine in this true story about life as a Jesus girl. Berlin-based comedian Freddi Gralle's thrilling tale of ditching church for comedy and OkCupid. An intense, visceral and wildly funny hour.

The Church of the Fall
Stephen G. Titley for Prole Art Threat Productions

An award-winning celebration of the late genius Mark E Smith and his group The Fall. You don’t need to love The Fall to enjoy this show, you just need to love music.

Cicada's Children
May Tree Productions

The cult of Cicada’s Children is destroyed. Bella is all who remains. Danny is sweet and naïve – the perfect victim. As their relationship swiftly escalates, one question remains: is Cicada’s Children truly dead?

Clowntown In Space @theSpace: Adventures Back to Earth
Sphere Clown Band

Canada's award-winning clown band sparks the imagination with musical clowns… in space! Adventure, live music singalongs and interactive comedy. Best Children's Show at Pittsburgh Fringe. ★★★★★ (FringeReview.ca).

Cock-Tales: The Antidote to The Vagina Monologues
Barnsley's Secret Theatre Company in association with The Lamproom Theatre

The most outstanding human organ raises its head in revealing bar-room reflections. Male member obsessives examine the tribulations of penis ownership – at length. 10% of box office goes to Testicular Cancer UK.

The Collie's Shed
Shelley Middler

Based in a local Men’s Shed in East Lothian, THE COLLIE’S SHED follows four retired miners as they discover how a review into the policing of the mining strikes in the 80’s and a potential Miners Pardon Bill by the Scottish Government suddenly affects them, their friendships and their relationships.

Journey with us between the past and present as we hear how about one unforgettable and particularly violent day of striking at Bilston Glen Colliery.

Learn who our characters are, who they once were and most importantly, where they stand on the picket line…

Color Inside the Lines
Flying Solo! Presents Jenny Stafford

Horrified when matched with the biggest loser in the school, young Jenny is convinced she’ll never find love. But… was he the one? Love, destiny and memory collide in this touchingly funny solo musical.

Performed by Carly Fernandez of The City Lighthouse Theatre Company

Concha is a one-person semi-autobiographical play that explores the intersectionality within the queer experience. After contracting chlamydia, Concha goes on a journey of misadventures through past and current relationships, queer sex, race, self-love and the importance of using condoms.

The Conversation
The Nottingham New Theatre

Set in a bare lounge area of a student accommodation, a conversation plays out from the perspective of C. What seemed to be an innocent conversation about personalities develops to show the condescending, misconstrued methods of understanding cultures.

The Coven
Wild Mountain Crime Productions

Three friends, Emily, Lawrence and Margaret, the leader, hold a witch Coven and accidentally summon a demon called Graham. As he tempts them with power, wealth and baking supplies, their friendship is tested in ways it previously wasn't.

Coward Conscience
Eleventh Hour Theatre

What happens to characters when the curtain comes down? From the devastation of the WWI trenches, Eric desperately grapples with the the mistakes of his past: whilst his sister Sheila contemplates who can ever truly own forgiveness.

Crazy Comedy Company
Crazy Comedy Company

A riot of kid-friendly laughter for the whole family.

Crossing the Void
koi collective and New Celts Productions

Hannah’s been dead for a year. Hoping a seance will bring the friend group together again, ghosts of many forms emerge, and life will never be the same. MacAlister’s latest comedy marks koi collective’s Fringe debut.

Queen Mary Theatre Company

In this detective spoof, inventor of crisps, Humphrey DePompadom, has disappeared on the eve of Quackindale’s apple crumble competition and it’s up to Detective Mint to find out what has happened, whilst an army of evil geese advances...

A Cut Above
Full Score Barbershop A Cappella

Having previously run a sell-out show in 2019 at the Edinburgh Fringe, Durham University's only a cappella barbershop choir is back with something for everyone: slick jazz and pop covers, tearful musical theatre ballads, and comedic Disney.

Queen Mary Theatre Company

Daughter is always in her room making puppets. Except she's not alone. D's in her mirror, constantly criticising her looks to keep her shut in. Will she be brave enough to cut ties with D, and what'll it take?

Dark Vanilla Jungle
Stepping Out Theatre

Shot through with lyrical intensity, and bristling with hallucinogenic power, Philip Ridley’s darkly beautiful, breath-taking drama about a young woman’s craving for family and home, and the terrifying lengths she will go to achieve them.

Dear Little Loz
Izzy Parriss Productions Ltd

Dear Little Loz is a poetic exploration of love – love for the scabby boys in Blackpool, dodgy dates with Dave and the desperate need for a daddy-daughter connection. All of which come at a price.

Den of Enquiry
Miranda Duffy – Rollicking Politics

Democracy. What is it? Den of Enquiry is a fun, light-hearted show that gets kids talking about democracy. Put on your critical thinking cap and join Miranda Duffy for a poetry whoosh. Rollicking Politics kickstarts big questions.

A Depression-Cure Show
Jonathan Winfield

Antidepressant! Jonathan Winfield brings his comedy show about family trauma, mental illness and depression from his lived experience with his own cure suggestions: therapy puppets, silly dancing, the royal family and Lycra!

The Diary of a Nobody
Blue Fire Theatre Company

'The funniest book in the world' (Evelyn Waugh). It's never been out of print and now the antics of the social climbing bank clerk Charles Pooter come to Edinburgh in a new Fringe adaptation.

The Diviners
AHSTF presents Oxford High School Theatre

This marvelously theatrical play is the story of a disturbed young man and his friendship with a disenchanted preacher in southern Indiana in the early 1930s.

DNA by Dennis Kelly
Wycombe Abbey Players

A darkly comedic study of teenage peer pressure and pack mentality performed by a group of Sixth Form pupils from Wycombe Abbey School.

Do I?
Parley Theatre

Influencers, social pressures, selfies and shame. Do I? follows teenagers Grace and Finn in a twisted and gripping dark comedy, exploring issues of coercive control and the damaging impact of an over-sexualised culture.

Dogs Love Chocolate
Aaron Atkins

Aaron Atkins is a teen heroin addict when he’s kidnapped and dropped in the desert. After a year of hilariously bizarre "therapy", he’s still looking for answers. A unique perspective on recovery without preaching, just laughing.

Common People Theatre

Cassie: a twenty-something with big dreams that are rotting away in her landlady’s flat. Harley: a charming, successful seller of… sex dolls. Will it be a new life of glamour and adventure for Cassie or something much darker?

The Dolly Parton Story
Night Owl Shows

Nostalgic journey from Dolly’s humble beginnings to becoming the Queen of Country. You’ll be dancing in the aisles to classics including Jolene, 9 to 5 and Islands in the Stream. Best Of Fringe list, Sunday Times.

Done to Death, By Jove!
Gavin Robertson and Nicholas Collett

A comic mash-up of the detective genre. Six actors play Poirot, Marple, Holmes and the suspects; except four are stuck in the broken-down van so the other two deliver the play… what can go wrong!?

Doris Does The Edinboiger Fridge
Bette Siler / Woodstock Fringe

A comedy-drama about Doris' lifelong effort to connect to other people. James Baldwin said 'that's why art is important.' Doris, in her hilariously idiosyncratic style, makes that profound journey.

Dot Dot Dot Dash
Two Ladders Productions

London, 1940. Count Horoch Zadelski of the Polish Resistance encounters the mysterious Vivienne Averley. Will they escape his Gestapo pursuers? Another new rip-roaring wartime comedy from the creators of last year's sold-out, awe-inspiring, Embassy Stomp.

Dr Hammond's Covid Inquiry
Phil Hammond

Private Eye's MD and author of Dr Hammond's Covid Casebook dissects the pandemic. The more certain someone is about Covid, the less you should trust them. May contain traces of doubt, compassion, humour, nuance and batshit.

Dream of a King
Christopher Tajah Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

Discover the man behind Martin Luther King Jr, the icon. Christopher returns to theSpaceUK with his 2019 self-penned critically-acclaimed solo production. Not to be missed! 'An engaging performance' (Robert Beck, BroadwayBaby.com) 2019

Durham Dynamics: An A Cappella Road Trip!
Durham Dynamics A cappella

Durham Dynamics are on the move! We've hit the road to bring you 45 minutes of breath-taking a cappella. Come and bop along to your favourite pop classics and golden oldies!

The Ecstasy of Victoria Woodhull
Owl & Pussycat Theatre Company

Reach across the mortal plane! Help our clairvoyant summon the spirit of Victoria Woodhull: Suffragette, free-love revolutionary, and first woman to run for President of the United States in 1872 in this tale of redemption.

Eight Hundred Dollar Value
Nightpiece Media

That's what a trigger pull is worth. Murder's just business. Not all witnesses need protection. Al Carretta presents an identity crisis on the fringe of the American mafia. 'Perfectly in character, oozing mafioso characteristics' ★★★★ (NorthWestEnd.co.uk).

Elf the Musical
The Talentz Musical Theatre Company

Fancy a bit of festive sparkle? Join Buddy and our cast as we whisk you away to Christmas in New York! Featuring a live band, this promises to be a sparkle-jolly, twinkle-jingley cracker of a show!

Elsa McTaggart: Her Story
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Take songs that stop conversations, a voice that could stop wars and a fiddle that stops at nothing, and you have the icon Elsa McTaggart telling her story, playing her tunes and singing her songs. www-elsa-jean-mctaggart.com

Eric Davidson's Super Daily Spin We Gaily Ukulele Ceilidh
Eric Davidson

Get ready for an evening of parody, poetry and fun as Eric returns with satirical classics, old and new. ★★★★★ (FringeReview.co.uk). ★★★★★ (TheEdinburghReporter.co.uk). ★★★★ (EdFringeReview.com). ★★★★ (TheatreAndArtSeviews.wordpress.com).

A Eulogy for Roman
Written and performed by Brendan George

I brought Roman here from The States – well, I brought his urn. Could we celebrate his life? And keep a promise? It would mean a lot to me. To us! He would have loved you.

Eva Cassidy: The Story
Elsa Jean McTaggart

'Elsa is one of these very few people with a distinctive enough voice to do the music and songs of Eva Cassidy justice' ★★★★★ (Tom King, Southside Advertiser). www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com.

Exeter Comedy Society

We've only gone and managed to turn Exeter into a sketch comedy show! Bad news: it no longer exists. Good news: you can laugh at it! Performed by five up-and-coming comics, with guaranteed one laugh per person per show.

Fab: Funny Stand-Up for Sad People, Sad Songs for Funny People
Fab La Roche-Francoeur

Multifaceted comedian Fab La Roche-Francoeur delivers a fresh, sweet and hilarious blend of stand-up and music.

Fabulett 1933
Michael Trauffer / Fabulett Productions

A queer one-person musical featuring music, ideas and lives classified as 'degenerate' by the Nazis. 'A tender and towering tribute to the massacre of gays during the Second World War' ★★★★ (LouReviews.blog). 'Absorbing' ★★★★ (LondonTheatre1.com).

Fake It Till You Make It
Gaia Mondadori (Writer/Performer), Mojola Akinyemi (Director), Martha French (Producer)

A one-woman show about Leda, an actor struggling to make it, and how her perfect mask of control shatters when she is taken advantage of by a famous male actor.

Feynman on Why Do Magnets Attract?
Ahan Dasgupta

Watch 13-year-old Ahan Dasgupta make his debut with Feynman on Why Do Magnets Attract? Immerse yourself in an afternoon of monologue and drums, as we try to answer this probing question!

The Fire at the Edge of the Earth
Performers: Zack Rocklin-Waltch and Michael MacLeod

An original play about a gay couple fighting to reconcile their personal differences and doubts with their love for one another while hiking up the mountain where Prometheus was bound.

A Flamingo Called Frank Presents: Five in the Pink
A Flamingo Called Frank

Quintet of sketch comedians seeking fun-loving and friendly audience, interested in a short, passionate fling, and maybe more. Likes: not-so-no-nonsense comedy and short walks on long piers. Dislikes: character limi-

Flamingo City Comedy: We're All Equally Good Looking
Flamingo City Comedy

Cleveland’s Best Sketch Comedy 2020! Joe and Greg are equally good looking and their sketches are equally funny. Character sketches, monologues, musical comedy and more, they're fresher than Lake Erie water!

The Fleetwood Mac Story
Night Owl Shows

A nostalgic celebration of the 120 million album-selling supergroup. Expect all the harmonies and musical intricacies in heartfelt renditions of The Chain, Everywhere, Dreams, Albatross and more. Delivered by the award-winning cast of Night Owl Shows.

Softplanet Productions

What value life? No farthings for the living. Golden guineas for the dead. To feed the cravings of men of science. Fire up the blood. Flesh the hounds. Let them loose. Meet Dr Robert Knox. And Burke and Hare.

Theatre Paradok

It's 2061. A coastal town is quiet, deserted by those seeking higher ground. Three siblings clear out their grandma’s belongings, finding a diary left behind that will change everything. When the floodgates open, will they sink or swim?

Flowers for Algernon
AHSTF presents Leysin American School

The story of Charlie Gordon, a developmentally disabled man who has the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that will dramatically increase his mental capabilities. Poignant, romantic, funny and profound.

Follies: A Showcase of Bits and Bobs
Flying Solo! Presents

Comedy! Music! Fractured classics! Drama! If you like surprises and crave variety, join us for Follies by Flying Solo! featuring short monologues, songs and vignettes performed by Fringe artists from across the States.

Fox Tales: The Pied Piper
Laughing Fox Productions

Hans the Storyteller, Reynard the Fox, and Gripp the Raven give a hilarious new telling of the classic fairy tale, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. A lovely, hilarious, animated and engrossing family puppet show.

AHSTF presents Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

Frankenstein believes she is destined for greatness. Follow Frankenstein's quest to acquire new and almost unlimited powers; the ability to command the thunders of heaven, mimic the earthquake, and even mock the invisible world with its own shadows.

LS6 Theatre

Inept supervillains. Incomplete prophecies. Teleportation. Mind control powered by Edam cheese. The key to saving the world? Karaoke in a disused wig factory… on the moon! Fun for the whole family in this wonderfully cheesy new comedy.

Gertrude and Ophelia in Hell
And Toto too Theatre Company

Gertrude and Ophelia are on the way to Hell. But is it really their fault? Or is Hamlet to blame? Maybe they can get another stab at it. Maybe next time things will go differently.

Ghost Quartet by Dave Malloy
Smashing Cabinets Theatre

A campfire tale of siblings, stars and plenty of spirits – join our four storytellers for a series of stories spanning multiple lives, loves, and centuries. A narrative song cycle, accompanied by a live band.

Gilbert and Sullivan's Nightmare
Blue Fire Theatre Company

The longest serving member of D'Oyly Carte Opera prepares to receive the award he thinks he deserves, but he's upset Gilbert (or Sullivan) again and his future seems as precarious as his career has been.

The Girl and Her Balloon
Stick Balloon Theatre

A feisty, female artist sells painted balloons whilst living on London’s streets. Using imagery-based storytelling and shadow puppetry, this play explores themes of ambition, addiction, escapism and the complexities of living outside the system.

Presented by Sarah Richardson in association with SJ Woods

Meet Lucy. She’s average, awkward and unassuming. And, when it comes to sex, what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in curiosity. GirlPlay is an exploration of love and sex spun out in slam.

Plush Tiger Productions

A smorgasbord of Viking gods, an enchanting Norse soundscape and a pair of wise-cracking ravens accompany a Yorkshire lass on her journey from childhood to motherhood, revealing myth, mirth and magic in the most unexpected of places.

Going Down
University of York Drama Society

Four students stuck in an elevator, with nothing to do except talk to each other. An exploration of how easily we allow our mental heath to stagnate.

Good Enough
Ted McGrath Productions

The hilarious and profound emotional rollercoaster true story of renowned storyteller, Ted McGrath. Playing 15 characters, from drugs to sex to his own near death experience, Ted sabotages his enviable success, his family and everything he holds dear, seeking to answer his burning question: am I good enough?

Duck In Arms Theatre Company

Michael and Sally haven’t seen Greg since leaving school, both being caught up in their complex lives. A text from him five years later stimulates their intrigue in the rumours surrounding him, making his invitation for a drink irresistible.

Grounded: A Sitcom
Emma Gillespie

We're grounded! An international scandal means the planes can't fly and everyone has to stay where they are. Two episodes of sitcom joy across stage and screen, from London Comedy Writers' Emma Gillespie.

Hands And Flowers
Last Minute Productions

Attachment styles, Yiddish drag, Bergson's theory of time. In bedrooms and at the pub, two stories evolve… until a phone call makes both worlds explode. What is connection? What is communication? And why does fantasy matter?

Hard Shoulder
Phoebe Averdieck

Do you ever feel like pulling over on the hard shoulder?
Or feel turned on by the sea?
I think I do.

A double-edged ride of laughter and relatable shame, through the unfiltered tribulations, confessions and f**k ups of a young woman in 2022. Harsh but heart-warming. Come along for the ride..

Her frustrations, erotic fantasies, connections and disconnections with men and nature. Who can she verifiably love? Her boyfriends? Her brother? The North Sea?

"The sea swallows you, churns and tosses you, and then spits you out. It changes your chemical structure, like from solid to liquid, you melt..."

He'd Murder Me
Blue Orange Arts

1977, Huddersfield is in the grip of the Yorkshire Ripper’s reign of terror. Against this backdrop, Jack attempts to find his identity in a world where the Ripper isn’t the only bogeyman.

Head Girl
Girl Next Door

A coming-of-age story about falling in and out of love with yourself. Head Girl navigates the 21st century and girl boss mentality, whilst still practising self-care seven days a week.

Head Girl
Girl Next Door

A coming-of-age story about falling in and out of love with yourself. Head Girl navigates the 21st century and girl boss mentality, whilst still practising self-care seven days a week.

Head Girl
Girl Next Door

A coming-of-age story about falling in and out of love with yourself. Head Girl navigates the 21st century and girl boss mentality, whilst still practising self-care seven days a week.

Head Girl
Girl Next Door

A coming-of-age story about falling in and out of love with yourself. Head Girl navigates the 21st century and girl boss mentality, whilst still practising self-care seven days a week.


A profound, thrilling mix of music and storytelling, head/lining is a lyrical deep dive inside the mind of a working-class white lad coming to terms with his life so far; from noxious upbringing to alcoholism and homelessness.

Hens and Heroines
Badminton School

Exploring narratives inspired by Ovid's Heroides, this student-devised performance mixes the contemporary and classical. Questioning the nature of fate, we ask: are we the authors of our own stories?

Facedown Productions

Football, fathers, friendship. One fateful day in East London, 18-year-old Jonno's world is changed forever when he comes face-to-face with the dad he always wanted. An original double award-winning (Marlowe Other Prize, Mustapha Matura Award) play by Chakira Alin.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery
Highly Suspect

Join acclaimed mystery maestros Highly Suspect for a hilarious, interactive murder mystery which you, the audience, must solve! There’s a fiendish plot, evidence to examine and cryptic clues to crack, but can you deduce whodunnit?

Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience
Ensemble Mik Nawooj

Featuring a chamber orchestra with strings, woodwind quintet, drums, piano, soprano, and a rapper, Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience seamlessly fuses hip-hop and classical. They deconstruct seminal classical composers using funky rhythms with rapid fire rhymes.

The History of the American Songbook
Blue Orange Arts

Featuring songs from Gershwin, Porter, Berlin amongst many others. The History of the Great American Songbook is a musical journey through the important and influential American popular and jazz songs of the 20th century.

Hiya Dolly!
Andy Jordan Productions, Swine Palace Theatre and LSU Theatre

A play about a cute, attention-seeking lamb who became the most famous sheep in history. The scientists who cloned Dolly in an Edinburgh laboratory changed biology forever but who were they? Science, 'Dollified' Scottish tunes and laughs.

Hobnobs and Fruitcake
Orange Works

Alex loves church because it has Hobnobs and singing, and she’s not allowed either at home because she’s tone-deaf and diabetic. When fruitcake appears, Alex moves hell, highwater and Teresa May, to get some.

Hopes and Dreams
GRAPA Performing Arts

A couple in denial, trapped in a stale relationship, blunted by routine. Strangers under the same roof lamenting the lack of meaningful and satisfying lives, lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams – lives haunted by a painful truth.

Horrigan & Howell: A Sketch Too Far
Horrigan and Howell

An eclectic mix of stupidity, absurdity, joy and death. An hour of tightly scripted sketch comedy that satirises the stubbornness of British identity. Fresh from an award-nominated run at the Camden Fringe.

Harriet Gandy

Pernicious cabaret, rabbit skulls, and a toxic dance into the depths of one man’s psyche.

Hot Clown Sex
The Hot Clown Company

Fun! Laughter! Cream pies!? Hot Clown Sex, a cabaret created entirely by clowns, explores the awkward and messy parts of sex and love. Come see the provocative show that has captivated audiences with sold-out runs since 2019.

Hotel Elsinore
Plant[UnLtd] / Susanna Hamnett

Denmark. 2am. A hotel room. Three weary travellers, an unexpected will, and a production of Hamlet to rehearse before morning. Tragedy and humour blend in this new play by award-winning performer Susanna Hamnett, with Joshua and Lily MacGregor.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Charles Baskerville dead? A ghostly howl echoing across the moor? Sherlock Holmes and ETC’s tightly choreographed ensemble must face off against the surreal, the supernatural and the downright silly in this side-splitting, bone-chilling mystery.

How I Ruined Medicine
Phil Hammond

The outrageous confessions of a retiring NHS whistleblower. Doctoring used to be like Downing Street. Posh unaccountable alcoholics working silly hours, cocking up, covering up and laughing it off. Then I broke ranks and ruined it.

How My Light Is Spent
Along Those Lines Theatre Co

Love, loneliness and doughnuts. Written by Alan Harris, How My Light Is Spent tells Jimmy’s story of relying on adult chat-line operator Kitty to stop him turning invisible.

How Not to Owl
Isaac Kean and Andy Bucks

A split hour of stand-up comedy from Isaac Kean and Andy Bucks, Cambridge Footlights and Chortle Student Comedy finalists. Isaac’s half is about the funny side of grief, Andy’s half is just a torrent of stupidity.

How to Be a Girl (In Three Easy Steps)
Gara Lonning

Gara spent most of their life being a "girl". Now as a trans-masculine person, they are ready to bid farewell to girlhood through drag, comedy and euphoria.

How To Be Jewish. Again.
Gillian Fischer

i don't feel anything

Three young people tell us they don’t feel. Feeling means pain in a world that shuts you down. Liberated through dance, they find a way to navigate power and vulnerability despite the racism, homophobia and abuse.

I Don't Like Mondays
Big Spirit Theatre Company

I Don't Like Mondays was a hit when it was first presented at the Fringe in 2018. It tells the story of a school shooter. Sharp dialogue, cleverly staged.

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
Wellington Theatre Collective

It is an ordinary day at Maurice’s café on the Calvary road and in and amongst the leisureliness and listlessness sit groups of cyclists, writers and lovers. The humdrum of life is, however, brought to a sudden halt upon the sound of … breaking glass?!

I'll Tell You Mine
The Oxford Belles

A musical coming-of-age journey, featuring classics from Whitney Houston and chart-toppers by Olivia Rodrigo. Follow Oxford’s original all-female-identifying a cappella group through this story of fragmentary femininity. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.

I'm F*cking My Agent
Union Management with Kat Harrison

I'm F*cking My Agent: A true story-based play about casting, consent and cappuccinos. We all know someone who is Her and some of us have even been Her.

Exeter University Theatre Company

A boardroom fills with paranoia as a hypothetical assignment starts to feel all too real. This comic thriller follows a group of corporate consultants, in real time, struggling with logic and love in light of some unsettling realisations.

Illuminations Presents: The 11th Hour

11 generations, 11 songs, but only one winner in The 11th Hour. Illuminations are back at the Fringe and need your help choosing which song should be crowned as number one!

The Importance of Being Earnest
Malvern Theatres Young Company

Having wowed audiences with Under Milk Wood (2019), Malvern Theatres Young Company returns with The Importance of Being Earnest. Watch Oscar Wilde’s comedy of manners, matrimony and misbehaviour in an adaptation by Nic Lloyd.

The Importance of Being Earnest as Performed by Three F*cking Queens and a Duck
Out Cast Theatre

Completely sold out 2014 and 2018. A gleeful 50 minutes of breathtakingly disgraceful profanity as three talent-deprived queens attempt to stage Mr Wilde's classic.

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Returning from a sell-out, 16th annual run at the Fringe, this 50-minute improvised movie adventure brings your favourite film genres to life! Featuring live musical accompaniment, improvised songs and audience buzzers to control the performers. ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com). ★★★★ (Clownster.co.uk).

The Improverts
The Improverts

The Fringe’s longest-running improvised comedy troupe are back at theSpaceUK! Returning for another year of fast-paced, high-energy and consistently enjoyable comedy based entirely on audience suggestions. Always different, always funny.

In Her Defence
Dead Herring

  1. A man is dead. His wife has killed him. As a court hears the evidence leading up to the murder, you'll witness the disintegration of the couple’s marriage revealing the real, surprising truth.

In the Small Hours
The Wyrd Systers

A group of girls gather at midnight on Halloween to share ghost stories. As a stormy night darkens outside, so do their tales… In the Small Hours is written by award-winning playwright, Owen Thomas.

Indoor Kids
Noa Rosenberg & JR Atkinson

Two best friends explore the things that made them, from Zooey Deschanel’s bangs to liberal-arts malaise. Indoor Kids is a sketch show part absurd, part tender, completely born of the luck of becoming next-door neighbors at age six.

Queen Mary Theatre Company

This story starts when a letter arrives from someone who is believed to be dead. This sends our main character through a whimsical journey through time and memory, which invites them to encounter the figures who shaped their past.

Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood
Melanie Gall Presents

Judy is an icon, but in the 1930s, Deanna was the bigger star. The true tale of their friendship (and rivalry) in Old Hollywood. ★★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide). ★★★★ (WinnipegFreePress.com).

Into The Woods Jr
Edinburgh Youth Theatre

Edinburgh Youth Theatre perform a new take on Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's ground-breaking musical fairy-tale about wishes and the choices we make. Musical theatre fun for all the family!

Irrational Me
Bernard Ross

How predictably irrational are you? Make sure you get one of just 40 seats a night as 2020's sell-out mix of comedy and neuroscience returns. Award-winning author Bernard Ross explains how and why you make bad predictable choices.

Is This the Real Life?

China or the UK? Where should I go? What happens after I graduate? The things you ignore during the day will often creep into your dreams.This is an absurd theatre all about dream but more than a dream.

It Just So Happened
Mirth of Forth Productions

The alternative history show. Three stand-up comedians perform history-themed 'on this day' sets before discussing topics from Edinburgh's history with stand-up host Richard Pulsford (Top Ten Edinburgh Fringe Jokes, 2019 and 2021). Recorded for podcast. itjustsohappened.co.uk

It's Fraser Brown, I'm Afraid
Fraser Brown

Fraser takes the audience on a hilarious and dark analysis of his anxieties. At 22, Fraser (hopefully) has the majority of his life ahead of him, but is preoccupied with what's happened up to now.

It's Not Rocket Science
Letter for Letter Theatre

Eve always knew she belonged in the stars but she’s often found those on Earth keep bringing her down. As she grows up, she learns that rocket science is the easy part, being treated equally isn’t.

Jacob's Ladder
Jacob Hulland

Flat-footed, dyslexic, self-doubting comedy graduate seeks audience for an afternoon of whimsical fun, stepping out on the rungs of his life. Apply Within. 'Top comedy show, with the energy and style of a Lee Evans routine' (VoiceMag.uk).

James Crampton: Natural Disaster
James Crampton

The world has faced many disasters. Volcanoes, conspiracies and an orange President. But nothing has prepared you for this liability. Join James, a walking catastrophe, as he sorts through his messes, gaffs and screw ups.

Jetty Stars
Stagemad Theatre Company

Stagemad Theatre Company from Waterford, Ireland presents award-winning actor Noelle Clarke as Stella, who revisits her life working as a prostitute on the quays of Waterford. A night of pure drama that ignites and sparkles as it unfolds.

Joffrey! The Pantomime
Quintuple L

Written by Joffrey himself, this retelling of the first season of Game of Thrones as a traditional pantomime is the true story of Joffrey’s fight for his rightful place on the Iron Throne, untainted by Season Eight.

Group 64

Joy. What is Joy? Where can we find it? We have searched high and low! The most joyful hour you will ever spend in a theatre! This thought-provoking show will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Julie: The Musical
Abey Bradbury with Cream-Faced Loons Theatre Company

Worshipped opera singer... Renowned swordswoman... Flaming bisexual. Original, new musical telling the life and adventures of historical LGBTQ+ icon Julie D'Aubigny. Fierce, funny, fabulous!

Something Wicked Theatre Company

Inspired by the short stories of Franz Kafka, author of The Trial and Metamorphosis, Kafkaesque brings together three dark and comic tales exploring what it means to be human.

The Kettling
Hungry Wolf Visionary Youth Theatre

Kettled at a climate change protest, Kelly is forced to confront and challenge her principles and her motives. As the heat intensifies, tensions mount. But in the belly of the kettle, something is born.

Kill The Frippery
David Watson

Sharp stand-up from David Watson about getting rid of the things we don’t need, which would be: vanity, pastry and Twitter.

Korean Yeonhee Concert
Variety E-Seo

Variety E-Seo is a young company taking the Korean traditional performing arts in a new direction: this concert takes the form of four pieces of yeonhee music and dance, with rhythmic, powerful and ritual interpretations of traditions.

Kurt Vonnegut: My Lives' Stories
Dickinson Theatricals

One of the 20th century's great writers is brought to the stage in this one-character play, compiled from material licensed by Kurt Vonnegut's literary estate. A portrayal of unique character, comedy and commentary.

La Serva Padrona
David William Hughes

Coronavirus threatens to kill opera! Can David save it with his one-man production of La Serva Padrona? Baroque meets funk in this new English version of Pergolesi’s 1733 comic masterpiece. ★★★★★ (MusicalTalk). ★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide).

The Lacehouse
Nottingham New Theatre

Wanna see a real Greek tragedy? On the eve of a funeral, three sisters conduct a seance to awaken the secrets of their ancestors, unearthing family secrets that refuse to stay buried. A tragicomedy in one act.

Last Night
Sidgwick and Sanders

David and Emma arrive at work on Christmas Eve – the only two people in the office the morning after the Christmas party. A musical comedy about two people making it through Christmas Eve alone... together.

The Last Words
Theatre With Teeth

After waking from her own murder, Rebecca can only remember the last words said to her before she died. But memories can be twisted. Can Rebecca piece the investigation together or are some truths best left forgotten?

Late Bloomers' Tales: Chasing Time Through Songs
Anna Vanosi

Anna Vanosi's soulful voice transports you from Billie Holiday to Bob Dylan to Björk tracing a comical, poignant path, feeling out of step. Maybe she's not alone? Join this inspirational late-bloomer adventure.

The Late Shift: New York City Stand-Up Comedy Show
The Manhattan Comedy Review (Featuring Sean Lynch and Tony Jackson)

Laurel and Chaplin: Before They Were Famous
Jordan Conway, Matt Knight and Crazy Comedy Company

Laurel and Chaplin: Before They Were Famous. Hilarious and heart-breaking true story of the world's greatest comedians who were best friends before they were famous and never spoke again when they were stars.

Leaves on the Line
Durham University Light Opera Group (DULOG)

Life’s about the journey, not the destination – but maybe not if that journey is full of delays, arguments and embarrassing moments. A new musical about love, self-discovery and the 15:00 from King’s Cross to Edinburgh.

Leaving Vietnam
Andy Jordan Productions

A disillusioned Vietnam veteran is inspired to "Make America Great Again". A visit from his fallen comrade's son makes him doubt his convictions. A gripping new solo play by Richard Vergette. ‘Reminiscent of Arthur Miller’ (NorthWestEnd.co.uk).

Legally Blonde
Stage Avenue

Omigod You Guys! Come and join Stage Avenue for this all-singing, all-dancing, feel-good musical comedy based on the hit movie, Legally Blonde. It is so much fun it shouldn't be legal!

LEON the Magician: Table Tennis is Magic
LEON the Magician

A completely original show. Centre stage is a table tennis table and a humorous member of The Magic Circle! LEON the magician will combine modern amusing magic, mentalism with exhibitions of table tennis.

Let Them Eat Cake
Cellar Door Theatre

Let Them Eat Cake! Join us to explore Maire Antoinette's relationship with the public and press, examining censorship both then and now on women in the public eye. Did she really Let Them Eat Cake?

Let's Try Gay
i Birbanti

Two friends meet in a hotel to shoot a gay adult movie between two straight guys: an “art project” to send to an independent movie festival, but they now feel uncomfortable.

Life Before the Line
Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

Manchester, 2016. The terrorist alarm goes off in class... and it's no drill. Set during the rise in anti-Semitism, this is a heartfelt coming-of-age story following four Jewish teenagers growing up in politically charged times.

Like a Sack of Potatoes
Ric Siler / Woodstock Fringe

A hillbilly gothic tale of an Appalachian tobacco farmer's love for his family and the extremes he will go to to protect them. A gently funny tale that builds to a stunning climax.

Like Other Girls
Very Rascals Productions

Have you ever noticed how all female leads in historical fiction are... kind of the same person? Like Other Girls is the sensible roast of musical theater's finest historical women that you've been waiting for.

The Little Iceberg Musical
Anam Alba Creative

This is a beautiful, metaphorical story about healing from loss and trauma, told through music, song and dance. It is a show for everyone: for both the young and the young at heart.

Living with Sin
Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society (CUMTS)

Facing a quarter-life crisis, Cece finds unexpected support from the Seven "Deadly" Sins. What follows is a Faustian Queer Eye. From the company that brought you Six, a musical seducing us all to try a little sin.

Locked In
Gabriella Giocomo and Company

A ticking clock. A dodgy nursing home. Step in from the bustle of the Mile for a bundle of laughter with Locked In, a joyful comedy premiere. Also featured: Dave Shakespeare, a decidedly silly swipe at pseudointellectuals.

Long Nights in Paradise
Words in Progress

A man down on his luck, a tragic fire, an opportunity. Scott will do anything to get off the streets of London. Can he live with those consequences?

Looking for Wolverhampton's Latin Quarter
Ian Pearce

Ian looks back at his deluded teenage years. This is a very funny, self-deprecating account of growing up in 1970s Wolverhampton. A world of awkward romantic relationships, Angel Delight and The Sex Pistols.

Lord of the Flies
Talking Shadows Theatre

William Golding’s haunting tale of survival and conflict. Pack mentality, loyalty and loss of innocence collide as a group of stranded schoolchildren, cut off from civilisation, desperately seek to impose order on a strange, isolated island.

Los Guardiola – The Comedy of Tango
Giorgia Marchiori and Marcelo Guardiola

The international stars of tango, Los Guardiola lead you into their fantasy world of TangoTeatro, where tragedy, comedy, poetry and humour collide.

Lost and Found: A Cellist's Journey
Justyna Jablonska

In her most intimate musical performance, cellist Jablonska explores how identities are made, unmade and remade on a personal and musical journey from Poland to Scotland, as part of MadeInScotlandShowcase.com.

Karl Bevis

LoudScribble, Karl's first one-man show, views the world in ridiculous detail and invites you to scribble a line of your own. Catch the casual rantings of spoken-word artist Karl Bevis for a proper LoudScribble. 'A kind wordsmith' (Emma, fan).

Love in the Time of Lockdown (The New Variant)
SwanWing Productions

Last year's sell-out success at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe is back with a new variant. From harrowing to hilarious!

Love You More
Hen's Teeth Productions

'Perspectives. Changes everything.' Two friends separately reminisce on their friendship, from sixth form onward. Can their relationship survive their different vantage points? Will their futures be changed forever? And who loves who more?

Love, Loss and Dating
The Swells

A jazz cabaret travelling through the experiences and emotions of loss, of love and of dating, told by songs and stories. It runs from sadness to recovery, the dating scene and meeting someone new. Good fun!

Bloody Hell Company

Loveless is a show concerning the pornographic industry. It deals with two ageing porn stars, both doing their final shoot. Both, in some way, struggling to find a way out of their profession. However, something goes dreadfully wrong.

Figure Theatre Productions

The backdrop of a dystopian 1940s home. A wife seduces herself on a mission to reinvent the marriage with her complacent husband. The pair embark on an affair of a lifetime that urges the question: who are we, really?

The Macbeth Inquiry
Edinburgh University Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare’s great tragedy is reimagined in a modern political context asking how politics is shaped from, and tarnished by, a pursuit for power. It’s time to see the Scottish Play through a whole new lens!

Aurora Theatre Art Co

The play follows Ben and his dog Otto on his journey to find Manhood. With an absent father figure, Ben seeks the answers to becoming a man. However, it isn’t easy with a father behind closed doors.

Bristol Revunions

The Bristol Reunions are back in Edinburgh to showcase the best and brightest minds sketch comedy have to offer. Expect laughs, mystery, fun and a missing sock.

Mason King – Mind Games
Elite Entertainment

Mind reader Mason King returns to the Edinburgh Fringe to take you on a journey into his unique world of explosive, mind-blowing fun! 'Astounding' (FringeReview.ca), 'mind-blowing' (TheatreAndArtReviews.wordpress.com).

MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom
Mates Improv

Inspired by classic sitcoms, could this show BE any funnier? From comedians behind the award-winning Sex, Lies & Improvisation and CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation. 'Uproarious improvised comedy' ★★★★ (AYoungerTheatre.com). 'Laugh-out-loud' ★★★★ (ThePhoenixRemix.com).

Matilda Jr the Musical
Nardone's Academy Of Performing Arts

Based on Roald Dahl's hugely popular children's novel following the story of a girl named Matilda, an undiscovered genius living with her wheeler-dealer family. Will her immense intelligence and magical powers destroy evil Miss Trunchbull?

Matt and Ben
Sue and Beth Theatre

When the screenplay for Good Will Hunting drops from the heavens, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck realise they're being tested by a higher power. Written by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers.

The McTaggart Family: Celtic Gospel
Elsa Jean McTaggart

From the Hebrides to the Fringe, the McTaggart family will debut their first show. Bringing sublime vocals and blood harmonies with a collection of hymns, gospel and a variety of Celtic praise! www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com

Menopause Party
Essex Pub Landlady Dolly Slatemen, Alter-Ego of Debbie Pub Landlady

Dolly Slatemen, the working wo-man's Pub Landlady (alias of real-life Essex Pub Landlady Debbie Baisden), talks menopause in this taboo-smashing show. Expect a sing song, character comedy, spoken word and a lot of learning.

The Mermaid and the Cow
Lindsey Cole

Lindsey Cole mermaided the Thames, clearing plastic en route. Along the way she rescued a drowning cow. Come on an adventure in this interactive show of the bestselling children’s book. Could you rescue the cow?

Merrill Means Well
Merrill Davis

From being called "the slow one” as a child, to being fired from most jobs she’s ever had, Merrill is the epitome of the phrase, “IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK!”. Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Merrill tries to make sense of her existence and chaotic past. She effortlessly weaves her stories and knowledge of her diagnosis creating a unique comedic performance that is both funny and poignant. Strap in and ride this roller coaster through Merrill’s brain as she takes you up, down, around, and upside down!


The last fairy lurks in a dying forest. A ragtag crew of office drones tries to put on a play. Midsummer remixes Shakespeare for an era of ecological crisis. In a broken, wintery world, can we imagine a future?

A Mighty Fall from Grace
Jake Thompson

This one-hander follows the life of Andy, a lifelong Bradford Bulls fan who, through witnessing the decline of his club, has his own fall from grace.

Miss Kiddy's Big Cover Up
Miss Kiddy and the Cads

Rediscover your favourite songs as Miss Kiddy and the Cads steal the biggest contemporary hits and give them a makeover of style and sass. Hollywood decadence in the biggest musical heist of the century!

The Mistake
Michael Mears' Essential Theatre

A brilliant scientist. A daring pilot. A devoted daughter. Three lives fatally entangled on a Monday morning in August 1945. This compelling new play explores "the mistake" that launched our nuclear age. ‘Deeply moving and engaging’ (Preview Audience).

Moby Dick! The Musical
AHSTF presents Dr Phillips High School

The girls of St Godley's School are in trouble: money has run out, and the place will have to close. These resourceful girls come up with a plan: a musical of Moby Dick!

Tali Foxworthy-Bowers

A moving one-woman show about the trials and tribulations of living with chronic pain. Written, created and performed by Tali Foxworthy-Bowers, this piece shares her personal experience of chronic back pain through comedy, spoken word and movement.

More Than Tracy Turnblad
Abby Rose Morris

Abby Rose Morris details her experiences as a plus-size performer while dismantling cultural stereotypes about fat people through musical theatre. This quirky, snarky cabaret exposes the absurdity of the entertainment industry's body standards.

Viva Arts and Community Group

Nostalgic, hilarious, touching and beautiful, Tim Whitnall's masterful telling of a national treasure will stir your emotions. 'If I made you laugh, all well and good. If I made you care, even better...' (Eric Morecambe).

AHSTF presents JR Tucker High School's Shoestring Players

Follow the journey of a fictional American president and delve into the underbelly of the struggle for power. Find out what motivates people to lead, help others, kill. In the end, we are all mortal... or are we? www.jrtscotland.com

Mrs Pack
Three Chairs and a Hat

Even a prince needs a woman's first gift. The true story of a wet nurse who saves a prince and turns the Stuart court upside down. A new musical written by Nia Williams and directed by Katie Blackwell.

The Murder Club
Pear Productions and New Celts Productions

What happens when you put two convicted murderers in charge of the entertainment scene at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum? A play within a play and a trail of manipulation, lies and deception.

Music of the Night
Marcus Megastar

Don't miss out! Marcus Megastar is back and knows how to cause absolute dancemonium! This one man award-winning extended sizzling show with visuals and trademark prosthetics for one night only. Limited availability + support.

The Music of Trees
Geoff Robb

Winner of the 2018 Brighton Fringe Live Music Award, Geoff Robb's latest show, The Music of Trees, weaves together tales of woodland folklore with his signature blend of virtuoso classical, jazz, Celtic and Spanish guitar music.

Music, Mayhem and a Mezzo
James Morgan and Juliette Pochin

Renowned record producers by day, working with Alfie Boe to Pete Townshend. Watch them squander their musical talents on an hour of comic songs, musical mashups, piano acrobatics and a smattering of operatic high jinx!

My Other Half
Raising Cain Productions

H and B are struggling with the pressures of their relationship. When they miraculously switch bodies, they must face their problems from a new perspective. Come and see this head-spinning, side-splitting journey into the human psyche.

The Mystery of the Wee Pirate's Curse
The Chanticleer Players

It is 1952 and the spiffing summer hols are here at last, what larks! Lady Iris Bungle stumbles upon a rather swashbuckling adventure, lost treasure, vengeful ghosts and a jolly mystery to boot!

The Nashville Story
Night Owl Shows

Following a sell-out run in 2021, The Nashville Story returns to take you on a guided tour through time in Music City. Features hits by Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline and many more. ★★★★★ (Southside Advertiser).

NASTY: "big" girls being gross, mean and sexy
Succulent Theatre Collective

Two big girls getting proper filthy. Autobiographical, confessional theatre about how two chubby girls felt growing up in the thigh-gap worshipping, fart denying, skinny tea-peddling dumpster fire that was the 2010s.

Neil Diamond: The Story Where It Began
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Neil Diamond has wooed the world with his top hits. Hear of his journey to success through song, story and visuals. Including: Sweet Caroline, Hello Again, America, Forever in Blue Jeans. www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com.

The New Rock'n'Roll
Minotaur Theatre Company

A washed-up stand-up comedian tries to reclaim his mojo but fails miserably at the hands of his younger, more popular support act who he sets out to sabotage.

Nightpiece Film Festival
Nightpiece Media in association with theSpaceUK

Now in its ninth consecutive season, Nightpiece continues to platform exciting filmmakers from across the globe. With dynamic shorts and the premiere of Al Carretta's 20th indie feature Eight Hundred Dollar Value, come experience true independent film.

No Time For Strangers
Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

Waiting for a train, a man finds two strangers on the the same platform. Only, the more they speak, the less they seem like strangers.

A Non-Emergency
Baloney Theatre Company

Two ambulance care assistants, five extraordinary patients, a rickety ambulance plus minimal training add up to one lively dramatic journey! This dark comedy reveals what actually takes place in the back of non-emergency ambulances.

North Star (What I Listened to Instead of My Intuition)
Lori Hamilton

Known by her mum as ‘the child who ruined my life’ – Lori Hamilton overcame her family baggage and took the bumpy road to happiness. Music, laughter, insights and dance.

Northern Lights A Cappella
Durham University Northern Lights

Durham University Northern Lights are back at the Fringe! Come and enjoy an hour of beautiful harmonies and clever choreography with this award-winning a cappella group. Like Pitch Perfect? They’re better.

Fuzed Theatre Company

Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies. This brutal and hilarious one-act comedy, set in an all-girls boarding school, depicts a vicious battle of wills between four sixth form girls before a new head girl is announced.

O, for a Muse of Fire: Henry IV 1, Henry IV 2 and Henry V
Liahona Theatre

Direct from the USA, six-time National Shakespeare Champions perform Shakespeare's electrifying history trilogy. Follow Hal from prince to king in 90 exhilarating minutes.

The Ofsted Massacre
KGS Theatre Company

It's Monday morning at a sleepy further education college in the Midlands. Just as a group of career-worn teachers are about to begin period one, Ofsted arrive! Cue hilarity, romance and just a little murder!

The Olive Tree
Jessica Forrest, Sugar Butties.

'A real gem of a show!' The Olive Tree is a bitter-sweet comedy, taking you on a journey from London to Italy, telling stories of change and loss through sketch, poetry and soundscape.

Oliver! Jr
Footsteps to Theatre (in association with Cumbria Curtain Call)

A youth production of Lionel Bart's classic musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. Expect a fun-filled show for all the family with all the tunes you know and love. Licensed by Music Theatre International (Europe). 60-minute duration.

Olives and Blowjobs
Ollie Maddigan

Taken from comedic and tragic memories from his own life, Ollie Maddigan’s five-star one-man show is the story of a 15-year-old boy who just wishes he could be a man.

On the Run: Dame Over!
Them is Brothers Comedy

A panto dame fleeing justice, tracked down by her own panto-dame sister. Two actors playing seven characters. Magic bins, hot-wired carpets and showdowns in Dumfries. In this genre-bending romp, pantomime never looked so fugitive-y.

On Wednesdays We Wear Maroon
The Bristol Suspensions

The Bristol Suspensions are back at the Fringe one year after becoming national champions of collegiate a cappella with their all-new show, where Mean Girls meets Pitch Perfect. Get in loser, we're going to Fringe!

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary
Quids In Theatre Company

A new gothic fantasy by Scottish playwright Annie James with original songs by Adam Usmani exploring one dark night in Baltimore leading to the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe.

One Week in Magaluf
Napier Musical Theatre Society

Set during a girls holiday to Magaluf in the late 00s, this is a familiar fable about friends on the verge of becoming foes when paths change directions, sometimes in the opposite direction you wanted.

Oracle: Do You Want to See the Future?
Lorenzo 'Renz' Novani

A jaw-dropping mind-reading show that will have you grinning from ear to ear, scratching your head in bafflement and wondering if you might just have seen a glimpse of the future.

Our Eyes Met
St Catherine's School

We know the story of Medusa… What if we didn't? Watch the Muses tell a number of stories based on a number of outcomes, where the Gorgon is a woman and the real hero of her story…

Our Field at Twilight
Sisu Theatre

Trapped in a worker’s cult in Northern Europe, an insomniac mother and her anxious companion have their dirty secrets unearthed when a stranger burgles their farmhouse. A tragicomedy combining puppetry and immersive storytelling.

Our Teacher's a Troll

What would you do if your teacher was replaced by a giant hungry troll? Would you run and survive or be eaten alive? ETC presents a deliciously entertaining tale for children big and small.

Panto She Wrote
University of Bristol Pantomime Society

The show was written by two panto-enthusiasts at Bristol University. A production of Peter Pan is about to start when someone gets murdered! Follow a murder mystery where no one, not even the audience, is innocent.

Papageno's Quest

Join Papageno on his quest to find a magpie feather for the Queen of the Night, encountering a number of his friends, including Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Carmen, along the way, in this interactive musical adventure.

Parky Players: Shake It Up
Community Vibe and Ingenious Fools

A fiercely funny, no-holds-barred comedy about modern life living with Parkinson’s. Uplifting, joyous and more than a little shaky... Developed with National Lottery funding from Arts Council England. Directed by Rachel Green and Gary Archer.

Pearly Gates: A Kafkaesque Romcom in Heaven
Pearly Mates Theatre Company

After a series of encounters with the bizarre denizens of God’s Kingdom, Sam decides paradise isn't for him. Nominated for the Cambridge Footlights’ annual playwriting prize. ‘Imaginative and funny’ (Alex Horne).

People are Cats, People are Dogs
Stepping Out Theatre

Which are you? Darkly comic, Covid-haunted nightmares of dogs, cats and giant beetles can help you find out. Five female talking heads create a snappy, tightly woven, and occasionally hilarious rollercoaster.

Written / Directed by Sam Adlam

How well can two people know each other? Drifting between love, sex, Bowie, break-ups and Adam Sandler, Pillows is a new play that wanders through the murky depths of teenage love without leaving the confines of one boy’s bedroom.

Sidgwick and Sanders

The year is 1348 and the small Yorkshire village of Bogsfield is about to be hit by the Black Death. With catchy folk music, this is a fun-filled medieval tale of hope, community... and root vegetables.

The Plague of Denny Ken
Advanced 22

Tis 1351, a plague hath spread to the streets of Denny, Scotland. As the feudal lord parties on and the priests cry conspiracy, learned scholar Joe urges action in this satirical farce.

Plan V: The Joyful Cult of Pussy Worship
Eleanor O'Brien, Dance Naked Creative

Part stand-up, part TEDtalk, part Vagina Monologue, this sex-positive solo show dives deep into the ancient art of going down, and what it takes to make the pussy purr...

Pool (No Water)
Acting Coach Scotland

A famous artist invites her old friends to her luxurious new home. For one night only, the group is back together. But celebrations come to an abrupt end when the host suffers a horrific accident.

Practice Room 99
Practice Room 99

A new comedy with a backstage pass to the magic and mayhem of music performance. Trapped in a recording session with only their music for inspiration, a brass group must work together to save their studio.

Ladies Like You Theatre Company

Sadie Hasler's biting dark comedy takes an unflinching look at what it means to be child-free in a world of yummy mummies. Equally hilarious and heart-wrenching, this play may not start a revolution but it will start a conversation.

Prejudice and Pride
SamWrites and Nicholas Collett Productions

This new folk musical comedy reimagines Jane Austen’s classic novel in modern America with gender-swapped characters. The Longborn boys must find love or at least empathy with the millionaires next door before they lose the family farm. Featuring 9 professional actors from Kansas City.

Prince of Denmark
Parker and Snell Youth Company

Shakespeare's most famous tragedy imagines Hamlet as a restless teenager frustrated by the limits of his role and furious at his father's warmongering ways. Superb and breathtakingly eloquent.

Prometheus Bound (Io’s Version)
Myths Unbound Productions and New Celts Productions

An adaptation of Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, this version (Io’s Version) feasts on the liver of power and injustice while pecking at the core of what it means to be human (because seriously, we’re all confused).

Puppet Pansori Sugungga
Theatre Moksung

An untraditional staging of classical Korean themes using the traditional puppetry of pansori and live music. Witty and creative, and appealing to adults and children alike, Moksung brings international influences to traditional forms.

Olivia Ruggiero

Have you ever been on a dating app? If yes, you’d be joining over 323 million people around the world who used an online dating platform in 2022 alone! Liv has definitely used a dating app, in fact, she has tried them all! And whilst she hasn’t found love yet, she has found plenty of amazing content to bring you a hilarious one hour cabaret!

Strikes Back Productions

December 2019: the new roaring 20s are fast approaching. Set in a short window of optimism, four sixth-formers find their futures dancing on the edge of catastrophe when one of them threatens to reveal their darkest secrets.

The Quote Show
CausticComedians.com / Edinburgh Fringe 22

The Quote Show is the hilarious live search for the best quote of the day, featuring a mixed bill of comedy talent and industry guests. Make sure you are in the liveliest studio audience at the Fringe!


Rapunzel is the perfect breath of fresh air for all ages. IKP’s trademark 'delightfully daft' (Stage) adaptation brings the classic fairy tale to life with bundles of slapstick physical humour, puppetry and plenty to keep the adults entertained too!

Raw Sex Appeal
Mop and Bucket Theatre

A Londoner travels to America finding himself amongst incels, or, men who hate women. A new comedy-drama asks the audience, what is the difference between geeky virgins and violent misogynists? Maybe Gandalf knows the answer.

Read for Filth
Nathan Savoy

The single hardest day of your life is the day you realise you’re not going mad and you’re not going to kill yourself. Why? Because that’s the day you start to live... Ugh.

Real, Mad World
Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC)

Real, Mad World is a tender and sensitive portrayal of trans life. This piece of new writing follows T4T couple Laura and Lindsay as they search for love, intimacy and family in an otherwise hostile world.

Madonna / Whore Productions

Alone in a London flat waiting for the next alcohol order to arrive, Marisol Goldenstein reminisces on the sexual encounters that have marred her early twenties. Hybrid of theatre and one-woman show, Rebound explores compulsive obsession with male validation.

A Requiem for Anna Akhmatova
Acting Coach Scotland

Banned and bugged, her son imprisoned and her husband executed – just how dangerous could one poet be? Witness the true story of Anna Akhmatova, one of the 20th century's greatest writers.

Reservoir Knobs
Punch Monkey Theatre

Based on a wild and hilarious true story, Reservoir Knobs follows the aftermath of a botched supermarket robbery, as the hapless criminals gather in a warehouse to confront an injury, their dismal haul and ultimately each other.

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes
Fringe Management

Three years have passed since Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty vanished into the abyss of the Reichenbach Falls. A society murder shakes London. A triumphant return from the dead?

Richard Pulsford: A Bit More Rich
Mirth of Forth Productions

One-liners and light-hearted jokes from the UK Pun Championships winner 2022, Scottish Comedian of the Year runner-up 2021, (Some Guy Called) Dave's Top Ten Jokes, 2021, and Dave's Top Ten Jokes, 2019.

The Roaring of the Voices
Three Pint Productions

They say a bull sees red when it loses the plot... A contemporary play from Mark Aylward which follows the strained relationship between Richard and Hannah, spanning two timelines.

The Roaring of the Voices
Three Pint Productions

They say a bull sees red when it loses the plot... A contemporary play from Mark Aylward which follows the strained relationship between Richard and Hannah, spanning two timelines.

The Roaring of the Voices
Three Pint Productions

They say a bull sees red when it loses the plot... A contemporary play from Mark Aylward which follows the strained relationship between Richard and Hannah, spanning two timelines.

The Roaring of the Voices
Three Pint Productions

They say a bull sees red when it loses the plot... A contemporary play from Mark Aylward which follows the strained relationship between Richard and Hannah, spanning two timelines.

Robert Miles
Robert Miles

Robert Miles is a quirky one-liner comedian. Also an outstanding ventriloquist. Robert Miles is also in a double act with Cyril the squirrel in a stand-up comedy show.

The Rodney Buzzard Tapes: Evidence of an Honourable Man
Prefontaine Productions

A surreal sketch show that tells the story of Britain's least-successful serial killer, Rodney Buzzard. A satire of murder documentaries that will probe the hidden depths of the criminal underworld.

Running with Ghosts
Mulberry Theatre Company

During lockdown, an all-female running group from East London get more than they bargained for when strange figures from London's past run alongside them. Fringe First winners return, with a new play about friendship and feminist phantoms.

School's Out Comedy Club
Philip Simon

Join Philip Simon for his hilariously silly children's joke show, created during lockdown, where the kids are the stars. Leicester Comedy Festival Best Kids’ Show nominee. 'The comedy world's Joe Wicks' (Jason Rosam, BBC).

Scottish Sessions: The Story of Scottish Pop Music
Elsa Jean McTaggart

The story of Scotland's finest songwriters needs to be told. From the Bay City Rollers, Bluebells, Deacon Blue, The Proclaimers and Runrig, to Amy MacDonald, KT Tunstall, Del Amitri and more. www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com.

Second Person Narrative
Twisted Tales

You're born a girl. You grow up, grow old and die. But can you choose your own destiny? A fast-moving, physical three-hander that addresses the question of who, really, is in control...

The Secret Story of Sammy Wise
Woolly Sheep Theatre Company

Sammy, an artist with a love of music, has a dark secret. What inspires him? Can he be persuaded to tell Petra and at what cost to herself? WSTC returns a fourth time.

See You Later Mum
Family Production Company

Deeply touching, hilariously dark at times and with beautifully sung original music, See You Later Mum is a cross-generational love letter about hopes, dreams and destiny told through the lives, loves and loss of women.

The Seed of the Holyman
University of York Drama Society

A bizarre, immersive play-within-a-play set in a 17th-century playhouse, where a political satire becomes centre stage for the real conflict the actors are mocking.

Seeds of Memories
Black Hound Productions

Packed to the brim with puppetry and poetry, this is a wistful, uplifting exploration of the magic of memories and the feeling of loss. Share and explore the beautiful memories we all grow throughout our lives.

Self Service
Anne Rabbitt

Breaking down? Need a service? Lost the manual? Book in for this funny (meta)physical dive into how to keep going. Based on a complete strip-down and rebuild of the award-winning 1962 Rabbitt model. Warning: may contain candour.

Semi-Toned Presents: Lost in Time

Semi-Toned want to attempt the impossible: time travel. Watch as the boys in burgundy wow the audience with their trademark witty style, futuristic harmonies and energetic choreography!

Sense and Worth
Ethan HMM

What happens when your world falls apart? Who do you become? When a cult sweeps a nation, a group of young friends find themselves caught in the middle of a revolution.

Seven and a Half Years
Mark Glentworth

This award-winning solo musical tells an extraordinary true survivor’s story with "songs not only from the heart but touching the heart of the listeners".

Sex, Lies & Improvisation
Between Us

A dark comedy about lying together. From award-winning comedians behind MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom and CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation. 'Live entertainment at its best' ★★★★★ (Demon-Media.co.uk). ★★★★★ 'Act Of The Year 2019' (ThePhoenixRemix.com).

Shadow Under a Setting Sun
Christopher Tajah Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

Coretta Scott King, widowed after an assassin's bullet murdered her husband (the iconic Martin Luther King Jr) propelling her voice and activism onto the international stage. A new solo woman play. Written/directed by Christopher Tajah.

Shakespeare's Fool
Tortive Theatre

Returning to the Fringe by popular demand! Elizabethan superstar Will 'Cavaliero' Kempe gives his final performance to an audience of a mouse and a marrote, and tells us what happened between him and Will 'Git-Face' Shakespeare.

Shall I Compare Thee
Shakespeare's School

Does the human race crave love or hate? A student-devised production from Shakespeare’s School offering a cynical, absurd exploration of modern relationships, presented in an anthology of stories inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets.

The Shambles
Dead Ducks Productions

Hilarity! Hijinks! Hernias! Some of these describe The Shambles, as they make their epic Fringe return! The Shambles make improv sexier than ever with their jam-packed jesting jamboree. No two shows are the same – a guaranteed guffaw.

She Had It Coming
The Tone Roses

A brand-new, all-female a cappella show created by ICCA UK finalists! Set in purgatory, five women must fight for a place in heaven and avoid fiery hell. Are they simply misunderstood or are they truly aca-bitches?

Shenanigans Cabaret Burlesque Edition
Shenanigans Cabaret

Join curvaceous, vivacious bluenette, Foxi Blue, for a night of delectable debauchery. Featuring top class burlesque acts, both new and established, from across the UK, in a range of styles to please all.

Shep Famousman's Leaving Party
Continental Entertainment

Shep Famousman – finest talent agent London’s ever seen – is off to New York. Join him and some of the names on his roster for an hour of stand-up, sketches and songs to bid farewell.

Sherlock's Excellent Adventure
Our Star Theatre Company

Follow Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on their unpublished case... A small case that lures Holmes straight towards his rival Professor Moriarty! Four actors, many props and tons of jolly good fun! ★★★ (TheReviewsHub.com, Brighton Fringe 2021).

A Shoddy Detective and the Art of Deception
Shoddy Theatre

A bumbling detective is called upon to uncover the mystery of a priceless stolen painting. Shoddy Theatre presents a multi-roling, slapstick comedy inspired by the classics.

Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds
Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds

Enjoy some adult comedy entertainment with Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds as they complete their 2022 summer touring schedule at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hosted by 'Shogun Joe' Sweeney, the show’s content was described by the Glasgow International Comedy Festival as ‘good old-fashioned comedy’. Spanning three generations of the Scottish population, on the night there’ll be something for people of all ages to enjoy and have that good old-fashioned laugh at.

Show Me What You're Maid Of
Shotgun Theatre

Show Me What You’re Maid Of follows a bridal party on the day of Flora’s wedding. Join us for an afternoon of crude anecdotes, naughty secrets and musical numbers that will make you roar.

AHSTF presents TBA Theatre Performing Arts Academy

Silhouettes of the past give form to the present in this verbatim, devised production of true-life stories. Poignant, funny, embarrassing, and frightening; the common threads of the teen experience weave these tales together over the course of the show.

Simon & Garfunkel Through the Years

Critically acclaimed as one of the greatest tribute shows in the world. Simon & Garfunkel Through the Years has sold out for the last seven Festival Fringes. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Simply Blue
Bishops (Diocesan College)

Returning to the Fringe, this group of lively and entertaining senior pupils of Bishops (Diocesan College) Cape Town, performs a catchy and varied repertoire, including contemporary tunes, songs with an African flavour and popular old classics.

The Single Lady
TDTC (Durham University)

How far must a woman go to win a man’s game? Set in Tudor England with a modern twist, this new pop/R&B musical about Elizabeth I asks what one is willing to sacrifice for crown and country.

Sitting on a Cornflake – Songs of Lennon and McCartney
Brothers Broke

A unique and personal acoustic blues and folk arrangement of the music of Lennon and McCartney, exploring influence, inspiration and the competitiveness of this collaborative, yet often independent, songwriting partnership

The Six Stages of a Break-Up
Anaïs Gralpois

A comedic debut, one-woman show written by and starring Anaïs Gralpois. The Six Stages of a Break-Up: follow Charlotte as she processes her break-up with Jamie by starting a podcast.

Six Stories

Taking inspiration from the Korean shamanic rituals known as Gut, WeMu reimagines the traditional in a concert combining Western and Korean instruments, creating modern music based on ancient forms.

SMACK & Spektakel
SMACK & Spektakel

SMACK & Spektakel offers an adventurous double bill of dance, refreshing the commentary on the empowered female body, while questioning the relationship between performance and identity.

Snog! Marry! Kill!

Join PVC for an interactive evening of drag, drama and debauchery! Three incredible queens present a cabaret like no other as they fight for your love and adoration. Who will you snog, marry and kill?

So Close...
Pes.To Theatre

A coming of age for your 20s. So Close… follows a love triangle of gen zs as they navigate relationships, or lack thereof; careers, or lack thereof; and accidentally killing your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Or lack thereof.

Sobriety on the Rocks
A Tad Kiwi

Is alcoholism a disease or choice? A battleground with one actor, four characters and a drunk-driving accident involving a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle watch. Can you help an alcoholic who doesn't want to be helped?

Buzzcut Productions

New play about deepfakes: the technological phenomenon allowing anyone to pretend to be anyone else. Almost. Using live camera work and real-time face-swapping technology on stage, past bleeds into present as we follow three students exploring the internet's underbelly.

Soho Boy
LAMBCO Productions

Young, trendy Spencer hits Soho in a journey of love, laughter and happiness. But all that glitter fades as Spencer stumbles into a darker side of glamour, sex and songs.

The Sound of Mucus
Malignant Humours

The hills are alive with the sound of comedy! Join us for a ward round of sketches and songs. Soon to become one of your favourite things, Malignant Humours presents The Sound of Mucus.

South Downs
Stowe School

In an English Public School, John Blakemore is a solitary boy who cannot adapt to his environment. His adolescent earnestness challenges teachers and pupils, and he is in danger of losing his only friend.

Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space
A Time and a Place Productions

As disaster strikes aboard the SS Space Holiday, join DCI John Wood on a madcap adventure of illegal sudoku, inept bandits and intergalactic corruption to solve this meta-murder-mystery... in space!

Spit Me Out
Slap 'n' Tickle Theatre Company

A unique dark comedy musical experience that explores sexual violence against women and what it means to live with the life-altering effects through a particular blend of theatre that is 'timely, important and quite special' (VoiceMag.uk).

Dolphin Youth Theatre

Bitterly funny and heartbreaking, a group of abandoned siblings, with only a leg of lamb between them, discover what it means to unravel life’s bruises. 'Captivating. Don’t miss this one – it’s superb' ★★★★★ (BritishTheatreGuide.info).

Star Quest: The Next Improvisation
ShellShock! Improvised Comedy

In the depths of space, ShellShock! embarks on their 50-minute mission to explore strange new worlds inspired by your suggestions! Join us on our comedy-filled quest to boldly go where no show has gone before!

AHSTF presents The Lawrenceville School

In the not-so-distant future, eight teens quarantined in a technologically advanced medical facility uncover secrets that will change their lives forever. Stay Safe! is a sci-fi teen drama about isolation and reconnection.

Steve Richards Presents: Rock'n'Roll Politics
Steve Richards

The legendary behind the scenes guide to all the epic political dramas and characters… plus unreliable predictions, questions. A different show every day. Now, where were we when we left off in 2019?

Stop The Press
Imperial College Dramatic Society

Stop The Press, written by Benjamin Charles Davids, tells the story of a high-flying newspaper team that is upended over an image that sneaks past the editor, out of the printers and into the hands of the nation.

Stop the World, We're Getting Off
Tenderfoot Theatre

Ava and Cayden survived the apocalypse and now they’re having a baby. But as the oxygen falls around them, will love be enough to survive? New writing from sustainable eco-theatre company Tenderfoot Theatre.

Fishtale Theatre

How quickly can you write a TV show? A month? A week? A day? Felix, Phoebe and Alice have 40 minutes. A fast-paced comedy about the brutality of the TV industry and the circumstances that push people to betrayal.

Mabel Thomas

One girl. Five ages. Many morally ambiguous choices. 2021's online hit is reworked and now live! Explore, along with Mae, what it means to win (no matter the cost) on this rollercoaster of laughs and poignancy.

Sweet Nothings Present: A Night at the Movies
Sweet Nothings

Cinema’s greatest hits performed by an award-winning a cappella group! Let the Sweet Nothings take you on a musical journey through the best songs the silver screen has to offer.

Sylus 2024!
Jeff Ahern

Sylus Rothchild, the most evil man in the world, is running for president. Your suggestions create his campaign. He's the only candidate who has a dragon for a campaign manager and a warrant out for his arrest.

Sylvia vs the Fascists
Breathe Out Theatre

1930s England. As the British government strikes bargains with Hitler and Mussolini, the nation’s own fascists are on the march. But one person is ready to stop them. Sylvia Pankhurst. Feminist. Activist. Champion of Justice.

A Talent to Amuse: The Noël Coward Story
Melanie Gall Presents

Playwright, composer, actor, singer; Noël Coward defined and shaped the 20th century. Melanie Gall tells the fascinating true story of Coward's irreverent and unforgettable life. Featuring a dozen of Coward’s iconic songs.

Tales of Vomit, Trash and Broken Glass
Not So Nice! and New Celts Productions

Following an ecological disaster, two people are forced to confront the parallel between destructive relationships and environmental destruction, asking the question: in a world full of toxicity, how do we heal?

Tam O' Shanter, Tales & Whisky
Stolen Elephant Theatre

Tam O’ Shanter, Tales & Whisky is a comic celebration of the gothic poems of Robert Burns. Spookily accompanied by Scottish folk tales The Witch of Fife and The Haunted Ships. Includes a dram!

Tapestry of Strength
Bishops (Diocesan College)

An embroidery of monologues, dialogues and poetry weaving colourful threads of South African realism, stitches of worldly comedy and flecks of absurdity together into an interesting tapestry – four college students from Bishops explore masculinity and strength.

Ten Men – The Lives Of John Bindon

One-man play about the infamous life of the British actor, criminal and alleged lover of Princess Margaret. A charismatic character and well-connected raconteur who transcended the swinging sixties and decadent 70s.

That's a Bit of Sheer Luck! – A Sherlock Holmes Parody
Big Licks Theatre Company

Get ready for a woofdunnit like never before! Sheerluck has a fur-ocious need to sniff out crime, but has he met his match against the preposterous puppy plucker?

There's No Mystery in Murder!
Northern Corner

Murder has come to Rothersdale, where nothing ever happens. Who'll crack the case? Northern Corner's four-person cast bring an entire village of unhinged locals to life in this countryside crime caper, a new Yorkshire musical!

There’s Nothing Quite Like Spaghetti Bolognese!
Paper Plate Productions and New Celts Productions

There’s nothing quite like Spaghetti Bolognese, the most dazzling bowl of pasta in all your days! Join Penny for an unforgettable dinner in this show that is fun for all the family.

Things We (Never) Learned in Sex Ed
Portal Theatre

Let’s talk about sex, maybe? After having radically different experiences with Sex Ed, Lindsay and Lea try to figure out exactly what they were supposed to learn, and where they go from here!

The Three
Serendipity Productions

A three-headed person. A burlesque butler-crow. A disturbing disruption to their tea-drinking routine. This darkly humorous play is a Beckettian exploration of the absurdity of habit and the difficult concept of the self... ees dna emoc.

Three Women and Shakespeare's Will
Lemon Squeeze Productions

After the death of Will Shakespeare, his wife is visited by two women with shocking revelations. Both demand a share of Will's will. What will Anne do? It will surprise you! The twist is astonishing!

The Ticking Clock
Theiya Arts Dance Collective

A South Asian contemporary-classical dance fusion performance that centres on the urgency of climate change, taking the audience on a journey through time and exploring the evolution of our relationship with nature and the environment.

A Time Traveler's Guide to the Present
Doug Harvey

Fusing astronomy, personal storytelling, and an original score, A Time Traveler's Guide to the Present is a far-out, amped-up, one-man show about the hunt for human connection.

The Tina Turner Story
Night Owl Shows

Journey through the life and music of a superstar in this award-winning show. Includes hits: Proud Mary, Simply the Best and more! Features Cleopatra Higgins ★★★★★ (Advertiser, Adelaide). Mervs Award 2019. Adelaide Fringe Music Award 2020.

A Toe Tale
Queen Mary Theatre Company

When faced with the drama and indignities of growing up, five toes must contend with smelly socks, ballet injuries and a dose of existential dread in their journey to discover what it means to be a family.

Tom Waits For No Man
Stewart D'Arrietta Productions

Stewart D'Arrietta shares his love affair with the prince of melancholy's brilliant songs. This lively, demented rock journey is not only for Tom Waits fans, but for anyone who loves a powerful, poignant, entertaining show.

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me but Banjos Saved My Life
Quivering Dendrites

Highly reviewed, awarded and internationally toured one-man show. An inspirational true story about overcoming obstacles, pursuing one’s passions, and the healing power of music. ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
Mulberry Theatre Company

After an encounter with mysterious strangers, three good friends must question whether they really are in charge of their own destiny. Fringe First winners Mulberry Theatre Company return to the Fringe with a new play.

Eleventh Hour Theatre

Torn is part verbatim testimony and part jukebox musical: an affectionate and uncompromising love letter to the uterus. No need to call the midwife; but do laugh, cry and sing along until you burst your perineal stitches.

The Tragicomical 'Istory of 'Arry and the Long March of Civilisation
Stepping Out Theatre

'Arry’s had the crap careers in history: cannibal pot stirrer, plague sniffer, anchovy archivist. Big hearted, with a big dog inside his head, he faces his final job interview.

Trashfuture: Live at the Fringe

The Trashfuture crew of Riley, Milo, Hussein, Nate and Alice are back at the Fringe and ready to dissect all of the absolute worst aspects of the age we live in.

Trial by Jury
Velocirapture Productions

It's 1968 and the British legal system is corrupt as ever. A formerly engaged couple are in court, fighting against each other to win the trial! Complete with dodgy judge, questionable jury and dubious decisions, chaos ensues...

A Tribute to Craig Stephenson

A Tribute to an Extraordinary Man & Magician

Triple Bypass: Three Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life
Hardly Working Promotions LLC

Award-winning trilogy written by American author Deena MP Ronayne for online festivals in 2021; recreated for live performance by an all-Scottish cast and crew.

Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One-Woman Show!
Robin Rothman – TruSongstress Productions

Forget your troubles and join fictional Las Vegas legend Trudy Carmichael for a daring, improvised event featuring original songs, starry-eyed anecdotes and stratospheric high notes created on the spot based on your suggestions!

Truth, Lies, Diana
Jon Conway Productions

Truth, Lies, Diana. On the 25th anniversary of her death, the compelling off-Broadway docuplay about who lied at her inquest and why.

TV Apocalypse
End of the World Theatre Company

The world will end in seven days. Jamie and Sam, a lesbian couple, watch society crumble from the comfort of their sofa, wondering if it’s even worth trying to survive in a homophobic world.

Robert Walsh

A bittersweet monologue chronicling a forgotten history and a dying art. Underneath a stage, an aging pantomime dame prepares again to revive his Widow Twankey whilst reminiscing of bygone days and plotting to commit a dark deed.

UK Underdog
Steve Spiro

UK Underdog is a solo show based on true events in a London, Jewish boy’s life. Bullied at school, Steve realizes his strength to move forward; which ultimately comes at a price. Told with humour and much chutzpah!

Under Heaven's Eyes – The Systemic and Systematic Unjustified Killings of Black Lives
Christopher Tajah - Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

Did the killing of George Floyd mark a turning point for real change or just another false dawn?

Unseen Shepard
Eagle Rock Theatre Company (Los Angeles, California)

Playwright Sam Shepard is on his deathbed. He’s visited by characters from his past works, demanding a rewrite, and they won't let him go without a fight. It’s a fever dream of a writer confronted by his creations.

Dave Neita

A heart-warming play illuminating the significant contributions of the Windrush Generation to Britain, the scandal around their wrongful treatment and their journey in overcoming this atrocious injustice with the support of friends and allies.

Vampire's Ball: Ultimate Halloween Party!
Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie present

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie present Vampire’s Ball: Ultimate Halloween Party! An extra-silly and joyous sing-and-dance-along through a haunted house which is guaranteed to take the Fringe by storm. ★★★★★ (Sascha Cooper, BroadwayBaby.com).

The Vampyre
University of Gloucestershire

It is 1871 and the Vampyre Carmilla has chosen her next victim, the gentle and innocent Laura. Can the love of the young doctor and her father be enough to save Laura from Carmilla's clutches? An original musical.

Voices in my Head
Something Wicked Theatre Company

In this comedy romp, audiences will meet a colourful cast of characters who are certain to tickle those funny bones. Warning! This production contains cabaret.

Vox Stars Presents Star Inspirations
Vox Stars

Celebrating a diverse mix of aspiring singers through the music of their icons. Featuring popular music hits from retro, pop, rock, theatre and film such as Queen, ABBA, Pink, Disney and The Greatest Showman.

Waiting for Hamlet
Nicholas Collett and Tim Marriott

Shakespearean comedy. Languishing in limbo, the old king wants to go back and put wrongs to rights; only Yorick knows he’s trying to right the wrong wrongs. Kenneth Branagh New Writing Award winner. ‘A Masterclass’ ★★★★★ (UpstagedManchester.com).

War of the Worlds (On a Budget)
Lamphouse Theatre

Step aside HG Wells, take a break Jeff Wayne, back to your trailer Tom Cruise; with one loop pedal, lots of cardboard and many hats, our new hero will save the day (maybe)!

Water Fruit Loops
Theatre Paradok

Richard, a student, finds himself stuck in a time loop after hooking up with his ex. Rather than utilise the period for self-reflection, Richard jumps at the opportunity to keep hooking up with his ex.

We Are What We Overcome
Matt McGuinness

One man’s journey to good mental health via a very bad idea. Fleeing suicidal thoughts and the obvious psychiatrist, in 2018 Matt booked himself into the greatest festival on the planet. Heartfelt stories, self-deprecating humour, original songs.

The Weird Sisters
BUFF. and New Celts Productions

This is a tale of sisterhood, society and sausages. A lost couple find themselves in the company of unusual sisters who have taken them in for the night. As drinks are poured, secrets are spilled…

West End Magic
OT Magic FX productions

London's longest-running family magic show. An exciting, family-friendly show offering an amazing mixture of magic, comedy and variety acts plus a special guest act every day. For ages 5 to 105. 'Outstanding' (TripAdvisor.co.uk).

West End vs Broadway
Applause TheatreWorks

Enjoy an evening of musical theatre delivered by fantastic voices. Featuring an array of numbers and breathtaking harmonies, these performers showcase the best from the West End and Broadway.

When Judas Met John – Songs of Dylan and Lennon
Brothers Broke

A unique and personal arrangement of the music of Dylan and Lennon, performed around a story of the influence and respect that each artist had for the other

When We Were Normal
Three Sisters Productions

A brilliant piece of new writing that follows 17-year-old Max’s awakening to her own voice and sexuality. When We Were Normal welcomes the complexity and joy of modern love, family and friendships.

Pat Zajac / The Mirror of Stage

Story of a woman living in repressed Victorian times. Loveless marriage. A forbidden affair and cruel laws have driven her insane. Is her life just a series of wrong decisions or maybe a conscious struggle for liberation? Emotionally epic solo show of desire and destruction with a nineteenth century Penny dreadfuls thirills.

A Wilde Life
Chevron Theatre

A musical celebration of the ineffable Oscar Wilde. Accompanied by a lush jazz score, A Wilde Life is a sultry, witty and powerful retelling of his trials, tribulations and notorious love affairs as the first Victorian celebrity.

The Wistful Company

Come explore the intricate world of poetry lifted from the page at Wistful! This unique performance art uses the physical body, light and sound to experiment with words. Don't miss the exhilarating performance of this brave new world.

With All Jew Respect
Henry Churniavsky

My show is about growing up, getting old and having an 88-year-old Jewish mother (now with no filter) who is making me 'Jewrotic' (neurotic and Jewish.) And the family don’t help.

Women You Know
Women You Know Company

The morning after a drunken rendezvous with an old boyfriend, a woman and her friend discuss autonomy, identity and bad sex. A frank new comedy about the hypocrisies of modern womanhood.

AHSTF presents Trinity Prep School

Based on Studs Terkel's best-selling book of interviews, Working paints a vivid portrait of the workers that the world so often takes for granted. Terkel described the interviews as 'the extraordinary dreams of ordinary people'.

Woyzeck / Marie
Bathway Theatre Company – University of Greenwich

Woyzeck and his family are continually exploited by the institution. Power. Class. Sex. Guilt. Peas. The University of Greenwich's Bathway Theatre Company presents a contemporary feminist adaptation of the German classic Woyzeck – highlighting his victim, Marie.

Laith Andrews

Gangs of London star Andrew Laithwaite returns to the Fringe for the first time in a decade for his singer-songwriter debut as Laith Andrews, in an intimate journey of love and loss, sensitively told on the electric ukulele.

The Write Cinderella
ICTF presents Washburn University Theatre

Stepsisters have never been portrayed well in fairy tales, so how are real-life stepsisters expected to get along? Helped by contemporary fairy tale characters, Robin and Jessie navigate their new home life through hilarious and touching moments.

You're Dead, Mate
Edmund Morris and Harry Duff-Walker

You're Dead, Mate is the blackly comic debut play from up-and-coming writer, Edmund Morris that sees a young man embark on the turbulent and hilarious journey of coming to terms with his death.

You're on Mute! (A Musical Walk Down Lockdown Memory Lane)
Anam Alba Creative

The lighter, brighter, funny side of lockdown. Songs to make you smile and laugh: toilet roll shortages, online yoga, being on mute, work clothes for the lazy and many more!

A Young Girl's Guide to Madness
Written and Performed by Charlotte Ellis. Produced by Bloomin' Buds.

Have you ever felt isolated and confused about the world? Surrounded by judgement, pressure and horrific beauty standards, teenager Jess confesses her innermost thoughts to you all.

Zip It
Annabel Harrison Productions

How many voices must be taken before we are heard? Join the studio audience of this comedic and dystopian gameshow and follow the friendship of two young women and their experience of womanhood, sexual harassment and domestic violence.

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