Quivering Dendrites Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me but Banjos Saved My Life



One of 18 worldwide 'Best of' shows selected to participate in the Fringe Encore series, Off-Broadway, at the historic Soho Playhouse in New York City in 2019. Sell-out run. Finalist for Offies OnComm award, 2022. ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com). An inspirational true story about overcoming obstacles, pursuing passions and the healing power of music. A heartfelt passion project that began as an idea after a devastating life event caused Keith Alessi to think differently about his future. 'A heart-warming show which is much needed at present' (BritishTheatreGuide.info).

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Programme