Merrill Davis Merrill Means Well



From being called "the slow one” as a child to being fired from most jobs she’s ever had, Merrill is the epitome of the phrase, “IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK!" Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Merrill tries to make sense of her existence and chaotic past. Merrill effortlessly weaves her stories and knowledge of her ADHD diagnosis creating a unique comedic performance that is both funny and poignant. Ultimately, we root for Merrill and know that above all else, she means well. Strap in and ride this roller coaster through Merrill’s brain as she takes you up, down, around, and upside down! There’s no height requirement and you’ll want to get on again! (This show could reduce anxiety levels and increase feelings of happiness.)

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Programme