Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2019

...And They Whisper Down the Lane
SHUD Theatre

Four people. Four truths. One judgement? This show is about stories that pass through generations. With themes of power, revenge and despair, these stories reveal truths about ourselves, but does that make them true?

007 Voices of Bond
Night Owl Shows

Voices of Bond is a spectacle like no other. Fresh from a sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, sensational vocalist Phoebe Katis invites you on a journey following the captivating world of 007.

10 Things I Hate About A Cappella
The Songsmiths

The Songsmiths are pitching you the honest truth of what it's really like to be in an a cappella group. The highs, lows and off-key moments of life in the rehearsal room are certainly not to be missed. An eclectic mix of styles, astounding musical arrangements and enthusiastically executed dance routines is on offer. 10 Things I Hate About A Cappella features fantastic singing in a fun, upbeat show about love, friendship and the power of music. Fresh from their 3rd place finish at the UK ICCA Finals, prepare to be serenaded in your seat at The Songsmiths' debut performance at the Edinburgh Fringe!

10:31, MCR
Millennials and other terrible things

22nd May 2017, 10:31 pm. Manchester Arena. A multitude of voices and stories crowd the space, highlighting the socio-political consequences of the attack. Navigating these is Girl One, and her need to make sense of it all.

Rosy Beard Comedy

11+ explores the strange and funny challenges we go through in trying to get into a grammar school, while also analysing emotions to do with failure and success.

2001: A Sketch Odyssey
Exeter Comedy Society

Ever wondered what keeps yoga instructors so calm? Or what real magicians thought of Jesus? Answered yes or no to either of these questions? Come and see the sketch show everyone's describing as 'happening'. ★★★★ (Exeposé.com).

The 27 Club
Rebel Pigeon Productions and New Celts Productions

An art gallery: Nick's surrounded by the chaotic memories that brought him there – a host of artists, jilted lovers and ghosts of his past. As Nick’s world crumbles can he come to terms with the pressure?

Abling Group Ltd with Susie Sillett

One room, one baby, thirty days. Naomi's being tested for motherhood. If she passes, she can have a child, but her cousin failed six times and she's feeling nervous. Will she earn the right to reproduce?

44 Inch Chest
Out of Bounds Theatre

A comedic tragedy enveloped in extreme profanity and the stench of toxic masculinity. After his wife's affair, Colin's world falls apart, pushing his unsavoury cohort of friends to seek revenge as he questions his own mental health.

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

The acclaimed five-star, sell-out improvised comedy variety show for all the family returns! With comedy sketches, characters, songs and more created before your eyes, there’s something for everyone and every performance is unique!

A Cappella Birmingham

A cappella is back and this time it's competitive! Birmingham University A Cappella Society returns to the Fringe for their fourth year in a sporting attempt to blow you away with all voices and no instruments!

The Aca-pocalypse

A fun and varied set of high quality a cappella intended to entertain all ages.

Aca-rrested: Behind Bars
The Bristol Suspensions

The Bristol Suspensions are on trial for crimes against a cappella! This mixed a cappella group from Bristol have been Aca-rrested, and need your help to find justice. This show will shock, surprise, and deliver top-notch vocals!

AcadePitch Presents – Romeo and Juliet: An A Cappella Tragedy
AcadePitch Productions

Two a cappella groups, both alike in dignity. Inspired by Shakespeare, Academy and Pitch Fight return to the Fringe with a brand-new show, featuring award-winning choreography and vocal percussion.

Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger
Out Cast Theatre

Return of the filthiest love story on the Fringe. Two boys leap from one orgasmic, underpants-bursting adventure to the next until one asks the unthinkable: "Can we meet?" Polished, funny and moving.

The Adventures of Leonard Biscuit Radio Show
William Samson and Samson Video Productions

New to the Fringe! A hilarious farcical radio show about Leonard Biscuit, the most put-upon man in the land, and his escapades. A traditional comedy full of clever, witty dialogue and outrageous characters.

Alan Ayckbourn Double Bill

A Cut in the Rates is a blackly comic rollercoaster of intrigue with a wicked twist in the tale. Mother Figure shows an overworked young mother treating the nosy neighbours as children – literally!

Alan Ayckbourn's No Knowing

After selling out last year with three Alan Bennett plays, BCP return with one of Alan Ayckbourn's most recent plays. No Knowing has never been performed outside Scarborough – where it premiered to acclaim in 2016.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
American Performing Arts International

Based on Robert Fulghum's best-selling books, this musical takes a funny, insightful, heart-warming look at what is profound in everyday life. Presented by the internationally award-winning Caddo Magnet Players.

Almost, Maine
American High School Theatre Festival

In a fictitious town in Northern Maine, the harsh realities and absurd fantasies that defines love in this day and age are explored under the watchful eye of the Northern Lights.

Almost, Maine
Italia Conti Ensemble 2019

A cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter. All is not quite what it seems in the remote mythical town of Almost, Maine. John Cariani’s tragically beautiful play packs wit, charm and, like love, surprises you.

Amazing Stories of Blues and Soul
Ken Wood and the Mixers

Returning after sell-out shows in 2018, the sensational story of soul, from the pounding R'n'B of the 1940s to the smouldering sounds of Stax. Featuring songs of Otis Redding, James Brown and many more.

amendments: A Play on Words
Middle-Weight Theatre Company

John works in a world where political correctness is paramount and censorship is rife. Will he soon be inhabiting a world where there is nothing left to say?
***** "A PERFECT COMEDIC GEM" ~ Playstosee.com

The American's Dream
Jack Finnegan

Ketchikan, Alaska and New York City are profoundly different places. But in this lyrical portrait, storyteller Jack Finnegan reveals that they are fraternal twins: testaments to human ambition and extraordinary destinations for people who pursue their dreams.

Annie Jr
Edinburgh Youth Theatre

Edinburgh Youth Theatre will knock your socks off with this lively, fun and charming musical version of Annie Jr. An exhilarating theatre experience for all the family. Licensed by MTI (Europe).

Pop Heart Productions and Happenings Theatre Company

Are you okay? Mindfulness app or drunk every weekend? F*ck the pain away or yoga getaway? Medicate or meditate? An unfiltered, immersive look at the vicious cycle of being human. Poignant and so darkly funny it hurts.

The Apology
Fundamentals Theatre Company

The first martyr. A legacy unforgotten. A trial that shaped our civilization. The last days of the the most famous philosopher that ever lived. An exceptional, thought-provoking story of Socrates told through physical theatre.

The Aretha Franklin Story
Night Owl Shows

A celebration of Aretha’s incredible legacy delivered in the Night Owl signature show-umentary style. Featuring Cleopatra Higgins as seen in the West End’s Thriller Live and the finals of The Voice. 'She’s on fire' (Tom Jones).

Twelve Twelve Theatre and New Celts Productions

Tony and Mel are stuck in Budapest Airport with nothing but each other for company. Two strangers and four suitcases take centre stage in this twisted play about life, death and everything in-between.

Art of Believing – Flamenco
Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company

A must-see powerful flamenco performance, bursting with passion and authenticity. Alongside exceptional musicians, singers, a violinist and dancer, guitarist Daniel Martinez promises an unforgettable flamenco music/dance show. Vibrant and exciting, this show cannot be missed!

At This Stage
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Have you ever loved a show so much that you wished you could kidnap all the actors, keep them in your basement and get them to perform it again for you? No? Just Rupert?

Queen Mary Theatre Company

On the verge of a natural disaster, a prison guard is called into work and discovers a newcomer to the team – an artificial intelligence named Sally. When the city is evacuated, what happens to the prisoners?

PACE Rep Company

A story about journeys, routine, loneliness, irrational thoughts, screens, assumptions, fear, memories, coffee and unlikely friendships – but mostly about hope. It’s about how we connect with those around us and the impact we have on others without knowing.

Baby, What Blessings
Three Sisters Productions

A play about loving and listening. About words and their limits. About a turbulent and painful first love. Billie, hilariously self-aware and hopelessly naïve, grapples with how far she is bound by personal reality; and what listening really means.

Previous praise: 'Dromgoole's script is a work of tightly-wound heartbreak and delight' ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

A Drunken Sailor

Time is ticking for Kate to have a baby. Georgia has a baby on board. Amy just wants to feed her baby. Come aboard baby-go-round airlines and the fertility rollercoaster of being – or not being – a mother.

Back to Black: The Music of Amy Winehouse
Night Owl Shows

Back to Black premiers at Fringe to take you on a journey through this sensational singer’s career. Delivered in the Night Owl trademark show-umentary format. Includes Back To Black, Valerie and Rehab.

Double Edge Drama

Love that gives – and takes. Francis Bacon, the famous painter, forms a passionate relationship with a violent, volatile young man named George Dyer. Bacon is roused from his creative paralysis, yet this comes at a terrible price.

Bang, Bang, You're Dead
Lusher Charter School Theatre Department

Written in response to three high school shootings, Bang, Bang, You're Dead examines the aftermath of a school shooting and encourages communities to explore why such violence occurs.

Being and Nothingness
strut and fret Theatre Company

Xiao’s grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. Xiao suffers from her identity crisis. She still exists. But she’s treated as if she doesn’t. A journey crossing time and space, to a small town in the south of China in the 1990s. The humidity of a melting-hot summer’s day, and the vague voice of grandma’s bedtime story. Through the fragments of Xiao’s dream and glimpses of her haunting memory, we explore and experience, what home means to her and how she discovers what makes her who she really is.

Being Frank
The Orange Works

Frank’s son Alex is facing a mental health crisis, and Frank’s got issues of his own. Why can't they talk about it? Being Frank explores men’s relationships with each other, with mental health and with flat-pack furniture.

Bells Presents: Soundscape
Bells in association with Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

Bells, former a cappella champions, presents Soundscape, an immersive musical experience providing an honest and truthful insight into their creative process, staging interactive live improvisation alongside music by Stormzy, James Blake, Nao, Alt-J, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Berlin Girl
Eastern Edge Theatre Company

  1. East Germany. In the terrifying, all-seeing Stasi police state, one schoolgirl's quest for justice turns her friends into spies, her family into suspects and pushes her over the Berlin Wall in this exciting new rock musical.

Best of Broadway
American Performing Arts International

After sold-out performances and rave reviews at Fringe 2016-2018, we're excited to return with this revue of Broadway hits! Join us as we bring the Best of Broadway to the Fringe. A show not to be missed!

Best of the West End
American Performing Arts International

Sold-out and five-star reviews Fringe 2016-2018. Featuring world-class voices and breathtaking harmonies, these professional performers showcase the very best songs from the West End. If you love musicals, you'll love this show!

Between Us
Rachel E. Thorn and Alex Keen

What makes us fall in love? What makes us fall apart? This is the inside story of one couple's relationship, created in the moment by nationally acclaimed improvisers. 'Moving and hilarious. Surpassed all expectations' ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Beyond Glory
Redwood Productions

Set against the backdrops of the Vietnam War, World War II and the Korean War, Beyond Glory tells the stirring, emotional, and heroic true stories of eight recipients of America’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

Big Band Does... Broadway
BBD Productions

BBD Productions make their debut at the Fringe with Big Band Does... Broadway. Join an 18-piece band and a cast of singers and dancers to journey through Broadway hits from the 40s to current day.

Cube Theatre

Karen's parents are worried. She won’t come out of her bedroom. Which is odd, given she’s a fearless cycling champion. Odder still is what she’s doing in there... A poignant rite of passage story from Cube Theatre.

Billy Joel: Piano Man Live
Liquid Lunch Productions

The best of the dynamic songbook of the legendary Billy Joel. The loud, energetic 5-piece band re-create the stadium sound iconic in the early career of the original Piano Man. ★★★★ (TheWeeReview.co.uk).

Biscuit Barrel: Double Stuffed
The Biscuit Barrel

Biscuit Barrel return to Edinburgh with an even naughtier 69 sketches in the space of an hour! Mercilessly outrageous; always hyperactive. 'Fast, slick and very funny' ★★★★★ (The Derek Awards, Special Merit Award winner 2018).

Bitch, Antigone
Out Cast Theatre

Greece 487 BC. It's hot, dry and lanterns up on the campest, most outrageous telling of the classic Greek drama with some of the worst acting on the planet. One company

Bizet to Broadway: Natalie Sternberg
Natalie Sternberg

Natalie’s stunning soprano voice will enchant you as she takes you on a musical journey. The classical-crossover singer performs a variety of showstoppers from operas, musicals and popular contemporary songs including a Kate Bush classic!

Black Dog
Spike Rose Productions

In the wake of a terrible decision, Tommy is burnt out. But help is at hand in the form of the mysterious Tanya. A story of depression, anxiety, and second chances told through theatre, belly dance and music.

Blown Fuse
Fuzed Theatre Company

'It‘s becoming a status symbol today, the need to have a problem.' A debating competition looms, and six characters all have their arguments ready. Blown Fuse is a fast paced, witty and moving insight into life in 2019.

Blueswater Presents: Blues!
The Blueswater

Returning for their 9th year, this award-winning band offer a brand-new extended setlist featuring even more songs and stories of the artists you know and love. 'Blues-based edu-tainment' (Stewart Lee). ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com). ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

Bodily Functions and Where to Find Them
Amplify Theatre

When was the last time you talked about poo? We're guessing not recently. Throw away your inhibitions with our comedy-theatre play, breaking down stigmas one flush at a time.

Bony Tony’s Silly Show
Bony Tony

Silly (adj.) - stupid, crazy, illogical, immature, crazy again, walnut-brained
Bony Tony is your host for this fun-filled family show. Whether you’re a silly kid, a silly grown-up, or even a silly older person, it’s fine, please come. Bony Tony promises to entertain you all.
But it’s not just Bony Tony on his own. He has brought in other performers from all over the world. There is a worm from the UK, but there is also a crocodile from the Nile, and an octopus from... wherever they come from.
So sit down and strap yourselves in for some silliness, songs and chat from Bony Tony and friends. You may lose your mind, but you may win a prize!

Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tour With a Scottish Twist
Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Walking Tours

Silent disco returns to its Scottish roots with a magical musical walking tour around Edinburgh. Feel-good classics live commentary and a cheeky Scottish twist. Fun for all. Headphones provided.

Bottoms Up!
Minotaur Theatre Company

Shortly after discovering that leaders of religions don't have to pay taxes, Wayne realises he is Jesus Christ reincarnated. In just one night, Wayne must convince his swarm of new followers he is the Son of God.

Dennis Elkins with Flying Solo Productions

In an enticing striptease of revelations, this poignant and funny solo performance exposes the unplanned turns, deliberate shifts, blind alleys and devastating losses of one man's struggle to traverse the toll road of middle age... in a box.

A Boy and His Magic Pen
H&H Performing Arts

A young boy with an enormous gift. Follow Ma Liang as he discovers a very special skill that could help his whole village as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands...

Brain Rinse
Mike Raffone

Brain Rinse turns the idea of audience participation on its head. Epic themes, semi-improvised, starring you, the audience. Mike Raffone is the puppet master, but who's really pulling the strings? Winner, Buxton Spirit of the Fringe, 2018.

Creative Curve Theatre Company

One favourite's descent is another favourite’s ascent. It is the 18th century: Queen Anne lays old and sick in bed, she is drinking copious amounts of brandy as she fortifies herself in preparation for a meeting with Sarah Churchill.

The Brave Anthology
The Mezz Theatre Company

A play fusing a naturalistic plot with an expressionistic style exploring how we identify with the urban environment, as well as the theme of love: where and how we can find it.

Bristol Improv Presents: Offscript!
Bristol Improv

When you watch a show, you only see half the action. Join Bristol Improv for the drama, both onstage and behind the scenes, of a play with no script – all fuelled by your suggestions!

Broken English

A contemporary exploration on the journey of the English language. Interactive spoken word, monologues and creative conversations present a story that celebrates creativity and cultural diversity through the various uses of language.

Brother Sun and Sister Moon
Batties Association

Join drag siblings Sun and Moon in their fairytale tent. Through sensual storytelling and live music, learn to embrace your inner child and all your witchy powers. ★★★★ (Phoenix Artist Club).

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble artistry, neo-burlesque and a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy bubble affair with a story arc full that showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level.

Cold Pizza Productions and New Celts Productions

Three employees. Only two jobs. Bad day to have a stain on your shirt. This dark comedy by Mike Bartlett shows the cruelty of human nature through bizarre power play, manipulation and vindictive honesty.

Arbery Productions

One of three office workers is about to lose their job. Mike Bartlett's razor-sharp play about the fine line between office politics and playground bullying exposes the vicious side of human nature and the power of words.

Butterbum, J
Stargaze Theatre

Lost boy on a bridge, a hungry talking crow, old documents float on the river below. A wharf building for sale, a copper sings reggae, the Pope sees murder in the cold light of day. Quirky, original mystery.

Cabaret of Curiosities
Tatwood Puppets

Join the one-eyed magician Count Ocular and friends for a gothic, vaudeville experience in the Cabaret of Curiosities. A unique puppetry variety show for the whole family, full of laughter, wonder and mystery.

Cadenza: Cambridge University's Premier A Cappella Group

Cadenza is Cambridge University's premier a cappella group. The group has become known for their stunning arrangements spanning a range of genres, performing in both Cambridge and further afield to critical acclaim.

The Theatre Shed Ltd

An original, inclusive theatre production devised by the young people performing. The amazing songs are all original work and this heart-warming, life affirming piece is suitable for all ages.

A Cappella Around the World

Using only their voices and innovative live looping, international sensation FreePlay sings you around the world without leaving your seat. New York jazz, UK pop, European classical, Indian ragas, Brazilian samba... FreePlay does it all!

The Carole King Story
Night Owl Shows

Following sell-out shows in 2017/18, this uplifting show returns to take you on a journey through Carole’s career and music. Featuring I Feel the Earth Move, Natural Woman, You've Got a Friend and more.

The Carpenters Songbook
Night Owl Shows

The music and career of the most successful sibling duo of all time, delivered by the sublime Charlotte Brereton who returns to the Fringe following acclaim and sell-outs portraying Joni Mitchell in 2017/18. 'Crystal clarity' ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

The Cat's the Thing
Baloney Theatre Company – Marissa Landy

One woman, one cat and many intrusive thoughts. One thing stands between Tanya and life... the door. Will she find her freedom? An absurd comedy based on the power and reality of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights
Brickhouse Theatre Company in association with Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights

This new musical tells of Heathcliff and Cathy, two lovers thwarted by family, society and God. A storm of vengeance brews over the moors as their passionate romance transcends life and death itself.

Cello on Fire
Peter Hudler

Celebrated Viennese Cellist Peter Hudler returns to the Fringe with a brand-new solo show. From baroque to rock, from folk to jazz, be part of a passionate, virtuoso, poetically meditative and colourful musical journey. ★★★★ (Scotsman).

Chaika: First Woman in Space
Acting Coach Scotland

A textile worker is plucked from obscurity to lead the Soviet mission into space, but will mechanical failure leave her stranded among the stars? Discover the story of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.

Chain of Trivia
From the King to Queen

Russell Clarke, BBC London's Rock'n'Roll Routemaster, takes you on a fascinating trip from Elvis Presley to Freddie Mercury in 12 steps, each linked to the next by an awesome piece of trivia.

A Charlie Montague Mystery: The Game's a Foot, Try the Fish
Phil McIntyre Entertainments presents / Tom Taylor

Rakish aristocrat and first-time detective Charlie must prevent a murder. The chap dies. Sell-out show 2016 and 2017. 'Gloriously silly murder mystery' (Stage). 'Excellent... beautifully daft' (Sunday Times).

Parker and Snell Youth Company

A powerful depiction of the modern world. Six teenage characters communicate only via the internet; a chilling premise is forged to create a funny and compelling drama that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on! A multi award-winning production!

Light UP

Six teenagers communicate online. They talk about JK Rowling, Stephen Hawking, Willy Wonka and... suicide. Jim’s depressed and wants to end his life. Eva and William want to see him do it. A touching, funny and thought provoking play.

Time & Again Theatre Company

In 1913, Winifred Baxter is determined to become the first Englishwoman to enter an air race, learning to fly amidst the chaos of the suffragette movement, a glorious garden party and far too much nephology, the study of clouds.

Cold Blooded Witch: The Sex Musical!
Maggie Lalley

Join comedian Maggie Lalley as she performs a one woman original musical comedy about her demented journey through teenage witchcraft and sexuality. An autobiographical cabaret about culty spells, magical cunnilingus, and warlock genitalia, this dark comedy will leave you shocked and in stitches!

Come Dine with Mr Shakespeare
Roo Theatre Company

Reality TV lurches onto the stage, with four familiar Shakespearean characters competing to win a thousand gold crowns. Join us for a bizarre menu of bristling comedy which hurtles inescapably towards an unforgettable conclusion...

Imperial College Dramatic Society

When two disgruntled ex-government peons decide their next mildly illegal venture is selling counterfeit bins that will turn plastic into compost, they soon discover that Amersham has a sordid underbelly - one which does not like to be tickled. With the risk that their cover may be blown at any minute by an ardent horticulturist, a high-flying journalist, a coquettish cashier, or a fortune-telling drag queen, the rubbish collectors decide to take drastic action. Challenging what it means to call yourself a Municipal Waste Collection Officer, COMPOST skewers cosy and idyllic small-town life, dissects it, and shakes it until the dirty laundry falls out.

Avoiding the Dustbin

Held captive in the laboratory where she was first conceived, the AI Alice was created to serve. But when Alice doesn’t play into the goals of the investors, she threatens to dismantle the system she was born to uphold.

Craig's Magic Show
Craig Stephenson

Magician Craig Stephenson has dazzled audiences around the world with his exemplary sleight of hand skills combined with devilish psychological illusion. He brings his latest material to the Edinburgh Fringe for an evening of fun and mystery.

Cruise to Hell
Eastend Theatre Company

Cruise to Hell: a dramatic true story. A family's holiday becomes a nightmare. A path of discovery: how medicines and anaesthetics can affect our mental health. Directed by Barbara Houseman. Ticket proceeds donated to charity, APRIL (www.april.org.uk).

Cry of the Gull

Six lives uprooted by war. Displaced, desperately trying to protect a sense of family, their lives collide on a smuggler’s vessel. Based on true stories, this play explores the emotional experience of becoming a refugee.

Dan Haynes – Had Some Falls Tour
Seventh Avenue Arts

Following nationwide UK and Germany tours, Haynes lands in Edinburgh with his Had Some Falls tour. Avoid the crowds and relax with Haynes’s alternative folk. 'Stunning songwriting... acoustic guitar masterclass' (Media Luchs, Germany).

The Dandelion Patch
Stand Easy Productions

The Dandelion Patch, devised by a company of wounded, injured or sick ex-Forces and professional actors, takes a journey, both emotional and comic, into the lives of Forces families affected by issues such as post-traumatic stress.

Danny the Champion of the World
Seats Back Theatre Company

Danny lives with his father and learns that he poaches pheasants from Victor. One night his father doesn't return, Danny fears the worst and sets off on a courageous journey to save his father.

Dark Play or Stories for Boys
NeonBox Theatre Company

An outsider at age fourteen, Nick discovers the pleasures of inventing fake personalities in the chat rooms of the World Wide Web and charms the gullible Adam into a cyber love affair.

Dear Mr Dead Head
Elektric Apple

Elektric Apple Theatre Company present Dear Mr Dead Head. Ten friends. One murder. Do they get away with it? Let us show you what the learning disabled community can do!

Death by Shakespeare

A chorus of bawdy spirits lead you through this physically dynamic amalgamation of Shakespeare's finest death scenes – a fresh look at the Bard's beautiful words. Successfully resurrected at the Fringe for it's fourth outing since 2013!

Death of the American Teenager
American Performing Arts International

Today’s American high school students have been raised at a time when school shootings have become common. Explore how schools have become scenes of violence and how that shared experience will define this young generation.

DeciBelles Debut!
Cardiff University A Cappella Society's DeciBelles

DeciBelles are a female-identifying, competitive a cappella group who have sass, sensitivity and power! Our queens in green perform songs that capture girl power and independence, performing hits from this year, such as Salute and Almost Human!

Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet
Brightside Comedy

A satirical stage show poking fun at the acting profession. With botched lines, technical glitches and bad acting, comedy ensues in this formally tragic play. Despite what anyone says, it’s Definitely Not Romeo and Juliet!

Defying Logic
Zoe Bennett

Based on a true story. We meet Lily in a therapists office in Manhattan. We learn about her dysfunctional family, and how she ended up with PTSD. Experience raw emotion, frank explanations and lots of laughs.

Degrees of Guilt
White Dog Theatre Productions

Jade is a much-loved baby, but her young mother is unprepared for motherhood and lacks support. Eventually, 17 floors up, Jade suffers catastrophic injuries. But is the question of culpability as straightforward as it seems?

Seckford Theatre Company

Une bonne dose de excitement. Une pincée de suspense. Délicieux! Manon becomes a gifted chef who can affect moods with her cooking. This tantalising tale is brought to life with music, song and dance. 'Never a dull moment' (FringeReview.co.uk).

Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits
Naomi Paul

Satirical four-star show: original songs, topical stories and Jewish humour. Poignant, funny and ultimately uplifting. With biscuits. Of course. 'Fine comic celebration of modern Britain' ★★★★ (BritishTheatreGuide.info). ★★★★ (Edinburgh49.org). ★★★★ (Chloe Alexander, Ludlow Fringe).

Digital Masks to Africa – Cheikh Anta Diop: Poem for the Living
International Collegiate Theatre Festival presents Pan African Theatre Ensemble KSU

Come experience a repatriation to Africa with digital masks, the performing body, and multilingualism featuring African languages: Lingala, Twi, Yoruba, Wolof, representing a disembodied, yet unified, African diaspora.

Stage Avenue Performing Arts

Poisoned apples. Glass slippers. Who needs 'em?! Not Snow White and her posse of disenchanted princesses in the hilarious hit musical that's anything but Grimm.

Dissident Sausage
Karen Gemma Brewer

Political prisoner or sausage in a fridge? Toad or feminist? Deity or giant white slug? Prepare to laugh and cry with award winning poet/singer Karen Gemma Brewer, woodworm, sheep, toodles, Frankenstein's sister and more flies than Basic Insect!

Do You Ever Get Scared?
Open Barn Productions

Six actors. Six parts and the roll of a dice. How can an accusation change a life?

Dodici Ballerini
Lossie Elite Dance Company

Prepare to be dazzled by the magical adventures of 12 masked dancers as they step into a mystical world where colour means power and sparkle means everything. Super powers, super heroes, super sparkle, super show!

The Dolly Parton Story
Night Owl Shows

Journey with Dolly from her humble beginnings in the Smoky mountains to her arrival as Queen of Country. Featuring passionate renditions of Jolene, 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream, Here You Come Again and more.

The Domestic
Queen Doris Productions

Tequila, violence, music, a puppet! Blonde, bombshell ex-teen mother, Em, seeks redemption by channelling her frustration into the music of her late son. A show about paranoia, excess, homosexuality and forgiveness.

Don't Do it, Don't Do It, DO IT!
Zuma Puma

Do it or don't do it? Do it, obviously! A daring one-woman dynamo feminist physical comedy; with puppetry, mask, music and character clown. Dare to witness this odyssey of sexual catastrophe.

Dorian Gray
The Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre

Influenced by a society bewitched by self-obsession, Dorian Gray trades his soul for eternal youth and beauty. But such hedonism has a cost, as this fast-paced thriller, set in the heady roaring 20s, so shockingly reveals.

Downton Shabby
Big Spirit Theatre Company

Join Lord Crawley and his family as they move from their country estate to a council estate. How will they survive?

Dragtime! Presents: Cirque du Slay

The drag kings, queens and in-betweens of Cambridge’s premiere drag troupe invite you to a whirling cabaret of dancing, singing, lip-sync, burlesque, comedy and more! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cirque du Slay...

Dream of a King
Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

4th April 1968. Four years after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his dynamic leadership of The Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Set the night of his shooting in a Tennessee motel room.

The Duality of Man
Niall McCarthy

Niall McCarthy is obsessed with the duality in all of us: he looks confident but feels anxious, he loves questions but hates answers, he has a restless leg and a lazy eye... and he's funny!


EAST provides a vivid snapshot of working-class East End life in the 1970s as Mike, Les and Sylv fight the torrent of their youth. Their violent escapades are told against the backdrop of their parent’s domestic lives in London.

Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens
Showdown Productions

Inspired by the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Elegies is a dramatic and powerful celebration of monologues from those who lost their lives to AIDS, with uplifting songs from those they left behind.

David William Hughes

Join Tobias Bacon as he lutes and lusts his way through Elizabethan England in this new musical comedy based on genuine Renaissance songs. ‘It’s a hoot, a bawdy entertainment, and a display of consummate musicianship’ ★★★★ (ScotsGay). ★★★★ (FringeGuru.com).

Elton John: Rocket Man Live!
Liquid Lunch Productions

The best of the eclectic songbook of the legendary Elton John and Bernie Taupin. This loud, energetic 5-piece band re-creates the iconic live sound of the original Rocket Man.

Eric Davidson: Across the Loony Verse
Eric Davidson

One of Scotland's finest comedy poets returns with 50 minutes of classic doggerel. 'I've seen better looking faces on an Easter Island postcard' (Polynesian Enquirer).

ET The Extra Testicle
The Malignant Humours

The Malignant Humours have written you a prescription for some medical-grade sketch comedy! Returning for their 20th year at the Edinburgh Fringe after eight years of back-to-back sell-out shows – they'll have you in stitches!

Eva Cassidy: The Story
Elsa McTaggart

A portrayal of the life of Eva Cassidy through video, voice and song. Elsa Jean McTaggart returns with a tribute to her all-time favourite artist. With voice and guitar she brings alive Eva Cassidy's essence. www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com

Goat Theatre

A contemporary re-telling of the 15th-century morality play which visits three lost souls at their final judgement. In the depths of their immorality all they have left is the light, and it is getting darker.

The Experiment

If you could cure thousands of a fatal disease by experimenting on a single child, would you do it? Sincerity have taken Mark Ravenhill's chilling monologue and expanded it... is love worth such a horrific sacrifice?

Marauders Theatre Company

Doctor Faustus, a respected scholar seeking to acquire greater knowledge, summons the Devil and his servant, Mephistopheles. He exchanges his soul for 24 years of unlimited knowledge and power. As time runs out, can his soul be saved?

Fear Here and Terror There
The King's Players

What would you think of if I told you this was a play about radicalisation? Who would you picture? Where were they from – here, or there?

The Feminazis
Curious Dispute

Tired of the lack of progress in gender equality, Sal and Libby decide to take things into their own hands in the only sensible way they can think of: by starting a terrorist organisation.

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare

Shakespeare at his most sexy and salacious! A physically dynamic ensemble perform a musical, lyrical mash-up that explores love, sex and relationships in some of the Bard's most famous scenes. With plenty of Grey moments!

The First King of England in a Dress
Epic Tales

Vikings, giants and magic await you in this fun-packed folk tale – a historical adventure with engaging storytelling, original music and plenty of joining in! Find out more at www.epictales.co.uk/firstking

Flamenco Tablao

Two passionate full-of-flavour flamenco voices, a brilliant master flamenco guitarist and two powerful top-class sublime flamenco dancers will give you a traditional Flamenco Tablao again with the passion, creativity and quality they are well known for.


Mind-blowing fusion of samba, jazz and flamenco makes up this utterly talented group of five musicians and a spectacular flamenco dancer. A must-see performance where the beauty of flamenco and bossa nova will make your senses fly away.

Blue Orange Arts

  1. As a bell tolls, Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation explodes into existence. Horrified, Victor flees into the night leaving his creature alone, lost and confused. This faithful telling of the classic novel brings the creature’s plight emphatically to life.

Fray Bentos

Inspired by true events, our story explores the two worlds that war creates, the battles at home and abroad. From the young men stranded in a tank in no mans land, to the loved ones left behind.

From India to Triana
The Rootless Company

The world comes together in an embrace of music and dance that will take the audience on a vibrant and captivating journey from the most primitive sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco.

Full Score: Sing, Sing, Sing!
Full Score Barbershop Chorus

From Durham University, Full Score astonishes audiences with their dazzling barbershop harmonies and infectious energy in this a capella extravaganza. From jazz to musical theatre, pop and folk music, this is not one to miss!

Funny Stories About Pain
Troy Alan

Funny Stories About Pain is a journey through some of the most painful episodes in the life of comedian Troy Alan, which would just be a depressing TED Talk if Troy couldn't write jokes.

Geoff Robb – The Music of Trees
Geoff Robb

Geoff Robb was the winner of the 2018 Brighton Fringe Live Music Award. His beautiful and soulful acoustic guitar compositions blend his classical training with his love of Spanish and Celtic music.

Stage 32

A creation story about creativity itself. Gesso: a noun and a verb; a primer for painting and to prime. Get Gesso-ed to come along on this fantastical romp through the art world. Interactive, visually thrilling fun for everyone.

Getting to Grips with Migraine
David Kernick

Dr David Kernick is an experienced GP and headache expert who leads an NHS headache clinic in Exeter. Understand your migraine and learn how to manage it and your GP.

Ghostly Tales
Westonbirt School

Ghostly Tales are adaptations of Victorian supernatural short stories. Inspired by The Woman in Black, join pupils from Westonbirt School as they take you on a spine-chilling journey, combining live music and drama.

Gigolo: Bold, Beautiful, Bizarre
Nobody's Studios

Charming. Intelligent. Murderer. Sex Worker. Psychopath! Saint or a sinner? Discover this thrilling Journey of Murli, a runaway kid from India, who became one of the countries most notorious criminal killing over 17 people.

Gilbert and Sullivan's Improbable New Musical: Less Miserable
The Coily Dart Theatre Company

Using songs taken entirely from the Gilbert and Sullivan canon, this show tells the story of the world's longest-running musical, with a few Gilbertian plot twists to make it Less Miserable!

Gilgamesh – He Who Saw Everything
The Listening Hare

‘He who saw everything’
One actor in 45 mins performs the first story ever written down: an epic Babylonian poem based on the mythical adventures of the King of Uruk who lived and ruled around 2750 BC. It charts Gilgamesh’s journey from tyranny to friendship, from love to loss, from despair to wisdom. 4000 years after it was written, Gilgamesh retains a poignant message for the 21st Century. Colin R Campbell performs an abridged version of Robert Temple’s beautiful translation with clear, dynamic storytelling.

Ginger Monologues
Unclaimed Treasures

Ginger Monologues is a mixture of stand-up and song. A hilarious retelling of one ginger's journey from shame to sass!

Global Grooves, Ancient Voices

Canadian-based Autorickshaw is a genre-bending, post-fusion powerhouse, world-renowned for their seamless blend of Indian classical music, jazz, pop and live looping technology. Suba Sankaran (voice), Dylan Bell (bass, stick, beatboxing, voice) and Ed Hanley (tabla, voice).

The Good Boyfriend
Woolly Sheep Theatre Company

A murder mystery exploring relationships where anyone could be the perpetrator! Will Inspector LeFevre, through his love of music, apprehend the villain? Woolly Sheep Theatre Company return for the third year in a row.

The Good Scout
Boys of the Empire Productions

Inspired by true events. In the 1930s, British boy scouts played host to cycling parties of Hitler Youth. But were they cyclists or "spyclists"? For two scouts, it is a visit that will change their lives forever.

The Good, The Bad and The Brexit
Geoffrey Brown

Brexit, eh? Join an increasingly exasperated Australian in his fourth attempt to navigate his way through the unbelievable and mind-boggling past, present and future that is Brexit…

Goodnight Mister Tom
Aquila Youth Theatre

Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to WWII, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the English countryside and begins a remarkable friendship. A wonderful and empowering family show.

Grave Concern
Downing Dramatic Society (University of Cambridge)

Only two vacant graves remain in the family plot – and Uncle John will not miss out on one. Cue a morbid dogfight with vindaloos, Belgian girlfriends, and handbag-wielding octogenarians. 'Completely unexpected and absolutely hilarious' (TheTab.com).

The Gravel Road Show presents Oklahoma, USA!
University of Central Oklahoma

Direct from the Wild West, the infamous Gravel Road Show presents Oklahoma, USA!, a world-premiere cabaret featuring blood and thunder melodrama, heel-kickin’ musical theatre and a twisted history all set in the American frontier.

The Graveyard Shift
Quids In Theatre Company

Let Kreestan Sennakie take you on a journey to the dark side of magic. This Gothic, bizarre tale of Victorian magic is sinister and haunting, creepy and comical. Dare you arrive for The Graveyard Shift?

Nelson Youth Theatre Company

Toe-tapping, high-energy, raw teenage emotional power, stunning vocals and raunchy script. Grease is so irrepressibly un-PC, audiences flock to see it again and again. Featuring all the hits: Greased Lightning, Summer Nights, You're the One That I Want.

The Great Health Con
Phil Hammond

We spend trillions on health but like Brexit, nobody knows what it means. So who’s conning who? Is anyone sexually healthy? Is death healthy? And who’s most likely to kill you: doctors, druids or the DUP?

Durham University Classical Theatre

DUCT presents a modern-day twist on Shakespeare, inviting you into a disorderly world which mirrors the turbulence of our female Hamlet’s madness. It draws parallels to contemporary mental health and the destructive properties it has on relationships and ourselves.

Harvest Moon

The turn of a season... From the rugged Northern Isles to the arid expanse of Southern Spain, the harvest moon lays bare the passions and tribulations of this challenging season. Violin/guitar/voice. Transported to another time and place.

Hear Her Voice
Westwood Theatre Company

He had tried to silence her, but she would never let him.

Hearts Like Fists
American High School Theatre Festival

A female superhero-noir comedy about the dangers of love. Full of exciting stage combat, this live-action comic book follows the adventures of the elite Crimefighters in their attempt to defeat Doctor X.

Hebridean Fire
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Elsa Jean McTaggart returns with Hebridean Fire. These three top-class multi-instrumentalists from the Isle of Lewis take you on an eclectic musical journey through the Islands and Highlands of Scotland. www.elsa-jean-mctaggart

Hebridean Treasure: Lost and Found
Hebridean Treasure

Internationally acclaimed writer John Philip Newell works with some of the most talented young artists of Scotland to tell the story of an enchanted Hebridean world. This is a story of beauty, pathos and hope.

Heir Heads
Pretty Knickers Productions

Three sisters stand to inherit their family’s enormous wealth, until a mysterious young man with a greater claim to the fortune appears. How far are they willing to go to keep their wealth in the family?

Hello? Hello.
Rove St. Productions

A young woman calls a helpline. Someone answers. A misdial. An accidental friendship. Despite devious friends and right-wing sisters, empowering community and rebellious art persist. For those who've felt alone. For those who refused to leave them there.


Who can be a mother? What makes them a mother? Do we actually need one? On a day that was meant to be their mother's 50th birthday, the sisters are burdened by the notion of commemoration.

Polly Clamorous

Herstory chronicles the tales of some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood women throughout history. Get up close and personal as they name, shame and reclaim their stories in the books that have notoriously begrudged them of any space.

Fox and Hound Theatre Company

The puzzle pieces that make up Laura’s brain don’t seem to fit. The world doesn’t make sense. She is labelled problematic. A mother in denial, a frustrated teacher and Laura’s inner self move toward a new way of thinking.

Holy Sh*t
Brick Fox Theatre Company

In a last-ditch attempt to save their dwindling church, two priests come to the conclusion that the best way they can raise funds is by digging up and selling bodies from their graveyard. New black comedy.

Horny Coo in a Tutu
Lossie Entertainment Academy and The Fabulous TT

A highland cow, a crab apple dance audition and a royal wedding... What could possibly go wrong? Move over Darcy Bussell!!

How to Hide a Body in New York

NYC's acclaimed sketch group travels across the pond to perform their outrageously funny jam-packed show... and escape the authorities. Join their Edinburgh debut where they'll prove that Americans really are the worst!

How to Mend the World (With a Student Play)
Drunken Brainstorm

This new comedy gives the audience a fly-on-the-wall view of the EATSONH university mixed arts and performance society trying to (misguidedly) modernise Arthur Miller's The Crucible. See the production meeting unfold in real time and witness the variety of concepts and ideas put forward.

How to Succeed in Love
Kenneth Wilson the Poetical Cellist

Kenneth Wilson performs dramatic poetry from his 2019 collection, with solo airs, ballads and Bach beautifully performed on the cello. He tells a moving tale of love, hope, despair, adultery, and general all-round hopelessness.

The Humans
American High School Theatre Festival

At Thanksgiving, the Blake family gathers at the run-down Manhattan apartment in Chinatown of Brigid Blake and her boyfriend Richard. The family members must deal with aging, illness and a changing economy.

Hoof and Horn Productions

'Like what you see?' Hustlers is a visceral and provocative portrayal of the lives of four kids making their living in a world not that far from our own: the streets.

David Watson

Aspiring to be more vacuous? Thanking strangers for no reason? Hyper-Nice is a new, original, one person stand-up show in which David Watson mostly apologises for breathing and tries to be "nice". What if we spoke to people in real-life like we do on Social Media .

I Am Not Marilyn
Viviana Zarbo

Marilyn's icon blends innocence with sensuality. Despite her bombshell fame, Marilyn contributed to set the standard of jazz and swing. Viviana Zarbo recounts Marilyn's life and songs without clichés, intertwining them with her own life.

I Hate Children Children's Show
Unusual Productions

Magic for teens, tweens and hot soccer mums. Be a hero and bring your kids to the children's show that serves champagne for mums every day.

I Pilgrim
Alan Lovell

I Pilgrim is a funny and personal evening with Australian actor Alan Lovell. It is a one-man show based on his own experience of walking the Camino across Spain. It’s an uplifting piece of comic storytelling.

If I Die on Mars
Queen Mary Theatre Company

NASA, SpaceX and Mars One hope to send the first humans to Mars, but will anyone ever be ready? Meet the five candidates who have to decide whether space travel is worth the risk.

If It Didn't Matter
Cup and Dagger

A tale of rebellion, self-destruction and finally realisation; Siofra Dromgoole's new play explores timeless themes of the teenage experience through a vibrant, moving and often comic modern text.

The Importance of Being Earnest
Shakespeare: Reloaded

Fresh from a sell-out run in Berlin comes this lively reimagining of Oscar Wilde’s sardonic comedy. Introducing a dash of rebellious German counterculture to the proceedings, one should expect frivolous antics and shameless high jinks.

Improv, She Wrote
Improv, She Wrote

Trinity College Dublin's best and only improv group arrive at the Fringe to bring you brand new characters, storylines and songs every night, using nothing but audience suggestions!

The Watch This Improv Troupe

Improvabunga: the totally improvised movie adventure. Featuring live musical accompaniment and buzzers that you can use to control the performers. There’ll be songs, there’ll be tears, there’ll be kisses (or slaps) and there’ll be funny. ★★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com). ★★★★ (EdFringeReview.com).

Improvisers Assemble!

In the world's darkest hours, when everything seems comedy-less, only one troupe of comedians can save us all. Improvisers, assemble! Come and join us for a superhero movie made up entirely on the spot, inspired by your suggestions!

In Her Corner
Tearin’ the Tartan Theatre and New Celts Productions

Set in Scotland’s capital, Claire is trapped by family loyalty in a circle of violence. Her heart is in boxing but is this her escape? What would you do if you were in her corner?

In PurSUEt
Eleanor Higgins / Bush Productions

Based on true events. A Sue Perkins superfan, sent to therapist to deal with her drinking, relays her adventures pursuing Sue. Fleabag meets Miranda in this fierce, heartfelt LGBT comedy/drama. 'Not to be missed!' ★★★★★ (Red Rails Theatre)

In the Heights
Pac Arts

In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighbourhood – mixing hip hop, traditional Latin and American music, performed with live music.

Cat-Like Tread

Expulsion, electioneering, enchantment. Iolanthe takes Gilbert and Sullivan into parliament. Strephon loves Phyllis, but dubious heritage obstructs their happiness. Can his suspiciously youthful aunts win the girl? Cat-Like Tread return for the Fringe 2019 to elect a fairy member.

Isiqalo – The Beginning

Through traditional dance, music and storytelling, 'Isiqalo' tells the story of young South Africans and the struggles they have faced in recent decades.

The James Taylor and Joni Mitchell Story
Night Owl Shows

Take a journey through the interwoven careers of two music legends. Includes Both Sides Now, Big Yellow Taxi, You’ve Got a Friend and more. 'Crystal clarity' ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com). 'Diamond' ★★★★★ (TheUpsideNews.com).

Jammy Dodgers
University College London Drama Society

A world with no problems, no power struggles, no Trump... but a system. Can we have a world with no issues, or is history destined to repeat itself? Jammy Dodgers explores how capable we are of starting over.

Jennifer B
The Fabulous TT and Lossie Entertainment Academy

Based on the best-selling book Jennifer Brown's Journey by Angie Langley, this brand-new musical by Tish Tindall tells the hilariously heart-warming story of the break-ups, make-ups and inspirational life-affirming f*ck-ups of the adorable Miss B!

Jeremy Nicholas: What Are You Talking About?
Talking Toolbox

This funny show is for anyone who ever listens to dreadfully dull presentations, cringe-worthy wedding speeches or rambling nonsense from "experts" and thinks, ‘there must be a better way of communicating than this'.

Jerry and the Adventures of the HMS Stargazer
Poppet Theatre

Original, devised TIE adventure show! London, 1773. Join the crew of the HMS Stargazer as they make their epic adventure across the globe, discovering big dreams, new friends and mayhem! Puppets included.

Susie K Taylor

A self absorbed Miami Artist asks her family and friends wha they think about her. She decides to tell her story through their eyes. Can she handle their truth? How does your family's history define who you are?
Watch this Miami native navigate her crazy Cuban and Jewish family through experiences and conflicts everyone can relate to.

Joan Baez: Presented by Miss Irenie Rose
Elsa Jean McTaggart

With a voice often compared to hers, Miss Irenie Rose brings a sweet taste of early Joan Baez, one of the original giants of the folk world... Indulge in melodic nostalgia.

The John Rowe Show
John Rowe Creative

Get your groove on in this fabulously fun musical chat show. A superbly silly mix of funky music, dodgy dancing, spontaneous activities, chit-chat, surprise guests... and donuts! Every show’s different... every show’s a roaring hit! www.johnroweshow.com

The Johnny Cash Story
Night Owl Shows

Journey with the Man In Black from Arkansas cotton fields to his undisputed seat in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Powerful renditions of Folsom Prison, Ring of Fire, Walk the Line and more.

Just a Number
The Glummer Twins

David Harmer and Ray Globe recently turned 60. It’s just a number. Right? The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back to celebrate the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older. Stand-up spoken word from the Beat Generation.

Just Like a Woman
Breathe Out Theatre

The girls have worked in the factory for a long time. Assembling, checking and rejecting stuff. So why can't they remember what the stuff is? Absurdist comedy from Best Drama winner, Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2017.

Kemp's Jig
Blue Fire Theatre Company

Join Shakespeare's clown and Elizabethan superstar Will Kemp on his comic adventure as he Morris dances from London to Norwich. An Elizabethan roadshow based on Kemp's own book, The Nine Days Wonder. #kempsjig

The King of Ghosts: Zhong Kui
Q-fun Children Theater

This story is based on Chinese traditional myth, Zhong Kui.

Knock Knock
bitter / sweet

Knock knock. Who's there? You've heard it before, but this time it's no joke. A knock on the door in the middle of the night is never good news, is it? New writing from this dynamic young company.

Knowing Me, Knowing Uke
Ukelear Fusion

After their sell-out 2018 debut Fringe show Too Many Ukes Spoil The Broth, Ukelear Fusion are back! Their new show Knowing Me, Knowing Uke is full of brand-new ukulele covers of songs from every genre.

Kurl Up and Dye
NUTS Theatre

It's a normal day at this Yorkshire beauticians until a 93-year-old customer dies during her bikini wax. The girls desperately attempt to cover up her death to save their salon. Expect mayhem, manslaughter and manicures.

The Last Bread Pudding
Our Star Theatre Company

Finalists at the 2017 All-England Theatre Festival semi-finals, The Last Bread Pudding is a hilarious reconstruction of an am-dram committee deciding what play to do next. The meeting soon goes off agenda and secrets are revealed!

The Last Bubble
Black Light Theatre Company

The Last Bubble tells the story of football enthusiast Rhys who is fighting a battle with cancer. The story represents the challenges that he's facing and how this affects the people that surround him.

Late Night Ceremony

This Berlin and Hollywood showcase raises a fist with one hand and holds a glass in the other against the fact the world is a disaster. Embodied performance, experimental music, storytelling and a secret midnight ritual. www.berlingeles.com

Le Monocle
Great Egg Theatre

The untold story of the 20th-century Parisian lesbian bar Le Monocle, its clientele and acclaimed athlete-turned-SS agent Violette Morris.

Leopold Vindictive
Acting Coach Scotland

With their homelaby the Nazis, these Belgian villagers take on their occupiers with the only weapon they have: pigeons! Discover the true story of the resistance fighters that called themselves Leopold Vindictive!

Level Up
Full Breakfast Productions and New Celts Productions

Inspired by China’s social credit system, a near-future state strives for utopia by rewarding model citizens. But when real love is impossible to measure and doing good becomes an obsession, not everyone plays by the rules.

Fresh Thought Theatre

Five friends become the centre of a media storm as they start a feminist campaign that suggests women should use their ability to reproduce as leverage against the gender pay gap in the UK.

The Liar
US High School

Lovers, gossips, duels, jealousy, clowns and, of course, lies. The Liar, by David Ives, is a feast for the eyes and a deluge for the ears in rhyming pentameter.

The Life of Reilly
Life of Reilly Productions

The Life of Reilly is a play which looks at the dynamics of a very ordinary family when they receive a diagnosis of autism for their son Reilly.

"Comedy, Heart-breaking, Heart-warming..."

The Life of Spies
Ancient Pickle

When two spies are sent on the same mission at an exclusive diplomatic conference, everything goes wrong. It's a thrilling action comedy filled with lies, deceit and murder. You won't want to miss it.

Life. In Hong Kong
We Draman Group Limited

Inspired by daily life: collaged everyday scenes show the different faces of Hong Kong. Impressive work with laughter and tears touching the heart of the metropolis. Full house at first run! Best for first-time mime explorers!


A scholar and an amnesiac find themselves on the shore of the river Styx. The play follows their bizarre attempts at crossing the river and the unlikely friendship that springs from it.

Listen, You Can Hear the Sound of No Hands Clapping
Ponder Theatre

What happens when we bring era-defining characters back to life? A thought-provoking avant-garde exploration of the self.

Little Shop of Horrors
Bob Hope Theatre Eltham

Florist's assistant Seymour becomes a sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a macabre craving. He is in love with colleague Audrey so names the plant Audrey Two. Audrey Two becomes a bad-tempered carnivore.

Little Wings
PACE Rep Company

Under the light of the moon a girl sees little wings flapping inside her room. A tiny moth searching for a glow will teach Isabella that she too has wings to grow.
An enchanting story exploring feelings.

The Long Road
St Michael's Players

Could you ever forgive the stranger who killed your son? A family left bereft. Can anything save them? Could meeting the killer help make sense of it? ‘I was amazed... the acting was superb' (Vi Donovan MBE).

Looking Down on Me
Unexpected Places

Losing someone you love is never easy, especially when you don't understand why they've gone. An enchanting, touching and uplifting puppetry performance for children aged 7+, their families and adults alike.

Looking for Wolverhampton's Latin Quarter
Adaptable Theatre

A funny and self-deprecating account of growing up in 1970s Wolverhampton. Ian looks back at his deluded teenage years. A world of the Sex Pistols, Crossroads and Angel Delight.

Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the Sand
Enebro Teatro

Two young drama school students play a surrealist game of poetry and acrobatics exploring the passionate world of the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca including one of his best plays, The Public.

Lord of the Flies
Aquila Youth Theatre

Eighteen children, one island... an incredible adventure turns into a fight for survival. Aquila Youth Theatre's compelling production of William Golding’s explosive 20th-century classic comes to the Fringe in 2019. Don't miss it.

Lost in a Book
American Performing Arts International

Too much of a good thing is still too much! When Melissa keeps re-reading her favourite fairytales at the expense of family and friends, she goes from turning pages to living them... Lost in a Book!

Love and Sex and All Things In-Between
yt2 Theatre

Funny, brutal and touching verbatim stories of "love" in all its magnificence and monstrousness.

Love Me Out: The Opera
Opera Kipling

100% my type on paper... or so they thought. Opera Kipling present an innovative re-imagining of Mozart‘s classic opera Cosi Fan Tutte set on the island of Ferrando.

Love, Loss and Cake
The Swells

A cabaret with songs and stories about love, and loss of love (and cake crops up too). Performed by men, of a certain age, who prize the melodies and the pure poetry of the lyrics.

Hyacinth Theatre

For the romantic, the cynic and the sick of heart: Love/Sick is a play about the kind of love you won’t find in fairy tales. Dark, funny and heartbreaking in equal measure, happy endings are far from guaranteed.

Loving the Enemy
Lorenzo Novani

A young Scots-Italian struggles with questions of identity, love and loyalty after Mussolini sides with Nazi Germany in 1940. Hugo must discover where he really belongs. Starring Lorenzo Novani: 'A dramatist and actor of some depth' (Scotsman).

The Shakespeare Edit

Rape. Revenge. Hope. Following critical acclaim in India, Shakespeare's Lucrece comes to Edinburgh. 'A hard-hitting tale of courage we all need to see' (in.BookMyShow.com). 'A compelling theatre production' (Firstpost.com). 'I sat stunned and somehow hopeful' (Mumbai Mirror).

Z Theatre Company

Luminescence, or Can You Spare a Moment to Talk, displays a series of scenarios centred on the anxieties of people and their discussion of problems; stories that range from awkward first dates to being sat outside a nightclub.

Pintsize Theatre

Callum is confused – why has his classmate Lucy changed the topic for their GCSE Theatre in Education project from healthy eating to online grooming? Is it to raise awareness, or is this a cry for help?

Tread the Boards Theatre Company

Something wicked this way comes... Tread the Boards Theatre Company presents Shakespeare's compelling classic tragedy of ambition, bloody chaos, witchcraft and ghosts. In this dark, psychological thriller the breakdown of natural order is heightened by our all-female cast.

Raiser Theatre

Brave Macbeth and his wife plot to kill King Duncan and take the Scottish throne. This fast-paced, stripped-down production of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy speaks directly to our own divided times, where 'things bad begun make strong themselves by ill'.

Magic Hour
Paul Nathan

Spend a magical evening experiencing magic up-close. Card and coin tricks that happen in your own hand in a tent at dusk. This will be the most magical evening of your life.

Magic, Mind Reading and Telerabbitry
Craig Stephenson

Using only a deck of cards and a toy rabbit, magician Craig Stephenson has been dazzling audiences all over the world. His new show promises magic, mind reading and a lot of laughter for all.


A prissy perfect croquet lawn is forced to witness a bloodthirsty grudge match between two rival couples. Mallets is a ruthless, marital comedy that is both darkly funny and a little bit sad.

Mandy Picks a Husband
Amanda Broomell

Almost 40 and totally single, Mandy takes us on a hilarious and raw 55-minute rollercoaster ride as she unearths the magic elixir for her unmarried soul. WINNER of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival Encore Producers’ Award, NOMINEE for the Soaring Solo Artist Award, and OFFICIAL SELECTION in the 2019 United Solo Festival in NYC!

The Mannequin
Das Stück in collaboration with the Kings Player's

From the streets of Soho to the drag bars of Montmartre, the frantic lives of these artists all revolve around The Mannequin. They all desire validation in their lives, finding solace in each other and their work.

Marie Lloyd Stole My Life
Blue Fire Theatre Company

How did a music hall sweetheart and pantomime star end up nothing more than a small blue plaque in Islington? Nelly Power takes you through a life lived in the shadow of Marie Lloyd. #upinthegallery

Marlene in Havana: Gypsy Tango Cabaret
Latin Rediscovery

Latin Rediscovery presents a show featuring popular music from film and cabaret between the great World Wars, reinventing an appearance made by Marlene Dietrich at exclusive Club Sans Souci Playa, Havana in 1956.

Craig MacArthur with Flying Solo Productions

Welcome into the hallucinogenic and feverish mind of a physically traumatised dancer struggling to make sense of his horrific brutalisation and the aftermath as a lifetime of memories is unleashed.

Mary's Room
Theatre With Teeth

An android, Adam, is introduced to an undergraduate student, Mary, in a series of monitored interactions. But when an unlikely friendship blossoms, a bigger question is at large. What defines their humanity?

Mason King – Sleight of Mind
Elite Entertainment

Mason King returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for another trip into the inner depths of the human mind! 'Astounding' ★★★★★ (FringeReview.ca).

Match Girl
American High School Theatre Festival

Match Girl is musical re-imagination of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl, following the journey of Elin and the Shadows. Presented by the Janus Players of the Hun School of Princeton.

Jason Harvey

Steve Gooch’s piece centres around Daniel McNaughton, imprisoned for his botched attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Robert Peel. Lawyers want to use him as a test case for pleas of insanity in murder trials which became The McNaughton Rules.

McTaggart Sisters
Elsa Jean McTaggart

The McTaggart sisters Elsa and youngest sister Irenie present a rare opportunity to hear these highly acclaimed singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists come together in a fusion of blood harmonies, original arrangements and stunning vocals. www.elsa-jean-mctaggart.com

Me and My
Funny Bird Productions

Tired of being ignored, attention-seeking Grief takes it upon herself to be seen. Silly exploration of the annoyance of emotions. 'One of the Fringe's greatest discoveries' ★★★★ (Everything-Theatre.co.uk). 'Think David Brent but female and fabulous' ★★★★ (FemaleArts.com).

Medea Speaks
Helikon Theatre Company

Medea Speaks is a rallying cry to take the conversation begun by #MeToo deeper and further. Franca Rame’s acclaimed interpretation of Medea is co-directed by author and campaigner Jennifer Nadel and Myles O’Gorman, and performed by Cathy Conneff.

Medium Rare Improv
Beard of Zeus

Beard of Zeus returns for their fourth year! Come and see this amazing improv troupe perform their newest show: Medium Rare Improv. Be sure not to miss out! 'Distinguish themselves on sheer talent' ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Tatwood Puppets

Join Brenda and Charles on an unforgettable journey into the microscope as they unearth the miniature monsters and curious creatures that shape our planet. A visual theatre experience for all ages featuring puppetry, shadow and an original score.

Dingwall Players

Biting, irritating, in your face, everywhere – no escape. Four women, an isolated location. Who has summoned them? Why? What links them? A stranger arrives – they are made to confront their pasts. Love, death, humour and bloody midges!

A Midsummer Night's Dream
American High School Theatre Festival

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, and everyone lives happily ever after. If only it were that simple. Hold on to your heart. Cupid is armed and dangerous!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Young Actor's Camp

Actors from around the world rehearsed via Skype for four months and then met here in Scotland to put on Shakespeare's romantic comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream! Come join us for love, fairies and a donkey.

Milan's Game
AllouAqui Dance Theatre

A couple's absurd yet whimsical game of role-play, satirising the paradoxes of love, landing between the real and surreal. 'Their off-kilter duets capture the arrhythmias of sharing your space and your body with another person' (Bryn Davies, ThePlace.org.uk/blogs).

Scruffy Mutt Theatre

Amber. Silver. Freya. Scarlet. Four young lives. Some very big problems. Like dope smoking parents. Promiscuous partners. Psychotic friends. Sexting fails. Pregnancy. And blackmail. Served up with black humour, a sprinkle of contemporary dance and a nasty ending.

Minds Alight!
Illuminations A Cappella

Illuminations A Cappella’s powerful show Minds Alight!, in support of YoungMinds, combines their vibrant image and uplifting music to convey a powerful message of adversity, friendship, and companionship. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support YoungMinds!

Mirror Canon
Rebis / Performers: Virginia Morini, Lorenzo Travaglini

Where does your mind go while life happens? This performance will lead you on a journey inside of your own self, with an interactive approach to theatre with electronic music.

Misfit Warrior
Stuart Saint

Electrifying synths, beats and casual choreography generate Stuart Saint’s resplendent testimonial gig, where Misfit and Warrior collide. His autobiographical story of HIV and cancer manifest a domino effect of destruction, leaving survivor-in-crisis Stuart rescuing his mortality.

Misha's Gang
Russian String Orchestra

Herald Angel (2017) and Spirit of the Fringe (2018) award winners, Misha Rachlevsky and his Russian String Orchestra return with a new series of captivating afternoon concerts. World-class performances in intimate surroundings. 'Dazzlingly impressive and heart-warming' (Scotsman, 2018).

Misha's Gang: Strings on Fire
Russian String Orchestra

A musical treat to really raise the spirits! Rousing and dynamic, this world-class ensemble perform a wide range of delightful classical works inspired by movies, dance, opera and travel. 'An unashamed crowd pleaser' ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

The MKC Experience
Mike King Collective (MKC)

After selling out in 2017, MKC return to debut a new exciting vocal experience. Expect a fully immersive musical adventure taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions and styles that will leave you uplifted and inspired.

Mobile Phone Show
Twisted Tales

'Ladies and gentlemen, the performance is about to begin, could I please ask you all to turn your mobile phones ON. Thank you.' Twisted Tales bring Jim Cartwright's provocative black comedy to the Fringe.

Grey Cardinal Studios

Fast-paced, thrilling, dark and bold. Among the slick bustling chaos that is 1958 Soho, Mojo captures the hilarious agony within the gang of the seedy Atlantic club on the edge of their most profitable deal yet!

The Moment
Here Dance

The Moment symbolises the longing to preserve childhood innocence that we experience as we move through life. Accompanied with the youthful endeavour to seek out new experiences and grow as we move between adolescence and adulthood.

Momento Sounds
Momento Sounds

Graduates of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, multi-instrumentalists Momento will take you on a journey with upbeat, original and popular melodic tracks. Their set-up includes acoustic and electric violins, synths, sample pads and loop-station.

Momo and the Inevitable Decay of the House in the Forest

Follow us into the treacherous birch forest of rural Finland, into the unreliable narrative of Ellie's childhood memories. Will her family make it through this summer? Someone will die.

Monster School Jurassic!
American High School Theatre Festival

Monster School Jurassic! The kids in Ms Bagatha's class at Monster School are at it again! Join them on their adventures through time as they learn about dinosaurs, history and being good monsters. www.midnightsunperformingarts.com

Moon Walk
Sprutt Theater

Roommates Sam and Alex struggle as mental illness and masculine pretenses prevent them from truly connecting—until Rowan moves in. Funny, sad, uncomfortable and healing, Moon Walk is the weirdest party and most fun funeral you’ve ever been to.

A Mother
Jane Gwilliams

What is it like to be the mother of a terrorist? A Mother coaxes us into her experience of anguish, guilt and anger, as she grapples with the monster she has created.

Mr Nice Guy
Cruyff Turn Theatre Company

Local celebrity Jeremy Shaw is shot on his way to work one morning. He finds himself questioning his morals whilst simultaneously bleeding out. Mr Nice Guy follows Jeremy's impact on others and his last hours of life.

The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster
The Chanticleer Players

Summer hols, 1953. Young Lady Iris Bungle and her devoted housekeeper, Mrs Squidgyfeet, are in the midst of a spiffing adventure! Will they be able to solve this mystery?

Narukami Thunder God

Narukami is a Japanese tale of deception, seduction and betrayal. This 17th-century classic of the kabuki theatre repertoire recounts a princess' quest to free the dragon god of rain from the clutches of a deranged monk.

The Nashville Story
Night Owl Shows

Take a journey through time in Nashville and experience how Music City influenced the whole world of music. Features hits from Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Shania Twain, Tammy Wynette and more.

Ned and the Whale
Flossy and Boo

A fishy tail of magic and adventure. Sail away on a quest to help Ned find his courage and discover the truth behind the mysterious Kingdom of Spies. A curiously spellbinding brand of storytelling.

Never None (but She)
Asterglow Theatre

These are stories of resilience. Of dark days and bright nights. Of harm and healing. Of people sowing planets and sewing stars in the sky. Generations of hurts and hopes merge in this tapestry of tales.

The New and Improved I Hate Children Children's Show
Paul Nathan

More magic. More fun. More kiddy kicking madness. Treat your family and yourself to this mostly totally new show for the older kids and teens.

Alice Roberts

Set in a TV studio, News@1066 puts history straight! Roving reporters get to the bottom of history's biggest stories. Fast-moving and wacky, this one-woman comic show races across time from one breaking story to the next! Jolly good fun!

Nico: No Regrets
Margherita Remotti

She once said: 'I have no regrets, except that I was born a woman instead of a man'. Nico, talented and polyhedric actress, fascinating and complex woman, reveals herself by recalling eight men who changed her life.

Nightpiece Film Festival
Nightpiece Media

Hosted by director Al Carretta and in its sixth year, if you love independent film, then Nightpiece is the event to attend. With submissions from across the globe, our thematic programming is firmly on the film-making pulse.

Nine Months
Breaking the 4th Wall

Nine Months is a kaleidoscope of Irish women’s true stories. It takes you on a hilarious thought-provoking and captivating rollercoaster journey packed with audience participation where characters transform and change with new each narrative.

Noir Hamlet

Wild new comedy by John Minigan reimagines Hamlet as a wise-cracking 1940s detective up to his neck in a comedic case with more twists than a gallows necktie. Boston Globe Critics' Pick! Edge Media's Best of Boston

Notes from Shetland to Shanghai
Sophie Rocks

Following her stunning 2018 Fringe debut, Sophie Rocks' audiences can be wowed by a moving musical and spoken narrative Notes from Shetland to Shanghai. A homage to immigrants worldwide which will leave you spellbound. www.madeinscotlandshowcase.com

The Bluebelles

The Bluebelles cordially invite you to an awards show like no other: prepare for awesome a cappella covers, guaranteed to keep your toes tapping all night long!

Nothing Really Means Anything Anymore So Shut Up, Tim?
Oskar Schortz

After receiving a scathing audience review, failed performer Oskar Schortz attempts to explain why his arch-critic, Tim, was completely wrong – because in the 21st century, nothing really means anything anymore.

Nothing to Hide

My iPhone can hear me. Alexa listens. They’re watching through the webcam. Is privacy dead, or are we just paranoid? Using verbatim testimony, we take you through an unsettling journey into who is listening.

Ocean’s 9: Nothing but Treble
Sweet Nothings

Pitch Perfect meets Ocean’s 8 in this a cappella quest for fame, harmonies and retribution. With trademark sass, Sweet Nothings perform songs inspired by movies, concocting a thrilling heist when snubbed by justice.

On a High Note
Erin Alexander

On a High Note is a new piece of operatic theatre showcasing the best-loved soprano arias. It explores how Graziella Sciutti embraced acting within her performances, and the high price she paid for success.

One Giant Leap
Chevron Theatre

It's 1968 and the USA is losing the space race. Under pressure from the president, NASA decide to film a fake moon landing instead. Can they pull off the greatest deception the world has ever seen?

One Good Beating
Raiser Theatre

Linda McLean's short play One Good Beating is a blackly comic account of a grown-up brother and sister who exact revenge on their violent father. Locking him in the coal shed as retribution for years of sniping, bullying and pain, they are both aching to use their fists on him for once. But he's not defeated. Yet...

Ophelia is Also Dead
Sightline Productions

Immerse yourself in the story of Ophelia’s life. It's been 53 years since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern premiered, over 500 since Hamlet and no one has ever asked her how she felt about it all.

Renz ’Poet of the Impossible’ Novani

Does history repeat itself? Can we foresee the future by looking at the past? Poet of the Impossible is back with his astonishing, new, interactive journey. Don't miss your date with destiny. 'A talented magician, very compelling' (FringeReview.co.uk).

Our Saviour
Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

To some, Reverend Sheen is a walking miracle, able to heal the sick with the power of prayer. To others he is a heartless conman. Either way, more lurks beneath his million-dollar smile than meets the eye.

Out of the Blue Jazz Presents The Great American Songbook
Out of the Blue Jazz

Playing the very best of the Great American Songbook, made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and of course Frank Sinatra. Swing jazz at its best!

Painted Corners
Tablespoon Theatre

An eclectic blend of naturalistic and physical theatre that comes together to tell a tongue-in-cheek tale of friendship, Tinder dates and heartbreak.

Pan Breid
Central Belters

Welcome tae Camby! If ye need tae know anyhin' aboot roon here, there's five hings ye need tae remember: neds, fitbaw, shite, shoaps n' the cooncil. Stuck here when yer alive, trapped here when yer deid.

Seesome Theatre and New Celts productions

Expelled from school aged 15, Alicia battles for her right to exist. Welfare and charities view her as the one thing everybody hates: a parasite. But who are the real bloodsuckers? Provocative dramedy from award-winning five-star playwright James Harker.

Passion Perspectives
Harp Theatre

Where do you stand on the burning issues of today? Who do you trust? Is anything so important you'd stake your life on it? Contemporary politics and history collide in this radical retelling of an age-old story.


You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. Pearls is a verbatim play about the forgotten personalities, the ignored characters, and the presumed frustrations of the elderly, told by the young.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

A new adaptation of JM Barrie's 1906 prequel, introducing new characters and adventures in a family show which explores how one child named Peter became 'the boy who would not grow up'.

Piano Man
Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose presents Piano Man, a play in which four characters discover the true meaning of acceptance and understanding one another in a world where creating a perfect life is something we all strive for.

Pick Up
The Uninvited Party

The Uninvited Party excavate through the dirty laundry of the direct and indirect victims of dependency. An intimate piece, Pick Up guides you through the raucous, ecstatic highs and claustrophobic, desolate lows from the perspectives of those affected.

The Pillowman
The American High School Theatre Festival

An unapologetic dark comedy that illustrates the power of storytelling when a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state is interrogated after the gruesome content of his stories are acted out in real life.

Piracy! A Comedy on the High Cs
Questing Vole Productions

Hoist mainsails and prepare for thoroughly ridiculous adventures. Blackbeard meets Blackadder: villainous accents, absurdly catchy songs, intrepid damsels, captains in distress... wait, is that right? 'An uproarious hour of nautical naughtiness' ★★★★ (FringeReview.co.uk).

Postcards from Crouch End – Piha
Sam Piha and Louise

Captivating and evocative guitar music. Sam's arrangement of Malaguena, used in the film Joy. Tachi-ai record of the week (Lyric FM). Shinkansen Bullet Train. Crouch End Suite. Also featuring Louise on flute.

Predictably Irrational
Bernard Ross

Mixing stand-up and neuroscience , five-star author challenges assumptions about just how smart we are. Buying wine to losing weight, food shopping to dating, we overpay, underestimate and procrastinate. Laugh – and stop being predictably irrational! Book now!

Princess in the Castle
Nightpiece Media

Psychological thriller. Film premiere. Director Al Carretta's 15th indie feature since 2010. YouTube sensation Connie Castille had a perfect life, then she disappeared. Re-emerging years later, her tale of captivity gets the media in a frenzy.

Pussy in Boots: The Adult Panto
Pumpkin Pantos

The world of panto will be spun on its head in this hilarious, innuendo-filled production packed with sauce, smut and shocks. It's cheeky! It's sexy! It's raunchy! It's everything a panto s£5 whouldn't be.

Qing Snake
Xiao Bai Art Co

Qing is a woman with multiple personalities who is transformed from a green snake. You will explore the aesthetics of Chinese folklore with her. Your shadow, puppet and the relationship with each other will be combined.

RadioOctave: The Night We Met

At the Fringe for the second time, RadioOctave presents vibrant vocals, brilliant beatboxing and captivating choreography, taking you on a journey of love. From jazz to pop, electronic to ballads, there's something for everyone!

Raised Voices
Raised Voices

A play about loss, love, hope and homelessness. Developed and performed by the members of Raised Voices, an award-winning homelessness and mental health charity, this powerful drama highlights some of the reasons that people find themselves homeless.

Rattigan's Nijinsky
KGS Theatre Company

In 1974, playwright Terrence Rattigan meets Nijinsky's elderly widow, Romola, to fight over his latest play. Meanwhile, Diaghliev and the young Romola fight over the tormented Nijinsky. Referencing the zeitgeist of celebrity, why was the play never performed?

Real Eyes
Harrison Sharpe and Archie Stevens

Real Eyes is an exciting new drama capturing the essence of brotherhood. Accomplished young actors Sharpe and Stevens skilfully perform an engaging exploration of memories, through bizarre conversations and brotherly badinage, until truth becomes darker than perceived reality.

Red Riding Hood: The Panto
Pumpkin Pantos

Red Riding Hood is about to embark on a big adventure! Bursting with brilliant songs, jam-packed with jokes and crammed full of colourful characters, this pantomime is so funny you’ll be howling with laughter!

Relational, or A Writer's Misguided Guide to Loves Lost and Found
PacArts Alumni

A writer puts together a series of interactions between varying characters to explore the legitimacy of platonic relationships between men and women, which leads him and his characters to examine these relationships and find new truths.

Reservoir Dugs
Cat O' Nine Tales

Scotland’s answer to a Tarantino classic. How will four criminals react when their jewellery heist goes horribly wrong?

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Triumphant Bede’s drama is back with this timeless hard-hitting comedy classic. A satirical parody of the rise to power of Hitler or, well any moronic ruthless despot! Come and see it!

Blackheath High School GDST

‘Fear is an irrational thing. It must yield to reason’. All over town, people are turning into rhinoceroses. One by one. Unexpectedly. Noisily… But why? Why? And who’s left to save the world?

A Riff in Time
Northern Lights: Durham University A Cappella

After sell-out shows in 2017 and 2018, Durham University's award-winning Northern Lights return with their most ambitious and best show yet. A fully choreographed, hugely entertaining show to be enjoyed by all.

Robert Burns the Musical
Lossie Entertainment

Based upon an idea by David Gest and Michael Jackson, Robert Burns the Musical by Tish Tindall is the story of love, Scotland and one man's struggle to redefine his pride of worth.

Rock Choir Live
Rock Choir

Following sell-out runs in 2017 and 2018, national phenomenon Rock Choir – the UK's largest contemporary choir – returns with an explosive repertoire of fun, uplifting pop and chart songs performed by members from across the UK.

Rock'n'Roll Girls
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Meet the women behind rock'n'roll’s most famous songs: Lola, Eleanor Rigby, Brown Sugar, Roxanne and Monica. This fast-paced, surreal comedy drama discovers the women behind the names and the stories behind the lyrics.

Rodgers with a D – The Tommy Rodgers Centenary Celebration
Louise Rodgers

From rags to a bow tie! Stories of Scottish social history, hard times and farting. 'I thought your father was such a gentleman until I married him' (Tillie Rodgers).

Romeo & Juliet: One-Man Musical
Literature Through Music

The only musical ever made based entirely on the original lines. Every scene of Shakespeare's classic love story performed through contemporary song. Includes 30-page printed programme with lyrics. 'Two households, both alike in dignity...'

Elisabeth Flett/Traintrack Productions

A new solo folk performance about loss, language and cultural identity.

The Rubbish Show
On the Brink Theatre Company

On the Brink return, their name having a deeper relevance, with their alternative take on our critically fragile environment; influences happily drawn from Avenue Q and Robin Williams. Sing, laugh and save the world!

Russian String Orchestra at Old Saint Paul's
Russian String Orchestra

isha Rachlevsky and the multi award-winning Russian String Orchestra return for seven special evening concerts, each totally different, showcasing major works from the 18th century to the present day. World-class concert programmes in the beautiful and atmospheric surroundings of one of Edinburgh's most historic churches. 'Their playing is sublime... and their range of material would enhance the official festival's programme... Unmissable' ***** (Herald).

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society

‘When you leave here, everything else will be exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is you.’ The company behind SiX brings this moving and life-affirming original musical about addiction, mental health services and recovery to the Fringe.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
The Television Workshop Salford

Meet Arthur: factory worker, smart talker and ladies' man bursting with a toxic mix of humour, drama and sex set to cause an explosion! BAFTA award-winning The Television Workshop from the Alan Sillitoe classic!

School Gays
Geoffrey Brown

Gays everywhere! What is it about boys and schools that have encouraged same-sex attraction (and rejection) on stage and screen since 1890? Looking at 25 plays and films from around the world, how have the gays survived?

Science Adventures
Coppice Theatre

Join the science fictionaries on their quest to find the fizziest, flashiest, most marvellous stories about science and maybe they will even tell you a few if they can get the computer to work! Storytelling, puppets, interactive technology.

Seasoned Professionals
Laughing Mirror

When government cuts hit the Department of Seasonal Mascots, Santa and friends panic – sabotaging each other’s festivals to keep their jobs safe. Watch out, the Claus are out! Previous shows: ★★★★ (Everything-Theatre.co.uk), ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com).

Section 28: The Legacy of a Homophobic Law
Ray Stafford and Andrew Lake

  1. David, struggling to hide his sexuality, confides in his English teacher – until the Local Governments Act drives a wedge between them. And so David makes a bold push back.

American Performing Arts International

Comedy? Drama? Tragedy? Musical? Yes! No! Maybe? It's not done yet! This show, based on the theme of identity is being devised as we speak. It's being developed using Moment Work, Tectonic Theater Project's (The Laramie Project) devising method.

Semi-Toned Presents: Life on Mars

After two sell-out Fringe runs, the boys in burgundy want to go further. 140 million miles further – to Mars. Using stellar vocals and out-of-this-world choreography, they battle to get there.

Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility tells the story of the Dashwood sisters as they navigate the world of love, loss and society. Can one sister learn to follow her head while the other learns to follow her heart?

The Seven Second Theory
Doris Nymph Productions

John Doe is having a bad day. He's dead. Or close enough to it anyway. This show asks if you had seven seconds to relive your entire life, what would you want to see?

Shakespeare! The Panto
University of Bristol Pantomime Society

A side-splitting flashback to the 16th century, where the Bard of Avon is holding auditions for his newest show. Fusing classic pantomime with the works of the nation's best-loved playwright, it's so bard it's good.

The Shambles
Dead Duck Productions

University of York's premier improvised comedy troupe are back for their 12th year at the Fringe. Bringing you hilarious scenes, songs and games based entirely on audience suggestions – no two shows will ever be the same!

The Ivy Players

What does it mean to be a woman in today’s society? How does she tackle the obstacles life throws at her? Who is She? She explores what it is to be a woman, from the bloody to the beautiful.

She Kills Monsters
US High School

She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes who, after the death of her sister, delves into a world of self-discovery and recovery by means of her late sister's Dungeons and Dragons journal. Let the adventures begin!

She Shall Not Be Moved
Black Ginger Productions / Stuffed Puffin Productions

Set in a modern day witch trial, this piece is a meditation on what it means to be a woman; the challenges we face, and how they shape us into the women we become.

Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Conan Doyle
Quids In Theatre Company

The Supernatural? Sherlock Holmes, master of logic and deduction, attempts to solve his final mystery – why did his creator, a man of science, believe in spirits and faeries?

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery: The Baker Street Irregulars and the Case of the Stolen Portrait
PHTC – Putney High Theatre Company

Come and join Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Irregulars as they crack the case of the stolen portrait in 1887 London!

Polly Waldron

Based on the totally unfounded tale of her great-great-grandmother, 'magnetic' (Telegraph) Polly Waldron serves up this rags-to-radicals tale. Buckets of horse sh*t, aristocrats on the run and irresistible urges overflow into the London of 1913.

Mrs Pankhurst's Players

Set in a nightclub populated with drag kings and gangsters, this radical adaptation releases Shakespeare’s play from its comedic origins to foreground Kate’s journey from strength and independence to being trafficked into a forced marriage.

Shut Up, Helen!
Aireborne Theatre

In this new musical comedy about living with mental health issues, watch as Valerie and her unwanted companion Helen attempt to navigate life, love and heartbreak through delightfully whimsical musical numbers and terribly inappropriate duets.

Simon & Garfunkel Through the Years

Following five consecutive sell-out years at the Edinburgh Fringe, critically acclaimed Simon & Garfunkel Through the Years returns this year with a full live band. Sells out fast so book your tickets early!

The Sinners Club
Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose presents The Sinners Club, a fast-paced comedy that explores what it means to make mistakes, deal with regrets and suffer from terrible hangovers after being so hammered you couldn’t remember your own name.

Lion Theatre Company

When Kyra receives a visit from her ex-lover Tom, the night they spend together forms a narrative that explores the complexities of relationships, grief, love and opposing ideologies of a modern Britain.

The Snoopy Question
Matt Black

What are dogs really like? What are people really like? Matt Black entertains with surprising dog facts, inspired poems, cheap props and Snoopy's answer to world peace. Comedy, science and poetry collide! 'Barking brilliant' (Lola).
Matt Black was Derbyshire Poet Laureate (2011-2013)
"shining work" Ian McMillan

The Snow Queen
American High School Theatre Festival

Kay has retreated with the Snow Queen to not feel any more pain or sadness. To help Kay, Gerda goes on a quest, braving obstacles with the power of hope and love.

Some Things are Meant to Be, Anna
Orange Elephant Theatre Company

Follows one woman and her soul's journey through cancer, two children and a chihuahua. A funny, poignant and honest piece of movement theatre exploring the rollercoaster of living with a terminal illness.

Something Else
Open Barn Productions

Pete and Maggie are trapped in a resort filled with demonic staff and warped activities. Join us for a brand new absurdist comedy that can only be described as Benidorm meets a paracetamol-infused nightmare!

Sometimes, Just a Second
American Performing Arts International

It’s a new millennium in the Land of Wonder: both recognisable and alien. This modern re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, is a testament to the perseverance of story, power of music, and endurance of humanity.

Songs for a New World
Simply Theatre

A brand-new adaptation of this rarely performed musical song cycle with fully fledged characters and setting. Produced by returning sell-out director (The Last Five Years, 2015), live music and a talented cast of 10.

Songs for a New World
Gone Rogue Productions

It’s about one moment. This innovative song-cycle brims with gorgeous harmonies, expressive lyrics and vibrant characters. Linked by the moment of decision, these powerful songs examine life, love and the choices we make.

The South Afreakins
The Impi Theatre Company / Robyn Paterson

Gordon and Helene are stuck in South Africa and their rut. When they finally immigrate to New Zealand, the result is hilariously heartbreaking as they discover "home" is hard to find. The sell-out critically acclaimed solo show.

The South Afreakins: The Afreakin Family
The Impi Theatre Company / Robyn Paterson

When the family reunites for Gordon's birthday, buried emotions erupt. From the creator of The South Afreakins, this poignant comedic solo show explores the challenge of finding happiness when letting go is so hard.

Southern Nights: The Story of Southern Soul
Night Owl Shows

Journey through the American South and revel in the incredible sounds and stories of Southern Soul. Featuring stripped-back versions of classic songs by Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Etta James and many more!

Space Junk: A Soviet Musical
Slipshod Theatre

The first man in space is back on Earth and facing new temptations. Fame, fortune, alcohol, nostalgic space anthems and sex. Can this cosmic captain control his space junk?

Special Measures
Blackboard Theatre

A classroom comedy. Delve into what life is like as a teacher in 2019. Featuring stories and characters that we can all relate to, come and join us for a day in the chaotic life of a teacher.

Conor Clarke McGrath

Lock the door, turn up the radio, ignore the voice in your head. Stanley loves The Archers, and hates leaving the house. An exploration into one man’s struggle to find his place in a world that’s changing around him.

Stay Loyal to the Royals

Concerned about the future of the Commonwealth, the Queen has undertaken a world tour to connect with her "people". Her Majesty will show the world that the royal family spills more tea than the Kardashians.

Stepping Out
Stage Avenue Performing Arts

Described as a funny and heart-warming comedy, Stepping Out is a hugely popular play, following the lives of seven women and one man who meet at a weekly dance class to tap their troubles away.

Steve Richards Presents Rock'n'Roll Politics 2019
Steve Richards

A brand new behind the scenes guide to the latest epic and wild political dramas. What’s happened? Why has it happened? What will happen next? A different show each day.

Still Life by Noël Coward
Hart Players

Hart Players present Noël Coward's Still Life. Coward's account of flirtation, love and brief encounters shows us that life is full of meetings and departings and opportunities.

The Stinky Cheese Man... and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
American High School Theatre Festival

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales turns our most beloved fairy tales on their heads. Follow poor Jack the narrator for this hilarious trip through fractured fairy tales.

Arbery Productions

At the end of the day a grandmother remembers her first date, the man she married and the ups and downs of their life together. An intense and moving portrait from Maggie Macleod.

Anomaly Theatre Company

Privacy is dead. It just doesn't know it yet. A government hacker who sees too much. A university forcibly chipping its students. And what happens when social media becomes sociopathic? Three dark comedies scrutinising the world that scrutinises us.

Switch Witchetty's Almanac of Everything
Pinwheel Productions

When the Almanac's destroyed, Switch the Fool must chronicle every story ever told. This Australian production turns original stories into folklore with music, mayhem and ordinary bed sheets. Switch must choose – hero or fool?

Ron Davis' SymphRONica

BBC Radio 3 regulars Ron Davis' SymphRONica return for a fourth Fringe. They’ve won worldwide raves including four stars from The Herald and The Scotsman. This is the music you’ve been looking for, the jazz you want to hear!

Takin' It Easy, 1916
Smirk Theatre

Near Bristol, a clueless Swindonian encounters a secluded town with a distaste for strangers. Will he adapt to their unusual ways in time to host their annual fete? We don’t know, but there'll be a raffle.

Tally Ho, Secret Several!
Aireborne Theatre

A spoof of Enid Blyton’s adventure book series The Secret Seven. Join this unruly bunch of intrepid explorers as they encounter intrigue, danger and piping hot rock buns in this high-energy, nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek comedy.

Tami Stone – My Funny Bits
Bit on the side comedy sketches

Comedy actress Tami Stone presents her debut one-woman Edinburgh show. A pick'n'mix of sharply observed oddball characters. Chasing fame, finding love, modelling with fruit... it's all here.

Tea?...(With Milk)
Everybody's Story

Tea?…(With Milk) is a fast paced, fun, dark piece of theatre. Growing up with adverts that criticised their bodies, two women have to decide if they want to conform to society's expectations. Stressed? Have a cuppa!

Bread and Butter Productions

The lesson that changed his life. A school in struggle and strife. A government that uses a knife. ★★★★ (Scotsman, Stage, List, BroadwayBaby.com, FringeGuru.com, TheWeeReview.com). ★★★★★ (ScotsGay, for Canoe). 'Hidden Gem' (FringeReview.co.uk).


This brazen retelling of Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles sees an all-female cast welcome the audience into a semi-immersive pub setting, with spirited live folk music, shocking new plot twists, and a healthy jolt of feminism.

Y-Axis Theatre

The best worst episode of Friends. Four best friends meet every Friday night to play their favourite games. This Friday, the gang has two new members. One of them has a dark secret which is about to be revealed.

There Is No Problem (Here)
Rove St. Productions

Ever wondered what fairy tale characters are up to off-duty? Maybe they're just like you and me – trying to catch a break but getting delayed by drama. A thoughtful comedy exploiting life's unavoidable concerns.

This Island's Mine
Italia Conti Ensemble 2019

Passionate, lyrical, witty ensemble storytelling. 1988. Thatcher's Britain. A kaleidoscope of characters and their stories appear against a backdrop of cynicism, racism and homophobia. With music and song, it's a glorious celebration of self-discovery, self-confidence and pride.

This Play Is Not About Me
Steve Rathje

This play is about dreams, where forgotten memories go and that sense you get when you can tell someone is staring at you – but it is not about me.

Three Menopausal Maids
Fridge Door Productions

Back with an all-new comedy sketch show after their 2018 sell-out success. It's getting hot, hot, hotter! Fasten your seat belts as Princess and the Pee Airlines whisk you away for a spot of pampering, pottiness and pole-vaulting.

Tick, Tick... Boom!
Gone Rogue Productions

Before RENT, there was Tick, Tick... Boom!, an autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson. 14 songs, 10 characters, three actors and a band taking you an intimate journey and questioning the definition of success within the performing arts.

The Tina Turner Story
Night Owl Shows

A celebration of Tina’s incredible legacy delivered in the Night Owl signature show-umentary style. Featuring Cleopatra Higgins, as seen in the West End’s Thriller Live and the finals of The Voice. 'She’s on fire' (Tom Jones).

Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Lum: And Other Colourful Tales
Mismatch Theatre

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined a new colour? Lucy is a grey girl who escapes to a land of colour. Poetry, storytelling and music create immersive explosions of this topsy-turvy turbulent world.

University of Aberdeen – Creative Writing 2019

A comedic tour of the sweaty (Scottish) twenty-something's nightlife. Written by the students of the illustrious University of Aberdeen Creative Writing Masters, Toothbrush is a story of dissipating friendship, bipolar club DJ's and growth.

Top Trumps
Johnians XIV

A curious assortment of guests attend a dinner party hosted by a mutual acquaintance. When one of them disappears things quickly turn farcical to find out what happened. A debut at the Fringe featuring live music.

Trans Pennine
The Orange Works

Trans Pennine is a funny, fast-paced and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays. Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, and Mum... is in the margarine tub.

A Tribute to Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill
Seventh Avenue Arts

Grab a drink from the bar and sing along to this incredible live recreation of one of the best selling albums of all time. Includes hits Ironic and Head Over Feet.

Triplex Adventures
Blue Bird Youth Musical Theatre Company

Devised children's musical pieces telling stories of a 10-year-old boy's change for a healthier world with help from his friends: alarm clock, water, vegetables and sporty shoes. Also, a performance of Lion King's Hakuna Matata.

Trips and Falls
Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG)

What happens when two sisters steal their mum’s car and drive to Arran to scatter their grandmother's ashes? Trips and Falls is a road trip scattered with chaos, comedy and family journeys. www.studenttheatreatglasgow.com

Trust the Teenagers
And Then There Were Four

Trust the teenagers to fall too hard, act too fast, think too deep, drink too much. Trust the teenagers and we will entertain you with a series of comedic sketches of scintillating insights into the teenage brain.

Tuck Into Poetry – A Lite Bite of Cheese and Puns
Suzanne Tuck

Served with a smile and a sprinkling of humour, Suzanne brings you a portion of poetry to tickle the taste buds.

Twelfth Night

One of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies brought to you by CYD. These talented highly skilled improvisers are enjoying their fourth year at the Fringe. If there was a spirit of the Fringe, this group is it.

Two Guys, Three Drams: The Ultimate Live Blues and Whisky Experience
The Rhythm and Booze Project

Join duo The Rhythm and Booze Project as they play a set of stomping blues music and serve you three superb single malt scotches. Expect whisky, music and mischief.

Under Milk Wood
Malvern Theatres Young Company

Directed by Nic Lloyd, Malvern Theatres Young Company bring Dylan Thomas’s exquisitely lyrical language alive in their presentation of Under Milk Wood: a play for voices. Come along and hear the secrets of the dreamers of Llareggub.

Uninvited Guests
ArdCol Productions

ArdCol welcomes you to the world of the Uninvited Guests: dreamers, storytellers and liars. You are of course invited, but beware of those who slip through the cracks and come when we least expect.

Damien Engelhardt

We all try to avoid certain people – bros with cats, people handing out flyers, vegans. But there are some we refuse to even look at because of the giving code. A laugh-and-cry one-man show.

Chloe Kastner Dance Company

A diverse evening of taboo topics explored through dance. Untouchable tells the story of several different types of relationships mankind experiences. The story is told through the performance element of spoken word and contemporary dance. Two separate pieces result in a 40-minute show.

Up and Away
Carthage College Theatre Program

Aspiring YouTube star Madison McDoogle's attempt to rise out of poverty and isolation is threatened by drug abuse and addiction and serves as a timely call to action about the rising heroin epidemic and its impact.

Uppercut: A New Musical
Front Row Theatre

Clio has three months until the biggest boxing match of her life and must battle her emotions along the way. This heartwarming story reminds us not to compare ourselves to others, despite pressures from society.

Vanity Airlines
SAS Productions

Vanity Airlines holds the prestigious title of Airline of the Year 2012 but how did the most popular airline lose their touch? Having not won anything in six years, a group of flight attendants decide to take action.

Three Chairs and a Hat

Poor Verity. Ditched, hassled, threatened with the sack... and it’s still only Monday. Nia Williams’ musical is a glimpse of one woman's ordinary disasters. Songs, cocktails, online stalking and, if all else fails, a picture of a cat.

The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar
Red Biscuit Theatre

Red Biscuit Theatre bring you an adult (and incredibly silly) twist on the beloved children's story. 'Fast-paced, very silly and packed with exceptional examples of physical theatre' (TheatreWeekly.com). 'Pythonesque physical comedy' (TheSpyInTheStalls.com).

The Village Fate
UP to something

Yes Fate! Let this laugh-out-loud nostalgic affair take you to a little village whose once traditional fête has been turned on its head by vegan and new-age ideas. Has family fun had its day?

Vinyl Encore
Venture Wolf

Bruised egos and broke, two forgotten rock stars try to record the album that makes sense of their lives. With their stupidity, dark secrets and excesses, join two naughty boys who still refuse to join the real world.

The Visitors
Reading University Drama Society

The Visitors follows a night in the life of addict Danny, as he is visited by the stages of his addiction: pain, desire, euphoria, comfort and paranoia. This dark comedy-drama is basically A Christmas Carol meets Fight Club.

Voice of Authority
Dean Temple

With the US government after him for $19 million, Dean's world has gone sideways. He needs a lawyer. He finds a ballet dancer. The true story of turning complete catastrophe into a pretty damn good musical number.

Hoghead Theatre Company

Powerful forces of greed and deception clash in this explosive adaptation of Ben Johnson’s classic comedy. In an outrageous ploy to scam the wealthy elite of Venice, Volpone finds himself overwhelmed not only with riches, but betrayal.

Vote Dr Phil?
Phil Hammond

Phil Hammond was sacked by the BBC for pledging to stand against his MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, in 2022 (or next week). Can he win? Or is he another deluded populist desperate for affirmation? Or both? You decide.

Votes for Women!
Polymorph Theatre

The story of Emmeline and Richard Pankhurst and the suffragette movement. This couple were the architects of two of the greatest steps forward in the fight for women's rights in Britain.

Wait Wait Bo Bait
American High School Theatre Festival

Waiting, waiting.... What are you waiting for? Christmas to come? Class to be over? The man of your dreams? To be yelled at for setting the toilet on fire? Watched clocks never boil, you know...

Walls and Bridges
Acting Coach Scotland

With their country plunged into political crisis by anti-Government strikes - a group of young East German students are ordered to ‘persuade’ the protestors to go home peacefully. But as a battalion of Soviet tanks confronts the protestors, the students soon begin to question their mission, and whether they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.
Discover the little-known true story of the 1953 East German uprising that planted the earliest seeds for the fall of the Berlin Wall thirty six years later.

Want Some More
Stage Strong Productions

Want Some More explores the harsh realities of living with a whole range of eating disorders from binge eating to diabulimia; retelling word for word accounts in Stage Strong Productions' hard-hitting show.

Warwick Improv Presents: Anything You Want
Warwick Improv

Six actors. One hour. No script. Watch characters collide in a series of engaging narratives wound around unpredictable scenes. Expect an evening of captivating, emotionally charged improv with a splash of comic absurdity.

We Want You to Watch
Bathway Theatre Company

'Can we just say we’re completely pro sex'. The Bathway Theatre Company’s unsettling and powerful performance confronts you with pornography’s effect on society. Can Pig and Sissy find a way to pull its plug?

Weegie Hink Ae That? Presents: Nae Bother!
Weegie Hink Ae That?

The Weegie boys are back. This time with an even bigger and bamier show! From outrageous sketches to catchy songs, they'll have ye creasing from start to finish! So, Weegie Hink Ae That?

West of Frances
Not Jaded

Meet Frances. Over-qualified and under-enthused, she works in a newspaper obituaries section, writing letters back to bereaved families. Today she is flying to Dublin to spit on a nun’s grave, and she wants to tell you why.

What Does Love Mean to You?
Z Theatre Company

Grief is a tricky business and can make you do irrational things. But what would happen if you had a human conscience or friend to help you through the tough times and help you?

The Wheel of Improv: Musicals Edition!
Durham Improvised Musical

Spin that wheel! Join us for an evening of totally improvised musical comedy where you create the show. Put your craziest suggestions on the wheel of improv and let the spin decide our fates!

Who Killed Bambi?
Reading University Drama Society

Who Killed Bambi? A punk murder mystery. Four friends and an unexpected visitor are thrown by a sudden death. Trust turns to suspicion as secrets are exposed, leading everyone to question: who killed Charlie?

The Wind in the Willows
Jim Slips

Will Badger, Ratty and Mole keep Toad out of trouble? Will the weasels be evicted from Toad Hall? Stolen cars, prison breaks and a cross-dressing amphibian make for a fun family show. Poop-poop!

The Witch of Wall Street
Gilded Age Productions

Financier? Miser? Witch? A dry-witted tale about Hetty Green, once America’s richest woman. A new play from the team of Bad Habits who make 'comedy how it’s supposed to be done' ★★★★ (EdFringeReview.com).

The Wizard of Oz
Flying High Young Company

A new, colourful, lively adaptation of Dorothy's journey to Oz with original songs and music brought to you by a vibrant, talented young company who had sell-out shows for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Join us!

The Wizard Of Oz
The Talentz

From the company that previously brought you Elf comes this imaginative retelling of the classic tale. Featuring a live band and sensational youth cast, delve into your imagination and join us in Oz this Fringe!

The Words Are There
Ronan Dempsey from Nth Degree Productions

Mick awaits Trish in his seaside flat. Life has left him speechless, struggling to find the words for a very important day, but in his silence lies a story. 'Hilarious, compelling, riveting, magic' ★★★★★ (TheArtsReview.com).

Shenzhen Dramatic English Theatre Company

A musical combining a traditional Chinese story Raccoon for Prince and Mark Twain’s Prince and Pauper with different genres of Chinese music and humorous sense. Performed by children from Shenzhen, China. An artist atmosphere and different cultural heritages.

The Yank is a Manc! My Ancestors & Me
Hopwood DePree

Hopwood DePree tells the true story of how researching his ancestry online led to him moving 5000 miles from Hollywood to Rochdale to rescue his ancestral home, Hopwood Hall.

The Yellow Wallpaper
Dram Viver

A visually enthralling Greek tragic adaptation of the classic short story. In an isolated attic room, our protagonist is comforted by a chorus of women creeping beneath the wallpaper's surface, offering insights into feminist issues throughout history.

You Have a Match
Two Girls and a Bottle of Savvy B

Tegan is straight. Riley is gay. Watch this pair of best friends as they deconstruct their co-dependency and swipe through the universe of app dating, easy hookups and awkwardly going dutch!

The Zed Word
Gone Rogue Productions

The world is ending. Max and Lawrence are doing crosswords. Then an unwelcome visitor turns up on their doorstep and everything goes to hell. Sometimes the monsters outside aren't half as bad as the company within.

Floor Five Theatre Company

Enough about those Trojan women. zounds! is a comedy about the Greek gods during the Trojan War. Welcome to Mount Olympus.

[BLANK] by Alice Birch and NYTP
Northern Youth Theatre Project (NYTP)

BAFTA-nominated Alice Birch wrote [BLANK] as a series of apparently unrelated yet connected scenes telling stories of life when adults feel absent from it. NYTP created this challenging fast-paced production for Fringe 2019