The one thing we all agree on was that theSpace @ Surgeons Hall was the best possible venue and the support from theSpaceUK was extremely helpful.
Just wanted to send our official thanks for your hosting us this year. The entire week ran much easier than we expected and it was mainly due to your amazing production staff (Lowry, Alex, Simon, and all the friendly FOH) being so helpful and accommodating. As you'll be aware, the Italia Conti lot are always a rather massive bunch, with far too much set every year but you guys were great and made us all feel very welcome. With the school focusing so hard on us creating our own work after graduating, I can honestly say a massive amount of people in the year have had an excellent experience there last week, and I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to get back in touch to hopefully produce more future work at the fringe.
I just wanted to reach out and thank you and the entire theSpaceUK team for helping us launch NOIR HAMLET at this year's Fringe. The consistent size and enthusiasm of our audiences exceeded our greatest projections and our entire troupe had a memorable run. We averaged over 50 audience members per show and our second week, at Venue 9, played to capacity. Nick and your publicity department and Fay and the production team were prompt and thorough in their responses to our many questions in the months leading up to Fringe and you, of course, very effectively schooled me in this thing called FRINGE. We felt very well prepared for our two weeks in Edinburgh. Thanks to all of you.
Thank you so much for all of your hardwork and help this year! We had a fantastic time at fringe and have received some great feedback from audiences!
I have just submitted the survey, but wanted to personally say thank you for all your help, and everything the Space has done for us this Fringe. We had a great experience, and everyone was really helpful during our two weeks.
It was a great experience and a big learning curve for us but we felt very thankful for the guidance in preparing our show and enjoyed our time in theSpace@NiddrySt. The Upper Theatre is a lovely space and the team were so helpful. Special thanks to the Maria and Alex who jumped in to help us on emergency operations and were just lovely to work with.
I appreciate all of your help making it possible for us to perform at the Fringe this year. And you were right, it didn't matter that our time was at 10am because most of our seats were filled.
Thank you and all theSpace team for making our first Fringe such an amazing experience. You've all been so helpful and patient right from the word go. I've filled in your survey and am already recommending theSpace to other potential first-timers!
We had a wonderful time in Edinburgh this August and are very excited to be returning in 2020 for what I believe will be our 25th year with the Space at Edinburgh!
Tony and I really enjoyed performing at your amazing Space. We’d love to do it again in the future. You are a generous and gracious captain and we were happy to be aboard.