I've been meaning to thank you for the general experience. Wow! It was incredible and I have you and theSpaceUK staff to thank for that. It was our first time at EdFringe & Edinburgh -- yet, we had so much support and encouragement at theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall. It was a haven in the storm. My director (who's also my daughter) feels the same. We doubt we'd have had such an amazing, positive emotional and professional experience if we'd be at a different venue. I'm certain the success of our show had as much to do with theSpaceUK as it did with our actual production. The thoughtfulness of your show curation, the design of the public spaces and the kind professionalism of the staff was evident - and I believe it's why we always had such a thoughtful and generous audience. Clearly, theSpaceUK attracts a kind and engaging crowd. I am aware of how much work the entire endeavor must be for you and your staff. I suspect your summers are a blur. But please know that it didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Kendall and I had a profound experience because of it. We are forever grateful to you and theSpaceUK. With warmest regards and thanks.
Overall I want you to know this was an extraordinary experience for me and I appreciated all the theSpace did to allow for that. Everyone was kind and helpful. I had some exceptional audiences, wonderful feedback and a marvelous time! With much gratitude,
Just a note before we head back to Chicago to say thank you for supporting us in having the best run possible. I knew we were in good hands when I submitted a press release and then got notes. That has never happened to me in my Fringe experience. My response was "Wow, these people really care that we do our best." Including us in the press launch was an honor. The staff at theSpace on the Mile was always super friendly and helpful. We appreciated their support and demeanor. It was the best Fringe run any of us have ever experienced. Look for us again in 2025 with... Macbeth in SPACE! Maybe. Who knows.
I’d just like to say a massive thank you to yourself and everyone at theSpaceUK for an amazing week at the Fringe for ‘When Kurt met Thora’. We had great audiences and some lovely reviews and the whole vibe was amazing. As always, your staff team was helpful and friendly. Plush Tiger Productions 🐯🐯🐯
Many thanks to you and theSpaceUK team for another great Fringe week. We enjoyed a wonderful week with good audiences and feedback including a great review. Aquila Youth Theatre will return!
We are so sad our week has ended but at the same time we are exhausted! We have had a fantastic week and made memories to last a life time. We are now watching all our production photos appear from our photographer online too. Our venue was wonderful - so clean and well run in comparison to some venues we visited during the week to see other shows ! Thanks for all your help and answering my millions of questions / requests. All your staff were super helpful.
We just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support and positivity you gave us during our time at the Fringe. Everything ran smoothly and that’s down to you. You were all superb in answering any questions and a measure of calmness at all times. Thanks once again.
It’s been a fantastic experience, and I thank you, plus the entire staff of theSpaceUK, for managing everything so well. You were particularly helpful to me early in the year as I was planning my show and I’m grateful for it. Furthermore I’m very happy to have chosen theSpaceUK as my venue, as you are clearly one of (if not THE) best platforms at the Fringe.
It was a pleasure to be at the festival and I feel like it went as well as it could have for me. Thank you to everyone at theSpaceUK for all the support available and being generally wonderful.
Thanks to your whole crew, singling out Cameron, Daisy and Cattie! They were especially helpful and lovely to work with. And they saw and appreciated my show, which is worth a lot! Love and Applause.