We hope you are all enjoying the festival, although for you all we know it is also hard work. We are having a great time as always and we would like to book the same slot (12 noon) same venue - theSpace on the Mile, theatre 1 for next year Monday 8th August to Saturday 13th August 2016. Thanks for everyone
We had a great festival and really enjoyed performing at theSpace. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Thank you for having us on behalf of all the cast and crew of Jet Set Go!
Overall very happy with thespace, having visited lots of other venues when I was up in Edinburgh, there was no doubt that thespace was the most comfortable seating, air-conditioned and the friendliest staff. Will be back next year without a doubt- what's more the Radisson was positioned perfectly so that we could grab last minute audience members from just outside and entrance them with the central location and the idea of going to a nice bar beforehand.
I just wanted to email you to thank you for helping us to bring Solve to Edinburgh, and for providing us with such a fantastic space which really really worked for our play and for us as a company. It encouraged us to push ticket sales, resulting in a sell out run which we had never expected! Also, a big thank you should be extended to theSpace team. They were so helpful and supportive throughout the week, illustrated by them all coming to watch our production which meant a lot! We are hoping to return to Edinburgh next year and to use one of your venues, so no doubt you will hear from me again soon!
This was a superb venue,well run and playbox theatre would certainly love to return, Playbox Theatre were proud to be part of The Spaces programme this year, a rich and exciting mix