</strong>The whole experience of performing at The Fringe in 2011 was outstanding - we have performed as a company at the Fringe on a number of occasions, but none of the previous times have come anywhere near the experience we
Thank you to theSpaceUK for allowing us to make our debut at the Edinburgh Fringe! It was a fantastic experience!
Amicable relationships with companies either side meant that there was a blurring of get in and get out times which made the change overs really easy...and a terrific technical team that made everything run smoothly.
Everybody was very very nice, we TRULY appreciated that kind of attitude. Especially when arriving in Edinburgh for the first time from the US.
Again, the staff were wonderful. Change-overs were easy and the staff were great to us during that first morning time-slot.
I've put shows on in three other spaces at the Fringe and without doubt this was the best year in terms of venue. Lovely space, highly professional staff (much more so than previous venue), who were very helpful and accommodating. The whole set up of theSpaceUK really was outstanding and very welcoming. Although I don't plan on bringing a show in 2010. I certainly hope to come back and perform with theSpaceUK in future years. (Alasdair Richardson, Feltonfleet @ The Fringe)
theSpaceUK has been the Edinburgh home for Top Edge Productions since 2004 and we really have been made to feel at home. In stark contrast to some other Edinburgh venues, the team really care about the companies who use their space, giving superb technical support and unfailing assistance in a crisis. Technical standards are high, and - which is important if you have a lot of props. Our theatre is also brilliantly located just off the Royal Mile and a stone's throw from the station. theSpaceUK is well established (and well known - reviewers don't get lost getting there) and the management are showing their commitment to the Fringe project by offering several further venues at the same end of town. Finally, theSpace are sensible about money. They charge very reasonably, and they recognise that your money belongs to you: you get the box office receipts straight after the show, not several weeks later when you've actually gone bankrupt. We like it so much, we're bringing two shows up this year. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?
In addition to the technical side, Charles and his team have provided support in many other areas including marketing and press coverage and their accounting for box office receipts has always been carried out promptly and efficiently. We now regard them as friends. theSpaceUK Note: Margaret sadly passed-away in September 2010. She will be sadly missed by all those that had the pleasure of working with her. Her passion for theatre, notably in her performances as Edith Piaf at theSpace@Venue 45 gave inspiration to all young actors who had the good fortune to see her perform.
We were so lucky to have the Space on the Mile as a venue; it was a great selling point. It was incredibly convenient for audiences, air conditioned, elegant in a relaxed way.
The food/bar and heated/covered seating area outside was a great facility to have and helped with attracting audiences - particularly on bad weather days. All the staff were there to help & work with us to make the show as good as it could be. Some were interested enough to come and see my show, which was lovely. Relationships with other companies was amiable and made for smooth change-overs. As an audience member at other fringe venues I found that front of house standards didnt always match those I encountered at theSpace. I would recommend this venue to other companies and I hope to return in the future.