theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall

fringe venue

After a hugely successful debut season back in 2009, followed by expansion and growth in the subsequent years, theSpaceUK can now boast the most established stylish and well located multi-space venues on the Fringe. Located on Nicholson Street, a minutes' walk from the Royal Mile, opposite the Festival Theatre and yards from Bristo Square the venue sits in its own buzzing courtyard and is a location few want to miss.

Our four performance spaces played host to some 100 shows last year, with an array of award nominations, feature coverage and a constant flow of 4 and 5-star reviews. The venue continues to host an increasing number of sell-out shows with some 70,000 people visiting the venue during the 21-day festival.

With a reputation for offering one of the Festival's most diverse cross-genre programmes, the venue is complemented by a very stylish 200 seat courtyard bar. It’s ultimately one of the Festival's busiest venues and a must for all seasoned theatre goers.

theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall Shows

007 Voices of Bond
Night Owl Shows

Voices of Bond is a sensational spectacle like no other. Immerse yourself in the world of 007 and the legendary voices that have accompanied this story. Hosted by captivating vocalist Phoebe Katis.

Alan Bennett's A Visit from Miss Prothero

An Alan Bennett one act play which showcases the humour and pathos of Britain's best-loved playwright. Arthur Dodsworth's serene retirement is severely jolted by a visit from his malevolent former secretary.

Alan Bennett's Green Forms

An Alan Bennett one act play showcasing the humour and pathos of Britain's best-loved playwright. Doris and Doreen fritter away their working hours until the spectre of Ms Dorothy Binns and computerisation becomes all too real!

Alan Bennett's Say Something Happened

An Alan Bennett one act play which showcases the humour and pathos of Britain's best-loved playwright. June (a very inexperienced social worker) visits Mam and Dad. She needs their help more than they do hers!

Apocalypse Cow
The Stevenage Lytton Youth Theatre Thursday Group

The Cowperation and The Human League are at war in a bid to rule the planet. A crack team of idiots set out to save the human race. It's not Rogue One with cows...

The Bacchanals
Mikra Theatricals

Mikra Theatricals invite you to draw back the curtain and take a peek backstage into a world of paranoia, madness and drama. The Bacchanals is a dark comedy exploring the gender politics of theatre, inspired by Euripides's Bacchae.

Banging and Screwing
Leggy Blonde Productions

Does size really matter? Have a problem with your wood? Banging and Screwing solves it all! Follow the instructions as we join Lee and Gary competing to be the alpha male through storytelling, humour and music.

Bark and B
Bark and B

Bark is a tree. B is a naked cotton lady. They need to perform a whole show to inherit their theatre. Will it go to plan? Not if the spooky janitor has anything to do with it!

Belly Dance: A True Story
Helwa Belly Dance Company

A captivating show suitable for all, encompassing a variety of dance styles, colourful costumes and entertaining narrative. From Luxor to Alexandria. From the glamorous cabaret to the streets of Cairo – and much more!

Bitches in the Ford KA
Cold Dinner Theatre

This devised comedy will take you back to the best and worst parts of your teens. So steal a bottle from your parent’s cabinet and jump in, there’s a seat with your name on it!

Bluebelles Present: Girl Put Your Records On
The Bluebelles

The five-star a cappella sensations present a girls' night in! We invite you to a sleepover like no other: music ranging from classic jazz to modern hits, keeping your toes tapping all night!

Blueswater Presents: Blues!
The Blueswater

One hundred years of blues, 60 minutes to play it. A 12-piece band tells the story of the genre, with an all-new set of songs. 2012 Spirit of the Fringe Award Winner. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

Blueswater Presents: Good Morning, Billie!
Cat Loud and Sarenne Wallbridge

Cat Loud and Sarenne Wallbridge present Billie Holiday’s light and dark sides in an intimate celebration of her work. Praise for Cat Loud: 'Stunning!' (Graham Norton). ★★★★★ ( ★★★★★ (

Blueswater Presents: Queens of the Blues
The Blueswater

Led by acclaimed vocalist Nicole Smit, Queens of the Blues presents a musical celebration of the women who have shaped blues and popular music as we know it. ★★★★★ ( ★★★★ (

Brain Rinse
Mike Raffone

Award-nominated Brain Rinse is a bizarre, madcap, interactive sketch show starring you, the audience. War, suicide, Beethoven, sex therapy and more. Discover your inner ninja! Have a party! 'A fantastic presence on stage' (Stephanie Billen).

Christopher Wollaton

Brawn is a portal into the world of a young man named Ryan. A world consumed by image and obsession, where self-worth is measured in muscle mass and where self-improvement becomes self-destruction.

Bulgarians, Buggery, Brokeback and Beyond
Geoffrey Brown

Tormented souls, evil villains, cliched employees, best friends and invisible men – enjoy a humorous look at the evolution (or not) of gay male characters on stage and screen in the past 100 years.

Bread and Butter Productions

Fatherhood. A fatal canoe accident. 'Who are we now, we don't have kids?' Directed by Struan Leslie, creator of Edinburgh Hogmanay '18 Street Party, founding Head of Movement, RSC. ★★★★★ (, for Sunny Runny Runcorn). 'Highly recommended' (

Chimes at Midnight
The Classic Rollercoaster Company

A distinguished company breathes life into the lusty age of Falstaff, including Sir John's audacious revels with Prince Hal, his preoccupation with the merits of sherry sack, and memoirs all of the very merry age of England.

Clowntown: I Can Do Anything, the Funtastic Show by Sphere Clown Band
Sphere Clown Band

'Big hit!' (STV). 'Five stars! Well crafted infectious fun!' ( Sing, dance, laugh with Patty and Dandy’s award-winning Canadian clownband. Slapstick, magic, instruments, puppets, catchy tunes. Gold record.

A Country Way of Life
Jonathan Brick

Fifty minutes of country music from Jonny Brick, songwriter and broadcaster, who wants to tell you through song about his love of all forms of country. Expect laughs, tears, songs and stories.


Warden is determined to fight to get her addict son Ryan the treatment that he needs, before it’s too late. But can nurse Clive help guide him to sobriety, or will Ryan’s past and toxic friendship dictate his future?

Cream Tea and Incest
Benjamin Alborough

Romance! Adventure! Murder! Aristocrat Eddie Spangler and valet Jeffrey must learn the meaning of these words and more in this new anarchic comedy set in Edwardian England. ★★★★ ( 'Highly recommended show' (

Cry God for Harry, England and St George!
Mulberry Theatre Company

As a group of young women from East London rehearse one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, they discover what leadership truly means. Fringe First winners Mulberry Theatre Company return to Edinburgh.

Curio (A Cabinet of Curiosities)
Penn Theatre Ensemble

Curio follows a researcher’s obsession with conjoined twins Millie-Christine McKoy: 19th-century slaves and freak-show celebrities. Visiting lectures, musical sideshows and American TV, Danielle Bainbridge’s play explores nostalgia for a past that makes us sick.

Danny O'Hare: I Feel Fuzzy
(Required Field) Productions

Music. Comedy. Crisis. Lounge-singing puppet Danny O’Hare and his lovely backup singers whisk you through a madcap, tune-filled search for the meaning of life. A puppet show for grown-ups.

Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits
Naomi Paul

Satirical, poignant and funny four-star show with original songs, stories and biscuits. ‘Terrific deadpan delivery of material... topical and relevant. Audiences loved it!' (Alexa Kelly, Pulse Ensemble Theatre). ★★★★ (, 2015). ★★★★ (, 2016).

Dib Dib Dead
Gordon Craig Theatre Senior Drama Academy

A new comedy drama. Lost in Scotland, a group of scouts take refuge in a deserted farmhouse. The night leads to personal issues and conflicts within the group. Then one of them dies.

The Dip
Milk and Blood

'How about we go back to mine and baba ganoush?' As Al struggles to express his feelings for his mate Nic, the drugs take hold. A stoner comedy about a young man’s technicolour trip of homosexual awakening.

DNA – Alexandra David-Néel
La compagnie des Saïs

DNA takes us to the heart of her initiatory journey! In a crazy race where she subtly knits particle science, personal experiences and secrets of Tibetan Buddhism, the spectator becomes an accomplice in a troubling questioning.

Eliza's Big Adventure!
Tales and Trails

Come and join Eliza on her adventure as she dances with monkeys, makes friends underwater and has a strange encounter with some aliens! An interactive show filled with singing, dancing and giggles for everyone!

David William Hughes

Tobias Bacon died of love in 1618. Join him on the 400th anniversary of his death as he finds out how, in this one-man musical comedy featuring genuine Elizabethan songs. 'Hughes was perfect' (

Elsa Jean McTaggart: Hebridean Fire
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Five-star reviewed and ThreeWeeks Editors' Award-winner Elsa Jean McTaggart returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 to launch her original and well-known Scottish folk music show, Hebridean Fire with her sister.

Elsa Jean McTaggart: Sing, Strings and New Things
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Take songs that stop conversations, a voice that could stop wars and a fiddle that stops at nothing, and you have the icon Elsa McTaggart. Returning after a successful run last year.

Face 2 Face
Two Stones One Bird

Technology is becoming a greater force within our society; everyday we are becoming more dependent on it. But no matter how much you rely on technology, you cannot dispute the true power of human connection.

Fagin and the Star City Rebels
Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and Damned

Fagin and the Star City Rebels welcome you to the stargate, a portal to strange and mysterious worlds. Come meet the good, the bad, the twisted, and the downright dangerous.

Glasgow '14
Nags Head Productions

Glasgow, Christmas 2014: The Queen Street truck accident that, in just 19 seconds, killed six people and devastated a city. Sally Lewis’s powerful and evocative new play asks the question: after your life changes forever, what next?

The Gravel Road Show and the Cult of True Womanhood
The Gravel Road Show

Direct from the USA, the infamous Gravel Road Show presents The Cult of True Womanhood in a world-premiere cabaret that dismantles domesticity. They are not afraid to fail.

The Great Song Cycle, Song Cycle
Joanna Wallfisch

A musical memoir about one woman's solo bicycle/music tour 1,254 miles down the west coast of the USA. 'With childlike certainty Joanna is an earth goddess singing her story' ( 'Sublime and unique' (Telegraph).

Hansel and Gretel
KES Theatre

Kneehigh Theatre's adaptation by Carl Grose abridged by KES Theatre. Famine, talking rabbits and dead chickens: the tale as you've never seen before. All-singing, all-dancing, completely insane and more fun than you could shake a ferret at.

Here Be Improv

Join the knightly improvised quest for shenanigans and hilarity. A medieval adventure for all ages – young, old, and Middle.

Hillary's Kitchen
The Cambridge Road Players

Hillary Clinton and other influential women from history sit around her kitchen table in the days following the 2016 presidential election result, drowning their sorrows in chardonnay and trying to work out where it all went wrong.

How to Do Acting (Properly)
Zoe Cunningham

This curious interactive lecture given by actress and software business advisor Zoe Cunningham offers some great advice and practical tips for anyone who wants to do acting (properly).

The I Hate Children Children's Show
Unusual Productions

Fun, magic, music and danger collide in the award-winning show that's fun for kids and also people. Every child is invited to help with the magic on stage. Plus Champagne for mums.

I'm Your Man – Letters of the World's Most Ambitious Job Applicant
Sam Broadley

This unbelievably ambitious, deluded, multiple job-applicant failure attempts to inspire his audiences to become the best they can be... Think Pope, Prime Minister, James Bond... and more!

Llamemadog Theatre Company

A stray hand on the knee, a slip? A meeting at the boss’s place, a set-up? A pledge on student tuition fees, for the bin? This play explores political, personal and sexual integrity. In a dramatic finale, you decide..!

It's a Dog's Brexit
Geoffrey Brown

EU exit day is just seven months after the Fringe. Will we be ready? Is the exit deal any good or are we looking at a complete dog's Brexit? Entertaining review of where we are now...

Joan Baez: A Tribute by Miss Irenie Rose
Miss Irenie Rose

With a voice often compared to hers, Miss Irenie Rose brings a sweet taste of early Joan Baez, one of the original giants of the folk world... Indulge in melodic nostalgia.

John Montgomery String Band
John Montgomery String Band

A one-hour, eight-night run of beautiful songs. Come and ignite your heart and soul. Folk, rock and americana lives here! Featuring their latest album Falkland Hill and more multi-instrumentalists will set your night on fire!

The Ladies Loo Chronicles
Cows and Kisses Theatre Company

The Ladies Loo Chronicles is a fun, feisty and female-powered performance. Join us, as we take you for a trip around the U-bend. Ever wondered what happens in the ladies loo?

The Last Sesh
Ball Pit Theatre

Sitting on bean bags in their friend's bedroom, a group of lads attempt to plan their big summer holiday before they all leave for uni. Five mates. Two unwanted guests. One last sesh.

Elina Alminas

An immersive debut solo tragicomedy. Sex, lies and antidepressants. You're cordially invited to the failed wedding party; join the frenzied bride on a journey of debauched self-discovery and empowerment. 'Consummate and brilliant' ★★★★★ ( ‘Powerful and sincere' ★★★★ (

Lit aDrift

Overwhelmed, drifting aimlessly through existence, we follow different paths to find our place in the world. DanceSyndrome's inclusive company explores one man’s path as he uses light to guide himself to destinations of reflection and connection.

Lost Seasons

Vivaldi’s classic Four Seasons, hacked by electric violin and laptop, then reconstructed live into a personal and innovative take on one of classical music's most well-loved works.

Mason King – Game of Chance
MK Entertainment

Mason King returns for another journey into the inner depths of the human mind! Do we control our own thoughts? Do we control our decisions? Can we control our own luck?

Misha's Gang
Russian String Orchestra

Herald Angel 2017 winners return to Edinburgh with a completely new set of vibrant music programmes. Energetic, powerful and great fun for all ages. 'Unmissable musical highlight of the Fringe' ★★★★★ (Herald). 'An unashamed crowd pleaser!' ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).

Misha's Gang: Overdrive
Russian String Orchestra

An exhilarating, unusual and light-hearted take on some of the great composers which will delight even the most resolute classical music lovers. Featuring a heady cocktail of PDQ Bach, Scott Joplin, waltz-tango duels and surprise solo performances.

The Mould That Changed the World
Charades Musicals and BSAC

Alexander Fleming's death-defying wonder antibiotic drugs have saved us for the last 90 years. But with bacterial resistance growing, doomsday approaches. What better way to fight back than with a musical of epic proportions?

Never Mind the Gap
Dramatic Cause

Never Mind the Gap: genres, artistes and personalities combine with the old spirit of the Fringe and collide as the talents of three different personalities come together and clash their combined talents into one show.

The New I Hate Children Children's Show
20% More Child Hating!

More magic. More fun. More kiddy kicking madness. Treat your family and yourself to this mostly totally new show for older kids and teens.

The Next Big Thing
Best Of Productions

John Lennon spent boyhood holidays in Durness, Scotland. Not fake news! Big business closes in. Can locals protect the hidden tourist gold mine left behind? Live Beatles tunes punctuate this thoughtful, comic fable of modern Scotland.

Nightpiece Film Festival
Nightpiece Media

Now in our fifth year and featuring the premiere of director Al Carretta’s horror 12th feature Th’dread Rattlin, we breathe indie film, presenting a curated selection of shorts from the UK and the rest of the world.

Stacey Devonport

The flat is empty. Everyone had moved out. Except for Laura and a dog named Roy and tonight she is staring down the lens of her 30th birthday. One woman's intimate and darkly comic coming-of-age story.

One Giant Leap for June
York DramaSoc

June has a plan to touch the stars. Her dreams are full of space and physics but her reality is working in a chippy. A physical theatre piece full of facts and fun.

The Other Guys: Reigning Men
The Other Guys

After a series of sell-out shows at last year's Fringe, The Other Guys – Scotland's premier all-male a cappella group – are back with their collection of chart-toppers, soulful ballads and suspect dance moves!

Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert
Melanie Gall presents

Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel: two French musical icons. This impossible concert relives the adventure and passion of their lives and music. 'A real star in the making' ★★★★ ( ★★★★★ (Winnipeg Free Press).

Prophets of Imperfection
Captain Cane and Brace Boy

Inspired by Star Wars and superheroes, these two Dutch comedians return to the Fringe to analyse the past, present and future of disabilities. No longer are they just guardians, but Prophets of Imperfection.

Pushan Bose Live at Fringe 2018
Pushan Bose

Pushan Bose is a South Asian music composer, producer, singer and rapper who has been creating and releasing original music on digital platforms with a reach of 20 million listeners.

Queen of the Air
Plush Tiger Productions

Born in Kansas in 1897, Amelia Earhart reigned as Queen of the Air until her mysterious disappearance over the Pacific in 1937. A one-woman show exploring the life and times of an extraordinary and fearless adventurer.

Shackleton's Stowaway
Stolen Elephant Theatre

Shackleton’s Stowaway is based on the real events of the legendary Endurance expedition to Antarctica. It follows the tragicomic misfortunes of Shackleton's unwelcome 18-year-old stowaway as they travel deep into the perils of the ice pack.

The Shambles
Dead Duck Productions

The Shambles, University of York's improvised comedy troupe, are back at the Fringe! Bringing you hilarious scenes, songs and games based entirely on your suggestions – no two shows can be the same!

Shouty Arthur!
Grapple Theatre

Arthur is on a shouty adventure! With funny songs and exciting puppetry, Arthur learns how to be himself (and find the right time for shouting!). Based on the much-loved children's book by Angie Morgan.

Stitch in Time: A Knitting Cabaret
Melanie Gall presents

Excitement! Drama! Romance! And... knitting? A cabaret featuring the lost knitting songs of WWI and WWII. Bring your knitting (or crochet) and stitch along to these toe-tapping, needle-clicking tunes. ★★★★★ ( ‘Highly recommended' (

Strings for Kids: Misha's Gang Presents
Russian String Orchestra

Russia's finest string players engage, educate and entertain youngsters of all ages in an interactive musical journey. Adults may even feel guilty having as much fun as Misha, his Gang and the kids!

Strong Tea
Tom and Dan

A foray into the absurd with musical sketches, Strong Tea is a pure comedy in the sense that the writers couldn't quite drum up a coherent plot. The jokes might be alright though.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Ethereal Theatre Company

Having been unjustly exiled, Sweeney returns to seek vengeance against humanity, forming a sinister partnership with Mrs Lovett. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Todd’s bloodthirsty world will come alive in a late-night spectacle.

Taking it Badly
The Glummer Twins

David Harmer and Ray Globe have just turned 60. They’re taking it badly. The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back to celebrate the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older. Stand-up spoken word from the Beat Generation.

Three Menopausal Maids
Fridge Door Productions

You really don't want to miss this show. Flushed with success these ladies are hot! Journey with them from Bognor to Bavaria via Bradford for a spot of lunch, bingo and apres ski.

Tom Duke – Psychiatrist to the Paranormal!
A Tale Told by an Idiot Theatre Company

Join Tom Duke as he deals with lovesick vampires, depressed angels, service cuts and a visit from his irritating younger self. And who ate all the custard creams? Find out, if you dare!

Tonight I Sleep in Peace (or How to Cure Involuntary Nocturnal Bruxism)
Punto Improprio

Balancing on the knife's edge between both the victim and the assailant, five women’s confessions are woven together through song, music and monologue.

Simon David

Simon needs a record deal – his unique selling point? He's a virgin! Co-written by Fringe First winner Chris Larner, Simon exploits his heartbreak through original pop songs. 'Genuinely moving moments amid comedic chaos' ( ★★★★★ (

Woman Up Comedy Improv
Woman Up

One of Scotland's all-woman comedy improv troupes!

Words Is Words Is Words
Tess Adams (

You won't see another show like this one at the Fringe! Memorable. Moving. Motivational. From tragedy to transformation. Tess’s powerful words will leave you wordless. Performed by Tess Adams and Connor Byrne.


Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is a generously equipped large theatre venue ideally suited to shows with large casts or sets. The venue caters for an audience of 119 so is suitable for large-scale popular shows.

The theatre consists of a generously sized flat stage in a creative thrust formation. Black drapes are rigged at the back of the stage. A green room area is available in an adjoining room with access to the stage.

The lighting rig is designed with two fixed general washes and a set of specials which can be re-gelled and focussed to your requirements.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage is 7.5m x 4.0m
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Backstage & storage space suitable for large items of scenery.
Lighting facilities
Warm and cold wash as standard, with additional Parcans and profiles available as specials. The rig has 36 channels of dimming and is controlled by a memory lighting desk.
Sound facilities
Full-range musical reinforcement system

Theatre 1

Theatre 1 is a uniquely-designed corner space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 6 people and a small amount of set.

The corner stage is slightly raised. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Corner stage is 4.5m on both sides
Stage height
0.1m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.4m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage space is very limited, please bring small items of set and props only. There is a cloakroom area for costume storage (shared between Theatres 1, 2 and 3).
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

Theatre 2

Theatre 2 is a small but traditional space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 6 people and a small amount of set.

The stage is slightly raised. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.2m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.2m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage space is very limited, please bring small items of set and props only. There is a cloakroom area for costume storage (shared between Theatres 1, 2 and 3).
Lighting facilities
LED-based lighting rig supplemented by two tungsten profiles
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

Theatre 3

Theatre 3 is a small space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 4 people and a small amount of set.

The rectangular stage is raised slightly. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage space is very limited, please bring small items of set and props only. There is a cloakroom area for costume storage (shared between Theatres 1, 2 and 3).
Lighting facilities
LED-based lighting rig supplemented by two tungsten profiles
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects