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After a hugely successful debut season back in 2009, followed by expansion and growth in the subsequent years, theSpaceUK can now boast the most established stylish and well located multi-space venues on the Fringe. Located on Nicholson Street, a minutes' walk from the Royal Mile, opposite the Festival Theatre and yards from Bristo Square the venue sits in its own buzzing courtyard and is a location few want to miss.

Our four performance spaces played host to some 100 shows last year, with an array of award nominations, feature coverage and a constant flow of 4 and 5-star reviews. The venue continues to host an increasing number of sell-out shows with some 70,000 people visiting the venue during the 21-day festival.

With a reputation for offering one of the Festival's most diverse cross-genre programmes, the venue is complemented by a very stylish 200 seat courtyard bar. It’s ultimately one of the Festival's busiest venues and a must for all seasoned theatre goers.

theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall Shows

24 Solar Terms
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

24 Solar Terms – an immersive theatre production, created based on the 24 solar terms, condensing the time of each season into a performance. Let children experience the four seasons through interaction with actors.

50 – End of the Road?
One Summer Productions

Returning legend Steve Jackson ( (Scotsman)), celebrating the advent of 50. Hysterically exploring the pains and joys, with a reflective touch of nostalgia. Features Edinburgh's very own Pippa Mildred. So why don't you?!

7 Years: A Love Story

Story of two friends who find themselves facing extreme climate events. They set off on a journey of self-discovery, overcoming impossible odds to find sanctuary and love.

The Academy Trust
Mode Theatre

A satirical comedy written and performed by teachers. Featuring hilarious, unbelievable, and simply sublime initiatives that are so outrageous they'll probably be in the next Conservative manifesto!

After This Plane Has Landed
Exit Productions

Based on the true stories of Jill Morrell and John McCarthy. His five years held hostage in Lebanon. Her tireless campaign for his release. Events unfolding beyond their fairy-tale reunion under a very public spotlight.

The Alpha Podcast
Future Ghost Theatre

It’s a woke world – political correctness has gone mad! Inspired by the likes of Andrew Tate, The Alpha Podcast follows the recording of a "meninist" podcast, but what happens when unexpected chaos ensues live on air?

Am I Nuts!
Stargaze Theatre Company

Smith's having dreams. Stone-Age songs, ocean waves and rabbit pie. In Tesco. Through increasingly comic therapy, they desperately seek the truth. So what does happen when you don't return your shopping trolley? Mischief in time and space.

And the Beat Goes On
The Glummer Twins

The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back with an irreverent trawl through the eight decades that made them what they are today. Old. Stand-up, spoken word, comedy and music from the Beat Generation.

Butch Mermaid

Antonio! is a queer punk pirate musical starring Shakespeare’s ultimate love interest. With his band The Fools, Antonio expresses the joys, frustrations, and rebellions of queer love in a world that might not have been quite ready for it.

Harvard Dramatic Club

Hamilton meets Spielberg's The Post in Harvard’s first-ever musical at the Fringe. 'Stylish and jazzy, packed with complex characters and well-executed songs' (Independent), Atalanta follows a young news editor unexpectedly installed as president of her struggling newspaper.

Perfect Forth

Perfect Forth returns to the Fringe with their five-star show, Athena. Featuring a blend of original and existing popular songs inspired by Greek mythology, this is unlike any a cappella show the Fringe has ever seen.

Attack of the 36 Triple-G Woman
Natalie Perlin

Called a 'dark, hilarious, Jewish Dolly Parton', America's salacious sweetheart Natalie Perlin seeks revenge on every man who wronged her. From summer-camp crushes to Hitler. No man is safe! Kinky, provocative, brilliantly unhinged!

Awake and Narcoleptic with Sarah Albritton
Sarah Albritton / FutureHome Productions

Wake up! World Premiere show about the misconceptions, misdiagnosis, and misadventures of narcoleptic comedian, Sarah Albritton, called 'vulnerable and honest' by the Chicago Tribune. You don’t wanna sleep on this!

Ay Up, Hitler!
Gamma Ray Theatre

The untold story of how Hitler and his cronies escaped Germany at the end of the war, and went into hiding in the last place you'd think to look... Yorkshire!

Back to Black: The Music of Amy Winehouse
Night Owl Shows

Following sell-out runs at Edinburgh/Brighton/Adelaide Fringes, this award-winning show returns to Edinburgh, taking you on a moving journey through the career of a modern legend. Includes Valerie, Rehab, and Back to Black.

The Bad Daters
Felix Culpa Productions

Wendy and Liam embark on a first date both assume is doomed for failure. Can they survive the date, and move on from hearing the hilarious and annoyingly heartbreaking truth about themselves? A deliciously dark Irish comedy.

Bad Play
Big Tobacco

What happens when four sketch comedians attempt to write the next great American Drama? You get Bad Play, an outrageous new comedy combining classic theatre with contemporary sketch for an off-the-walls good time.

Miranda Duffy – Rollicking Politics

You have one vote. Use it wisely. Ballot-tastic is a funny, light-hearted story about voting that’s fabulous for families who want to get young people talking about democracy. We make asking big questions fun through games and rhymes.

Becoming Chavela
Stephanie Trudeau

Who doesn't love a comeback story? Becoming Chavela is back! An award-winning docu-cabaret performance of the life and music of iconic queer Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. A bold, unique and inspiring herstory. Strong LGBTQ+ interest.

Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism
Stephen Catling

Autistic alternative comedian brings you a show about bee-ing yourself in the workplace and other silly sketches. Let's get ready to bumble! Keep it Fringe Award 2023 Winner , Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary shortlist & Stand-up for Cider Finalist 2023

Before the Drugs Kick In
Lynn T Walsh

One of America's top comedians returns with nostalgia for the 90s and early 2000s. Comedy, theatre, therapy. Sit back and enjoy your trip. Chappelle meets Russian Doll.

A Bit Too Much Hair
Butch Mermaid

This gender-euphoric cabaret is a musical paradise for thems, mens, femmes, and everyone in between. 'It’s a big, silly party where transness is centred and everyone is welcome' ( by artists from NZ and NYC!

The Blondie Story
Night Owl Shows

A brand-new addition to Night Owl Shows' award-winning collection celebrating one of the architects of the Punk/New Wave movement. Reine Beau performs high energy versions of Heart of Glass, Atomic, One Way or Another, and more.

Break the Chains
Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company – Rob Blowman

A true story about overcoming some of life's greatest hurdles. Loss, addiction and heartbreak this Bradford bloke tells us how he turned his life around and became a mental health advocate on the world's biggest stage.

Breaking Open
Oskar Saville

Why would a woman leave her career as the lead singer of a multi-platinum band to fix her marriage? And would she find the courage to leave that marriage and find her voice again? Come and be inspired!

Brief Candle
Blushing Caligula

Deep beneath the streets of Regency Edinburgh lies a labyrinth of black vaults, housing the downtrodden and hiding a criminal underworld. Here, Isla fights to find a candle for her Mum’s birthday, as the Great Fire rages above.

The Bubblegum Gumdrop Show
Bubblegum Gumdrop

Bubblegum and her BFF, Babblebum Boopbop, have one mission: to make the silliest show at Fringe! Together, they’ll perform an interactive clown show with physical comedy, games, music and improvisation that the whole family will enjoy.

Burned Out
Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company – Jake Thompson

Burned Out is a story of the damning effects of greed on the human condition and how generosity and kindness will always win against selfishness, and of working class triumph in an ever-greedy and classist world.

A Cabaret called Hamlet
Prima la Musica

What do Shakespeare, Beethoven and Jerry Lee Lewis have in common? Edinburgh-based musician/songwriter Richard Lewis unites all three, along with many other diverse musicians, in a witty, light-hearted, Shakespearean-themed entertainment, perfect for a late night wind-down.


Singing everything from Beyoncé to Stevie Wonder to Glee, Cadenza returns for our third series of shows at the Fringe. Come and join Cambridge University's premier a cappella group for a show-stopping set of chart-toppers and great vibes!

California Dreams
Night Owl Shows

An immersive trip through California in the late 60s/70s when a collective of musical legends changed the world. Features hits from The Mamas and The Papas, Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Byrds. Sell out at Edinburgh 2022.

Call Me Elizabeth
KB Productions

Fresh off her 1961 Academy Awards triumph and a recent brush with death, Elizabeth Taylor is struggling with her hardest role yet: herself. 'Brilliant! A must-watch for any Elizabeth Taylor fan!' (

Can't Stop Carrying On
Blue Orange Arts

An ageing film producer plans to resurrect his cinematic successes by revitalising the Carry On franchise with a new film. Saucy seaside humour, double entendre and cheeky sexual innuendo. Just what a millennial audience wants, right?

Can't Wait to Leave
Stephen Leach

A darkly comic and sharply-observed debut. Taking place entirely in a hospital waiting room, this is the story of Ryan – angry, adrift, and alone as he navigates his final six months in a soulless London.

Ima Collab

A contemporary adaptation of Voltaire's Candide, this devised work depicts the optimist's journey from innocence to experience. Featuring colourful characters and poetic storytelling, this production from Hong Kong is a fun, thought-provoking exploration of the human condition. Live music.

The Canterville Ghost: The Musical
Magpie Theatre

When a modern American family moves into an old English mansion, the resident spook is determined to scare them off. Instead, the family torments the ghost in this hilarious and family-friendly Oscar Wilde tale.

The Caper Trail
Blue Orange Arts

How not to pull off a jewel heist! An overconfident cat-burglar battles an officious security guard and an escaped criminal with occasional amnesia, as he attempts to steal a cursed ruby on the night before his wedding!

A Cappella: Double Treble
Aca-Pocalypse and RadioOctave

Two of the UK's top 10 collegiate a cappella groups combine for the first time to bring you Double Treble: a fun, family-friendly show full of energy, excitement and crunchy chords!

The Carole King and James Taylor Story
Night Owl Shows

A nostalgic journey through the intertwined careers of two musical legends. Performed by Dan Clews and Hannah Richards, this sell-out show includes I Feel The Earth Move, Natural Woman, You've Got A Friend...

Celine Dion Experience Featuring Jasmine Alice
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Jasmine Alice is an internationally acclaimed vocalist who will take you on a thrilling musical journey through the life of the iconic Celine Dion. Sing along to your favourite Celine hits of all time.

Caitlin Jones

Straight out of college, antsy-yet-determined comedian Caitlin Jones tells all in a diary-like format – their journey through navigating teenage life and everything bizarre that has happened so far, alongside their own rather important philosophies.

A Chinese Bestiary
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

A Chinese Bestiary tells such a story of transforming scars into gifts.

Closure at a Self-Serve Checkout
Bobbie Viney

Ever been ghosted by a Gemini? Burned by a boy with a moustache? This award-winning comedy cabaret is the catharsis you need. ‘A brilliant piece of work’ ( ‘Hilarious and moving lyricism’ (

Compendium of Materia Medica
QFunTheater Children's Experimental Troupe

Compendium of Materia Medica. This sci-fi musical is inspired by the Compendium of Materia Medica,the most complete and comprehensive medical book in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, compiled and written by Li Shizhen.

Confessions of a Teletubby
Nikky Smedley

Three shows only! You remember Teletubbies, don’t you? Did you ever wonder what it was like behind the scenes? Discover the truth with the original LaaLaa as she spills the beans on what really went on!

Jaimee Aislyn de Witt

Constrictor discusses family, international communities, and the erasure of mixed-raced women from society. It focuses on a mum who faces the difficulties of raising a mixed-raced child, acknowledging both her past with racism and future promise of her child.

The Courteous Enemy
University Of York Drama Society

An absurdist satire set in 1958 which imagines what happened when infamous theatre critic Kenneth Tynan wrote a scathing review of The Chairs by Eugène Ionesco, the father of absurdism.

David Rivera and La Båmbula
David Rivera

David Rivera and La Båmbula will make you dance with their Caribbean sounds from Puerto Rico and Cuba. The 13-piece band is the first-ever Puerto Rican band to perform at the Fringe.

Davidson and MacArthur – The Odd Couplet
Davidson/MacArthur Productions

Davidson and MacArthur – The Odd Couplet. A hilarious sequel to their year 2000 sell-out show, the finest comedy poets of their generation return with their unique brand of clever wordplay.

The Dead Ducks
The Dead Ducks University of York Sketch Troupe

Coming back from their five-star run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022, The University of York's premier sketch troupe has created a hilarious new show of absurd sketches. 'A highlight of the Fringe' (

Dead Inside
Jane Japes

Join Jane Japes on a rollercoaster ride through the hilarious topics of cancer, suicide and price of pretty panties! Dead Inside is a thoughtful, poignant and surprisingly funny show that packs a punch and leaves a mark, but in a good way. Don't be frightened!

Find out if you’re 'Dead Inside' or 'Loving Life'.

Does My Fanny Look Big in This?
Eleanor May Blackburn

The anxious sex-ed class you never got in school. An exploration into the sexual world through spoken word, uncomfortable noises, an inflatable sex doll, (bad) singing, anxiety and a limerick.

Dreams of Anne Frank
Zenith Youth Theatre Company

In 1942 Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, was forced into hiding with seven others in a secret annexe in Amsterdam. Zenith vividly bring her story to life in this poignant and highly charged drama.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Blue Orange Arts

The original detective story. Two women are found brutally murdered in their Parisian home in the Rue Morgue. Poe’s C August Dupin steps in to investigate the seemingly impossible events.

Escape Velocity
Pete Glismann

Escape Velocity: an anecdotal, confessional, funny story of a rocket scientist's journey through sex addiction.

Eva Cassidy Celebrating 60 Years
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Released on Eva's 60th birthday, the London Philharmonic Orchestra create stunning accompaniment to the title track (I Can Only Be Me) of a fresh compilation. Elsa presents this tribute with songs from the album.

Follies! A Showcase of Bits and Bobs 2
Flying Solo! Presents

Comedy! Music! Fractured classics! Drama! If you like surprises and crave variety join us for the Flying Solo! Follies, featuring short excerpts and vignettes performed by artists and companies from the States.

Four Cut Sunflowers
Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

Johanna Van Gogh-Bonger is left a widow with an incredible inheritance: 400 unsold paintings and a desire to change the world.

Four Letter Word and Adrift
Moonhawk Productions and RD Productions Ella Wernham-Clark Leon Witcomb

Adrift is a ghost story and horror theatre experience examining grief in isolation. Four Letter Word – a young woman's story of domestic violence. Presented through vocals and music, showing shadows dissipated through recovery.

Frighthouse Presents: The Wheel of Misfortune
Frighthouse Productions

The Wheel of Misfortune returns this year bigger and better. It’s a horror-comedy anthology show inspired by Creepshow and The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episodes. Which tale will you hear tonight?

Frozen Jr
Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts

Frozen Jr – Join us for a shortened 65-minute, magical, musical production of Frozen. Ideal for younger audiences with all their favourite characters and songs.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Zenith Youth Theatre Company

Stephen Sondheim’s hilarious musical romp tells the bawdy story of a slave and his attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master woo the girl next door.

Garage Warriors
Raw Toast Productions

When Archie is sacked and replaced by a machine, there’s only one logical solution: to get off the grid and move away. The only problem is he has absolutely no idea how.

The Ghost of a Smile
Gavin Robertson and Nicholas Collett

Two of Dickens’ creepy ghost stories each with a comic twist. Told on alternate days. A traveller encounters a spooky chair and a man is spirited away by, well... spirits! Two yarns to chill you!

Ginzel's Little Cordoba: A Double Bill
The Vindicate Company

World premiere from award-winning Korean/Irish playwright Rena Brannan of companion pieces Little Cordoba and Ginzel. Spanning 500 years of British history, this new work examines the fine line between individual and social responsibility.

God Done Opened the Sky!!
Jersten Seraile

The ancestors takes a small-town Creole boy on a journey through historical events around the world, teaching him lessons of courage, perseverance, and life.

Good and Gaslit
Deborah Cincotta and Kendall McDermott (Double Cappuccino Productions)

Good and Gaslit. A young director launching her career. A less-than-young TV executive performing her first one-woman show. It’s gonna be a gas! Come see the rehearsal, I mean, the show.

The Good Dad (A Love Story)
And Tomorrow Theatre Company

Based on real-life events from the 1980s, solo show The Good Dad is a multiple Off West End Award-nominated family drama told from the unique perspectives of mother, daughter and sister.

The GottaGo Room: An Escaping-a-Room Thingy
Jason Weitzman

The GottaGo Room is a fake immersive escape room comedy show. It's the perfect show if you want to feel like you're being kidnapped and forced to do puzzles.

Great Sketchpectations
Exeter Comedy Society

The Exeter Comedy Society is back after last year's sell-out run to showcase the best and brightest in sketch performance! And if you still need convincing – the venue has a bar.

Great Women of Folk
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Elsa McTaggart presents a feast of folksong both traditional and contemporary and a tribute to some of the greatest female folk singers such as Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Sandi Denny and many more....

Hebridean Fire presented by Elsa McTaggart
Elsa Jean McTaggart

Returning with the Fringe sell-out show Hebridean Fire. These renowned multi instrumentalists from the Isle of Lewis take you on an epic musical and visual journey through the islands and Highlands of Scotland.

Here You Come Again
Empty Bench Productions

Follow eight people whose lives cross over in unexpected ways. As they navigate what it means to be young and in love, the play explores the importance of connection and asks what makes relationships work?

Deleardley Theatre

Tom and Isaac are two mice who live inside a cuckoo clock. Work, sleep. Tick-Tock. Work, sleep. Tick-Tock. Work... Sleep... Tick... Tock... Discovery! Tick-Tock? Wake up!

High School Fangsical

Vladiqueer the Drag King has not always been proud to be a vampire. This is the story of Vlad finding the strength to be who he is, through the power of High School Musical. Twitter: @kingvladiqueer.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery – Murder at the Movies
Highly Suspect

Lights. Camera. Murder! Two stars are killed in the Golden Age of Tinseltown; but who’s behind the Hollywood homicides? An interactive comedy whodunnit which you must solve! Sold out, 2021-2022.

A Highly Suspect Murder Mystery – Murder on the Disorient Express
Highly Suspect

A legendary detective killed aboard a famous train – but who had locomotive for murder? An interactive comedy whodunnit packed with cryptic clues the audience must solve! (

How to Find a Husband in 37 Years or Longer
JJ Pyle and Solo Heroes

Ever plot a murder? Break into your boyfriend's apartment? Fantasise about the hot brooding busboy, then date him? I did! A drive with Dad brings back memories revealing family patterns.

Hysterical Artefacts
Shellshock! Improvised Comedy

From deep within their museum of curiosities, Shellshock! unveil a hilarious brand-new exhibit based on your suggestions! Join us for our 50-minute improvised show to discover the funniest stories that time forgot (because they never really happened)!

I'm Having Distressing Thoughts
Sadia Gordon

What happens when you love your life and want to be dead? I’m Having Distressing Thoughts is a one-woman dark comedy about asking for help and why adult colouring books are the devil herself.

iHands: A Life Less Lived
Blue Orange Arts

Join self-proclaimed theatre "impresario" Israel Hands as he brings his own unique touch to his latest production, A Life Less Lived. Based on the popular YouTube web-series iHands: A Life Less Lived.

Illusionati – A Magical Conspiracy
The Great Baldini

The Great Baldini leads the shadowy and sinister Illusionati – elite magicians who use magical dark arts to rule the world. Find out how. Imagine Blofeld meets Tommy Cooper. 'Incredible' (Front Row, BBC Radio 4).

The Importance of Being Nihilists
Honest Fool Productions

Murder-mystery farce, set in a Victorian world dashed with anachronism. Unlikely criminals, dodgy disguises, forbidden love and plummeting pianos come together in this absurd exploration of mortality.

Improv Comedy with Box of Frogs
Box of Frogs

Box of Frogs – improvised scenes, songs and silliness from Birmingham's premier improv-comedy group, based entirely on your suggestions.

In Memoriam

From a troublesome priest to a mystery guest and a very, very late hearse, you can expect family fallouts, secret affairs and lots of chaos.

Banana Peel Theatre Co.

Internal tells the story of crippingly shy Melanie. When overwhelmed, she transports to an alternate universe in her mind where she can be bold and brave... and do burlesque. Join Melanie as she finds her voice and self-worth.

The Last Bantam
Michael Hughes

  1. The world is at war. A desperate Britain recruits 50,000 men between 5' and 5' 3'' to fight. These men are known as Bantams. 1918. One Bantam remains. This is his story. Inspired by real events.

Legend of the White Snake
Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre

A classic love story portrayed by one of China’s leading companies in traditional Kunqu opera, rarely performed in the West. Sung in Chinese, with English surtitles.

Letter to Boddah
Watershed Productions

.The Winner of the Broadway Baby Bobby Award for Best Theatre Show at the Fringe 2019 is back! Two young white men go into a disabled toilet in Tesco and change into army fatigues, because they’re going to blow it and themselves up. Very funny, very dark. You will laugh, you might cry, you will certainly come out going WTF!? The Wee Review came twice – to make sure he was right – before making it his No1 choice in 2019 and saying ‘One of the most powerful shows I have seen in years’. This year Kyle Fisher plays Billy.

Little Ward of Horrors
St George's Revue – Malignant Humours

Come and see the Malignant Humours perform 45 minutes of outrageous medical sketch comedy, written and performed by healthcare students. After selling out 10 years in a row, you won’t want to miss us!

Orange Works

Locusts explores gay conversion therapy within an evangelical church. Unexpectedly, Stephen is contacted by Pete, his church pastor from 30 years ago. Back then, Pete believes he prayed Stephen straight, and now he wants the same for his daughter.

Loving the Enemy
Lorenzo 'Renz' Novani

It's June 1940, Mussolini has just declared war on the Allies. Britain's Italian community is being demonised. Hugo Ricci, a Glasgow-born Italian, takes extreme measures to prove his allegiance. 'An actor and dramatist of some depth' (Scotsman).

Machine Yearning
Machine Yearning

In a lab on a spaceship orbiting desecrated earth, two scientists run a failing experiment in procreation. Machine Yearning is a devised piece which centers the question, how does exploiting others lead to alienation from our own humanity?

Machine Yearning
Machine Yearning

In a lab on a spaceship orbiting desecrated earth, two scientists run a failing experiment in procreation. Machine Yearning is a devised piece which centers the question, how does exploiting others lead to alienation from our own humanity?

Mara's Story of Arabella
Rabbit Head Productions

A tale about life, loss and love after the well-known happily-ever-after. Always with a plan, Mara never deviated from the well-trodden path until tragedy knocked her off it. But where will she go now?

The Marilyn Monroe Burlesque Show
Sindy Fling

Mimic, singer and dancer Sindy Fling literally unwraps the divas of pop – from Monroe to Madonna via Dolly Parton. Is it a strip? Is it a tease? 'Puts the tart in tartan' (Scotsman).

MATES: The Improvised 90s Sitcom
Mates Improv

The one with the improvised comedy! Inspired by classic sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Frasier and Friends, could this show BE any funnier? Named Best Improv Show at the Fringe 2022 by 'Sheer joy' (

Meet Me by The Stranger
Voice Break Productions

One night three couples separately meet at an old Yorkshire statue, The Stranger, to discuss the state of their relationships. Recently divorced Charlie and Jamie, temperamental Jem and Rory and young lovers Bailey and Jordan.

The Mind of a Narcissist
Thomford Theatre

A play which explores psychological abuse in families. How manipulation preserves the self-love of a narcissist.

Mine: A New Solo Musical
Asher Muldoon

A ghost story interspersed with original folk songs, written and performed by a Broadway actor. "Mine" tells the story of a California ghost town steeped in gruesome history, and the young man who tries to turn it into a tourist destination.

The Mitfords
Oxia Theatre (Emma Wilkinson Wright)

Unity was Hitler's friend; Diana married to Mosley, leader of the British Fascists; Jessica, a communist, and Nancy, a celebrated author. How did they manage to even talk to each other?

Lily-Liver Productions

Real accounts, real scars – Moderation by Rebekah King tells the story of ex-moderators who confront the hidden human cost of moderating social media. Winner of the CUADC and Cambridge Creatives Playwriting Awards 2022.

My Life Online
Scott Eyerly

Kay hasn’t left her apartment for a year. She works out virtually, sees her shrink on Skype, and orders everything online. Agoraphobia? Or something else? This all-sung, one-woman comedy reveals why Kay’s indoors… and what frees her.

Freya Magee

Everyone’s getting married and having babies and Catherine's got a thesis and a hangover. Can she stay friends with the girls when they're in completely different places? What about cities? RSVP to this heartwarming baby shower to find out.

No Way to Treat a Lady
Clydebuilt Theatre Company

Kit’s acting career has failed to get his name in the New York Times. Turning serial-killer might do the trick! Pursued by detective Morris Brummell, whose career-defining moment will make the headlines?

Northern Lights A Cappella's 10th B'day Bash: Top of the Bops
Northern Lights A Cappella

You're invited! Having won the UK’s Open A Cappella Competition in March, celebrate this award-winning group’s landmark year with an electrifying show of chart-toppers old and new.

Not a Load of Bumfuzzle and Faradiddle
Professor Simon Rees

Join Professor Simon Rees for this family-friendly, interactive show exploring the creative and imaginative world of science. Expect fun and surprises as we explore the invisible world around us.

On the Evils Of Tobacco
No Frills Theatre Company

On The Evils Of Tobacco is a bittersweet monologue in which a scientific lecture is hijacked by thoughts of domestic and marital misery. A highly entertaining short play by master dramatist Anton Chekhov.

On the Rail
University of York Drama Society

Two couples, three of which are friends, one overnight trip on a train, a mass of secrets between them... What could possibly go wrong?

One Week in Magaluf
ERA Theatrical Productions

Set during a girls' holiday to Magaluf in the late 00s, this is a familiar fable about friends on the verge of becoming foes when paths change directions, sometimes in the opposite direction you wanted.

Oracle: Do You Want to See the Future?
Lorenzo 'Renz' Novani

Oracle is a jaw-dropping, thought-reading experience which has audiences scratching their heads in bafflement and wondering if they might just have seen a glimpse of their future. 'Mind-blowing... Phenomenal... Shocking.' (

The Batty Hatsters

Audrey and Jack, a wheelchair user and rough sleeper, are literally and metaphorically overlooked by society, but can they overcome their own preconceptions to forge a genuine friendship?

Picture This
Elise Marra from Marra Productions

Picture This is a new musical-thriller that follows stop-motion animation filmmaker Mary. The figures in Mary's films begin controlling her life and her decisions. Mary has to battle between the work she has always loved and her sanity.

Pieces of Us
Jessica Munna

Life in the 21st century: isolated, polarised. The divide between us sometimes impassable. But how different are we, really? Explore the grief, love and hope of different American characters to appreciate what makes us all the same.

Pirates: You Wouldn't Steal a Boat
Spruce Moose Comedy

You wouldn't steal a boat! Ok, maybe you would, but you wouldn't raid nearby ports! You would? Ah. In this high-energy, low-brow pirate adventure, gold is just a shot (of rum) away...

The Portable Dorothy Parker
Grove Goddess Productions in association with Fringe Management

Legendary wit Dorothy Parker reminisces about her life, loves, Hollywood, and the Algonquin Round Table, while selecting stories and poems for her famous 1944 eponymous collection for Viking Press. ‘Tightly written, keenly directed, subtly performed’ (

Apropos of Nothing Productions

In three days, Emory will turn irreversibly into a machine. As he struggles to tell his impossible story, a stranger approaches Emory with an outrageous but intriguing proposition: to film his transformation and star in his own snuff film.

The Quality of Mercy: Concerning the Life and Crimes of Dr Harold Frederick Shipman
Nailed Productions

Multiple award-nominated drama examining the legacy of Britain's most prolific serial killer. Written and performed by the grandson of one of Shipman’s victims.

Diana Varco

What happens when truth, rage and purpose converge upon a metaphorical moon? A displaced narrator must face her past and find out. Told through 20 characters, Rise explores artistic risks, the power of denial and transforming heartbreak into hope.

Rise & Grind
Eric Cross

Singer, songwriter and aspiring yuppy Eric "Ric" Cross watches his life spiral out of control through a series of disasters, distractions, frantic phone calls, family drama, nagging friends and bureaucratic catastrophes.

Rise and Grind
Eric Cross

Singer, songwriter and aspiring yuppy Eric "Ric" Cross watches his life spiral out of control through a series of disasters, distractions, frantic phone calls, family drama, nagging friends and bureaucratic catastrophes.

Beyond Borders / Zuzana Spacirova

Beyond Borders presents their debut play Runaway, a semi-biographical story wrapped in a generous coat of unapologetic humour, exploring themes of home, belonging and finding your identity as a foreigner in a big city. It's a play about endless searching for the place that feels right. That feels like home. It's about racing towards the future and running away from the past, until you cannot run anymore and all you are left with is the present. A train station. And a train to Brixton.

Save the Princess
The UnDisposables

Princess Plum is about to get kidnapped... again! Suddenly the game glitches and this damsel-in-distress becomes an unexpected playable character. You hold the controller, but will you save her? That really depends on how you play it.

Scottish Sessions: The Story of Scottish Pop Music
Elsa Jean McTaggart

This show takes you through the years of Scottish pop from the 1960s until now. From Deacon Blue, The Proclaimers and Runrig, to Amy MacDonald, KT Tunstall, Del Amitri and more.

Secret Storytellers
Shadow Road Productions

In a not-too-distant future, society has collapsed and the Ravens rule. Though storytelling is now strictly prohibited, the rebellious Magpies still dare to tell the Old World's tales of hope to anyone who will listen. Will you?

Seriously Funny Comedy Show
Seriously Funny Comedy Show

We are a touring comedy troupe, together we are The Seriously Funny Comedy Show, we are based in the Highlands of Scotland and we travel all over to put on our shows.

Sex Diaries of an Ex-Catholic
Institute of Uterine Defense

A zany new play about a woman abandoning her chastity pledge and dealing with the realities of sexual healthcare in the United States.

Sheila's Sister and Her Musical Cousins
Sheila Theater Group

Chicago duo, 'true masters of improvised comedy' (List), 'know how to use their unrivaled familiarity to brilliant comedic effect' ( Scenes are based on spontaneous songs created by multi-instrumentalist musicians responding to audience suggestions.

Sherlock Holmes The Last Act
Fringe Management

  1. Watson’s funeral. Sherlock Holmes returns to Baker Street and is compelled to tell his absent friend all that he should have told him when he was alive, including a shocking secret.

Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band
Blue Orange Arts

'Oh my God. It was the band. The speckled band!' A dying woman’s mysterious last words lead Sherlock Holmes to investigate a seeming locked-room mystery where he must solve one of his darkest cases yet.

No Frills Theatre

Max Campbell (The Crown, Netflix) stars in this award-winning play. A solo performance piece with the actor portraying multiple characters. It dramatises life on a harsh juvenile detention farm in the Midwest of the USA.

Still Surviving In Hong Kong – Cantonese Comedy Show
Chan Lok Tim

The first Cantonese show at this festival is coming! Tim has already performed this show in Melbourne, Sydney, Macau, and Taipei. Come and see Tim, 2011 Hong Kong comedy competition champion!

No Frills Theatre Company

This play chronicles two stories of two individuals trapped in a nightmare of domestic violence. A woman seeks to escape a coercive husband and a young man comes to terms with a childhood blighted by physical abuse.

Sweet Nothings Present: Murder on the Stage Floor
Sweet Nothings A Cappella

Exeter's award-winning all-female a cappella group take to the stage with sensational singing, dancing and an enticing murder mystery. Join the Sweet Nothings on a journey as we find out whodunnit.

Tartuffe, the Imposter: A Feminist Reimagining
Green Sun Productions

Inspired by Molière’s 17th-century satire, Tartuffe has been re-imagined with a feminist twist! Green Sun Productions brings you an exploration of how Molière’s world of hypocrisy, patriarchy and sexism may not be so distant...

Thank You for the Music
BYU Young Ambassadors

Thank You for the Music, a new American musical revue, celebrates the greatest hits from radio, stage and screen. Fast-paced singing and dancing showcases songs from Michael Jackson, Queen, Wicked, The Greatest Showman and more!

The Theory of Relativity
Zenith Youth Theatre Company

The chaotic cast navigate a musical journey through trials of relationships as young people. Cat allergies and fruit preferences, student life and inverted friendships, this coming-of-age tale has nostalgia and anticipation in equal measure.

They May Have Even Eaten Ham!
Naomi Paul

It’s Naomi Paul’s (mostly) Jewish show! From the Baltic to Birmingham, from shamash to shellfish, from Hendon and beyond. What’s not to like?

this is a scam.
Solvei Sundbø and Anne Klein

Fake it 'til you make it. Lean In. How far can you stretch the truth in the name of self-optimisation? When does charisma, boldness, and self-promotion become fraud? This play aims to find out.

This Time Next Year
Cairine MacBrayne

But, what if next year never comes? From internationally acclaimed personal assistant and actress who has never actually acted (for money), a comedy about being on the cusp. Oh, and Showbiz.

Three Sisters and Them
A Drunken Sailor

Three Sisters and Them takes Chekhov's play into the fractured world of today. Masha and Irina, now living in England, find Olga crashing back into their lives, challenging the gender of Masha's child.

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me but Banjos Saved My Life
Quivering Dendrites

This highly awarded inspirational true story returns to Edinburgh after a highly successful 2022 visit. Added content for 2023! Playin’ banjos, tellin’ jokes, healin’ hearts. (

Top of the World
Fabien O’Farrell

Twenty-something Audrey is struggling with her latest phobia… the local supermarket. From the safety of her flat, she explores the trappings of fear, cheap wine and the importance of a home-cooked meal. A comedic heart warmer.

The Tragedy That Befalls the Dastardly Crew of the Kakapo
The Dead Parrot Collective

A tongue-in-cheek farce and laugh-a-minute comedy dissecting the well-trodden tropes of pirate fiction. Goofy characters who face real consequences for their actions on their latest light-hearted adventure.

A Trilogy: bag--
Flying Solo! Presents

Bag – Mr Dennis seeks the mysteries of life in a madcap romp through India with a to-do list and a backpack full of guilt as he juggles ashes, epiphanies and the Taj Mahal.

A Trilogy: blood (line)
Flying Solo! Presents

Mr Dennis is convinced hard work and god-fearing obedience equals normalcy: a good job, a white picket fenced home, and 2.3 children. blood (line) is a musical voyage intent on capsizing this fabled pleasure cruise.

A Trilogy: box.
Flying Solo! Presents

Mr Dennis wants to know: why is our identity bound up in things? Are we throwing away our loved ones with their possessions? You’ll be captivated by tales of drowning in cardboard, knickknacks and martini glasses.

The Twits
Zenith Youth Theatre Company

Roald Dahl’s deliciously spiteful and revolting couple practice practical jokes and wickedness on each other in this physical and energetic play. Mr and Mrs Twit meet a sticky end at the hand of their captive pet monkeys!

Ichigo Theatre Company

Lured into metaphorical deep water by a mixture of intrigue and desire, a bewildered Emory Holdridge grapples with life on the remote but stunningly beautiful West Coast of Scotland. A funny and heart-warming tale set in the natural world.

Until Death
Nalini Sharma Presents

Nalini Sharma's Until Death is an absurdist solo clown show and self-portrait touching on death, existence and relationships.

Dreamwork Theatre Inc

'Would you rather be lost or fallen?' In this erotic, fury-infused, modern-day revisioning of the legend of Salomé, Ana Mozol powerfully interweaves dreams with personal tales of love, loss, and truth in her award-winning show. Director: David MacMurray Smith

Alice Loxton

Join historian, broadcaster and writer, Alice Loxton, as she delves into the delights of her new history book, UPROAR!: Satire, Scandal and Printmakers in Georgian London. Family friendly and lots of fun!

Violets and Vinegar
Carver Theatre

A neglected housewife, a determined party girl and a clueless teacher shamelessly expose their sexual exploits. This character comedy is sure to make you laugh out loud. Think Alan Bennett meets Fleabag.

Vote Macbeth!
Clydebuilt Theatre Company

Captain Macbeth is Vice-President. He and Lady Macbeth want more. In this tale of ambition and murder, you decide if they get their way. 2022’s sold-out five-star hit returns. It’s just like Shakespeare, but with more key changes.

Watch List

Join KEITH. for a night of sketch comedy, and find out why we're on a watch list. Hint: think witty, intelligent and bizarre, dialled up to 11! Not that kind of list...

We Are, in Fact, the Problem
Sheffield University Theatre Company (SUTCo)

Four ex-high school friends meet for dinner. As the evening progresses, more disagreements appear as prejudices and old grudges start to arise.

Wendy, My Darling
April Wish

Following her return from Neverland, Wendy Darling, now grown-up, moves to Hollywood to become a writer. This modern take on the classic story of Peter Pan features a captivating score and non-stop multimedia with celebrity video appearances by Jon Cryer (Pretty in Pink, Two and a Half Men) and Busy Philipps (Freaks and Geeks). Wendy, a charming, potty-mouthed mother to a tweenager, finds herself stuck in a 'creative death spiral'. Topical, heartfelt and hilarious, Wendy is '...a voice for all women who found out hard truths about the real world as they grew up' (Orlando Sentinel).

What If They Ate The Baby?
Chloe and Natasha

There are three rules every housewife knows: never return a dish empty, always have dinner ready on time, and some things are best kept under the table. After all, you never know who’s listening.

What The Veck? Songs in the Key of Strife!
Tom Veck

Tom Veck brings charm and warmth to a show where relatable domestic ditties, stories from his past and the confessions of strangers will have you on the edge of your seat.

When Judas Met John – Songs of Dylan and Lennon
Brothers Broke

A unique and personal arrangement of the music of Dylan and Lennon, performed around a story of the influence and respect that each artist had for the other.

When Kurt Met Thora
Plush Tiger Productions

‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.’ BBC Studios, November 1991. Thora Hird (Hallelujah) encounters Kurt Cobain ahead of Nirvana’s infamous appearance on TOTP. Unexpected similarities are revealed, as well as their disparate relationships with religion.

Where is Love
Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company / Jennifer Johnson

A proper Bradford lass born 1959, Shelly is a firecracker. Follow this true account of one woman's fight against domestic abuse. A gritty story about sisterhood, family secrets and broken hearts that somehow leaves you laughing.

Why Am I Like This?
High Heels and Heavy Suitcases Productions

Follow Nicole on her 30-year journey as she discovers the four letter diagnosis that answers the biggest question in her life: Why Am I Like This? Spoiler – she has ADHD.

Young and Moxie
Young and Moxie

Young and Moxie is the latest magic show to hit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Las Vegas and Scottish magicians team up to create a show not to be missed.


Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is a generously equipped large theatre venue ideally suited to shows with large casts or sets. The venue caters for an audience of 119 so is suitable for large-scale popular shows.

The theatre consists of a generously sized flat stage in a creative thrust formation. Black drapes are rigged at the back of the stage. A green room area is available in an adjoining room with access to the stage.

The lighting rig is designed with two fixed general washes and a set of specials which can be re-gelled and focussed to your requirements.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage is 7.5m x 4.0m
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Backstage & storage space suitable for large items of scenery.
Lighting facilities

Warm and cold wash as standard, with additional Parcans and profiles available as specials. The rig has 36 channels of dimming and is controlled by a memory lighting desk.

Sound facilities
Full-range musical reinforcement system
Detailed spec
Full specification

Theatre 1

Theatre 1 is a uniquely-designed corner space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 6 people and a small amount of set.

The corner stage is slightly raised. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Corner stage is 4m on both sides
Stage height
0.1m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.4m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us about your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification

Theatre 2

Theatre 2 is a small but traditional space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 6 people and a small amount of set.

The stage is slightly raised. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.2m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.2m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us about your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly.
Lighting facilities

LED-based lighting rig supplemented by two tungsten profiles

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification

Theatre 3

Theatre 3 is a small space ideally suited to shows with casts of up to 4 people and a small amount of set.

The trapezium-shaped stage is raised slightly. A small backstage space behind allows for set/prop storage. Access is provided behind the black drapes to entrances on either side of the stage.

Audience capacity
Stage size
2m deep, 5m wide at front reducing to 3m at rear
Stage height
0.2m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.4m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us about your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly.
Lighting facilities

LED-based lighting rig supplemented by two tungsten profiles

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification

Fleming Theatre

A generously equipped mid-sized theatre space, ideally suited to shows with mid to large sized casts. A good stage size (6x3m) with raked soft seating of 117 end-on seats. Suitable for all genres of theatre, musical theatre, physical theatre, stand-up, music, improv and acapella.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
A limited amount of set and prop storage is available in an adjacent room.
Lighting facilities
  • Frontlight: 10 LED fresnels in 5 sections across the stage with 3 for upstage cover
  • Backlight: 3 LED PARs
  • Sidelight: 4 LED PARs
  • Specials: 3 Source4 LED Profiles on the front truss - may be re-focused to your design
Sound facilities
d&b audiotecknik based system with 24ch mixing console and CD player. The sound system is designed for everything from effects to small scale musical theatre.
Detailed spec
Full specification

Haldane Theatre

A traditional theatre ideally suited for casts up to 8 people. The theatre has a capacity of 49 and is set on the first floor of the venue. The stage is raised and a small back stage area allows for costume and set changes. A separate storage facility is also available.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.3m off the ground
Overhead clearance
3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
There is a small amount of storage behind the drapes in the venue which is shared between all companies.
Lighting facilities
  • Frontlight: 5 LED fresnels in 5 sections across the stage
  • Backlight: 3 LED PARs
  • Sidelight: 2 LED PARs
  • Specials: 3 Source4 Lustr2 LED Profiles - may be re-focused to your design.
Sound facilities
d&b Audiotechnik E3 loudspeaker system with an 8ch analogue mixing console.
Detailed spec
Full specification

Stephenson Theatre

New for 2023, the Stephenson Theatre is a traditional end-on space ideally suited for casts up to 8 people. The theatre has a capacity of 47 and is set in our multi-space entertainment hub. The stage is raised for optimium sightlines. A separate storage facility is also available.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.3m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small storage area located elsewhere in the building
Lighting facilities

A fully LED based lighting rig is provided, with three profiles which can be focussed to your requirements

Sound facilities
A stereo playback system is installed, suitable for sound effects and background music playback.
Detailed spec
Full specification