Edinburgh Fringe Testimonials

Edinburgh Fringe Testimonials – Here are some comments from companies who have performed at theSpaceUK venues….

Three Weeks 30 October 2017

'Spaces filled with fringe goodness'

Broadway Baby 25 October 2017

"No other venue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe offers quite as much diversity as theSpaceUK. They have quietly become the largest player whilst still remembering the very ethos of the Fringe."

Jennie Scott-Reid 10 October 2017

We would like to say a huge thank you for helping to make our show so successful again this year (our fifth year on the row). We look forward to working with you again next year and can we please book our normal 12pm slot!

Stuart Pyper

I’d like to thank you and everyone in theSpaceUK team, particularly at theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall, for a fantastic experience. Things have run very smoothly. There isn’t a lot of space (no pun intended!) for performers with disabilities at the Fringe – at least, not as much as we think there should be – and when we made a presentation on access issues to Fringe Central earlier this week, we were able to highlight how accommodating and constructive theSpaceUK has been in this regard.

Caitlin Sherret

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance over the last nine months. I can't wait to return to the Fringe and when I do, I'll certainly return to theSpaceUK. You and all your colleagues have been fabulous. We had an amazing time performing The Amazing Clinic of Armour and Smith at Venue 45. The performance space was beautiful, the tech team were very accommodating and incredibly friendly and the box office were helpful and cheerful. I'm also happy to announce that we sold out and got plenty of laughs from our audience. I look forward to seeing you again.

Kato Buss

My students and I would like to thank you and the entire SpaceUK team for the opportunity to perform at Fringe. You went out of your way to help me navigate the entire process and patiently dealt with the complications I had on my end. The result was a genuine transformative learning experience that truly changes the student’s worldview and makes an enduring impact on their lives. Thank you gain for your help. We hope to return to Fringe and theSpaceUK next year.

Joan Greening

After two performances of The Rape of Artemisia Gentileschi can I say I am so impressed with the kindness, friendliness and helpfulness of your staff. Each and every one of them has made us welcome and helped us so much. It is a pleasure to be at your venue and please pass on my thanks to all the great people working at The Space. I am so pleased we chose your venue.

Jayne Port

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for having me at theSpaceUK. We really enjoyed our time at the fringe and found this to be a lovely theatre (excellent location) but above all lovely and helpful staff who just made everything that much easier.

Fumi Gomez

Thank you so much for having us. We've had an intense week run with Red Button and still have managed to sell out! We usually sell out in London but we weren't sure we would generate any interest at Edfringe. It's our first time ever in Edinburgh, and first time at the Fringe. It's been a great experience, mostly because of you. Thanks for all the support, advice, info, and for being a shoulder to cry on, and laugh on as well. It's a tough festival, with loads of competition and it's hard to capture anyone's attention towards a small self-funded show. We've managed to reach our main objectives and generate interest towards the show. THANK YOU!

Clare Marcie Wilson

Hello lovely Space team, I just wanted to email and thank you for all your help and support this fringe, what a month it was! Let me offer my sincerest gratitude for the lovely chats, check ins and support you provided.

Janet Gershlick 7 October 2017

Just to say a big big thank you for all your support, help and advice. It was exhausting but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Can you also thank the team for all their help, kindness and enthusiasm. I have sent a separate email to the press team.

Melanie Gall 30 September 2017

Coming to Edinburgh as a solo artiste is hard. The festival can be daunting, scary, exhausting and lonely when one is travelling with a team, but to be in the middle of the chaos of Edinburgh as one person...And not just one person who needs to perform one (or in my case, two) shows a day, but who also is in charge of media, postering, outreach, promotion... It is a tough task. And I achieved it - and successfully, too - but this is because even though I came to Edinburgh alone, the staff at TheSpace quickly became my team. And I am so incredibly grateful to each and every one of them. I had an incredibly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. My children's show, "Opera Mouse", received four 4-star reviews, and a 'Hidden Gem' listing. My adult show, "Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert", also received four stars, and sold out the entire run. In addition, I received performance offers in New York, Dubai, Kuwait, as well as throughout the UK. In so many ways, theSpaceUK was the perfect fit for me, and I could not have been nearly as successful without Charles' advice in advance of the festival about what theatre would be the best fit for me, and the wonderful, supportive staff at all of theSpaceUK venues. Most venues in Edinburgh are rented with a guarantee v % model, which puts an artist at significant financial risk. They are large businesses, with their own financial gain as their main focus. And theSpaceUK is the complete opposite: Flat fee rental: This allows an artist to budget for their run, and takes away the pressure of needing to satisfy a guarantee. It is a fair, artist-friendly way of running a venue. Also, with 100% of the ticket sales being given to the artist (and not a percentage, as at many other venues), the ticket sales that one achieves from flyering or promotional events directly benefits the artist. I could not say enough about the staff at theSpaceUK. Throughout the run of my shows, they became my team and my support system. When I sold out, they cheered along with me. When I was having a rough day (and it happens, when one is exhausted and completely hits the wall mid-festival), they were supportive and cheery. The staff at the ticket desk always had a smile and a friendly greeting. They all knew that I was alone at the festival for most of the run, and several times I sat in the courtyard with staffers, chatting over a G&T or a haloumi burger. I have performed in over a hundred theatres around the world, and the ticketing and front-of-house staff at The Space was probably the best I have ever encountered. Rory in particular was incredibly helpful. The technical staff was excellent. My operator Wayne was fully committed to both of my shows - he did not just show up and do a job, he seemed genuinely delighted to be there, and always took a few minutes after to say something nice. He was professional, enthusiastic and attentive to my needs as an artist. The other tech (and other) staff members went above and beyond their job descriptions, coming into the theatre to help set the lights before the show, helping with front-of-house, and setting my microphone as I rushed around getting things ready for the show. Some of my most memorable moments at the Edinburgh Fringe were with these wonderful, supportive, caring staff. Without exception, the other artists I met at theSpaceUK were friendly, good-natured and solicitous. All of the friends I made at the festival were either staff members or other artists at my venue. The venue policy of allowing rush tickets to other shows allows artists to see each others' work, which was just so nice. This also allowed for personal recommendations of other shows at the venue, which is an invaluable way of spreading word-of-mouth about lesser-known shows. theSpace also have a dedicated press office and when I was chosen for a feature in ThreeWeeks magazine (one of the major EdFringe publications), the office supported and tweeted about the feature to their extensive following.

Elaine English 8 September 2016

Thank you for a most professional experience, our first time at the Fringe! We were met most graciously, and escorted through our technical with such patience and so much help! The technical staff were so brilliant, and made our run so easy. We felt so supported throughout, everyone at theSpaceUK were so ready to be of service, and I was always immediately responded to with any queries. I don't know how you do all you do, with such calm and dedication to get every detail right. Of course we are coming again- because of how smooth you made it for us. What a pleasure to work with people who are at ease with the highest standards of artistry. Thank you so much. Elaine English for CuddingtonYouthDrama.

Adam J S Smith 4 September 2016

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our show such a success!! I'm already talking to folks about next year. Thanks again and take care, all the best, Adam

Tom Younger

I'd like to say thanks for giving us the opportunity to perform with theSpaceUK this year. We've been incredibly satisfied with every aspect of our venue, the stage was a perfect fit for our play and the venue staff were terrific and couldn't have been more helpful. We'll definitely try to use theSpace for any future fringe projects. I hope this year's festival has gone well and I hope you have a lot of success as it draws to a close.

Georgia Lepore

A few words just to say to you and the whole theSpaceUK Team at theSpace on the Mile - a huge THANK YOU. Everything was perfect. We had a great time, your professional, always smiling, team were so very helpful. Please tell them again (I’ve done it already!) I've really appreciated their precious and efficient presence. You have built up a great team, I just wanted you to know 😉 I hope to be back in Edinburgh soon, it has been a great experience. thanks again, for everything.

Prabhat Rao 25 October 2015

A big thanks to your team for making it all happen. I was really impressed with how efficient the whole operation is - it really makes it stress free for us performers. We would like to come back next year again. Please do let me know what the options are.

Christopher Williams

A quick note from me, I have already sent a message under separate cover to Jamie and his team at theSpace on the Mile. My thanks to you and the Space team for making our run so successful this year. As we have experienced in the past your team where very accommodating and easy to deal with. We very much look forward to returning for next year's festival.

Reece & Aiden

We are just writing to thank you and the team at theSpace @ Venue 45 for all their help during our run of A Fistful of Hunny this Fringe. We were overwhelmed with the success of the show this year and the support of the Space press teams, techies and Box Office staff was invaluable throughout!

Matthew Edwards

A rather belated but heartfelt thank you to you and your team at SpaceTriplex for making us so welcome and being so helpful with our show, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. We loved our time at the Fringe and the kids were so delighted to have been part of such an incredible Festival. I was not quite sure how easy it would be to bring a show to the Fringe but you made it simple and it was a pleasure to be in the venue. Please thank everyone involved.

Lisa Stenhouse

Before the last day madness of shows getting out takes over, I just wanted to say on behalf of myself, John and Phil what an utter pleasure it has been working with you and the team at theSpace @ Niddry St. Alex and Simon have been great to us every day – and we have really appreciated the professionalism and friendly banter over the last two weeks from all of you. Thanks again and all the best

Carrie Bird

At the time of writing, I would think you are away on a well deserved break after another fantastic Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We thoroughly enjoyed it as we do each year and many thanks to all of your staff for looking after us so well.

Tim Wilcox

I must admit to being a bit worried that we would struggle to fill even the front two rows of the 75 seat Niddry Street Upper theatre but a combination of some very successful promotion on your part (so lovely to see our posters up at the many Space venues in town) and us tapping our "friends and family" market meant that we had an average attendance of over 50 for the 8 shows - something beyond my wildest dreams. The youngsters had a terrific time and grew in confidence throughout the run to the point where they have now demanded that I write a couple of new shows to bring up to next year's Fringe. The chance to work with you both and theSpaceUK "family" again next year would be great if you have the space and time to accommodate us. As I say, we can't thank you guys enough for all the support and assistance you provided in the run up to the Fringe and during the performance run itself - so professional and so very patient!

Robin Kingsland

Just wanted to send you - and all the staff at Space Venues - a huge thank you for all the support and help over the course of this years Fringe. Tanya and Suzie both commented particularly on how well looked after they felt, and how easy the staff made everything with their friendly, can-do approach. It was good to see you, and I look forward to the next time!

Jennifer Scott Reid

We hope you are all enjoying the festival, although for you all we know it is also hard work. We are having a great time as always and we would like to book the same slot (12 noon) same venue - theSpace on the Mile, theatre 1 for next year Monday 8th August to Saturday 13th August 2016. Thanks for everyone’s hard work in making the festival a success, and good luck for the rest of the run.

Rhoanne Udall

We were also keen to be in touch to say thank you again for having us, the team at theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall were brilliant and so supportive, the technicians in the Grand Theatre particularly so - I've never had so many technicians come by to see a show I've worked on at the festival.

Jemma Lynch 4 December 2014

I am just emailing to say a big thank you to you and the SpaceUK team, for accommodating Naughty Corner and The Bastard Queen at theSpace on Niddry Street this year. We have had an amazing time, learned so much and even won ourselves an award. We have won the National Student Drama Festival Award and will be transferred to the London Pleasance for a week. This is more than we could hoped for our first time at the fringe. And if the SpaceUK wouldn't of had us we wouldn't be going. I would like to thank all box office and production staff at the Niddry, in particular Simon, for their help and patience with us newcomers. Hopefully we will see you all next year.

Finn Anderson Productions

theSpaceUK venues and programming captures the spirit of the Fringe and is a delight to be a part of.

[NoLogo Productions

Fantastic organisation and support from start to finish. No hidden costs, professionally run venues and value for money adverts in the programme. Very pleased with how the whole fringe went for us, and very happy with the venue. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Alex Brockie Productions

We found theSpace on the Mile to be an ideal venue for us. It is situated in a prime location right at the heart of the festival and the staff there all very friendly, accommodating and supportive.

The Accidentals

theSpace @ Symposium Hall was a wonderful venue for us as an a cappella group. The team working there were invaluable and were always there to help with anything we needed.

Breathe Out Theatre

The venue and space was great for us and we had a very enjoyable and successful show. The outside bar area was great and there was a good atmosphere in the venue.

Sydney Theatre School

We were very pleased with our experience overall and appreciated the passes to see other Space shows for free. Would like to come back next year. ]

Theatre tots

Overall the space have been excellent. Organised, detailed and offering a lot of support. many thanks!

Liverpool University Drama Society

Another excellent experience with the space - there is a reason we keep coming back, so thank you!

Lost Compass Collective

As a first-time company we absolutely loved theSpace. We felt taken care of and looked after for the most part. Thank you for your patience and your understanding and for giving us this opportunity!

Stevenage Lytton Youth Theatre

Friendly and a lovely venue to perform in - excellent facilities compared to some of the other venues at the Fringe

Violet Shock Theatre Company

We LOVE The Space UK team and would never consider going anywhere else. Edinburgh has become a regular fixture in our calendar and it is in no small part due to the professionalism, dedication and overall "bendoverbackwardsness" of every member of The Space Team from the top down. We will be back in 2016 and will be contacting Charles as soon as booking begins - we'd perform in a caravan if it was run by The Space UK... Oh, hang on, wait a minute.....

Helen Wood 10 October 2014

I’d just like to say a big thank you on behalf of all The Usherettes team. The box office and technical staff at the venue were very helpful and everything went very smoothly. We were very pleased with our week’s run with full houses every day.

Iona Thompson

Hope you are well. We all wanted to say thank you for all your help organizing the venue for the show. The staff at Niddry Street were so helpful and we all really enjoyed the whole experience. We hope to be in contact with you again in the future!

Alex Brockie

Just wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to perform at theSpace on the Mile at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. We found it an excellent venue, and the staff there were all wonderful.

Hester Tingey

Just to say, THANK YOU to all at Surgeons' Hall and on the SPACE team for being so accommodating and welcoming to our company. The technical team were very kind and patient with us. We really enjoyed the whole experience and loved the venue. Everything seemed to run very smoothly, which is the result of your team's hard work.

Finn Anderson

Just a slightly belated thank you to all of you for making the 2014 Fringe such a smooth and enjoyable one. We got a huge amount out of the run for Alba and thanks to your team, it was an extremely stress-free run. Karl - huge thanks for your understanding and support throughout the 2 week run and I hope we didn’t cause you too much bother! Great to have such a welcoming and friendly venue manager. Lee - the technical team felt even tighter than when with you guys 2 years ago and were all a joy to work with. Thanks for your help with the technician search in the run up to the Fringe too! Charles - thanks for your continued support and for being so accommodating in the booking process. Time slot worked extremely well and the whole team felt very welcomed. Delight to be part of your programme again. Look forward to next time!

John Ammerman

I wanted to send a very heart felt THANKS to you and all for the tremendous help and support that everyone shared with the Refuge Theatre. The entire experience was positive, supportive, patient, and I cannot commend all of you enough with your kindness and understanding as I journeyed through the challenges of producing and performing at the Fringe. You have a unique and superb organization and I have felt welcome all along the way in my communication with all of you at TheSpace. This is remarkable and everyone deserves high praise, applause,………and a pint!!!

Naomi Paul

My thanks again to you and all the team for making it a very good experience for the first time in a paying venue. I very much enjoyed the run and am now thinking about next year. Will give you a ring to talk about possibilities.

Three Weeks 3 October 2014

"Spaces filled with fringe goodness"

Jennifer Scott-Reid 21 September 2014

We would like to thank you and your team for all their hard work and support. In particular engineers Juliet and Fraser. We hope it has been a successful festival for you all. We would also like to book the 12 noon slot again for next year for the middle week of the festival. I realise that you will be busy with striking all the venues but just wanted to let you know.

Junwoo Jung 23 October 2013

Thank you very much for treating me generously last summer and I am very happy that I had a good time with Space thearter. I hope to have a good memory with you again.

Paul Gosling 30 September 2013

just a brief note of appreciation for the way in which your staff supported our run of performances at The Space on The Mile this last week. Their professionalism and sense of humour were much appreciated by all in our company. The facilities were excellent - a lovely performance space. We hope to be back and would love to work with you and all at TheSpaceuk again!

Three Weeks 26 September 2013

One of the reasons the Space programme is so extensive is that Pamment goes out of his way to accommodate shows which wish to do shorter runs, while many of the other venue operations of similar size prefer acts to perform for the full three weeks. But this flexibility is important, the Space chief reckons, because it’s not only the big established names who need to be able to perform for just a segment of the Festival. - See more at: http://www.threeweeks.co.uk/article/thespace-celebrates-two-decades-at-the-fringe-with-even-more-spaces/#sthash.b6rghxCw.dpuf

Felipe Schrieberg

This is just an overdue email to thank you and theSpace team for all the hard work you guys have done this year and the special care and consideration you've shown to us with our phenomenal run this year. As usual, you guys were an incredible pleasure to work with, fun to be around, and absurdly flexible around our constant rock star demands. A huge thanks to the production, box office and tech team. A particular shout out to the guys that helped us get our sound down in all the different venues, as that was a constant challenge that they rose up to.If you could pass this on to theSpace team I'd appreciate it.

Alice McGuigan 25 September 2013

It's been a pleasure working with you and the rest of The Space team again this year. We had a brilliant time and can't wait to come back. Good luck with starting preparations for the next festival! Queen Mary's University College London have been performing with theSpace every year since 1996.

Sarah Hyman 19 September 2013

On behalf of all at Hungry Bitches Productions just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. We had a great run with Space UK this year and I particularly wanted to comment on how amazing all the staff were at Symposium Hall, all were so helpful and good to us so thanks very much. I hope the rest of the festival is a success for you.

Iain Davie

I just wanted to thank you and your team for an enjoyable festival experience this year. All of the staff and crew I've encountered were a credit to you and your organisation. So thanks again from all of us at New Celts Productions.

Ralph Davis 14 September 2013

I'd just like to say a quick thank you for providing my company Hot Bear Productions, (we were performing Daughters), with such a fantastic venue to perform in and such great staff to help us. It was our first fringe, and it wouldn't have been as brilliant without Space.

Rich Oliver 12 September 2013

I just wanted to take a moment to say a massive THANKYOU for having us at your venues this year. Everyone at both of the theatres we played were brilliant - not only in welcoming us, befriending us and making us feel at home but also teching us in & helping us feel comfortable & safe in your theatres. It has been an awesome experience from start to finish and by that I mean the expertise & guidance from booking the venue right up to our last show. Just wanted to say thank you as sometimes it's taken for granted that all that exists is the play and it's actors, but without you all and the level of care you have for your company's in your spaces it may have not turned out to be the amazing experience that both my teams at North Bridge & Surgeons Hall would have been. Thank you once again from myself and all the members of our company for making Edinburgh fringe this year an incredible place in our hearts. Hope to see you soon and thank you once again for everything.

Rhys Chamberlain

Thank you for your help with regards to the festival. As expected thespaceUK were exceptionally helpful during the whole festival no matter what we threw at you. I would particularly like to thank and congratulate the tech team at Surgeons Hall who helped us no end and no amount of work was too much.

Robin Hatcher

I am just emailing to thank you and everyone at the space venues for our amazing run. We had an absolute blast from start to finish and the venue was absolutely brilliant. Special mention has to go to Caroline and Hannah the technicians who were incredibly helpful and friendly and made us feel very welcome. It really was an absolute pleasure.

Emma Chapman

Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of Scallywags Theatre Company. We loved our venue and all the staff were so friendly and efficient! We loved the whole experience of the Fringe and hope to be back some time soon!

Milan Govedarica

Your venues are so well positioned and I hope the connection tourists-theatres will work even better in the future, as one American lady said while being flyered 'Oh, so convenient - all I need to do is roll over from my bed into the theatre!'

Bruce A! Kraemer

The production team from Safe would like to thank you, Charles, and your staff, for making it possible to do our show in Edinburgh. Being at the festival for the first time was quite overwhelming and your crew did everything they could to help us get our show on as smoothly as possible. We especially want to thank Alex, Jenna, Jim, Sinolda, and Sally for their dedication and flexibility. We have worked in quite a few festivals here in New York and the crew of the North Bridge theaters were the easiest to work with of any in our experience. Our show ran very well and for that I blame them.

Ming Chen

Thank you for everything. Please also pass our thanks to all who helped us to present Red Hanrahan and selling our tickets. They are wonderful people and very helpful.

Hannah-Marie Chidwick 20 October 2012

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, and everybody we worked with at the [email protected] Hall, during our first time at the Edinburgh Fringe with "Metamorphoses." Our show was an all-round success, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the festival this year. Hopefully we will return next year - and we'd love to work with the Space again.

Niamh Brewer

I just wanted to email you to thank you for helping us to bring Solve to Edinburgh, and for providing us with such a fantastic space which really really worked for our play and for us as a company. It encouraged us to push ticket sales, resulting in a sell out run which we had never expected! Also, a big thank you should be extended to theSpace team. They were so helpful and supportive throughout the week, illustrated by them all coming to watch our production which meant a lot! We are hoping to return to Edinburgh next year and to use one of your venues, so no doubt you will hear from me again soon!

Sharon Sexton 21 September 2012

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for having us in theSpace @Symposium Hall. We had a wonderful experience at the fringe and have had lots of interest from producers and promoters hoping to develop the show further in London, so should anything exciting come to pass, I'll keep You posted. I can't praise the space team highly enough. They were so welcoming, professional and pleasant to deal with. Karl is a gent, nothing is a problem. Sally and Alex are fantastic. They made our lives so much easier with all their help and smiles each evening. And Claire and the rest of the box office staff there are lovely to deal with and super at their jobs. Congratulations on running the most slick, professional and welcoming venue we've had the pleasure to play in. We really enjoyed our time there. Best of luck with the rest of the festival. Enjoy the Wrap at the weekend. Hopefully our paths will cross again and we will be back to theSPACE in the not so distant future. Sharon and cillian

Gaynor La Rocca

I just wanted to say a big thank you once again to you and to your team - especially Adam and Carrie and her excellent tech team, and the lovely ladies at the box office, who were always so helpful, warm, pleasant and professional. The Yarn was the 5th show I have brought to the Fringe (plus another 3 visits as an actor) and I have worked with a variety of venues, all good, but none who have made it all quite as easy and smooth and friendly as theSpace team. I would very much like to return to theSpace in 2013 and I will be in touch in September, however I shall be thinking of you all still beavering away and making magic happen at the very heart of the Fringe with a tinge of envy.

Carrie Bird

I know you are still up to your eyes in everything but I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for your tolerance and support this year. We were so pleased and surprised to receive such a great review for what was really a work in progress. It just goes to show.....

Ross McNab 20 September 2012

Once Upon A... has now finished its run and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to yourself and your team for all your hardwork and help over the past months. This was our first time putting on a fringe show so thank you for putting up with us as we learned the ropes! It has been a massive learning curve for our young company but one that we have hugely enjoyed. We are delighted with how our run went, gaining a 5 star review from the Scotsman and having decent audiences including selling out our last show. We now hope to tour Once Upon A... later in the year.

Rhea – Rummage Theatre

Just an e-mail to say a huge thank you! We had a fantastic time at theSpace and we were made to feel welcome from the very start. The venue was great and the team were really friendly and helpful. It made our first Edinburgh Fringe festival an absolute delight. Could you please send a special thank you to Gareth, Reece and Jen? Not only were they efficient and professional but we had a good laugh with them! We are back next year with a brand new piece of writing. We will absolutely consider using theSpace again. We will be in touch nearer the time. Thank you again.

Nora Brown

Two days back in NYC, and missing the Fringe. It was all incredible. Thank you for running such a terrific venue, all the theatres at theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall. The Box Office staff was great; Matt and his crew were always there, especially Gareth and Emma. Lee during the email traffic, especially with my lighting designer. Special thanks to you for all your help leading up to the Fringe. I took your advice seriously re seeking clarification in so many areas. It was all such fun. Have a fantastic Fringe closing!!

Steve Ansell

Thank you for all your support and please pass on my compliments to the space technical and front of house staff, they were really friendly, very helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Katarina Morhacova

We are very thankful and grateful for an amazing time we've had in Edinburgh. Even though we didn't stay a long time, our little show got an amazing response with the audience. Theater goers and casts from different shows were coming to see us and thank us for putting on "one of the best shows they've seen at the fringe and acting that was not to be missed" We actually had few people coming to watch us twice. The North Bridge venue team was one of the most professional teams we've ever worked with (and we've worked with a lot around the world). We were very impressed how knowledgeable, dedicated and focused they were and I wish for any theater company to have a chance to work with such an easy going and efficient team. The same goes to the Press office. You've always been very hands on with any questions we've had and stayed on top of any media related issues we've faced. And last but not least, our thanks goes also to Charles. We came on board quite late and your 'some years' experience running shows at the fringe came very useful to us. We are two actors who decided to put together on a show for the first time without much help to being with and have done everything from booking the space, raising money, doing press releases, etc...and without your guidance, we would have felt lost. We have learnt so much, about do's and don'ts, we have addressed few weaknesses in the show because of being able to perform in Edinburgh and will adjust them accordingly for our future runs.

Tread the Boards Theatre Company – theSpace at Venue 45 17 September 2012

Brilliant!!! We were very well taken care of and the organisation and professionalism was excellent.

Fin Kennedy 16 December 2011

What sets the SpaceUK apart from other venues is the personal care and attention we get as a company - it doesn't feel like a production line, and they're great at dealing with teenagers! theSpaceUK team always make themselves available throughout the build-up, and were very patient in the first year when I was finding my feet as a producer. Our technicians always speak very highly of the support they receive too.

Cambridge University 31 October 2011

We had a great festival and really enjoyed performing at theSpace. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Thank you for having us on behalf of all the cast and crew of Jet Set Go!

Emotion Pictures

"It was good to be part of the Space exercise at this year's festival. It was particularly so in bringing a young company who needed the backing of a solid and experienced team.

Amanda Luck

Your first outing at the Fringe can be a terrifying one, full of whats, if's and maybe's. Within 5 minutes of meeting the team at [email protected] any fears I had were allayed. The tech and box office teams were incredibly helpful, professional and with plenty of good advice to offer, as well as being approachable and full of warm humour, any question or problem no matter how big or small was answered quickly with the minimum of fuss. Squeaky Door Production Company look forward to working with theSpace team at the 2012 Fringe!

David Griffiths 15 October 2011

Just thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for an amazing experience at Surgeons Hall with Excess Baggage. I know the cast & crew loved the venue and the staff there were amazing and incredibly helpful. Please pass on my thanks to them. The space and timeslot suited us perfectly and helped us achieve a number of sell outs, which was great. I would love to return to Surgeons Hall next year with a new production.

Pink Lady Productions

The food/bar and heated/covered seating area outside was a great facility to have and helped with attracting audiences - particularly on bad weather days. All the staff were there to help & work with us to make the show as good as it could be. Some were interested enough to come and see my show, which was lovely. Relationships with other companies was amiable and made for smooth change-overs. As an audience member at other fringe venues I found that front of house standards didnt always match those I encountered at theSpace. I would recommend this venue to other companies and I hope to return in the future.

Click TC 11 October 2011

An excellent overall experience - helpful, supportive, and a clearly experienced venue.

Tim Smith 4 October 2011

The whole experience of performing at The Fringe in 2011 was outstanding - we have performed as a company at the Fringe on a number of occasions, but none of the previous times have come anywhere near the experience we’ve had this year. This is, in no small part, due to theSpaceUK and their superb venue: The Space @ Niddry Street (V9). In terms of location, you couldn’t ask for a better Fringe venue, just off the Royal Mile within easy walking distance from where you’re actually promoting your show. It was so valuable to catch the public as they walked past, get them interested in the show and then show them how close the venue/box office was to where they were actually standing - a large proportion of our audience figures were, we feel, as a result of this. The main point of me taking time to sit and write this, however, is to praise theSpaceUK team. Every single member of the team was committed, professional, caring, supportive and, most importantly, in possession of a fantastic sense of humour - something we as a company value highly. All queries were answered instantly; get ins and get outs were managed with efficiency and care; administration and box office management were professional and devoid of the long winded, unnecessary bureaucracy that seems to be loved by other venue management teams and the technical specifications of the venue itself and knowledge displayed by the technical staff were really impressive. I can’t praise them enough. We’re coming back to the Fringe next year and the year after and the year after etc. and we won’t work with anyone else!

Red Rabbit Collective 1 October 2011

Thank you to theSpaceUK for allowing us to make our debut at the Edinburgh Fringe! It was a fantastic experience!

Carrot Napper Productions 26 September 2011

"If you want to experience a great time in Edinburgh, then as a performer there is no better venue than Space UK, because they are so much more than a venue. Through regular parties they bring together all their performers, creating a camaraderie that generates a warm, friendly and supportive Fringe. Meeting other Space UK companies and spreading the word about each other's shows led to us having a full house. No easy achievement in Edinburgh, but made possible by the innovative way Space UK are on your side. That's why they're, in our experience, are the best and made Edinburgh 2011 our most enjoyable so far.'

Savage theatre 25 September 2011

Extremely impressive experience. It felt like our company was made to feel welcome. Will definitely be wanting to perform at your venues again.

GYTC 24 September 2011

The company was treated in a professional way in spite of its 'amateur' status which was very much appreciated.

Quids In Theatre Company

Staff very helpful and efficient. Venue at theSpaces on the Mile excellent.

Felipe Rodriguez Luxembourg 13 September 2011

Thanks for the opportunity to put our show on with you guys. It was such an excellent run, and I'm looking forward to planning for next year! More importantly, please pass on our thanks to the awesome tech, production and box office team that supported us in Niddry. They were all professional, friendly and flexible with us as we did our thing. Most of them are now actual friends. They were great. I can't stress that enough. Good luck with the disassembly, and let me know when you'd like to meet in October. Book us for next year, we're already excited.

Stewart McGill 30 July 2011

This was a superb venue,well run and playbox theatre would certainly love to return, Playbox Theatre were proud to be part of The Spaces programme this year, a rich and exciting mix

Sarah Cook, (US) 17 July 2011

Everyone at theSpaceUK were great and we would be thrilled to work with you again! Infact we've booked already for next year.

Renny Kaprinsky 1 July 2011

Amicable relationships with companies either side meant that there was a blurring of get in and get out times which made the change overs really easy...and a terrific technical team that made everything run smoothly.

Charlotte Draper 30 June 2011

The tech team were really helpful, supportive and happy. We've worked in other venues at the fringe where the tech staff are really miserable and make you feel like you're just in their way, it makes such a difference when they're smiley and happy! Especially Ruth at Radisson and Jake at Surgeon's Hall.

Serena Pottinger 29 June 2011

Overall very happy with thespace, having visited lots of other venues when I was up in Edinburgh, there was no doubt that thespace was the most comfortable seating, air-conditioned and the friendliest staff. Will be back next year without a doubt- what's more the Radisson was positioned perfectly so that we could grab last minute audience members from just outside and entrance them with the central location and the idea of going to a nice bar beforehand.

Bill Davis 28 June 2011

Each year, our visit to the Edinburgh Festival is an expensive affair, bringing with it, a host of stresses and strains, and a worrying degree of financial uncertainty. We've performed at the festival since 1996, and over the years, we've learnt the importance of good organisation, effective publicity, and being professional. There are numerous theatre spaces available; some are fabulous, delivering exactly what they promise, but many are not, instead, delivering little more than a promise. Fortunately for Blunderbus, we have been performing at theSpaceUK (Venue 45 1996-2007 and Surgeons Hall, Grand Theatre 2009) for 10 years, and we have always been delighted by the professionalism of the entire team. From technical or box office staff, to venue manager, everybody at theSpaceUK seems to understand, and tries their very best to support the needs of visiting companies. More importantly, we return to the same venue each year, because we trust the team to deliver a very high level of service time and again.

Valerie Thalassinou, Greece 27 June 2011

Again, the staff were wonderful. Change-overs were easy and the staff were great to us during that first morning time-slot.

Vanessa Garcia, (US)

Everybody was very very nice, we TRULY appreciated that kind of attitude. Especially when arriving in Edinburgh for the first time from the US.

Simon Rae 20 June 2011

The SpaceUK has been the Edinburgh home for Top Edge Productions since 2004 and we really have been made to feel at home. In stark contrast to some other Edinburgh venues, the team really care about the companies who use their space, giving superb technical support and unfailing assistance in a crisis. Technical standards are high, and - which is important if you have a lot of props. Our theatre is also brilliantly located just off the Royal Mile and a stone's throw from the station. theSpaceUK is well established (and well known - reviewers don't get lost getting there) and the management are showing their commitment to the Fringe project by offering several further venues at the same end of town. Finally, theSpace are sensible about money. They charge very reasonably, and they recognise that your money belongs to you: you get the box office receipts straight after the show, not several weeks later when you've actually gone bankrupt. We like it so much, we're bringing two shows up this year. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?

Margaret Griffiths 15 June 2011

In addition to the technical side, Charles and his team have provided support in many other areas including marketing and press coverage and their accounting for box office receipts has always been carried out promptly and efficiently. We now regard them as friends. Margaret sadly passed-away in September 2010. She will be sadly missed by all those that had the pleasure of working with her. Her passion for theatre, notably in her performances as Edith Piaf at [email protected] 45 gave aspiration to all young actors who had the good fortune to see her perform.


SpaceUK - Helpful and knowledgeable venue team; prompt timekeeping; good facilities; and a wonderful spaces to design for. Always a pleasure.

Sian Morris

Thanks to theSpaceUK staff for all their help in making us Fringe virgins fell very welcome. We had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed our Fringe adventure.

Ivan Ickovits

We were so lucky to have the Space on the Mile as a venue; it was a great selling point. It was incredibly convenient for audiences, air conditioned, elegant in a relaxed way.