theSpace @ Venue 45

fringe venue

theSpace @ Venue 45 is one of the festival's original venues, first managed by theSpaceUK in 1995 and perfectly located just off the Royal Mile on Jeffrey Street. The venue has an established reputation for producing theatre, musicals, dance, physical theatre, music and opera.

The 89 seat thrust space has a unique ambience all of its own and that twinned with a 70 year pedigree as a Fringe venue makes it one of the most well-known theatres on the Fringe. Audiences know the venue well, as do many of our companies who return to use it year after year.

Suitable for casts of 1 to 25, the venue has ample storage and large dressing room facilities.

theSpace @ Venue 45 Shows

Almost, Maine
American High School Theatre Festival

In a fictitious town in Northern Maine, the harsh realities and absurd fantasies that defines love in this day and age are explored under the watchful eye of the Northern Lights.

At This Stage
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Have you ever loved a show so much that you wished you could kidnap all the actors, keep them in your basement and get them to perform it again for you? No? Just Rupert?

Queen Mary Theatre Company

On the verge of a natural disaster, a prison guard is called into work and discovers a newcomer to the team – an artificial intelligence named Sally. When the city is evacuated, what happens to the prisoners?

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble artistry, neo-burlesque and a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy bubble affair with a story arc full that showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level.

Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights
Brickhouse Theatre Company in association with Cathy: A Retelling of Wuthering Heights

This new musical tells of Heathcliff and Cathy, two lovers thwarted by family, society and God. A storm of vengeance brews over the moors as their passionate romance transcends life and death itself.

Digital Masks to Africa – Cheikh Anta Diop: Poem for the Living
International Collegiate Theatre Festival presents Pan African Theatre Ensemble KSU

Come experience a repatriation to Africa with digital masks, the performing body, and multilingualism featuring African languages: Lingala, Twi, Yoruba, Wolof, representing a disembodied, yet unified, African diaspora.

Hearts Like Fists
American High School Theatre Festival

A female superhero-noir comedy about the dangers of love. Full of exciting stage combat, this live-action comic book follows the adventures of the elite Crimefighters in their attempt to defeat Doctor X.

The Humans
American High School Theatre Festival

At Thanksgiving, the Blake family gathers at the run-down Manhattan apartment in Chinatown of Brigid Blake and her boyfriend Richard. The family members must deal with aging, illness and a changing economy.

If I Die on Mars
Queen Mary Theatre Company

NASA, SpaceX and Mars One hope to send the first humans to Mars, but will anyone ever be ready? Meet the five candidates who have to decide whether space travel is worth the risk.

The Importance of Being Earnest
Shakespeare: Reloaded

Fresh from a sell-out run in Berlin comes this lively reimagining of Oscar Wilde’s sardonic comedy. Introducing a dash of rebellious German counterculture to the proceedings, one should expect frivolous antics and shameless high jinks.

Cat-Like Tread

Expulsion, electioneering, enchantment. Iolanthe takes Gilbert and Sullivan into parliament. Strephon loves Phyllis, but dubious heritage obstructs their happiness. Can his suspiciously youthful aunts win the girl? Cat-Like Tread return for the Fringe 2019 to elect a fairy member.

Isiqalo – The Beginning

Through traditional dance, music and storytelling, 'Isiqalo' tells the story of young South Africans and the struggles they have faced in recent decades.

Susie K Taylor

The thrills and spills of a Miami escape artist.
Right before your very eyes, Susie K. Taylor will attempt an act like no other: an escape... from herself. This ego-defying thrill will leave you breathless and laughing. Come watch her scale great heights and crawl out of abysmal lows. Experience a hurricane of cultural clash! Watch this Miami native navigate her crazy Cuban and Jewish family. Who will she be without everything she was?

The Liar
US High School

Lovers, gossips, duels, jealousy, clowns and, of course, lies. The Liar, by David Ives, is a feast for the eyes and a deluge for the ears in rhyming pentameter.

Life. In Hong Kong
We Draman Group Limited

Inspired by daily life: collaged everyday scenes show the different faces of Hong Kong. Impressive work with laughter and tears touching the heart of the metropolis. Full house at first run! Best for first-time mime explorers!

Z Theatre Company

Luminescence, or Can You Spare a Moment to Talk, displays a series of scenarios centred on the anxieties of people and their discussion of problems; stories that range from awkward first dates to being sat outside a nightclub.

Noir Hamlet

Wild new comedy by John Minigan reimagines Hamlet as a wise-cracking 1940s detective up to his neck in a comedic case with more twists than a gallows necktie. Boston Globe Critics' Pick! Edge Media's Best of Boston

The Pillowman
The American High School Theatre Festival

An unapologetic dark comedy that illustrates the power of storytelling when a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state is interrogated after the gruesome content of his stories are acted out in real life.

Qing Snake
Xiao Bai Art Co

Qing is a woman with multiple personalities who is transformed from a green snake. You will explore the aesthetics of Chinese folklore with her. Your shadow, puppet and the relationship with each other will be combined.

Reservoir Dugs
Cat O' Nine Tales

Scotland’s answer to a Tarantino classic. How will four criminals react when their jewellery heist goes horribly wrong?

Rock'n'Roll Girls
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Meet the women behind rock'n'roll’s most famous songs: Lola, Eleanor Rigby, Brown Sugar, Roxanne and Monica. This fast-paced, surreal comedy drama discovers the women behind the names and the stories behind the lyrics.

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society

‘When you leave here, everything else will be exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is you.’ The company behind SiX brings this moving and life-affirming original musical about addiction, mental health services and recovery to the Fringe.

She Kills Monsters
US High School

She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes who, after the death of her sister, delves into a world of self-discovery and recovery by means of her late sister's Dungeons and Dragons journal. Let the adventures begin!

The Stinky Cheese Man... and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
American High School Theatre Festival

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales turns our most beloved fairy tales on their heads. Follow poor Jack the narrator for this hilarious trip through fractured fairy tales.

Two Guys, Three Drams: The Ultimate Live Blues and Whisky Experience
The Rhythm and Booze Project

Join duo The Rhythm and Booze Project as they play a set of stomping blues music and serve you three superb single malt scotches. Expect whisky, music and mischief.

The Village Fate
UP to something

Yes Fate! Let this laugh-out-loud nostalgic affair take you to a little village whose once traditional fête has been turned on its head by vegan and new-age ideas. Has family fun had its day?

Wait Wait Bo Bait
American High School Theatre Festival

Waiting, waiting.... What are you waiting for? Christmas to come? Class to be over? The man of your dreams? To be yelled at for setting the toilet on fire? Watched clocks never boil, you know...

What Does Love Mean to You?
Z Theatre Company

Grief is a tricky business and can make you do irrational things. But what would happen if you had a human conscience or friend to help you through the tough times and help you?

The Wind in the Willows
Jim Slips

Will Badger, Ratty and Mole keep Toad out of trouble? Will the weasels be evicted from Toad Hall? Stolen cars, prison breaks and a cross-dressing amphibian make for a fun family show. Poop-poop!

Shenzhen Dramatic English Theatre Company

A musical combining a traditional Chinese story Raccoon for Prince and Mark Twain’s Prince and Pauper with different genres of Chinese music and humorous sense. Performed by children from Shenzhen, China. An artist atmosphere and different cultural heritages.


Space details

The venue consists of an 89 seat theatre with a thrust stage performance area of 7.2m deep by 3.6m wide on ground level. The central block of seating is raised and the space is blacked by drapes from all sides. A large dressing room is provided and set and prop storage space is available in the caverns underneath the church above. There is easy access to the building from Jeffrey Street for get-in and strikes.

A lighting rig of about 60 lanterns giving general cover and specials are available.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage is 4m x 8m in a thrust arrangement. The acting space is within and behind the four pillars
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
3.6m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage space limited but can hold large/tall items. Large dressing room available, accessible from behind stage
Lighting facilities

Lighting rig provides a warm wash with specials including standard profiles and LED pars.

Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects