Technical Specification
theSpace @ Venue 45

Key information

Venue Number

Venue 45


Old St Paul’s Church Hall
63 Jeffrey St

Address - for flyer & poster delivery

No earlier than 0900 on Monday August 1st 2022 to:

Venue 43 Symposium Hall
King Khalid Building
The Royal College of Surgeons
Hill Square

Show Information Phone Number

+44 (0)131 510 2384

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Production Team Phone Number

+44 (0)131 510 2388

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If arriving by train, leave Edinburgh Waverley Station by the Market Street exit and turn left. Take the first right onto Jeffrey Street. Old St Paul’s Church is on the right.

Loading Access

Jeffrey Street immediately outside Venue 45 is a single yellow line, with no restrictions on Sundays and loading (not parking permitted) at all other times except 0730-0930 and 1600-1830.

Access is level from the pavement via a permanent ramp.

There are some pay-and-display parking spaces opposite on Market Street but please be aware that parking in central Edinburgh is not always easy.

Venue Design

Performance Area

The stage area is a thrust type floor space with seating on three sides. The floor surface is slatted wood; nothing may be screwed, nailed or otherwise attached to the floor. Floor cloths are permitted but must be secured along all sides with gaffer tape each day.

There are four pillars in the centre of the space (dark green in colour, tapered in diameter from 10" at the bottom to 8" at the top, and each with an adjacent black vertical scaffolding pole supporting the lighting grid)

The performance space between the pillars is roughly 4m x 4m; the central area to the upstage blacks is 8m x 4m.

Small spike marks are permitted - we advise initialling them or using coloured tape to distinguish them, and cut rather than tearing for longevity.

Stage Entrances

Entrances are provided at the left, centre and right of the upstage drapes. Crossover is possible between these and the side door via the dressing room. Crossover to Front of House is also possible; discuss logistics with your Pre-Production Manager.


The venue is floored in wood throughout and fully enclosed with black drapes. There is one main entrance door and a side door leading to the toilets and fire exit. Seating is on three sides; one block of seating is raised. The venue seats 89 audience plus one FOH manager.

Dressing Facilities

There is a large dedicated dressing room up a small set of stairs from the backstage area. Please note that access is not physically possible until the start of your slot time.


There is limited storage for large and bulky items of scenery located behind the drapes in the auditorium. If all companies show careful consideration to minimising and carefully storing set and props, then some considerably complex productions are achievable in this venue. Let us know in advance about your set design plans.

All set should be able to fit through a standard door. There is space for small props, cases etc. in the church catacombs accessed up a small set of stairs.

Please make your Pre-Production Manager aware of any fragile items you wish to use, and ensure they are carefully wrapped and packed in storage to avoid breakage by others in the confined, dark area.

Costumes should be taken away with you or stored in large cases/crates for protection. Anything required for show promotion or performances elsewhere must be taken away daily as no access is possible outside your slot.

Refer to the FAQ for details of permitted and restricted set design materials.

Control Position

The lighting and sound control position is in the corner of the auditorium. There is no comms or cue light system to backstage.


The venue has a complete and flexible lighting rig. The rig is mounted on a scaffold structure that fills the venue. Your technical rehearsal will go more smoothly if your lighting designer can contact us in advance with your requirements and/or how you are planning to use the rig.

General Cover

The fixed-focus general cover is gelled in Lee Filters 009 (Pale Amber Gold) and comprises:

  • Front light: 12x 500w fresnels in 6 areas: DSL, DSC, DSR, USL, USC, USR.
  • Back light: 4x 500w fresnels split downstage and upstage.
  • Side light: 4x 500w fresnels, two each side.


Specials may be re-focussed and re-patched to your design by our crew during the changeover (gel not provided - bring your own to suit your design). Please note that due to time constraints we may need to limit the number of specials you use.

  • 4 x LED parcans as second stage washes for colour, etc.
  • 2 x 500w fresnels
  • 5 x 15/32 profiles 600w
  • 6 x 23/50 profiles 600w

Profiles use B size gobos. Please let us know if you wish to use gobos; we can source them for you if necessary.


  • 2 x 500w Coda Floods controlled from the lighting console (1 channel).


  • 24 channels of dimming.
  • 10 channels used for fixed house rig, leaving 14 channels available for specials.


  • Zero 88 Jester 12/24 console, can be operated in 2-preset manual or memory mode.


The sound system is designed primarily for playback of music and effects


  • 3.5mm mini-jack cable supplied to connect additional equipment such as an MP3 player or laptop computer.


  • 16 channel digital sound desk.


  • d&b audiotechnik E-series loudspeaker system.

Speakers are arranged with a stereo pair serving each seating block.

Available Equipment

Please let us know if you wish to use any of the following:

  • 2 x Shure SM58 microphones with stands.
  • 1 x DI box for electric pianos etc.


An audio multicore is installed between the control position and the upstage blacks.

Sound Levels

At certain times consideration must be given to services in the church directly above the venue. At all our venues staff reserve the right to limit sound levels for the sake of other venues or building users, or for reasons or public health.


Please see our FAQ on projection - we don't provide a projector or screen, and our staff are not trained in the operation of projectors. Projection effects are particularly hard to achieve in this venue due to height clearance, stage size and lack of hanging space for a projector. We do not recommend the use of projection in this venue so please let us know in advance if you wish to use it in your performance so we can work out the ideal arrangement.

Projectors can be used on stage, or hung from the scaffolding and left in situ (if space is available and lights are not impeded; seek advice). A long cable will be required to reach the control position; if a projector is used on the floor the cables must be taped daily.

Screens may be floor standing (preferably) or hung from a suitable point on the scaffolding - ask your pre-production manager.

Bringing additional equipment

This venue can support a range of additional equipment to enhance your show, subject to the limitations of time. As there are further constraints of space, connections and power any use of your own equipment must be discussed with your Pre-Production Manager in advance; please see our FAQ regarding electrical equipment.

Notifying Us

The shows that are most successful are those that maintain good communication with their Pre-Production Manager throughout their development.

Aside from generally keeping us in the loop with your plans, and responding to requests for information by given deadlines, you must contact us in good time if:

  • you wish to use the space differently;
  • you want to hang anything from the scaffolding;
  • your show requires the use of a projector;
  • you are planning on bringing any of your own (or hired) equipment;
  • you wish to use any special effects;
  • you have any items of set that require access or storage considerations;
  • you would like advice on making the most of the venue or achieving a particular artistic effect; or
  • you are unsure about any aspect of your arrival, load-in, technical rehearsal or show day routine that is not answered in the FAQs.

Plans and downloads

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