theSpace Triplex

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theSpace Triplex was an exciting addition to our venue portfolio in 2015. Located right at the hub of the modern festival where Hill Place meets Nicholson St, next door to theSpace @ Surgeons Hall and across the road from theSpace @ Symposium Hall and the Festival Theatre. The venue offers three floors, two quite unique performance spaces and has been defined by the media as a very special venue at the heart of the Fringe.

The venue has hosted an array of theatre, dance, physical theatre, circus, acapella and music. The larger space known as ‘Big’ is ideal for large to mid-scale work and the ‘Studio’ very popular for music, cabaret, comedy and spoken word.

theSpace Triplex Shows

10 Things I Hate About A Cappella
The Songsmiths

The Songsmiths are pitching you the honest truth of what it's really like to be in an a cappella group. The highs, lows and off-key moments of life in the rehearsal room are certainly not to be missed. An eclectic mix of styles, astounding musical arrangements and enthusiastically executed dance routines is on offer. 10 Things I Hate About A Cappella features fantastic singing in a fun, upbeat show about love, friendship and the power of music. Fresh from their 3rd place finish at the UK ICCA Finals, prepare to be serenaded in your seat at The Songsmiths' debut performance at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Aca-rrested: Behind Bars
The Bristol Suspensions

The Bristol Suspensions are on trial for crimes against a cappella! This mixed a cappella group from Bristol have been Aca-rrested, and need your help to find justice. This show will shock, surprise, and deliver top-notch vocals!

AcadePitch Presents – Romeo and Juliet: An A Cappella Tragedy
AcadePitch Productions

Two a cappella groups, both alike in dignity. Inspired by Shakespeare, Academy and Pitch Fight return to the Fringe with a brand-new show, featuring award-winning choreography and vocal percussion.

Alan Ayckbourn Double Bill

A Cut in the Rates is a blackly comic rollercoaster of intrigue with a wicked twist in the tale. Mother Figure shows an overworked young mother treating the nosy neighbours as children – literally!

Alan Ayckbourn's No Knowing

After selling out last year with three Alan Bennett plays, BCP return with one of Alan Ayckbourn's most recent plays. No Knowing has never been performed outside Scarborough – where it premiered to acclaim in 2016.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
American Performing Arts International

Based on Robert Fulghum's best-selling books, this musical takes a funny, insightful, heart-warming look at what is profound in everyday life. Presented by the internationally award-winning Caddo Magnet Players.

Art of Believing – Flamenco
Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company

A must-see powerful flamenco performance, bursting with passion and authenticity. Alongside exceptional musicians, singers, a violinist and dancer, guitarist Daniel Martinez promises an unforgettable flamenco music/dance show. Vibrant and exciting, this show cannot be missed!

Big Band Does... Broadway
BBD Productions

BBD Productions make their debut at the Fringe with Big Band Does... Broadway. Join an 18-piece band and a cast of singers and dancers to journey through Broadway hits from the 40s to current day.

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble artistry, neo-burlesque and a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy bubble affair with a story arc full that showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level.

Cadenza: Cambridge University's Premier A Cappella Group

Cadenza is Cambridge University's premier a cappella group. The group has become known for their stunning arrangements spanning a range of genres, performing in both Cambridge and further afield to critical acclaim.

Cello on Fire
Peter Hudler

Celebrated Viennese Cellist Peter Hudler returns to the Fringe with a brand-new solo show. From baroque to rock, from folk to jazz, be part of a passionate, virtuoso, poetically meditative and colourful musical journey. ★★★★ (Scotsman).

Death of the American Teenager
American Performing Arts International

Today’s American high school students have been raised at a time when school shootings have become common. Explore how schools have become scenes of violence and how that shared experience will define this young generation.

Seckford Theatre Company

Une bonne dose de excitement. Une pincée de suspense. Délicieux! Manon becomes a gifted chef who can affect moods with her cooking. This tantalising tale is brought to life with music, song and dance. 'Never a dull moment' (

Do You Ever Get Scared?
Open Barn Productions

Six actors. Six parts and the roll of a dice. How can an accusation change a life?

Dream of a King
Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

4th April 1968. Four years after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his dynamic leadership of The Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Set the night of his shooting in a Tennessee motel room.

Eric Davidson: Across the Loony Verse
Eric Davidson

One of Scotland's finest comedy poets returns with 50 minutes of classic doggerel. 'I've seen better looking faces on an Easter Island postcard' (Polynesian Enquirer).

The Feminazis
Curious Dispute

Tired of the lack of progress in gender equality, Sal and Libby decide to take things into their own hands in the only sensible way they can think of: by starting a terrorist organisation.

The First King of England in a Dress
Epic Tales

Vikings, giants and magic await you in this fun-packed folk tale – a historical adventure with engaging storytelling, original music and plenty of joining in! Find out more at

Flamenco Tablao

Two passionate full-of-flavour flamenco voices, a brilliant master flamenco guitarist and two powerful top-class sublime flamenco dancers will give you a traditional Flamenco Tablao again with the passion, creativity and quality they are well known for.


Mind-blowing fusion of samba, jazz and flamenco makes up this utterly talented group of five musicians and a spectacular flamenco dancer. A must-see performance where the beauty of flamenco and bossa nova will make your senses fly away.

From India to Triana
The Rootless Company

The world comes together in an embrace of music and dance that will take the audience on a vibrant and captivating journey from the most primitive sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco.

Goodnight Mister Tom
Aquila Youth Theatre

Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to WWII, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the English countryside and begins a remarkable friendship. A wonderful and empowering family show.

Nelson Youth Theatre Company

Toe-tapping, high-energy, raw teenage emotional power, stunning vocals and raunchy script. Grease is so irrepressibly un-PC, audiences flock to see it again and again. Featuring all the hits: Greased Lightning, Summer Nights, You're the One That I Want.

Hoof and Horn Productions

'Like what you see?' Hustlers is a visceral and provocative portrayal of the lives of four kids making their living in a world not that far from our own: the streets.

I Am Not Marilyn
Viviana Zarbo

Marilyn's icon blends innocence with sensuality. Despite her bombshell fame, Marilyn contributed to set the standard of jazz and swing. Viviana Zarbo recounts Marilyn's life and songs without clichés, intertwining them with her own life.

Improv, She Wrote
Improv, She Wrote

Trinity College Dublin's best and only improv group arrive at the Fringe to bring you brand new characters, storylines and songs every night, using nothing but audience suggestions!

Knowing Me, Knowing Uke
Ukelear Fusion

After their sell-out 2018 debut Fringe show Too Many Ukes Spoil The Broth, Ukelear Fusion are back! Their new show Knowing Me, Knowing Uke is full of brand-new ukulele covers of songs from every genre.

Lord of the Flies
Aquila Youth Theatre

Eighteen children, one island... an incredible adventure turns into a fight for survival. Aquila Youth Theatre's compelling production of William Golding’s explosive 20th-century classic comes to the Fringe in 2019. Don't miss it.

Never None (but She)
Asterglow Theatre

These are stories of resilience. Of dark days and bright nights. Of harm and healing. Of people sowing planets and sewing stars in the sky. Generations of hurts and hopes merge in this tapestry of tales.

Ocean’s 9: Nothing but Treble
Sweet Nothings

Pitch Perfect meets Ocean’s 8 in this a cappella quest for fame, harmonies and retribution. With trademark sass, Sweet Nothings perform songs inspired by movies, concocting a thrilling heist when snubbed by justice.

Ophelia is Also Dead
Sightline Productions

Immerse yourself in the story of Ophelia’s life. It's been 53 years since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern premiered, over 500 since Hamlet and no one has ever asked her how she felt about it all.

Our Saviour
Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

To some, Reverend Sheen is a walking miracle, able to heal the sick with the power of prayer. To others he is a heartless conman. Either way, more lurks beneath his million-dollar smile than meets the eye.

Piano Man
Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose presents Piano Man, a play in which four characters discover the true meaning of acceptance and understanding one another in a world where creating a perfect life is something we all strive for.

Raised Voices
Raised Voices

A play about loss, love, hope and homelessness. Developed and performed by the members of Raised Voices, an award-winning homelessness and mental health charity, this powerful drama highlights some of the reasons that people find themselves homeless.

Rock Choir Live
Rock Choir

Following sell-out runs in 2017 and 2018, national phenomenon Rock Choir – the UK's largest contemporary choir – returns with an explosive repertoire of fun, uplifting pop and chart songs performed by members from across the UK.

Mrs Pankhurst's Players

Set in a nightclub populated with drag kings and gangsters, this radical adaptation releases Shakespeare’s play from its comedic origins to foreground Kate’s journey from strength and independence to being trafficked into a forced marriage.

The Sinners Club
Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose presents The Sinners Club, a fast-paced comedy that explores what it means to make mistakes, deal with regrets and suffer from terrible hangovers after being so hammered you couldn’t remember your own name.

Sometimes, Just a Second
American Performing Arts International

It’s a new millennium in the Land of Wonder: both recognisable and alien. This modern re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, is a testament to the perseverance of story, power of music, and endurance of humanity.

Triplex Adventures
Blue Bird Youth Musical Theatre Company

Devised children's musical pieces telling stories of a 10-year-old boy's change for a healthier world with help from his friends: alarm clock, water, vegetables and sporty shoes. Also, a performance of Lion King's Hakuna Matata.

Votes for Women!
Polymorph Theatre

The story of Emmeline and Richard Pankhurst and the suffragette movement. This couple were the architects of two of the greatest steps forward in the fight for women's rights in Britain.

The Wheel of Improv: Musicals Edition!
Durham Improvised Musical

Spin that wheel! Join us for an evening of totally improvised musical comedy where you create the show. Put your craziest suggestions on the wheel of improv and let the spin decide our fates!

The Witch of Wall Street
Gilded Age Productions

Financier? Miser? Witch? A dry-witted tale about Hetty Green, once America’s richest woman. A new play from the team of Bad Habits who make 'comedy how it’s supposed to be done' ★★★★ (

The Yellow Wallpaper
Dram Viver

A visually enthralling Greek tragic adaptation of the classic short story. In an isolated attic room, our protagonist is comforted by a chorus of women creeping beneath the wallpaper's surface, offering insights into feminist issues throughout history.

[BLANK] by Alice Birch and NYTP
Northern Youth Theatre Project (NYTP)

BAFTA-nominated Alice Birch wrote [BLANK] as a series of apparently unrelated yet connected scenes telling stories of life when adults feel absent from it. NYTP created this challenging fast-paced production for Fringe 2019



We don’t mess about. We called it Big because that’s what it is! Big is our stellar performance space. It’s a large black box configured as a large 8x5m floor stage with 130 seats (thrust configuration) or 90 seats (end-on configuration) and two rows of raised seating. The truss grid is 4m high and the apex of the arched roof above is easily as high again; it’s a veritable cathedral to the performing arts.

Audience capacity
130 (thrust) or 90 (end-on)
Stage size
Stage height
Ground level
Overhead clearance
4m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Small backstage space for quick changes and prop storage
Lighting facilities

A 4m high truss grid holds a basic yet flexible rig of conventional wash and spot lights, suitable for all types of performance, with LED parcans for colour.

Sound facilities
Full-range musical speaker system, designed for SFX, music playback and live sound


Smaller yet perfectly formed, theSpace Triplex Studio is a 65 seat thrust theatre. The stage of 4x3m makes it the perfect venue for small/mid-scale theatre, sketch, spoken word, cabaret, comedy, stand-up and music.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.2m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Limited backstage space for quick changes and small prop storage
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects