theSpace on the Mile

fringe venue

A venue since 2002, theSpace on the Mile boasts an unrivalled central location. Situated right at the heart of the Festival and part of our 7 theatre hub on the Royal Mile, it is located yards from the outdoor performance stages where thousands of theatre-goers gather daily. Hugely popular with audiences, the venue offers an established platform for theatre, musicals, improv, sketch, comedy theatre, cabaret and spoken word. It also boasts a fabulous on-site bar offering great food and drink offers during the Festival.

Awards! The venue has become known for its constant flow of awards, The Beanfield (Breach TC) winners of The Total Theatre Award for emerging Work, Territory (Fiddy West Productions) winning both the (NSDF) National Student Drama emerging artist awards for both Best Show and Best Ensemble and Bare and Crocosmia (Little Bulb Theatre) winning the prestigious Fringe First Awards. In 2016 the venue hosted some 450,000 theatregoers over the 21-day festival.

theSpace on the Mile Shows

33 to 04
Double Edge Drama

A doctor and his reluctant patient get trapped in a lift on the way to surgery. 33 to 04 is a snappy, but at times contemplative comedy about ageing, death and Double Deckers.


97+ is a play based on the Hillsborough Disaster which resulted in 97 people losing their lives. Set in 2012, survivors John and Steve, now middle-aged men, deal differently with the trauma they suffered from the tragedy in 1989.

The Abrupt Son
Knock on Wood Productions

When Cynthia's husband dies during her pregnancy, he can never hurt her again. But what if the baby turns out just like him? Cynthia can't let that happen. She can, however, get her revenge.

Absolute Improv!
TBC Improv

For over 10 years, Absolute Improv! has been a celebration of the finest improv comedy talent Scotland has to offer. Join us once more for spontaneously sparkling performances never seen before, never to be seen again!

The Adventures of Supernova de Loutherbergh
Benches We've Sat On

If there's one thing Supernova de Loutherbergh knows, it's that her Mum is dead. If there's one thing she doesn't, it's everything else. A hilarious and heartbreaking piece exploring adulthood and its bittersweet adventures.

Aidan Sadler: Melody
Weird Wood

Apocalypse. Belting synthwave tunes. A visit from your dead nan?! Join award-winning queer cabaret icon Aidan Sadler as they take you to Melody: a journey to the end of the world!

All the Glorious Moments In Between
Queen Mary Theatre Company

A love letter to the ones who need it most… Three individuals unravel their most heartwarming, stomach-tingling, glorious moments in life. Join us in celebration of global majority love and joy!

And I Must Scream
New Place Productions

It's summer. Possibly the last one in this dead-end town. Evie has big dreams for the future. Freddie is coming to terms with who he is and Phoebe might just be left behind, alone.

Animal Farm
Exadus Theatre Company

Exadus believes now is the time to pay homage to Orwell's book, once read aloud in Ukrainian to Soviet refugees in West Germany, reminding us that 'all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others'.

Junk Theatre

The brief is: 'How can the company maximise its profits over the next year?' Three employees have one night to put together a presentation for management. As evening turns to morning, polite debate descends into panic and existential chaos.

Ava Borthwick, Amelie Breach and Lola Morgans

Observational comedy that'll make you laugh so much you'll cry. Join three flight attendants from Applesby Airlines as they share with you the various colourful characters from their lives.

Awake and Narcoleptic with Sarah Albritton
Sarah Albritton / FutureHome Productions

Wake up! World Premiere show about the misconceptions, misdiagnosis, and misadventures of narcoleptic comedian, Sarah Albritton, called 'vulnerable and honest' by the Chicago Tribune. You don’t wanna sleep on this!

Be Merry
TBD Productions

A musical tale of love, loss and learning, reaching through time and generations. An honest and hopeful writing debut with music inspired by the 1940s onwards, Be Merry is a light yet thoughtful story for all to enjoy.

Black Martini
Shotgun Theatre

Performances everyday 21st-26th August 2023 18:35-19:25 at theSpace on The Mile.

Breaking Up with Jesus
Joseph Richards

Getting out of a toxic relationship is hard, especially when you're dating Jesus Christ. Join Joseph Richards as they break up with Jesus nightly in this one-person show dealing with family, sexuality, religion and loss.

Café L'Arté
Once Upon Productions

Café L’Arté is a brand-new immersive musical set in real time in a coffee shop. Emily, the owner, had given up on her dream of a musical career, when a stranger walks in and profoundly affects her.

Can't Stop Carrying On
Blue Orange Arts

An ageing film producer plans to resurrect his cinematic successes by revitalising the Carry On franchise with a new film. Saucy seaside humour, double entendre and cheeky sexual innuendo. Just what a millennial audience wants, right?

The Canonized Club: The Curious Lives and Deaths of the Saints
Hardly Working Promotions

It's 1969 and Pope Paul VI has made an announcement that questions the status of the existing canon of Catholic saints. Who will remain in the exclusive Canonized Club?

Ella Milne

A new one-woman show, written and performed by Ella Milne and directed by Alice Holmes. CCTV is a show filled with wit, theatrics and all the struggles of a modern-day drama graduate.

Chopped Liver and Unions
Out of the Fire

The world is changed by the women you push too far. Sara Wesker changed her world and the world of her fellow workers. But did her passion for the cause kill her passion for the love of her life?


Benji's undergoing an operation. It’s going to make him happier than ever... and handsome... and hairy. But first he needs to tell his family. And his best mate, Will. A poignant, provocative play to make you paws for thought.

Colorhythm Painting Show
Colorhythm Risa

Colorhythm Risa uses her hands, sponges, sometimes her entire body, to apply colour across the canvas from end-to-end. Her physical and facial expressions of various human emotions and feelings add further layers of depth to her performances.

ZOE Productions and New Celts Productions

Endless universes, endless possibilities. Follow a quantum physicist and a beekeeper as their relationship faces every possible future in an exploration of free will and friendship; an exploration of quantum multiverse theory, love and honey.

Corona Daze
Alice Bragg

It is March 2020 and the public is demanding action against the coronavirus. Nicky Parsons is one of them. At the start, she's got the lockdown nailed. But before long, life descends into chaos as Nicky loses control.


Eager to stand out from the crowd, a group of teenagers turn to the assistance of AI. But what starts as a fun experiment soon turns to alarming obsession. Co-written by AI, this play questions reality and creativity.

Dead End Job
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Aubury has the worst job in the underworld – Ghost Training! Purgatory seemed to stretch out forever – until Aubury meets the love of their afterlife – a medium trying to exorcise them!

Dickie Must Die
Stitched Heart Ltd

Dickie Must Die is a dark comedy with heart, about friendship and heartbreak. Ruby decides to avenge her bestie's broken heart by taking revenge on ultimate f-boy, Dickie Headington, but things go magically wrong!

Parker & Snell Youth Company

When a group of teenagers' bullying of another student goes too far, they are left with an unplanned death on their conscience. You can almost taste the tension! It's a gripping 50 minutes!

Edgar Allan Poe: The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Blue Orange Arts

The original detective story. Two women are found brutally murdered in their Parisian home in the Rue Morgue. Poe’s C August Dupin steps in to investigate the seemingly impossible events.

Footlights: Leftovers
Cambridge Footlights

Leftovers is an exciting and eclectic ensemble sketch show that spotlights some of the very best sketches from an all-Footlights cast. Featuring the Coldplay tribute band Fourplay, Paddington (but he’s a sloth), and… meatloaf.

Glam Rock GoldMine
Edweena Garrity

Glam rock therapy session from the Northern club circuit. A West End musical on a Poundland budget. Expect camp chit chat and rock'n'roll exuberance.

Stafford Collett Productions

In 1983, the music was gold, the fashion was gold... and Julie and Dave stole a lot of gold. Four decades later, how are they going to avoid the elderly psychopath who wants revenge – and his gold back?

Goodbye Christopher Robinson
Nottingham New Theatre

A park bench can hold a lifetime of memories. For Arthur Robinson, one bench does. His connection to this bench is one that spans decades. Through missed moments and miscommunication, we see this man's life play out.

Graveyard of the Outcast Dead
Reverb Theatre and Not So Nice! and New Celts

The Winchester Geese are in search of a choice. The Lover is in search of his love. The Tender will join their worlds together. Spend your Edinburgh Fringe in the Graveyard of the Outcast Dead.

Happier Daze
RIFF Theatre and New Celts Productions

An independent band struggling with grief, tackle their way through the industry, spoiled friendships and young adult life as they try to pinpoint both their band’s and their own identities.

Heart of the Mind and A Useful Tragedy
Raiser Theatre

This double bill of new plays by young writers gives two fresh twists on tragedy, exploring newsroom politics in the post-truth age, and the limits of how we give and receive love.

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go
Phillipe Andre Coquet

How many characters in musical theatre were hookers? Phillipe sings and dances the history of these ladies of the night while revealing his own outrageous and intimate life story.

The Humans
Outcast International

The Humans by Stephen Karam. An American family gather on Thanksgiving in a ramshackle Chinatown apartment in this profound story about the catastrophes that afflict us and how we cope with them. Tony Award for Best Play, 2016.

I've Never Met Anyone Quite Like You Before
quite like you Productions

Dave navigates the minefield of modern LGBTQ+ relationships while also justifying himself to everyone from his mum to his agent. Incorporating movement and music, this play is funny, poignant, personal and universal.

Ibrahem Al Hajjaj: From Riyadh to Edinburgh
Ibrahem Al Hajjaj

Award-winning Saudi stand-up, actor and musician Ibrahem starred in the film Sattar, premiering in Britain to positive reviews. He also co-founded one of Saudi’s first comedy clubs. This is his first UK gig.

The Invisible Man
Our Star Theatre Company

The thought of invisibility, and the advantages it could bring has captured the imagination of millions. This brand-new, fast-moving, very funny adaptation of HG Wells’ story boasts 15 characters, just three actors, and tons of fun!

Basement Light Productions

In a bloodcurdling mash of A24 horror meets tragicomedy, playwright Sloane and their husband Gwyn return to their ailing grandmother's house to settle the estate, where a childhood friend's sudden arrival forces them to uncover secrets in Grandma's basement.

Viewpoint and New Celts Productions

Discover the real woman behind Roe vs Wade. Through a collection of verbatim voices, we present to you the story of Norma McCorvey and the ongoing national battle around abortion rights in the USA.

Julius Caesar Must Die
Myths Unbound Productions and New Celts Productions

Conspirators flood Rome, while Caesar’s lust for power threatens the crumbling democracy. The tyrant must die for the good of the people, but will his violent legacy share the same fate? Or will the cycle continue?

Lunar Theatre Company and New Celts Productions

The year is 2051. Scotland is independent. Men have been exiled to the kingdom of Fife with only their sausage rolls for company. Can Scotland’s leaders reunite the country or will it be torn apart forever?

Las Vegas in Edinburgh
Siegfried and Joy

At this show, a sleight-of-hand spectacle bringing a little Vegas to Edinburgh. Marvel at the two magicians’ mind-bending illusions, brilliant comedy and incredible stage presence at the Fringe premiere on a stunning night of entertainment.

Lights Up! The Improvised Musical

It's Lights Up! on an improvised musical comedy! Join Kaleidoscope on this action-packed joyride of songs, raps, and harmonies, featuring unforgettable characters and stories. A Fringe debut that'll have you singing along by the end!

Love's Labour's Lost
Raiser Theatre

Four loudmouth lords vow to study for three years and win fame for denying their desires. But when a princess and her ladies arrive, Cupid plays havoc with the lords' little plan in Shakespeare's hilarious love story.

Macbeth by the Sea
John Hancock Productions

Gary and Cheryl Macbeth have killed King Duncan and taken over his kingdom. Now it’s time to party! Except Banquo’s battered spirit shows up and ruins dessert. Lady Macbeth orders a holiday to get their heads on straight. Try as they might, Banquo and a certain trio of witches are there to remind them of their slimy trail of shame.

Meat Boy
LS6 Theatre

Welcome to Meat Boy, a 40-minute tale of meat and mayhem! Follow Fred's journey back to childhood, in a story that spirals around sausage rolls, running from the law and regret. Will Meat Boy escape his past?

Men Who Are Being Preserved in Oil (with Nate and Ed)
Nate and Ed

NYC comics Nate and Ed have come to vent their obsession with early 2010s masculine archetypes (and some other stuff). How? By singing really dumb songs.

Stitched Heart

Norma Jeane Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe) once said, 'it takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde'. This one-woman show aims to challenge the way Monroe has been portrayed by the media and celebrate her strength.

Notes to Future Self
Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society

When Sophie gets ill, they return to Birmingham. It’s a strange new world where meditation and tree-hugging are replaced with homework, TV and the grandmother they've never met. Sophie must come to terms with her mortality.

The Ocean And The Star
Almost Theatre

A writer urges a star to come down and help him complete his play. As they work, both their pasts unravel, and the writer finds his story may be much vaster than he ever imagined.

Talking Shadows

Imprisoned for a year. Removed from family. Far from friends. The Romanov sisters cling to hopes of escape. Just hours later, they are summarily executed; their bodies flung into lime pits; their remains and stories abandoned for 80 years.

Pandemonium – The Musical
Lythgoe Productions

A new generation of musical theatre... coming to you from the Afterlife! Follow the extraordinary legend of the Sins and Virtues, as they battle to restore order and rescue the Afterlife from a Devil in Disguise!

Paper Walls
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Max and Billie have been friends forever but is there more to their feelings? Jo and Sammy are engaged, but their bliss stands on shaky ground. Two couples, a paper-thin wall, and 20 minutes. The same 20 minutes.

Park Bench
Queen Mary Theatre Company

Imagine looking through the lens of a park bench. In the public domain anything can happen, so wouldn’t you like to know what people are talking about when they think no one is listening?

Pinocchio! The Panto
University of Bristol's Pantomime Society

Join Pinocchio as he learns some lessons about what it takes to be a real boy. Hiss, boo and 'he's behind you!' in our family-friendly show, chock-a-block with silly songs and filled to the brim with puns!

Pressure Cooker

The kettle boils, the lights come up, and we find ourselves watching four sixth-year med students treating a patient. Will they uncover what's wrong with the patient, and will they discover the lies amongst themselves?

Light the Match Productions and New Celts Productions

The Scottish witch hunts – sanctioned by the state, fuelled by the Church, fed by hysteria, and buried by history. The threat of the devil loomed and women bore the brunt of the terror. Evocative, poetic, satirical.

Red Flag(s)
Natasha Capp / Bougie Bitch Theater Co (Cappricielli Productions)

A young woman moves to LA the city where magic happens to become a movie star overnight. Things take an unexpected turn when she is faced with temptation... Men!

The Rejects
Shark Bait Theatre and New Celts Productions

Five strangers drown their sorrows after being interviewed for the same dead-end job. As the night progresses, the beers flow, a pub quiz commences and harsh truths are revealed.

Sally Cowdin and Unnur Elisabet

Two women. Two toilet stalls. One (slightly off) conversation. A satirical comedy mixed with a splattering of musical tendencies. Accepting the pretty and the shitty, two women end up spilling their innards in more ways than one.

Shenanigans Cabaret
Shenanigans Cabaret

East London's five-star variety show comes to Edinburgh for the third year in a row, bringing you top-class cabaret acts from across the performing arts industry, including circus, burlesque, sideshow, acrobatics, live music, drag and dance.

Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band
Blue Orange Arts

'Oh my God. It was the band. The speckled band!' A dying woman’s mysterious last words lead Sherlock Holmes to investigate a seeming locked-room mystery where he must solve one of his darkest cases yet.

The Signalman
Unexpected Places

'For God’s sake, clear the way!' Based on Dickens’ ominous story, The Signalman is haunted by a chilling apparition whose presence precedes catastrophe. For fans of Woman in Black this thrilling theatre experience will leave you with chills.

Skies in the Cloud
Fridge Magnet Theatre

Suspecting life in the clouds, Zee becomes infatuated with the idea. When she meets Wren, an inhabitant of a world in the clouds, her intuition becomes reality. We track their relationship, exploring love, loss and life.

Sally Britton / Lucy Assassa / Lyudmill Hristov

In a world set in the seemingly present day, where Transference is the new way of cheating death, Nathan and Ruby return from their nightmare honeymoon. Are our relationships with others and ourselves deeper than just surface level?

Broken Bottle and New Celts Productions

A year into the zombie apocalypse and Logan and his fellow survivors are doing fine. Really. But when supplies go missing, suspicions grow and allegiances crumble. Broken Bottle make their Fringe debut in this new dark comedy.

That is the Question
Annie Lightbody

Through a series of carefully curated monologues interspersed with real-life stories, Annie explores the traumatic events of 2020, taking us on an apocalyptic journey through time and transition, with the always-relevant Shakespeare as spirit-guide.

Things To Do in Mull
Agree to Disagree and New Celts Productions

Janusz, is going on a digital detox. But first... he meets a girl. With tips from Jasper the dog and Dima the cat, he sets forth. But with or without the girl?

Towering Issues
Clare Stephenson

A reconstructed fairy tale about a castle worker who is mistaken for the princess and locked away in a cursed tower guarded by a dragon. What does a girl do when there is no one coming for her?

Twenty People A Minute
Arthur & Redpath Productions and New Celts Productions

Twenty People A Minute follows four refugees of tomorrow on a perilous journey across the earth. Over one hour we meet their dangers and the everyday angels who keep them alive.

Two Gun Cohen – The Improbable True Story
WP Drama

How did a Jewish immigrant in London become a General in the Chinese army? The amazing true story of a wild child, thief, gambler, soldier and adventurer. You couldn't make it up.

Vida Slayman in Comedy of Terrors
Vida Slayman

Sold out at the Adelaide Fringe, now in Edinburgh! After fleeing two wars, Vida Slayman was prepared for anything life could throw at her. But then she faced a battle she couldn't flee.

Vino Veritas
Exeter University Theatre Company

Two couples get together on Halloween night, their evening turns eventful when they drink a strange blue Peruvian wine. Traditions, morals, and their relationship to one another begin to unravel. A dark comedy about the perils of honesty.

West End vs Broadway
Applause Theatreworks

Enjoy an evening of musical theatre delivered by fantastic voices. Featuring an array of numbers and breathtaking harmonies, these performers showcase the best from the West End and Broadway. From timeless classics to more modern musicals.

What Goes on Without Me
Nottingham New Theatre

Jude wakes up in the afterlife. They are greeted by an omniscient figure offering a cup of tea and an impossible question: you are allowed 10 minutes back on earth – where will you go?

What If They Ate The Baby?
Chloe and Natasha

There are three rules every housewife knows: never return a dish empty, always have dinner ready on time, and some things are best kept under the table. After all, you never know who’s listening.

Winging It
Chevron Theatre

Pop-rocking their way through 17, follow the journey of four college students figuring out adulthood is merely a game of charades, pizza and bad decisions. To find that after all, everyone’s just Winging It anyway.

A Working Title
Collision Theatre

A creeping deadline, creative block, family tension. A wacky, multimedia piece that explores what can be made into film.

The Wreck of the Queen Thomasina
A Footpath Theatre Company

The tragicomic tale of two rhyming pirates scuttled on a desert island – sans captain, sans crew, lots of sand. Featuring human/treasure chest eroticism, spoon and flask fisticuffs, and palliative pirate drag.

A Year and a Day
Raising Cain Productions

A curse causes Nathan to skip into the future whenever he falls asleep. Leaving behind a botched heist, his partner and an upset criminal gang, Nathan’s absence causes chaos for the ones left behind.


Space One

Space One features a thrust stage. Seating 52 audience members, the space is suitable for most types of theatre.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m thrust
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.1m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification

Space Two

Space Two is the more intimate of the two mezzanine spaces with the audience located on two sides.

Audience capacity
Stage size
4 x 4m corner stage (triangular)
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification

Space Three

Space Three has a larger stage and offers a traditional ‘End On’ design. The space is a flexible platform for small to mid scale performance.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.2m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects
Detailed spec
Full specification