theSpace on the Mile

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A venue since 2002, theSpace on the Mile boasts an unrivalled central location. Situated right at the heart of the Festival and part of our 7 theatre hub on the Royal Mile, it is located yards from the outdoor performance stages where thousands of theatre-goers gather daily. Hugely popular with audiences, the venue offers an established platform for theatre, musicals, improv, sketch, comedy theatre, cabaret and spoken word. It also boasts a fabulous on-site bar offering great food and drink offers during the Festival.

Awards! The venue has become known for its constant flow of awards, The Beanfield (Breach TC) winners of The Total Theatre Award for emerging Work, Territory (Fiddy West Productions) winning both the (NSDF) National Student Drama emerging artist awards for both Best Show and Best Ensemble and Bare and Crocosmia (Little Bulb Theatre) winning the prestigious Fringe First Awards. In 2016 the venue hosted some 450,000 theatregoers over the 21-day festival.

theSpace on the Mile Shows

9/11 Was a Conspiracy
52Up Productions

He has nice eyes. He makes her laugh. He's nice to his mum. He's great in bed. But when certain subjects come up... A darkly comic drama about what to do when you believe you love someone, but you don’t love what they believe. 52Up Productions emerge from the East Midlands with their debut play to intrigue, amuse and unnerve.

A Cappella Birmingham (University of Birmingham)

The University of Birmingham A Cappella Society is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for our third year! Featuring some of our magical groups, beatboxing and more. Please check our Facebook/Twitter for details.

SAS Productions

Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Is it still just a man's world? What's wrong with wearing skirts? An episodic play that explores gender, the pressures of growing up and the struggle to find an identity.

Alan Ayckbourn's Farcicals
Hart Players

Highly acclaimed contemporary Ayckbourn comedy. Hilarious double bill involving a secret liaison, a long list of misunderstandings and burnt BBQ kebabs, as two friendly couples whose marriages need some repair discover they are closer than they think!

The Amours of Lillie Langtry
Lemon Squeeze Productions

Lillie Langtry, the most captivating and wicked woman of her time, has a scandalous secret. Will she reveal it and save her daughter from society's scorn? A new comedy by award-winning writer Joan Greening.

Amplify Time Productions and New Celts Productions

All eyes are on the city of Thebes. Antigone dares to raise the question: whose laws matter most – the laws of men? Or the laws that come from natural or divine justice?

Malvern Theatres Young Company

Using Don Taylor's BBC-commissioned translation, Malvern Theatres Young Company presents Antigone. Demonstrating the clash and interweaving of human passions and failings, their production of Sophocles' deeply poetic tragedy promises to bring universal themes and cultural archetypes to Fringe audiences.

Banana Boys

Sports and sex. Cam and Cal have been best friends since jumping off a cliff at the age of eight. But when sex and hormones infiltrate the boys' football team the boys begin to struggle with their sexuality.

The Best Play Ever
Delicious Theatre

Deep in the heart of a medieval dungeon, two strangers dwell... Delicious Theatre are back with their five-star 2017 show to leave you rolling in the aisles and gasping for some pie.

Big Trouble in Little Monkey's Daycare
Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS)

Tommy is four-and-a-quarter years old, and a hard-boiled private investigator. With his partner Bobby, he sets out to uncover a plot that seems to go to the top of the playground.

Blind Mirth
Blind Mirth

Blind Mirth are St Andrews’ first, best and only improvised comedy troupe. With their particular brand of witty eccentricity, ‘this is improvisation at its best’ ( Sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘brilliantly random’ ( improv.

Breathing Corpses
Split Brick Theatre and New Celts Productions

A body in a hotel room. A woman in a box. A girl in a bush. We always hear the victim's story. But what about the people who found the bodies? What does death reveal about life?

Breathing Corpses

Amy has found a body in a hotel room. There’s a funny smell coming from Jim’s storage units. Kate's furious after spending all day with the police. There's no going back after what they've seen.

Raw Alchemy Theatre Company

When words are power, the influence of “friends” online can make such a difference to the choices we make. When you can’t see who’s on the other end of the screen, can you really trust who you’re talking to?

North London Collegiate School

Set in a not-so-distant world where individuality is condemned and where life is constantly broadcast, this new play will explore our strange desire to constantly display ourselves and where success is measured through our perpetual presence on social media.

Warwick Rep Theatre Company

Set the night before Project Upgrade is rolled out across the globe, the AI Alice confronts the consequences of her existence and threatens to dismantle the very system she was born to uphold.

Death, Dating and I Do
Paige Jennifer Barr

Wow, Paige's life has changed. Cancer killed her husband, she had her first one-night stand and now she's marrying a British accountant. When life gives you lemons, screw it, learn the ukulele.

Departure Date
Venture Wolf

Finally a date with the girl of his dreams but with only one day left to live, a drunken friend and an aggressive prostitute, what could possibly go wrong?!

Dining Al Desko
The Immediate Theatre Project and Tightrope Productions

Prepare for a nine-to-five like no other, in this ‘hysterical’ and ‘biting satire’ (Sunday Times), set amongst the red tape and ruthless rivalry of an open-plan office and told through three darkly hilarious workplace monologues.

LipZinc Theatre

Rural Ireland – rich in culture, teeming with prejudice. Following the death of a close friend, and his parents’ growing apathy, Joe longs for a new purpose. Farm life won't suffice anymore as he delves into an addictive disguise.

Parker and Snell Youth Company

Eight captivating monologues offer a group portrait of diverse characters from high-class hookers to 7/7 survivors. These monologues paint a revelatory picture of Britain as it is today. Eight opened to rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.

JAM Productions

The police just took Jamal away and what's left is a shell-shocked class. Who knew Jamal? What did he do? What will happen next? A play about fear, friendship and the creeping polarisation of our society.

The Fabulous TT
The Fabulous TT

Compared by many to Dudley Moore and Victoria Wood, The Fabulous TT will captivate you with true stories about her life with Robert Burns, David Gest, Michael Jackson and her ambition to become the next Bond Girl!

Fan Girl
Nerd2 Productions

A one-woman comic-drama by Eddie Coleman about Geraldine (Karen Whyte), a lonely young woman living with her invalid mother who attends her first fan event of the US hit show, Zenobia; the one bright light in her life.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
By Alan Ball, Gold Thread Productions

‘I think it’s high time women let themselves just be women for a change.’ 1993. Tennessee. Five reluctant bridesmaids hiding in the bride’s bedroom share tragedy, love and laughter and ultimately find unexpected friendship.

Bullet Theatre

'Raw. Sexy. Salacious' ★★★★★ ( Bristol-based company Bullet Theatre boldly and unashamedly explore the experience of being female, combining unique choreography with Anna Jordan's poetic writing. This amateur production is brought to you by arrangement with Nick Hern books.

The Fresh Prince of Healthcare
Malignant Humours

After seven years of sell-out shows, St George’s Medics’ Revue return with a prescription for the Malignant Humours and their fast-paced, medically-based, comedy sketch show that will leave you in stitches!

Girls Like That
Raiser Theatre

A naked photo goes viral. Smartphones spread rumours like wildfire. Unity is shattered. But why isn't it the same for the boys? Sell-out company Raiser Theatre presents this explosive play about gender and the digital generation.

Good Grief
Potato Face Productions

Good grief is full of sarcasm, laughter and the occasional tear as we try to show that there is no "correct" thing to say to someone who is grieving, based on the experiences of one of the cast.

Good Things Come to Those Who
Östgöta Nation Teater

Good Things Come to Those Who explores our generation's relationship with work, debt, big data, surveillance and public/private space: when everything you have can be an asset, what is left just for yourself?

Bloody Livid Theatre Company

A bold and outrageous comedy about the adventures and mishaps of a devious priest. After his tricks result in the destruction of his village, he seeks shelter with a naive young religious couple.

Grace Notes
NM Productions

Meet Grace Miller. Gobby, brash, a talented pianist and convicted killer. Just out of prison, she is determined to get her broken life back together. Powerful one-woman show. Written and performed by Becky Williams.

Time & Again Theatre Company

In 1941 the residents of Shuttlefield prepare to learn lines, gossip and indulge in some seriously bad acting as they rehearse an unforgettable performance of Henry V. A taste of Shakespeare, a touch of comedy and true vintage flair.

Grimm Tales
Crook and Ivy

Carol Ann Duffy's lyrical and heart-warming adaptations of classic tales, brought magically to life by a vibrantly talented young all-female cast. With music and dance, pathos and pandemonium: a show for young hearts and old souls.

Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show
Comedy by Kate Rigg Music by Slanty Eyed Mama

Killer comedy, electric violin, political sketches, spoken word and epic Hello Kitty puns from AmerAsian duo Slanty Eyed Mama. 'Bracingly funny' (Huffington Post). 'Hilarious and sharply pointed' (Boston Globe).

Horny Coo in a Tutu
The Fabulous TT and Lossie Elite Dance Company (LED)

Horny Coo In A Tutu is a new musical by Tish Tindall starring The Fabulous TT and Lossie Elite Dance Company. Scotland's only moo-sical is inspired by HornyCooArt. Directed and choreographed by Diane Aspinall.

Horror Show
Harold and Arthur's Horror Show

Werewolves... Bigfoot... Child sex rings... UFOs... Nazis... Missing people... Eight-foot owls and the CIA. A darkly immersive comic horror, combining true crime, conspiracy theory and existential dread... With special guest David Paulides! 'Dark and brooding... Hauntingly energetic' (BBC).

How I Brought Peace to the Middle East: A Tragicomedy
Actor's Collaborative Theatre of New England

Award-winning true story of David Kaye's attempt to bring peace to the Middle East. Moving his family to Israel for six months puts this man's optimism to the ultimate test.

The Hummingbirds A Cappella: Voices
The Hummingbirds in association with Mermaids

An anthology of contemporary a cappella, choral singing and folk songs come together as The Hummingbirds showcase the incredible variety of ways that music weaves into our souls and hearts as told through our voices.

The Imagicarium of Mr Dickens
Quids In Theatre Company

Love Dickens? Love magic? Imagine if you could sit in Fagin's den or share a rum with Bill Sykes while he mesmerises you with cards? At last you can.

The Importance of Being Earnest as Performed by Three F*cking Queens and a Duck
Out Cast Theatre

Return of the 2014 sell-out. Out Cast Theatre delivers a gleeful 50 minutes of breathtaking profanity as three talent-deprived queens attempt to stage Mr Wilde's classic.

In Your Own Sweet Way
Hoghead Theatre Company

Six teenage friends stuck in school over the weekend. What could go wrong? This comedy combines blissfully honest dialogue with themes of parental pressure and gender politics providing insight into the youth culture of today.

Is That Right Aye?
Weegie Hink Ae That? and New Celts Productions

The Weegies are back! This time with a brand-new sketch show sure to be even bigger, even better and even more Glaswegian than their sold-out show Where Ye Fae? at last years’ Fringe.

Jumpers for Goalposts
Kite in the Storm Theatre and New Celts Productions

Sacked from the Lesbian Rovers for being too bossy, Viv has a mission: to make five-a-side LGBT football team, Barely Athletic, league winners – but can she do it? It’s blissfully funny and at times deeply affecting.

The Laramie Project
Bedes Drama Department

Tectonic Theatre’s The Laramie Project is a masterpiece in verbatim, a chronicle of the 1998 real-life kidnap and murder of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old student from Wyoming. Using over 200 interviews, this play exposes this hate crime.

The Liverpool Revue
The Liverpool Revue

Liverpool's acclaimed sketch comedy show hurtles back to the Fringe for its fifth year of unmistakable whimsy and Merseyside wit.

Manx Fairy Tales and Legends
Parker and Snell Youth Company

Who is Jack the Giant Killer and the Black Dog of Peel? How did the Buggane of St Trinian's terrorise local villagers? Why was Phynodderee banished from Fairy Land? Enchanting stories for all ages.

The March
Liminal Theatre Productions

We protested because we believe in a better country and equal rights for all. We continue to protest through performance because we believe these conversations are worth having. Join us on our journey to the Women’s March!

Raiser Theatre

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. Fringe sell-out company Raiser Theatre return with a feast of physical theatre and character comedy in Kafka's classic.

A Midsummer Night's Droll
the Owle Schreame

Award-winning Fringe favourites the Owle Schreame return with a rough, wild, raucous version of A Midsummer Night's Dream from the 1640s, originally adapted for illegal performance whilst theatre was outlawed. First production in over 350 years!

Ministers of Grace: The Unauthorised Shakespearean Parody of Ghostbusters
REDuck Producktions

What if Shakespeare had written Ghostbusters? A wickedly funny, ruff-and-ready, mash-up joy ride of one of the best-loved films of all time performed as a Shakespearean classic.

Mission: Her
Urban Trendz Theatre

Have you ever felt that life was more a grocery list than a box of chocolates? Her has a five-year plan in place but life events put a spanner in the works.

The Monster in the Hall
Capsize Collective and New Celts Productions

Duck wakes up. Her dad’s gone blind. How can a blind man make macaroni cheese? The Monster in the Hall by David Greig follows Duck’s hilarious struggle to convince social services that everything's “normal”.

Mr Saxon's Excellently English Evening of Entertainment
Kifli Theatre

Roll-up. Roll-up. England. A place for Saxons and bubble-people. Where NHS protests start in nightclubs, Gove’s a goblin and we sing The Ballad of the Brexit Lady. New documentary satire with original music.

The Muckers
Naughty Corner Productions

The Muckers is a two man play created and performed by Adam Nicholls and Callum Forbes showcasing the lives of two middle age blokes in the land of no hope. Britain. They want their country back. Come watch as these two blokes take you through their daily routine. Pubs, pints, curryhouses, Ray guns, Megan.

National Killing Day
Gingerlee Does It Productions

When the government declares slaying legal, James has the sudden urge to pay his ex-wife a visit... 'NKD is a thrilling and fast paced hour of entertainment... incredibly tense and exciting to watch' ★★★★★ (Megan Hyland,

Glass Knuckles Productions and New Celts Productions

Six rebellious art students decide to turn an uninspiring group project into an artistic revolution. By turning everything they’ve been taught on its head, can they create something that will change the state of modern art forever?

Noël Coward's Still Life

Coward’s classic play, which became David Lean’s iconic 1945 movie Brief Encounter, is a tale of innocent flirting, ill-fated lovers, and iced buns. Join award-winning ETC as they bring this period drama to life.

The Penniless Optimist
Elliot Mann

Trapped in a TV box world, Po is on a quest to retrieve his optimistic hat, but misled by the noise and temptations of modern life can he break free from the soundtrack society has assigned him.

DiceBox Theatre Company

‘And cos she can't talk I’ll never know what she’s truly thinking or feeling. But that doesn’t make me love her any less.’

The inherent connection between human and animal lives is poignantly explored through the eyes of the youngest family member, the mute 12-year-old Rudy. Join Rudy, in her search for truth in a world of adult lies. Will her silence ever truly be heard?

Red Peppers
Blue Fire Theatre Company

George and Lily Pepper are on the way down the ladder of show business success. Performing the same variety act for 15 years, they've been squabbling even longer. Noel Coward's highly comic view of a tragic relationship.

Robert Burns the Musical
The Fabulous TT and Lossie Entertainment Academy

A new musical by Tish Tindall based upon an idea by David Gest, Michael Jackson, and the life and works of Robert Burns.

Seven-Day NHS: Naughty Health Stories
Tingewick Society

Straight from a sell-out slapstick pantomime, let Oxford medical students give you an insider’s view of day-to-day life in Jeremy Hunt’s innovative and entirely feasible seven-day NHS.

The Shakuhachi Experience
Markus Guhe

This fascinating new show takes the shakuhachi, Japan's ancient, quintessential bamboo flute, on a journey from its mythical beginnings shrouded in mystery into the 21st century. The programme features traditional shakuhachi solos, taiko drumming and live electronics.

Sherlock Holmes and the Conundrum of Conan Doyle
Quids In Theatre Company

Sherlock Holmes attempts to solve his final mystery – why did his creator, a man of logic and science believe in the supernatural? Will he make contact from beyond the grave?

Sob Story
Pretty Knickers Productions and New Celts Productions

Friends reunite to win Yorkshire’s Got Talent, but they need a sympathetic story. As they try to invent a sob story things take a dark turn. Will they crack under the pressure as they sing for their lives?

Step Mama Drama!
Allison Hetzel, One Voice Productions, University of Alabama

Allison Hetzel (University of Alabama) returns to the Fringe after her solo show, Considering Georgia O’Keeffe (2009 and 2010). Step Mama Drama is based on true stories; step monsters and loving friends are included in this journey.

Swap Shop

Dan and Jamie. Jamie and Dan. They've been together so long sometimes it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. But lately it's been getting harder... A new play about love, identity and body swapping.

T2 Brainclotting
The MDs Comedy Revue

Choose life. Choose a career. Choose medicine. Choose to spend your time at UCL Medical School putting on award-winning comedy sketch shows. Choose to see The MDs Comedy Revue back at the Fringe by popular demand. Choose life.

This Is Yorkshire
The Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Theatre

Inspired by the blistering 2007 film This Is England, this hard-hitting new play looks at working class life in early 80s Yorkshire through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy embroiled in two very different skinhead gangs.

Three's Company, Where's Our Crowd? An Improvised Show
SUSU Comedy

Three wise men bringing you frankincense, myrrh and improv gold. Beard of Zeus presents comedy in three different sizes, made up entirely on the spot. 'Distinguish themselves on sheer talent' (

The Vampire of Barcelona
The Centaurs of Attention

Is this the story of Enriqueta, the most evil, callous and cold-blooded woman to ever walk the earth or is it the story of a misogynistic tabloid press satisfying their readers' desires for sadistic fantasies?

Walk Swiftly and With Purpose
Three Sisters Productions

In Siofra Dromgoole’s playful and sincere script, four young women reflect upon what it is to grow up in the 21st century: reflecting on themselves, their friendship and the politics of the day.

The Wardrobe
Wellington Theatre Company

Across five centuries of British history, small groups of children seek sanctuary in the same solid, old wardrobe. It’s the safest place they know – but is it safe enough?

Warwick Improv Presents: Anything You Want
Warwick Improv

Six actors. One hour. No script. Told through a series of connected two-person narratives; this simple and intimate show promises wacky goings-on underpinned by compelling characters and relationships, all based on your suggestions!

What Makes You a Woman
St Marylebone Theatre Company

St Marylebone Theatre Company explore the experiences of women in the 20th and 21st century, asking where have we come from and who do we want to be?

What the... Feminist?!
Bits'n'Bobs Theatre Company

Sexism getting you down? Us too! Join us as we dismantle the patriarchy one song and dance at a time in a five-star sketch show packed with toe-tapping, bra-burning, glass-ceiling-smashing fun!

The Whole of Shakespeare
Comedy Club St Petersburg

An unexpected fusion and completely new vision of famous plays. Pantomime and clownery duet Kukota and Chekhov mix 16th-century morality and English drama traditions with ironic consciousness to create a new form of the plays.


Space One

Space One features a thrust stage. Seating 52 audience members, the space is suitable for most types of theatre.

Audience capacity
Stage size
5 x 3m thrust
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.1m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

Space Two

Space Two is the more intimate of the two mezzanine spaces with the audience located on two sides.

Audience capacity
Stage size
4 x 4m corner stage (triangular)
Stage height
Slightly raised (2cm)
Overhead clearance
2.3m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly.
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects

Space Three

Space Three has a larger stage and offers a traditional ‘End On’ design. The space is a flexible platform for small to mid scale performance.

Audience capacity
Stage size
Stage height
0.2m off the ground
Overhead clearance
2.5m from stage to grid
Storage facilities
Storage capacity in this space is limited, please talk to us with regards to your intended set and props and we will advise accordingly
Lighting facilities
Simple lighting rig sufficient for most requirements
Sound facilities
Sound system suitable for playback of background music and sound effects