Technical Specification
theSpace @ Symposium Hall

Key information

Venue Number

Venue 43


Symposium Hall
King Khalid Building
The Royal College of Surgeons
Hill Square

Show Information Phone Number

+44 (0)131 510 2385

Show Information Email

Production Team Phone Number

+44 (0)131 510 2392

Production Team Email


If arriving by train, leave Edinburgh Waverley Station by the main exit on to Waverley Bridge and turn left. At the mini roundabout cross over onto Cockburn Street. At the top of Cockburn Street turn left on to the Royal Mile and immediately right on to North Bridge.

Continue along North Bridge until it becomes Nicolson Street. Pass the main Royal College of Surgeons on your left and turn left into Hill Place. Pass theSpace Triplex and turn left into Hill Square. Symposium Hall is on the far side of the small square.

Loading Access

It is usually possible to unload directly into the venue from Hill Square where there is limited parking. There is also a disabled access lift at the rear. The venue is up a set of stairs or small lift. Discuss any specific load-in requirements with your Pre-Production Manager.

Venue Design

Performance Area

There is a small raised, curved stage which is raised by approximately 0.3m It is covered with black painted hardboard, so to preserve the finish please ensure your costume does not use shoes with stiletto heels. Small spike marks are permitted - we advise initialling them or using coloured tape to distinguish them, and cut rather than tearing for longevity.

The stage is backed with black drapes which rest against the wall.

Ceiling height from the stage is approximately 5.3m.

Stage Entrances

Enter from either side of the auditorium. The theatre does not have wing space adjacent to the stage, or a crossover from one side to another, and you can't get behind the backing drapes. You can however remain unseen just inside the auditorium entrances.


The venue is designed as a permanent lecture theatre with heavily raked seating (comfortable leather seats seating 24 audience members at 2m distancing). Walls are painted in a neutral colour with some original brickwork features.

Dressing Facilities

There is no dedicated dressing room at the venue; access to the performance space is permitted only during your slot so we advise arriving ready to start. There is a busy shared green room/dressing room/store room on the ground floor.


This venue is not intended for complex theatre shows - storage for set pieces is very limited and is downstairs from the venue so please keep to a minimum. Costumes, instruments etc. may be stored but please keep packed carefully in suitable cases to protect against accidental damage.

Refer to the FAQ for details of permitted and restricted set design materials.

Control Position

The lighting and sound control position is a permanent booth at the rear of the auditorium, accessed only via the main aisle.


The venue has a limited lighting rig which is designed to highlight the stage area in a general wash. There is very limited flexibility so please contact us well in advance if this is likely to cause you a problem.

General Cover

  • 2x ETC Source 4 Zoom 15-30 profile
  • 4x ETC Source 4 Jr Zoom 25-50 profile


Not applicable.


  • Installed architectural lighting which can be dimmed from the control booth. The windows are fitted with remotely controlled blackout blinds.


  • 12 channels of dimming, but see general point above.


  • Strand 100 Series lighting console.


A full-range PA system for speech and playback audio amplification is installed in the venue.


  • 3.5mm mini-jack cable supplied to connect additional equipment such as an MP3 player or laptop computer.


  • Allen & Heath dLive digital sound desk.


  • 2x Tannoy V12 Main loudspeakers
  • 2x Tannoy V8 Rear Fill loudspeakers
  • 2x Tannoy VS10BP Subwoofers

Speakers are situated in the auditorium as part of the permanent installation and comprise Main and Rear Fill pairs of tops and a pair of subs at the front.

There is no on-stage audio monitoring.

Available Equipment

The following are available by prior request:

  • 1x DI box for electric pianos etc.


Ample permanently installed tie lines to the stage. Let us know your intentions and ideas and we can give further details.

Sound Levels

This venue is fairly well isolated, so considerable sound levels are achievable here without affecting others. However at all our venues staff reserve the right to limit sound levels for the sake of other venues or building users, or for reasons or public health.


The Symposium Hall has an installed video projector and screen available for your use. The projector is a Panasonic PT-D10000 10,000 Lumen, 3-chip DLP projector. The screen, fitted above the stage area, is a motorised 150-inch Stewart FilmScreen LXC 150V with GreyHawk fabric. The projection source can be DVD, alternatively a computer is available for PowerPoint slides, etc.

Alternatively, you may connect your own laptop. This is the preferred solution as you can keep your files secure and you will have the correct software for your requirements.

Projection sources must be located in and controlled from the control position - they cannot be fed from the stage.

Please contact us to discuss your projection plans in any case.

Bringing additional equipment

Any use of your own equipment must be discussed with your Pre-Production Manager in advance; please see our FAQ regarding electrical equipment.

Notifying Us

The shows that are most successful are those that maintain good communication with their Pre-Production Manager throughout their development.

Aside from generally keeping us in the loop with your plans, and responding to requests for information by given deadlines, you must contact us in good time if:

  • you wish to use the space differently;
  • you want to hang anything from the scaffolding or truss;
  • your show requires the use of a projector;
  • you are planning on bringing any of your own (or hired) equipment;
  • you wish to use any special effects;
  • you have any items of set that require access or storage considerations;
  • you would like advice on making the most of the venue or achieving a particular artistic effect; or
  • you are unsure about any aspect of your arrival, load-in, technical rehearsal or show day routine that is not answered in the FAQs.

Plans and downloads

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