I've been meaning to thank you for the general experience. Wow! It was incredible and I have you and theSpaceUK staff to thank for that. It was our first time at EdFringe & Edinburgh -- yet, we had so much support and encouragement at theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall. It was a haven in the storm. My director (who's also my daughter) feels the same. We doubt we'd have had such an amazing, positive emotional and professional experience if we'd be at a different venue. I'm certain the success of our show had as much to do with theSpaceUK as it did with our actual production. The thoughtfulness of your show curation, the design of the public spaces and the kind professionalism of the staff was evident - and I believe it's why we always had such a thoughtful and generous audience. Clearly, theSpaceUK attracts a kind and engaging crowd. I am aware of how much work the entire endeavor must be for you and your staff. I suspect your summers are a blur. But please know that it didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Kendall and I had a profound experience because of it. We are forever grateful to you and theSpaceUK. With warmest regards and thanks.
Deborah Cincotta USA, Producer, theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, 2023