Tortive Theatre Whirligig of Time



To hell with anger management! Malvolio was done notorious wrong... notorious wrong, and swore to be revenged on the 'whole pack of them'. Three months after the events of Twelfth Night he relates, with a great deal of satisfaction, how skilfully he has kept his word. In this new production from Tortive Theatre, Robin Leetham takes to the stage as one of literature's best-loved/loathed characters as he demonstrates that he who laughs last, laughs longest. From the team that brought you the five-star Shakespeare's Fool, Tortive return with another spectacular one-man hit show.


  • Aug 2-4 15:05 (40m) £9.00 (£8.00)
  • Aug 5-10 15:05 (40m) £10.50 (£9.00)
  • Aug 12-17 14:55 (40m) £10.50 (£9.00)