wtfhappenedto What the F*ck Happened to Love and Hope



Teenager Nina and her best friend Faye are tangled in the horrifying culture of spiking and assault in this powerful new work. Sixteen-year-old Nina is cheeky and naive, experiencing the thrills of young love at school, until a night out takes a horrific turn when she’s spiked, leaving her to navigate the devastating aftermath. Usually confident and outspoken, Faye insists she’s perfectly okay—definitely. But when Harry from school removes the condom midway through sex without her consent, and her mother's mental health deteriorates, Faye finds herself struggling for the first time to pretend she’s okay. Nina is played by 18 year old Olivia McGeachy (who is also the writer) and Faye is played by Heidi Steel (star of Summerhall's The Fish Bowl at 2023 Edinburgh Fringe).


  • Aug 19 10:00 (55m) £0.00 (£0.00)
  • Aug 20-24 10:00 (55m) £12.00 (£10.00)