Andrei Palchyk and Nikita Kha The Ultimate Collection of Reels



The Ultimate Collection of Reels is a stand-up show performed by Berlin-based comedians Andrei Palchyk and Nikita Kha, where they tell the best jokes they posted online. Andrei is a Belarusian comedian doing stand-up comedy in Russian and Belarusian for over 10 years. In February 2022, he escaped to Europe without a visa and started doing it in English. Nikita is a Berlin-based Siberian comedian traveling with his stand-up all around Europe, telling the audience about the struggles of people of colour in Europe and Russia. 'That's not the punchline I was expecting' (Kevin, Germany).


  • Aug 2-10 22:15 (50m) £8.50 (£6.50)