The Squires Squires



Before there were knights, there were idiots who thought swinging a sword and being a hero were pretty much interchangeable. Squires is a historical workplace comedy turned comedy of errors as a group of unlikely friends come together under a common goal: to not be accused of murder. Squires looks at pressing issues like 'how crappy is a first job exactly' and 'can you speedrun inventing the concept of gravity in a single afternoon'. The answer to both is 'yes'. Holy Grail meets Twelfth Night in a story of pigs, bisexual panic, bricks and accusations of heresy.


  • Aug 2-10 11:45 (1h00m) £10.00 (£8.50)
  • Aug 12-24 11:40 (1h00m) £10.00 (£8.50)