The Janus Players Simply Grimm



What do you do when your flight has been delayed for the fourth time as you're heading to the Fringe? You could be grim or Simply Grimm – a fun filled, highly energetic romp through the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Caught in the airport for yet another delay, what else can a troupe of thespians do than breathe new life in to classic stories? Old tales are turned into new yarns, which in turn, turns them into new classics.


  • Aug 2, 7 14:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)
  • Aug 5 10:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)
  • Aug 6 16:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)