An Exciting New Patsy Byrne is Dead! (B*tch Eat B*tch)



Sexy, camp and nepotistic. Nepo baby Patsy Byrne is found lying dead in her trailer, hit over the head with her daddy's Emmy Award. Her three best friends are at her funeral, celebrating the life of the woman who got everything they’d ever wanted. Now the only question is, which one of them killed her? Join us to celebrate Patsy Byrne in life and death for the campest, wildest ride through the epic highs and lows of a nepo-baby-turned-open-casket-b*tch. Between auditions and interrogations, Patsy Byrne and her bestest friends will rock your world.


  • Aug 2-10, 12-17 21:35 (50m) £12.00 (£8.50)