Ally Ibach Midnight Cowboy Radio



It's Labor Day in Kentucky! Time for your favourite late-night-radio-talk-show host, to give you life advice on the air of Midnight Cowboy Radio, entertaining you for those long drives home. This show is written and performed by Ally Ibach and directed by Patricia Runcie-Rice. It has been awarded as a finalist at The Secret Theatre's One-Act Festival (NYC, 2023), and has had shows at East 15 Acting School (UK, 2022), PBH Free Fringe (UK, 2022), Baltimore Center Stage's Locally Grown Festival (Baltimore, 2023), Bread and Roses (London, 2023), Theatre Row (NYC 2023), and the Tank (NYC 2024).


  • Aug 12-17 22:15 (50m) £12.00 (£11.00)