Zuzabella Productions Malvolio's Fantasy



A Twelfth Night retelling to satisfy your wildest Shakespearian fantasy! Servant Malvolio, a bright and zesty fool, is trying to manifest his rise to Dukedom, to no avail. Until a dark and stormy night brings ashore a wimpy "lad" adorned with a glorious moustache. What will come of this gender-bending mess? The comedy delivers desire, ambition, manliness and ego, holding a candle to the absurdist constraints of class and gender. Don’t wait for a heteronormative resolution to this campy mess!


  • Aug 12-17 22:05 (50m) £11.00 (£8.00)
  • Aug 19-24 22:35 (50m) £11.00 (£8.00)