KGS Theatre Company Katzenmusik



Katzenmusik (German, n.) caterwaul; a shrill howling or wailing noise (of a cat). The income gap between rich and poor has pushed residents of Burnside to breaking point; unscrupulous landlords take risks with tenants' lives, and furious tenants take action. KGS Theatre Company, returning to the Fringe following their critically acclaimed hit, The Ofsted Massacre, presents Tom Fowler's Katzenmusik, a darkly comic story about social inequality and upheaval, told in reverse. Featuring a viral video, a company exploiting fears, prank calls, class divide, and a cat memorial, this biting commentary on social hierarchy is not one to be missed. Written by Tom Fowler.


  • Aug 19-24 10:00 (1h30m) £12.00 (£6.00)