The Defectors Defective Inspector: An American Odyssey



Prepare for a hilarious hour of (unconvincing) romance, (sloppy) action and (tenuous) espionage! Don't miss the debut whirlwind comedy from The Defectors. Richard P Cooper, an eccentric ex-detective, presents his (heavily embellished) exploits on the stage (with mixed results)! He guides the audience through his journey to the USA, grappling with assassination plots and three-legged dogs, while three hapless drama students embody every other questionable character. This laugh-a-minute romp is sure to elate and baffle in equal measure! 'An utterly endearing romp through the clichés of crime drama... irreverent and irresistible' ★★★★ (


  • Aug 12, 14, 16 20:35 (50m) £12.00 (£10.00)
  • Aug 19, 21, 23 22:00 (50m) £12.00 (£10.00)