HotCat Collective Darkside



‘What is the good?’ Philosophy student Emily McCoy wants to know… Thrust into a terrifying world of thought experiments and moral dilemmas, she must navigate both the voices in her head, and the eccentric characters she meets. But through her attempts to discover the nature of humankind, she ventures towards madness and inescapable panic over the metaphysical. Underscored by Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, Tom Stoppard’s comic yet thought-provoking script is a witty exploration of themes and questions from the record. Darkside is a thrilling way to experience this iconic album like never before!


  • Aug 2 23:25 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)
  • Aug 3-10, 12-17 23:25 (1h00m) £11.00 (£9.00)