Lentil Industries CatGPT



CatGPT is the mostly true tail of one man's attempts to resurrect his beloved dead kitty Lentil - by using sophisticated robotics, sensors, AI and projection. Robin Wealleans has lovingly reimagined his cat with all the augmented features a cat would love, from laser pointers to a meow synthesiser. However the sinister Lentil Industries has a different agenda. Enjoy a wild and immersive satirical experience about loss, attachment, neuro-diversity and trying to make sense of it all! 'A mashup of Heath Robinson, Frankenstein and everything in between' (Martin Rowson, Guardian). 'World Champion Crazy Cat Man' (Phil Hartnol, Orbital).


  • Aug 2-10 23:35 (50m) £8.00 (£6.00)