Groton Theatre Ensemble Away Went the World



Will everything go disastrously wrong in an AI-dominated world? We're about to find out! It's 225 years After Download, and life in Outpost Canaan feels like a never-ending loop. No dancing, no books, no stories. Life's a total drag, especially for teenagers. Ever since SURVEYORS took over, everything fun has been deemed dangerous. But when a mysterious girl arrives out of nowhere, it seems like things might finally get better, or much, much worse! Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster with this delightful world premiere play that asks the question: Can we teach devices to love?


  • Aug 3 22:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)
  • Aug 5, 7 12:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)
  • Aug 6 20:00 (1h00m) £7.00 (£7.00)