Shadow Road Productions Secret Storytellers



In a not-too-distant, dystopian future, society has collapsed and the Ravens rule. No more books, songs, or stories. No more dreams or imagination. No passing on of any information that has not been officially Sanctioned by the High Council first. Yet, while the Ravens may believe that history can indeed be both written and erased by the victors, the Magpies are here to prove them wrong. Defying the edict that prohibits storytelling, the Magpies dare to tell tales of hope from the Old World, as they strive to build a better and brighter future in this new one. Today they'll share the story of Persephone, and the promised return of spring after a long, cold winter. A story of hope and change, which the Ravens would kill to keep you from hearing...

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Programme