Nardone’s Academy of Performing Arts Little Shop of Horrors

Musicals & Opera


The meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles across a new breed of plant he names Audrey II – after his co-worker crush. This foul-mouthed, R'n'B-singing carnivore promises unending fame and fortune to the down-and-out Krelborn as long as he keeps feeding it blood. Over time, though, Seymour discovers Audrey II's out-of-this-world origins and intent towards global domination! Join Seymour in his hunt to find flesh and blood with hit songs Suddenly, Seymour, Somewhere that’s Green, and Grow For Me. An all-round musical hit you don’t want to miss.

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Programme