Emerge Production House Hayfever



Tomato soup. A Jenga game. A passionate love story born in a bohemian-style bedroom in a tower block. How could it all go wrong? An accidental murder in a supermarket? Or on a train platform? When two cops, Tom and Jerry, break into James and Monya's flat one morning, their lives change forever. But will the truth be revealed? In this live TV Show, you audience members will decide the characters’ destiny with the opportunity to zoom into any character’s inner feelings, requesting a monologue, a song or the unexpected at any time of the show...

‘As Beckett has shown us, there can be profundity in absurdity. This show does have something to say. It’s adventurous, inventive and, in many ways, joyful fun and illuminating.’ The British Theatre Guide

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Programme