Deborah Cincotta and Kendall McDermott (Double Cappuccino Productions) Good and Gaslit



GOOD and GASLIT is a smart, fresh (and hilarious) one-woman show within a two-woman show inspired by a movie, designed to stop the gaslighting in your life. Starring a young director launching her career and a less-than-young TV executive reluctantly performing her first show.

It’s as powerful as it is unique. ​Through one woman’s witty and clever examination of her experiences in Hollywood, in parenting and beyond, GOOD and GASLIT explores the ever-pervasive use of gaslighting in our modern times and hopes to have you saying, “No thank you, I’ve had enough” (of the gaslighting, not the show). Starring a wise woman who likes to keep it real and a youthful director who prefers to keep it simple. Brought to you by a multi-generational female duo who like to debate whether art imitates life or vice versa.

Written by Deborah Cincotta, an experienced TV producer and first-time theater performer; and directed by Kendall McDermott, a student director at Wesleyan University and first-time Fringe director. The show’s creative approach to discussing the generational issues between women makes for an additional layer of comedy and contemplation. ​

If this show doesn’t help stop the gaslighting in your life, it’s not because they didn’t try.

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Programme