Xsist Media Catfish The Cabaret



Nex, Catfish hunter and ‘self-help vigilante detective’, sets out to have a successful live show exposing the identities of catfish to their online lovers. He introduces the audience to an array of catfish and catfish-ed alike until he mistakenly unveils a powerful spirit, Smike, who demands access to his expertise of the dating world to help them find ‘the one’. Will Nex help Smike get together with the person of their dreams, or let Smike’s self-esteem crumble? Expect confusing outfits, DIY psychoanalysis and intense confessions!

Catfish The Cabaret is an alternative parody of Catfish: The TV Show. It disguises itself as the theatrical equivalent before becoming something much stranger. The show pokes fun at the anxiety of online dating, exploitative entertainment, and self-help culture through the darkly comedic, surreal, and slapstick. With abstract projected visuals and a superb original soundtrack from composer Deniz Dortok, this fresh and wickedly funny spectacle is not one to miss.

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Programme