Women You Know Company Women You Know



Women You Know, the sell-out show, is coming to the Fringe Edinburgh. Follow two women in their 20s as they dissect their sex lives from their teen years, reflecting on sexual encounters from school and university. It has been the case, culturally, that the adolescent experiences of women’s sexuality are narrated by boys in school locker rooms and in crude university hall WhatsApp group chats. Women You Know finally reclaims these stories. For every male protagonist trying to get laid, there’s a woman and her friend, that have been left unwritten, laughing about his advances the morning after. This play offers solidarity for women in a society that perceives sex through male eyes, as Margaret Atwood put it, “You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur”. Our play flips the script, so to speak, on depictions of men and women on stage. The male actors, who we refer to affectionately as our ‘Bond girls’, are merely plot points reduced into one line. We wanted to reclaim all the misunderstood women of the screen and stage that had been written in by men as love interests or whose purpose was to simply spur the main plot on. Women You Know is frank and brutally honest, hailed by critics ‘an hour of wry, bombastic humour, sardonic wit, chagrin, and sexual frustration’.


  • Aug 22-27 11:05 (50m) £8.00 (£6.00)