Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie present Vampire's Ball: Ultimate Halloween Party!



From the brilliant minds behind SiriusXM – Kids, Harry's Wand (Steve Goodie) and best-selling author of Don’t Feed the Bully (Brad Tassell), comes the Halloween show that every child howls for and every parent is dying to see! It's a silly and joyous sing-and-dance-along through a haunted house. It's the spookiest, craziest and family-friendliest Halloween show ever! Join the Doctor and find parts for Frankenstein; swing with Dracula at the Vampire’s Ball; hide from ghosts; it'll delight any ghoul you've got! 'Zany, spooky and fun! Engaging, extremely fast passed and entertaining' ★★★★★ (Sascha Cooper,


  • Aug 5-13 14:00 (50m) £8.00 (£6.00)