Shelley Middler The Collie's Shed



Based in a local Men’s Shed in East Lothian, THE COLLIE’S SHED follows four retired miners as they discover how a review into the policing of the mining strikes in the 80’s and a potential Miners Pardon Bill by the Scottish Government suddenly affects them, their friendships and their relationships.

Journey with us between the past and present as we hear how one unforgettable and particularly
violent day of striking at Bilston Glen Colliery leaves our characters wrestling with what they think
is right.
Learn who our characters are, who they once were and most importantly, where they stand on the picket line…

As we head closer to the 40th year since the mining strikes began, THE COLLIE’S SHED makes its
debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as a new piece of Scottish theatre that highlights the trials
and tribulations still faced in mining and working-class communities.
With dramatization of real stories and experiences, THE COLLIE’S SHED brings a powerful and
emotional call to arms over injustices and hardships that are arguably still felt to this day.

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Programme