Ethan HMM Sense and Worth



What happens when your world falls apart? Who do you become? When a cult sweeps a nation, a group of young friends find themselves caught in the middle of a revolution.

It was meant to be a day just like any other day for Edward Derris. But just as drama unfolds in his home life, his outside world is shifted dramatically as well. A chance meeting with Anthony Duchasse, a boy much like Edward and yet so different as well and a very orchestrated meeting with Mary Duffy, the leader of a group known as The Violet Roots sends him spiralling.

He is sent on a journey in which leads him questions his very senses and his very worth. He and is his friends and are changed forever by The Violet Roots and their rise to power. The group brings old secrets to light which culminates in a riot and revolution both internal and external for all involved.

This show was part of our Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Programme